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Teacher providing classroom instruction.

Continuation of page 3 Our principal in the cafeteria! The next skill is work ethic if the students aren't motivated to work, will they? Like during class the students came in and immediately did what their teacher asked of them without any delay. The next skill is personal capacity if the students wait until the last minuet to do anything how will it get done. For example when we filled out the computer forms none of the students waited until the last minuet of class and then decided to fill out their computer form they all did it when the teacher told them to. the last skill is technology usage if the students don't know how to use the technology how can they do their work. For example when we were given the URL everyone knew exactly how to get their and did so without problems.


Ypsilanti New Tech High

Located at Ardis 2100Ellsworth Rd. Ypsilanti, MI 48197

New School New ProjectBased Learning Process New Teaching Styles New Technology

Pandect of New Tech At New Tech, we are to building “a new culture” of learning. Working with local businesses, we do projects for them that help us build trust with both Here are students students and working on their first project with our new staff in many computers . ways. Advisory groups help students focus on their interests and find internships in the community. The New Tech staff strive to teach the students about the “real world” by having them work with local businesses as well as teaching them how to dress for the workplace and give presentations in front of peers and the community. We use technology of the 21st century for work style presentations. It teaches students how to function in the real world using technology, meeting deadlines, and woring in internships. If a person isn't doing his/her share, we can literally fire them from the group. 1

The PBL process At New Tech, we learn through a new project based style of learning. Instead of regular class work and different lessons, students are assigned group or individual projects with a deadline. They have to learn to be organized, keep track of different projects, and avoid procrastination. Each project aligns with state standards while focusing on the real world needs of businesses. This procedure has performed extremely well and has had great results at other New Tech schools across the U.S. The process starts with the entry document, a paper or computer document that provides the student with a certain amount of information about the project. Then the students create a know list, a list of facts that the entry document provides them. After that, they create a “need to know” list of items that are not provided in the entry document. These are areas of information that they would need in order to proceed with the project. As Us at our advisory group the project progresses they can cross out need to knows items and add them to the know list. If necessary, they can add new items to their need to know list as the project progresses. When they are finished, they create a problem statement by determining “how can we as_____ do/ create_____ so that_____.” The next steps is actually carrying out the problem statement, finding out more information on their need to knows, and doing whatever else needs to be done to acquire more information and finish the project.


The foundation of The 21st Century and the Essentials of New Tech The essential principals are demonstrated at New Tech High. The first is trust because how are we going to work together if we don't trust each other. For example, at our field trip to Howell we went up 40ft in the air and had to trust the staff and group would keep us safe. The next principle is respect. If we aren't nice to the teachers or everyone is talking while someone has the floor, its not going to be an enjoyable experience for anyone. For example, when we were doing organization work in first hour there were many people going off task the first time he tried to explain. Our teacher asked the students to stop and after that everyone was paying attention. The next is responsibility. If we are late all the time, what's our boss going to think. For example, in the hallway after class had started there was no one in the hall and no one was late. Then there are the four 21st century skills. First is collaboration, if we cant work together how is anything going to get done. Like how the classes worked together to create one big know and need to know list after they had done their individual ones. This helped everyone add new things


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