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Tropical Rainforest of Scoutlanta National Geographic

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Written by: Scout Scoutlanta is a place full of life and new things


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About the Animals: There is a large animal population in Scoutlanta because the animals are basically living in a paradise with anything they could ever want. This is because of the variety of plants in the rainforest. The animals’ lives basically rely on the environment. They eat plants and fruit which is the environment. They live in trees or make homes out of natural resources. They drink water out of the rivers, ponds and lakes. This is why there are so many animals in the Rainforests of Scoutlata.

Animal Life In Scoutlanta Here is a list of animals that live in the rainforest of Scoutlanta, Leopards, tigers, different monkeys, fish, frogs, bugs, parrots, macaws, toucans, deer, snakes, ant eater, and lizards.


Environment of Scoutlanta

Climate & Temperatures Plants and Environment The plants in Scoutlanta have adapted to the tropical environment. The trees grew so tall because of the humidity and formed a top layer of leaves and branches called a Canopy. Then after that there is another layer of branches and leaves called the understory. Those layers in the trees makes the forest floor shady and dark, but the plants on the Rainforest floor also adapted and still grow well. There are not only trees in the rainforest of Scoutlanta there a variety of plants, bushes and other trees with fruit of some sort of food that grows on it. Another reason of why they grow so well is because of the soil. The soil gains many vitamins, minerals and organisms that help the plants grow.

The climate in Scoutlanta is hot and humid year round. The Temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius. Seasons Even though Scoutlanta is warm year round there are still seasons. One season is the dry season which only happens for a small time of the year and then there is the rainy season.


2 Rivers-Rainbow River and Twin River 1 Waterfall– Peace Falls

2 lakes– Candy lake and Angel lake 2 Forests– Siebert Forest and Lolly Pop Forest 1 Ocean– Aqua Ocean 2 Mountain Ranges– Silver Mountain Range, Glitter Mountain Range


Graph of Temperatures of Scoutlanta



About the soil The soil in the Scoutlanta Rainforest contains many organisms and has very rich minerals. The soil is also very moist because of the humidity in Scoutlanta. This is why there is a big opportunity for Scoutlanta to plant many things for the citizens. The soil there has effected their food products in many ways.

What we will plant, and why Because of the soil we would be able to grow almost anything. We will plant Bamboo, different trees, coco, sugar canes, fruits, vegetables and wheat. We will plant bamboo and trees so we can build homes and other things such as carts, tables, chairs, beds, tools etc. These plants would help us and make things easier. We would also use these different foods to eat. Is would be fast and easy to grow in the Rainforest and it would be good to have a variety of food to eat and try. Growing more things would be better for the soil too. Different plants need different vitamins and needs so if we only plant one plant it going to die sooner or later because of the lack of needs.


Animals we would use, and why: In the Scoutlanta Rainforest there are so many different kinds of animals so I don’t think it would be very balanced to just use a few types on animals. I am going to use all of them because it would help us survive better and it would be good to keep the animal life more balanced and eco friendly. All the animals in the Rainforest would have good use for us. First they can produce or is food. Second they have fur, feathers or skin which we could also make into clothes, blankets and other protection. Like I can use a deer for meat and its fur. I am not only going to use the animals in the Rainforest I am going to bring in cows and chickens and raise them as domesticated animals. So then we would also have more options for things to eat and drink such as milk, eggs and meat.

Animal Agriculture of Scoutlanta


The people in Scoutlanta believe that because they moved to a new planet they should make a new language with hieroglyphics based on the animals and environment there. They do this to show how grateful they are for them, their use and beauty.

Language The meanings of the letters (in order from the beginning),

The tiger, fishes, trees, snakes, water, mountains, rain, beauty, parrots, leopards, colourful, frogs, monkeys, the sky, ant eaters, weather, turtles, butterflies, crocodiles, flowers, ability to farm, ants, jaguars, spiders, otters and toucan.

How it works, The letters make the same sound as our alphabet does here on Earth but in a different order, it goes backwards. For example, The tiger the first hieroglyphic is a z for us here on Earth. Then the fishes is a y. So the last letter (the toucan) is an A. But because their hieroglyphics is backwards from our alphabet so is their language. Here’s an examples, The word cat is pronounced, xxxxx-zzzzzgggggg

Look at next page to see what it looks like


Hieroglyphics of Scoutlanta people


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The people in Scoutlanta grow cotton plants and rubber trees for their clothing. Because of the heat they make their clothing into shorts that go to their knees and t-shirts. The farmers first gather the cotton then deliver it to these people called the "Stringers" these are the people who spin the cotton in to string /thread. After this it goes to the people called the "Cotton people" they are called this because they can make string of cotton into the clothing for the people of Scoutlanta. The cotton people also stich in designs of plants, trees, mountains etc. They do this because they want to show gratitude for their ability to make their traditional clothing because of their environment. After the cotton people are done with their job the clothes goes to this place called "Place of plenty" (It’s a market) for people to buy for their use.

They also plant rubber trees because they make rain coats to protect them from the daily rain they have there. It goes through the same process but after the cotton people have done their job they give it to these people called the "spreaders" they are the ones to spread the rubber coding on the clothing, they let it dry and they have rain coats to give to the Place of Plenty.


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Scoutlanta’s religious beliefs, The people of Scoutlanta are monotheistic. Their god is named Suko. To them he is the god of the Rainforest. They give thanks to him in many ways for their beautiful new home. They have statues of him outside on a platform where people go every morning and night to worship him. They also have a beautiful church where they pray to him together every day at 12:00. Whenever they cut down a tree or kill and animal they get approval from Suko in a prayer. They also trade some of their leopards for Maple, Oak and Pine trees with Foxes’ Land because they don't want to cut down Suko's beautiful creations. Their god Suko is very special to them.

What their church looks like


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In Scoutlanta they don't want to damage the beauty of Suko their god so to make their money they trade some of their animals for Maple, Oak and Pine trees with Foxes’ Land to make their money. Their money is called Lanta Dollars. They have a 1 lanta bill, 5 lanta bill, 10 lanta bill, 20 lanta bill, 50 lanta bill and 100 lanta bill. See on next page what it looks like. They put animals pictures on them because they are very important to them and Scoutlanta. They do not have coins because they believe that the money represents Suko because of animals on their currency. So because it represents him he can not be split into pieces that it how powerful Suko is to them.

Maple Tree


Pine tree

Oak Tree

Look at the next page to see


Scoutlanta Currency




The people in Scoutlanta also use technology. These are their categories for technology they use, hunting, learning, transportation, tools and cutting. People in Scoutlanta made special bows, arrows and spears. They use their maple wood they trade with Foxes’ land to make these. They also need hunting technology because they need meat for their food. As you know they have schools in Scoutlanta, so they need learning technology to help the kids there get an education. They need rulers, pencils, books etc. They need tools to build shelter, chairs, tables etc. They make tools like, mallets, nails, wagons etc. For transportation they make bikes because they already have rubber for the wheels and it won’t pollute their home. The reason they came to a new planet was because on Earth they were running out of resources so they should preserve theirs. Finally they make cutting technology because cut down some trees to make their shelter, chairs etc. They make special ones because of their god Suko. They believe he is a god of the Rainforest so whenever they cut down a tree they do it with special knifes and cutting tools. This technology is very beneficial to the people of Scoutlanta because it makes a variety of things easier for them to do. Not all technology is good like some we have here on Earth can cause a lot of pollution, but the technology Scoutlanta has is good because it doesn’t pollute their environment so they living with technology that is good for the world.

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