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Ypsilanti School District most recent addition is New Tech High School. Located At Ardis Elementary. Only 40 Schools nationwide. New Tech High

-At New Tech High School they have enough trust in their students too let them have laptops for their studies.

School students graduate with problem solving and workplace ready collaboration skills. Students at New Tech will graduate ready for the transition too college because they have akready expirenced college like courses. We Look to expand our studets global competitveness by building a

-New Tech staff work all summer too make sure the students have the best education and have fun while learning.

21st Century learner with a new set of skills.

Phone:(734) 714-1053 Fax number:(734) 714-1095 -2100 Ellsworth Road. Ypsilani, Mi. 48197


21st Century Skills

YNT Elements Of Importance.

Collaboration-Collaboration is a

Some important elements of

Project Based Learning

recursive process where two or

importance from New Tech are

1.) 1.)Entry EntryDocument Document.

more people or organizations work together in an intersection of

that at New Tech all classrooms

2.2.)) “K” Know List.

common goals.

3.) “NTK” Need To Know List

Work Ethics-Work ethic is a set

4.) Problem Statement.


5.) Next Steps.

Personal Capacity-it refers to

of values based on hard work and

what I do in a personal as opposed

have a one-to-one computing ratio. With access to Webenabled computers, every student becomes a selfdirected learner who no longer needs to rely primarily on

to a professional capacity but at

teachers or textbooks for

School We Use PBL. This is a technique used to

the same time, alludes to human


solve problems we have too face in everyday life.

capital development in a general

PBL (Project Based Learning.) At New Tech High

Our Entry Document is a note, letter or document of some sort letting us know what is going on and what we need too figure out. Our Know list is what we can pull from that document letter note, etc.

sense These 21st Century skills are used

And what we can use for information. Our Need

each and everyday. They teach you

To Know List is what we need too know from our

these skills at New Tech so you

document. For example: Somebody’s name. Our problem statement is a question asking “How We As The ___” “Make A ___” “So That___” You have too fill in the blanks. Next Steps is the final step. Its asking you what are the last steps too

conclude this process. This is PBL The Project Based Learning.

can be faced with adult problems at a young age.

-New Tech picnic. Even teachers like too have fun. (:

Omega Angle,M  

(734) 714-1053Phone: Fax number:(734) 714-1095 -2100 Ellsworth Road. Ypsilani, Mi. 48197 -New Tech staff work all summer too make sure the s...

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