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Information is a valuable commodity. Now that modern advancements made it easier to exchange data, information management is more significant than ever.Businesses have to step up when it comes to their electronic payment system. What they need now is a good encryption key management. POSDATA can deliver just the right solution for that. POSDATA banks on its 35 years of experience in integrated payment technologies and services. They provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises needing cost-effective setup, maintenance of equipment, and electronic systems management. The company also takes pride in its multi-vendor expertise. Their esteemed roster of staff membersis factory certified and well-versed in many major data collection and point-of-sale equipment.

Better Payment Transaction Operations In its vision of providing quality electronic transaction equipment and services, POSDATA offers wide-ranging encryption key management and key injection services.


TR-39 Certified Key Injection Facility Technical Report 39 (TR-39) is the standard when it comes to cash-ondemand and encryption services. Though every business has its own operational protocol, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI strictly mandates compliance to the TR-39 standard. POSDATA provide products that are not only TR-39 certified, but also fully-configured for any business type. They hold a host of processor

and acquirer keys, and the reliable name in key injection services for fee terminals. 

Remote Key Injection POSDATA understands that security is of paramount importance in electronic data exchange. This is why they develop a secure infrastructure that enables clients toremotely inject encryption keys. The technology lowers the risk of fraud and operational downtime common to its physical counterpart.

Facility Security The company also provides facility security equipment that ensures round-the-clock surveillance and protection. Businesses do not have to worry now about the safety of their facility and equipment.

Device Tracking Business leaders also have the improved option of serial number tracking and auditing. They can trace the progress of each operation and status of their devices.

Keeping Up with the Standards POSDATA keeps itself updated of the latest events in the financial transaction industry. Their staff is committed to uphold the standard and push the benchmarks of the field. Interested clients can know more about POSDATA and its encryption key management services by visiting their website.

POSDATA: Encryption Key Management Services for Better Electronic Data Management  

Information is a valuable commodity. Now that modern advancements made it easier to exchange data, information management is more significan...

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