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Overview Ypsilaniti New Tech uses teamwork and projects that are relevant to work environment to teach students how use their time wisely and efficiently. The skills that the students take from this experience become a life and career skill.

Education through Project B ase d Le arning.

Students learn 21st century Sills such as computer literacy, project grouping and advanced planning.

Ypsilaniti New Tech High 2100 Ellsworth Rd. Ypsilanti, MI 48197 ewtech/ntdiff.html#

Tel: (734) 714-1095 555 0125

Truly Unique Ypsilanti New Tech encourages students to be involved in the learning process. Instead of the students sitting at a desk listening to long lectures that tend to get tuned out, these students are actively engaging in challenging projects that are related to the work environment and learning how to focus and complete goals on time. The students learn the traditional subjects as well as the technological studies and are also keeping up with the current workforce.

THE TECHNOLOGY The students use the internet PeBL for the lessons and therefore do not need to depend on the teacher or textbooks for their information. The Teacher is there to help and answer questions that the student may have. The PeBL is the Collaborative Learning Environment. The students use this system to share documents such as projects, short stories and presentations with other students and the Teacher and learn new things.

THE SCHOOL CULTURE Students are expected to learn and use the Three Essential Principles, Trust, Respect and Ownership.

TRUST Students count on each other to use academic honesty and to for each other to keep their commitments for the good of the team. The team that works well together will learn more and become more responsible.

RESPONSIBILITY Students quickly learn the value of time management. Through various projects, team assignments and the due dates, the students learn what it is like in a real work environment in the Technology Field.

OWNERSHIP Students are held to a higher level of responsibility. They learn how to hold themselves accountable for their time management, and communication skills and teamwork.

ALSO‌ New Tech Schools have one of the highest graduation rates of all high schools. Students graduated 98% of enrolled students. The students stay engaged, involved and interested in what they are learning. The teachers are phenomenal in guiding the students to their focused goals.

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Ypsilaniti New Tech uses teamwork and projects that are relevant to work environment to teach students how use their time wisely and efficie...

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