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information Principal: Mr. Cory McElmeel Phone: 734-714-1053 2100 Ellsworth Rd. Ypsilanti , MI 48198

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2100 ELLSWORTH RD. 734-714-1053

21st Century Skills

3 Essential Principles


At ypsilanti new tech high school we as a school are trying to develop 21st century skills . some examples are work ethic , personal capacity , and collaboration .

The three essential principles that we follow at New Tech is ....

New Tech is trying to use a new technique called P . B . L . PBL stands for Project Based Learning . It is basically

Collaboration-New Tech

is trying to develop collaboration as a school . So to achieve that we will work together in a group and as a school .

Trust-We need to build trust in order for all of us as a school to be able to communicate and work together .


Responsibility-We as YNT students should show responsibility . So that the teachers can trust us . For example when we take home our computers and treat it properly . We would show responsibility .

Work Ethic-We will

accomplish this goal by maintaining social skills . We will work together , and in order to work together us students will have to work on being reliable .



Respect-We as a school need to respect one another . For example when someone is speaking we should them the same respect as we would want .

Personal Capacity-We

as individual students of YNT will develop this skill by having apropiate character . Such as having responsibility , individuality , and multitasking skills . So that way we will be capable of achieving .

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