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(Literally) Painting the Town Red with the Ladies Fly to more than spa retreats, shopping vacations, and bachelorette parties, blending empowering learning vacations with girls-only getaways. Sign up with Girls Night Out , and unleash the artist within over vodka, mimosa, martini, and other cocktails. Wear painting aprons and choose places at long tables in front of palettes surrounded by a container of brushes, squeeze bottles of acrylic paint and a bucket of water.

Girls Night Out encourages women to develop their own style, without being intimidated by an empty canvas. Portray the feeling without over-thinking. Don't feel the need to be perfect and just go back to kindergarten and do what you want. Unlike in adult life, making a mistake with water-soluble acrylics, can be remedied by just grabbing a new canvas and starting all over again.

Modernism One of the styles that women adopt during Girls Night Out sessions is Modernism, which describes cultural tendencies and movements that arise from the emerging self-consciousness of Western society. It goes against the conservative values of traditional forms of art that are quickly becoming outdated. An example of this is Impressionism, which focuses not on work done, but the natural elements of the outdoors. It demonstrates how the human eye sees not the objects, but light itself.

Photorealism Photorealism, another of the styles that can be learned at Girls Night Out, is based on photographs. This is one of the most popular styles during art sessions, as women are typically focused on their most significant relationships.

Surrealism Surrealist artworks at Girls Night Out feature unexpected combinations. Many women regard their work as an expression of the philosophical movement throughout their lives.

Girls Night Out encourages going for individual vision, and just slashing any color beyond the rainbow across the canvas to evoke that scene. Create it from memory or you can just copy. Moderators allow clients to let their own personality emerge in either a bold swirl, sharp lines, passionate curves, or whatever that is there inside. Most people even redo paintings, and end up proving that they are more creative than they thought. There is so much energy there, so much beauty. Everything can be magical. The women are often fulfilled by the goodbyes and hugs as they pack up creations to be shipped home. 0Create potential masterpieces while enjoying the painting party. Learn more from their website,

(literally) painting the town red with the ladies  
(literally) painting the town red with the ladies