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Our beautiful capitol city before w started development.

Zizan was mostly forest. Trixtie forest covered all the North side of the city and Seeter forest covered all the South part of the city.

The Layna mountain ranges edged the west side of Zizan. The Fleet mountains cover the border between Zizan and Triton.

The Fly Away river stretches from one side of the country to the other. Neutralising the land and giving water to the animals that lives there.

This is what our capitol looked liked before we in habituated it. Now of course there is a lot of modern activity, and most of the forest is used for land space. Zizan is a very beautiful part of Planet Cylipso.

The Captain tells her Story Written by Zanzi

As we entered the goldilocks belt, the ship shudderd. “Commander, we have entered the goldilocks belt. Only 18 miles until we enter version 2.” I stood still staring at the blue and green planet I knew so well. I thought I knew so well. ‘Prepare for landing” soldier Bogran’s voice echoed through the ship. “Battle stations!” my voice sounded shaky. The blue was getting closer, and closer. “Be ready” I called out. The ship began the descent. We gathered speed as we plunged toward the red, yellow, and orange surface. “Is it on fire?” Soldier Marion was right behind me. “Lana!” I gasped. I looked down at the red, and orange landscape. “I don’t know” I muttered. “Good to know commander” and she wandered off. We fell through air, gathering speed. Suddenly we stopped. Slowly lowered ourselves onto the dark forest ground. I stood at the door scared and excited of what was outside. The door opened. Revealing a forest ground. Tall trees stood everywhere, Leaves scattered all over the floor. My crew gasped. “It looks like home” Otilia was there. Her eyes glazed with tears. It did look like home. “Let’s clear out” I called. We need everyone to grab a bag and start moving. “But captain. The food has to be air conditioned” Soldier Dodd said. “I don’t care, we need to find a camp to start.” Muttering Dodd led his team away, to collect the materials from the hold. The rest of you start clearing out the ship”. Everyone moved away, except Lana. “Go on start Zanzi, I’ll bring them to the camp.” She turned and

looked at me. I looked at the forest in front of me. “Ok I said pressing the tracking devise on my wrist. I’ll see you in an hour.” “You got it captain” Lana, turned and walked back into the ship. I looked up smelled the sweet autumn air. I ran the leaves flew into my face. I stopped and looked around. I saw trees and flowers. I saw birds and animals walking around. I walked further more animals and plants. I walked back into camp. My crew was unpacking, putting up tents, and eating. “Crew come into command” I shouted above the crowd. I ran into my tent to grab a bottle. Then I walked into command. Soldier Bogran, Dodd, Marion, Otilia, and the two Jones sisters, all sat around the table. I sat down and plugged in my camera. The pictures of the plants and animals I had seen popped up on the screen.

All houses have automatic heating For winter and heat free walls for summer. Get ready for winter. In your home you’ll feel like it’s summer.

“These are only the animals I have seen but there boss looked down at me. “I don’t know.” I could be more” I looked at the pictures of the plugged in my camera. All of pictures popped up animals. Then switched to the trees. on the screen. “Cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs we can breed for the meat, and cotton. Horses, “There is a lot of Maple trees in that area.” Solbulls and donkeys we can use to pull off all the dier Bogran sighed. “Those aren’t a source of equipment off the ship. There are lots that anifood, but we can use mals that actually live here. Foxes and wolves we them as furniture.” can bring up a dog maybe. We can follow some Soldier Dodd pointed at of the animals like squirrels and rabbits so we the oversized tree that can find what grows and lives here.” The boss took up part of the forlooked at me, and at the picture. Then he started est. “Wait!” Otilia said in poking his screen and putting things together. a sharp voice. “The rea“Captain I think…. No I know that you have landson we had to leave the ed in the…… a type of forest.” “Well boss I know earth is because of over population and loss of that.” I said annoyed. “Yes but the deciduous resources. We can’t just waste these, we have to forest captain.” The captain spat at me. “What? balance.” “Your right” Lana said. We need to What is the Deciduous forest?” I gasped. “It’s a work out farming and planting and raising plus type of forest that has four seasons. You are in eating in one schedule.” I looked at my team “I’ll autumn in a few months it will be winter. You send these pictures to the main ship” I said have 3 months to get a settlement up and runstanding up. : they need to know how long until ning.” “Yes sir.” I sighed “good bye.” we have enough settlement for them all.” “Captain we need more food” Dodd called after Three months to get a settlement up and runme. I turned and looked at him “What do we ning. Three months until winter. Three months need food for, we are living in a forest.” I walked until we either live or die. out of the tent. I ran into Sergeant Barnes. Animals I would use for meat, clothing and for “Captain our supplies are running low.” “Dillan milk. Also I would use them to find food and for look around and think.” I yelled back at him. I pets. Trees I could use for furniture, housing and started running I wanted to get to the ship befire wood. We might need to live a bit old fashfore dark. Suddenly it was there, looming over ioned until we can put in stations and balance me. I darted round and walked inside the ship. It environment and modern civilization. I need to was dark and it smelled like an old machine. I think about this. We have all of the equipment walked into my cabin. I typed in the emergency from earth, but we need to balance it before we code for the extra power. The lights blinked on. I may insert it. The plants cannot survive if insert strided over to the massive computer that gasses in the air and fumes in the water. We may stretched across the side of the wall. It glared at have to use new things. We need to be eco me, then the sign of our crew lit up the screen. In friendly to this ‘version two’. I know what I would front of me the head of the voyage glared down use the environment for, but not how theses at me. “Sir!” I cried “The trees here are as if… as things can happen. if we are in mid-autumn. “Well captain Gunton, Three months, three months until we succeed or what type of biome or system are you in?” The fail.

The Modern Day Wonders Written by Zanzi

Technology is made to make life easier the discovery of the phone, plane and car, helped human kind to expand into the modern world. Technology may make life easier and more fun to live but technology also causes global warming. Global warming causes loss of resources, extinction of plant life and animal life and pollution. If we cannot control the amount of technology that we use there would have been no point in coming to The Goldilocks Belt. The planet earth was over populated and the resources ran out. We must find a way to stabilize the growth and loss of plants and animals. To stabilize our new planet, will have to have more farming. Tractors that harvests field, also are used to plant more seeds. Green houses will be huge and able to store every plant in the planet. The green houses have different climates that suits the plants that grow in them. Lots of land space is used up for farming and growing, so

we will not run out of the natural resources on the planet. Electronics have caused a terrible amount of pollution. Cars are one of these pollution making machines. The oil that it needs to run and all the gas it lets out. This poison and besmirched planet earth. That’s why we run the cars on solar panels, and heat thermometers. The solar panel runs all day giving power to the car. But when there is no sun, there is settings in the car that you can change so the car can run on the temperature outside. If it is cold, then the car runs on the temperature below freezing, and if it is raining it will run on the power of the rain pounding on the car.

The same can go for the other high tech electronics. For example, the phone. Most of it is made out of plastic which cannot be recycled. That is why we make it out of metal, glass and wood. All the resources that a phone is made out of can be reused and recycled, and all the natural resources are be regrown once they are cut or used. The power the phone or laptop, etc. Will run on solar power just like the car. It will also have a temperature setting so when there is no sun it can run on the heat or the cold. Phones, laptops, computers anything that has caused allot of pollution will be run on solar power and climate power. A lot of our waste is caused by rubbish. When the people put out the garbage and it is taken

away by the garbage truck it will not be thrown into a dump but into a row a hundreds of conveyer belts. The conveyer belts run on solar panels and the temperature. The conveyer belt moves and the garbage will be sorted. Compost will be decomposed. Electronics will be taken apart and reused. Metal, glass, paper, and wood can all go back to what it used to be. Everything can be remade or reused. In this way life will still be easy and fun, but it will not pollute our planet. This form of technology will keep our planet healthy and alive.

Where we are living Our capitol country Zizan biome is very much like the deciduous forest, found on planet Earth. The deciduous forest on Earth is found in the east of North America, most of Europe, the out skirts of Australia and East Asia. The deciduous forest gets, rain fall through put the year. At some parts of the year it might rain more heavily than others, but it always rains enough to support the needs of the forest.

During the year the deciduous forests changes its season. The deciduous forest goes threw four seasons. Summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The deciduous forest has a very nice climate that enables plants and animals, to grow through the seasons.

Skiing on these slopes makes it feel like you are flying. Many amazing skiers practiced on these very slopes. These slopes have every level there can ever be found. People don’t come here because they have to. They come here because they want to. Leave your children at ski school and go ski anywhere you want. Ski schools teaches children how to ski at there level. It does not matter where you are from. We give lessons to all ages.

The Chinaollon is around the Fleet mountains on the border of triton. Come ski until your heart is content

Come ski in the Chinaollon! Autumn is ending and the snow is arriving. Ski all day, eating at our cafes spread across the mountain. The most comfortable slopes in Calypso. Skiing down the slopes gives you a feeling of flying. Once you’ve come you wish that you had never left. The Chinaollon will provide learning for the young, racing for the racers and hard slopes for the more experienced. Busses will take you to and from each sides of the mountain. Passes for the busses and ski lifts will be giving at the office. It is an easy fun way to spend a week.

The Chinaollon provides, a shopping center, restaurants, hotels and many ski shops. It is a very nice place, where you can sit back and relax.

The variety of different plants that grow in the deciduous forest, all depends what season it is. The trees in summer and spring, grow lush and green. But in autumn the leaves start losing their leaves. And in winter the trees lose all there leaves. Mammals such as chipmunks and skunks live in the deciduous forests. They hibernate during the

winter, and store food for the winter in the autumn. Bears, foxes, and other large animals also do this.