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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Try out the crossword puzzle after you read about the god and the goddesses in Sandria

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Find out about the new discovered planet, the new culture on the new planet, and how they live there

The New Mysterious Boreal Biome Culture As many people know, our planet Earth has become over-populated and there are not enough natural resources for everyone and scientists have travelled out to space to find a new place for people to live. Recently they have found a new planet called the “Lumbutos” which is located in the Goldilocks belt. On the planet Lumbutos the climate is the same as in the boreal forest found on planet Earth in northern Europe and America. This comes in handy because then we know people can live there.

Our planet is over-populated so some people have to move to the newly discovered planet Lumbutos

The Chosen Ones As our planet Earth is so over-populated it is a fantastic opportunity to move to the newly discovered planet Lumbutos. Not everybody can go at the same time so people are chosen, at different times, by a lottery. Some of the first people that were chosen are Mr Trammasini and his family. Mr Trammasini has started travelling to Lumbutos and later in the generations his kids’ kids are going to start living there. “Space is full of mysteries, I’m happy I was one of the lucky ones to take my family and travel my entire life so my children’s children can start living at Lumbutos and live happier”, Trammasini explains. "

Climate in Sandria When the expedition group arrived they couldn't imagine that it was so cold, but when they measured the cold they realized it was only -8 degrees Celsius. They had to put on jackets and winter hats. The climate on Lumbutos is very similar to the boreal forest on Earth. The winters are very cold and they can be below -30째C. The snow can be higher than your head. The summers on Lumbutos are still warm enough to melt all the snow, but they are also rainy and chilly. The warmest it can be is about 28째C. The rainfall average is about 300 to 900 millimetres per

cember to February usually with a lot of snow. The warm summer is from the middle of June to the middle of August. In the beginning of September the cold starts crawling up and you want to wear long pants. In late November snow can already start falling. In the beginning of March the snow is starting to melt but it will take a while because in the winter there was so much. At the end of April almost all the snow is gone but it is still too cold to just wear year. The disappointment with shorts and Tthe climate was that most of the shirts. year it is cold and only about one third of the year is summer. The best winter time is from De-

Sandria’s Flag

Technology The thing we can't live without‌ So in the newly discovered planet, Lumbutos, the people use technology more wisely than people did on earth. In Sandria, a country in Lumbutos, the people use hydroelectric power to get their electricity for their houses. As the houses are made of granite and log they need to have heating to warm up the houses in the cold winter. There is a lot of water in Sandria so they will be able to build dams to get the electricity they need. To get hydroelectric power dams have to be built and when the water falls down with speed hydroelectric power is generated. Windmills are also going to be used to make electricity. The only negative issue with windmills is that if there is no wind no electricity will be generated so that is why they also have hydroelectric power. Technology is used more wisely so the transport they have is not bad for the environment. Instead of petrol that increases global warming they will be using solar panels and electric driven transports. Solar panels are expensive

and very hard to produce because they need a lot of small cells that only experts know how to make so most of the cars or other transport that used petrol will be electric because that is easier and cheaper to make. In Sandria they will also have tramcars on big roads. The tramcars use electricity to get forward by being attached to electric wires. So instead of busses they have tramcars as they don't use any petrol and are the same size as normal busses. As technology develops people have invented a new type of metro train without wheels. The train tracks are very strong magnets and attached below the train are also very strong magnets. When you try to bring the magnets together they repel eachother so the trains kind of fly some centimetres in the air and go much faster than normal trains.

Agriculture in Sandria On Lumbutos

in Sandria the soils are highly leached low fertile soil. They are characterized by the leaching of iron, aluminium, and low organic matter from the normal surface layers, horizon A, B, and C. In these soils we can plant and farm wheat, rye, barley, and oats. People can plant these crops on Lumbutos because they grow very well in low organic soil. These crops are very important because they give the people an opportunity to make bread and other foods and resources. The bad thing

Barley is a nice crop to farm

From wheat you can make bread

Oats can grow very well in Sandria

with the soil is that it has a low organic matter and only a few plants can grow there. The plants that can grow are the coniferous trees. Coniferous trees are trees that produce seeds in cones and the leaves are shaped like needles. Coniferous trees stay green the whole year and their leaves never fall off.


in Sandria there were no cows or sheep so they were imported. The cows and sheep can live there because in the summer it is nice and warm for them to be outside and in the winter they are in barnyards, just like on planet Earth. The people there need to need the cows, because they are the only animals that give enough milk and tasty meat. They also need the sheep in Sandria because of their wool. People can make clothes and the meat is tasty to eat. The people are also adapting and starting to eat other animals such as bear and snowshoe hare. They also have to eat moose and fish, but that is normal for people up in northern of Europe and America. The bear's fur is also

very nice to make clothes so the people living in Sandria will

start using more bear clothes than before. Though there are a lot of fish in Sandria the people are going to need more, so they are going to need fish farms to produce more.

Plants In Sandria there are a lot of trees and high mountains. Most of the trees are coniferous tree., They produce their seeds in cones and have leaves shaped like needles. One of the tree types are called Spruce. The spruce is used for Christmas trees in a lot of countries on Earth. There are also a lot of Pine trees that are also coniferous. Birch and Oak are not evergreen but they also grow in Sandria. There are many other plants such as lingonberries, blueberries, chanterelles, autumn chanterelles, raspberries, and cloudberries that are tasty and edible. The people use the trees to make paper, wood furniture, and houses from Birch and Oak.

Squirrels eat the seeds from the coniferous trees

The moose is a mighty animal.

The Spruce’s leaves are formed like needles

Chanterelle ‘s are great to make soup off. Animals While the expedition continued they found out that on Lumbutos the animals are similar to the ones in the boreal forest. Many of the animals eat the seeds produced from the evergreen trees. These are red squirrels, insects, and birds such as chickadees. Herbivores such as snowshoe hares, moose, and beavers eat tree bark and new shoots. Large predators such as wolves, bears, great horned owls, and lynxes eat the herbivore animals. The fish eat the plants in the water. These were interesting facts they found because it meant fish could be farmed there.

Sandos, the money in Sandria In Sandria the money is different from the one on Earth. They are called Sandos and shortened s. They are made of paper that is made from spruce.

The Sandria money, Sandos, are formed in different ways. 1s, 2s, and 5s are in coins made of gold. In Sandria you can find a lot of gold. 10s, 20s, and 50s are in banknotes made of paper that is made of spruce. 100s, 200s, and 500s are also in banknotes made of paper. Then it goes up to thousand but then there are no banknotes for ten thousands etc…

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1s=10c 2c=20c etc… 10s=1euro 20s=2euro 100=10e 500=50e etc…

God and Goddesses in the Sandria Culture


he only god there is in the Sandria culture on Lumbutos is the Birch god which everyone celebrates in the spring by drinking the blood of the god. The blood is the sap that comes out from the Birch and tastes like sugar water with a natural sugar. They believe that it was the Birch God who made all the plants in Lumbutos. He is the spring god and he has three sisters. Aurora, is the autumn Goddess, Wendely is the winter Goddess, and Sylvia is the summer Goddess. Aurora makes all the deciduous leaves lovely autumn colors as orange, red, and yellow. Wendely freezes everything and makes the leaves fall off the trees. Sylvia makes everything bloom and tries to make the weather nicer but her sister Aurora bullies her and makes it rain. In Sandria they only celebrate the Birch God because he is different and he has to fight against his sisters all the time.


n the Sandria culture everyone can choose if they believe in the Birch God. The 10th of April is the celebration of the Birch God and it will be celebrated in the churchs’ for everyone in the country. Everyone gets the day off to go to the church or just stay home and relax. If the 10th of April is on a Saturday or a Sunday everyone gets the day off on Monday. They celebrate it by first saying a prayer with a glass of sap for everyone which was handed out when arriving to the church. When the prayer is said everyone drinks the sap and then eats the piece of bread formed like a tree made out of wheat that was also handed out at the arrival of people. After that everyone says a last prayer, thanking the god for giving them his blood and for letting them live and survive. At your bellybutton’s height drill a hole in the Birch and then let the sap fall into a cup.

Crossword Puzzle of the God and the Goddesses in Sandria

The bread made out of Wheat

Houses in Sandria Granite houses are the

perfect houses in Sandria because of the boreal forest climate and how much granite exists there. The granite can hold the warmth in the Log houses are a very house because of the stone but need to have common house type to live heaters including floor in in Sandria. The logs are perfect for cold winter heaters for the cold winter. The furniture is weather as they can hold made out of wood from the heat inside when it is pine and spruce trees or cold outside. The floors are made out of wood planks from granite. When building the houses the that are made out of any of the tree types in Sandria builders make stone blocks made out of 99% except the Birch. The most granite and 1% of natu- common trees to make floor planks of are pine, ral resin. spruce, maple, and oak. Granite is an expensive The furniture will be made out of pine, maple, or stone on earth but in Sandria on Lumbutos it's granite, depending one of the normal resources to build houses on what with so it is not that ex- you want. pensive.

Log house in Stewenos Fimfim road 1422 For sale 900 000Sandos or rent 20,000Sandos

Granite house in Dinlolos Suliman road 1111 Rent 31,000Sandos

Granite house in Stewenos Soluna street 289

Log house in Sudoculis

For sale 863 000Sandos

Pilman road 969 Rent 22 000Sandos

Log house in Dinlolos

Log house in Stewenos

Suliman road 1119

Lily street 237

Rent 28 000Sandos

For sale 100 000Sandos

Delicious new recipes In Sandria they eat different types of food that you could think is really disgusting but don’t judge yet. First, try these delicious recipes and then say your thought.


Salmonio bread (16 Salmonio’s) 2 packages of cold smoked salmon 10 sticks of dill 16 pieces of circled ray bread 1-2 jars of crème cheese Put all pieces of bread on a plate. Take jar of crème cheese and spread on each bread. Take one salmon slice and put on one piece of bread so it's squiggly so it looks nice. Do this on every single piece of bread. Take the dill and break the sticks into smaller pieces for decoration on the salmon bread. Salmonio bread is an easy starter to make and tastes super good. When you eat it you can feel the texture of the salmon in your mouth and you just want more and more.

Main Course Bear Stew (for eight people) 1kg of bear steak 2l of water 10 potatoes 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt 4 carrots 8 pepper corns 2 whole bay leaves 1 stick of rosemary Take the water and pour it into a pot. Put the pot on the stove so it can start to cook. Take the steak, carrots, and potatoes and cut them into small cubes. When the water is cooking put the steak into the pot and let it be there. Take the peppercorns, rosemary stick, and the bay leaves and put them into the pot. Wait about one hour before you put the carrots and potatoes in there. Let it bubble softly for about 6-7h before you can serve the meal. The bear stew is a very common meal in Sandria. Usually you eat it with a whole set of starters, then the main course (bear stew) , and lastly the dessert.

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Mmm... Dessert Birch pie (for 8 people) 3 packages of Birch leaves 2dl of sugar 1 tablespoon of cinnamon 4dl of flour 1 teaspoon of salt 3dl of flour 100g butter

Birch Pie!!!

Tear the birch leaves into small pieces and put them in an ovenproof dish. Spread 1dl of sugar and all cinnamon on the leaves and mix them a little. Take a pot and melt the butter in it. Mix all the dry ingredients (flour, salt, and rest of sugar) in another pot to make the pie dough. Mix the dough and shape it into a lid and cover the leaves. Bake at 250째C in about 25min in the oven. When the pie has a golden brown color you know it is ready. The Birch pie is a traditional dessert the people in Sandria make. The dish is only made on the 10th of March when celebrating the Birch God. The Birch leaves makes the dessert a bit bitter but it still tastes nice as you get the sweetness from the sugar.