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The Desolation of Ice Written by Hector Dreyer

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An expedition is set and ready. A few people are traveling to a new biome to see if it will suit the needs of a new civilization. The Tundra; a vast and remote landscape. The Tundra is a very cold place and has little crops. An efficient amount of plants and food grow and walk the permafrost surface of the new landscape. Temperatures in the winter can reach up to -280 c! Sometimes in colder areas the temperature can touch -500 c! Vegetation in the Tundra is mostly smaller plants like dwarf trees/willows, bushes, mosses and grass. Foods that are located in the Tundra are; green roots, fish, arctic hairs are also possible to eat and musk-oxen-a giant and hairy animal that is good for clothes and furniture. Deer such as caribou are also a good source for food and clothes. Wolves and foxes will not exceed the needs of this new civilization, as they will most likely kill off more people than weather. A picture of the Tundra Is provided at the right. As in the Picture there is a deer and a big mountain at the back. Tundra’s are not only flat landscape, but also hills and mountains. In the summer and in warmer seasons the Tundra looks like the part where the deer is standing on. Sometimes the tundra is vast and unpleasantly cold as in the picture below. Animals in the tundra are capable of surviving in very cold places because of their stockier bodies and better noses. They are also coated in thick warm fur which is very protective for cold weather. The soil in the Tundra is frozen solid, which makes it hard to get food out of the ground. This soil is also called cryotic soil. Wolves are hunters and are curious creatures sometimes.

During the winter most of the ground is frozen solid which will probably make it difficult to find any fish in lakes or ponds. During the winter Musk-Oxen are the most useful animal to have in a place like the Tundra. Musk-Oxen are tough creatures and hostile as well as fast and furious. They have a protective layer of thick bone which is connected with their thick horns. Musk-Oxen are vegetarian but they could even be more protective or hostile than a wolf. Caribou/deer will not be a threat unless they have antlers. Arctic hairs are not hostile, only fast creatures. Green roots and berries along with fish are an easier task to handle, if food becomes an issue. Look forward to a new civilization and an entire new beginning! A Life Next to ICE!!! There isn’t enough food in the Tundra, which means that when the civilization starts to spread we will need to start building green houses and start farming to get more food for the community to survive. Why do we will need greenhouses because will help us plant and grow vegetation easier than on the solid permafrost layer in the Tundra. Life in this new place doesn’t seem too bad now that we have investigated the weather, food, animals, and the ways we can survive much easier than before.

The Life and Needs of Vegetation Vegetation in the tundra is very limited and big trees are rarely found in this vast and desolate biome. Animals live off of berries, bushes and grasses they can find. We have certain plans to make vegetation a much more common living thing in the Tundra. In the Tundra vegetation life can be very short and very long. The Tundra has small bushes, trees more commonly known as willows. Berry bushes and green roots are also found in the Tundra. These two sources of food are good for a little group of people. But a whole civilization is moving in the abnormally large neighbourhood. So that means we need farms and crops and all sorts of vegetation to keep us going in this new neighbourhood. That is where the greenhouses come in. This has already been explain in the above, I you have not read it please go read about it now to understand more about vegetation.

What Animals Are Best For Survival? The Best animals for survival in this biome are; cows, caribou, musk oxen and maybe pigs. Now some of these animals are not suitable for this biome. For example; the pigs and cows are not part of this biome because their bodies are not built for extremely cold environments. How can we get pigs and cows then? We still live on earth that means while we are still here on earth, we can take pigs, cows and other animals we need to survive.

A Relationship with Global Warming There is a very severe threat to the Tundra. Specifically the melting of the permafrost soil. permafrost soil. This will change the kinds of species of plants and animals that can live there! When the permafrost melts, it releases carbon in the form of carbon dioxide and methane. Both of these of which are greenhouse gasses. This means we will have more than enough problems already! He will be making greenhouses which do have their own gasses as said in the above. If the permafrost melts to we will have multiple problems. How can we stop this? Well, we can make air filters to filter the air and make it clean for is to breath. Methane can be produced when vegetation decays into lakes or wetlands.

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The Tundra One of the vastest places in the world: The Tundra. Winter can be -280c and sometimes reaches up to -500c. The soil is frozen solid. This is called permafrost or Cryotic Soil. The soil is frozen most of the time. Summer lessens the amount of snow and ice covers the Desolate Tundra. The temperatures also change to 350c to 500c. The Tundra has different mountain ranges all over the desolate landscape. Smaller bushes and trees (willows for example) are scattered across the remote area. Berry bushes and green roots grow around on the solid permafrost layer. Not many living things are forgiven by the Tundra. The Tundra is a place for the wild. I is a wide landscape and has no limits. Animals that are coated with fur like musk-oxen, caribou, smaller foxes, wolves and arctic hairs are built for cold and extreme climate. They can live on the little vegetation that grows in the Tundra. This landscape is remote desolate and wild. It is the Tundra!

Below is a graph of the two most important seasons in the Tundra

Technology advancement in the tundra. Transportation will be one of the biggest means of technology in the tundra. The main means of transport will be: magnetic powered trains, solar powered cars and aeroplanes. Computers and other phones and tablets will be brought out in advertisements on the new *Pear* technology. This technology will bring out the latest enjoyment phone: the Pear phone 6 as shown in the magazine adverts. Back to the means of transport: why are we choosing these different options? Because earth has fallen because of so many uses of pollution and toxins such as petrol used to power cars. That is why we are using electrical cars in this new planet. We are also using electromagnetic powered trains to stop the amount of air pollution. The tundra is one of few places that has fresh and condensed air. Honestly we don’t need another planet destroyed because of us. Technology is meant for good, but is also used for bad things. For example, technology can be used for hacking, blackmailing, bribing and is also used for many other bad things. Technology is meant for solving problems in the everyday life. It is also used for contacting friends or family and enjoyment. That is why technology is good and bad. Not only can technology be useful for bad behaviour acts neither for angel acts but technology can be used to destroy the environment around us. People might think of technology as computers, phones, tablets or enjoyment. But technology is transportation, factories and many different things. Why do we need technology here when all it might do is destroy this planet all over again!? The answer is: that we need technology to help us survive in different places. Technology is not all bad as mentioned before. Technology can also help us to create a home for us. A civilization. This has been my Technology article.

A new life………….a new planet……………..a brighter future

The frozen shire  
The frozen shire