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Table Of Contents P.1 About Rhinop P.2 Map of Rhinop P.3 Flag of Rhinop P.4,5 clothing in Rhinop P.6 Rhinop Shop P.7 House in Rhinop P.8 house 2 P.9 house shop

p.10 region p. 11 religon2 p.12 technology pic p.13 Technology info p. 14 Sports p. 15 Toys p. 16 picture p. 17 picture of KS P. 18 To Rhinop P.19 graph

Camels are used as many things in desert or other countries, because they don’t have to drink water. They could drink more then 3 litters of water in ones. So they don’t have to drink water again and again. Also camels are well adapted to hot weather, so they could stay cool or sometimes they could not feel the heat.

Cactus is a plant that is suitable for desert, because they could keep the water for long time and use it. Cactuses can grow in really dry places and they have thorns to keep them safe. They have special roots and leaves to keep them cool during the day. Some cactuses are used for food as well.

There is a country called Rhinop. Most of the Rhinop equals to sand. The sands are usually dried and has lots of rocks, the color is light yellow or dark brown. Rhinop is also very hot. It is very hot but it is really cold at the night. During the day the temperature goes up to 40°C to 49°C. In the night the temperature goes down until — 18°C. In Rhinop the rain occasionally comes about 25cm per year. In Rhinop people are having a hard time saving or drinking lots of water because the sun will usually evaporate the water. Rhinop doesn't snow and it's just hot.


capital of Rhinop is called KS The

Map of Rhinop, the star represents the capital and a house represents the city.



flag of Rhinop

P. 3


People wear wide brim hats, or scarves, sunglasses, loose layers, and a light jacket. Also people wear white or lightly coloured, layered clothing to protect them from the sun's rays.


People also wear dark, heavy clothing to prevent quick sweat evaporation. Sandals are the most common footwear.


People in Rhinop have many ways and things to make clothes. They could get leather from camels. Silk from insects, and they could get other tools from many different animals. Also people in Rhinop can also get clothes from buying from other countries or trading.


People in Rhinop thinks boots are very useful stuff, because it can protect your feet from the heat. Also in Rhinop there is lots of thorns mixed with sands, so the boots can also protect your feet by thorns.

Clothes-2 People in Rhinop wears long shirt and long pants, even during the day, because they could get sun burn on your skin and the thorns might hurt your skin. People also cover their head with scarves because the sand might blew to your eyes and it can go inside your eyes. It will hurt. People think gloves are also useful for Rhinop because in Rhinop there are many cactuses so people will need something to protects their hands.

P. 5

Sale by Seungkwon

R 70,000 777, sklim street in Rhinop

Call—70- 700 -1700 2 bed rooms, 1 bath room, cool because made out of sand and bricks. Warm, because made out of sand and bricks.


Desert boot

Really comfortable, hard to get dirty. Not Slippery. Price– R 400, sell it, any shop in Rhinop. Can protect your foot from rocks or thorns. Sand coming in side the boot. Call 500-5335-4000 if you want to buy it.

Shop location 123 JRSKLstreet Rhinop Clothes


All clothes that this man is wearing. Protects you from sand. Price– R 500 Call 500– 5335– 4000 if you want to buy it

The Ceiling will made out of bricks, because, bricks are great for keeping the and and bricks helps peohouse safe. It can cover the rain and it is hard, so the predators can’t attack ple to stay cool during the the people inside the house. ( read 3rd) day and warm at the night. The bricks helps the sand, by making the sand safe from the wind and making safe the sand is not falling. If there aren't bricks the sand will all blew away and nothing will left. For the walls I am going to make it with sand and bricks. I am going to put bricks in the inside of the wall and sand in the outside because the bricks helps to keep us cool or warm. Also I have to buy bricks from other country because my country doesn't have bricks. Because of that I am going to buy some bricks and use it for the foundation or the The shape of the house will look like a circle, because inside of the house base for the sand. That’s there are bricks and I told that I am going to use only some bricks. So the why I put the brick inside. sand will lean against the bricks. The window will made out of glass, because the glass is the clearest tool for the windows. I will have to buy few windows because I cannot make window from Rhinop. ( read 2nd) ( read 1st)

How to make a sand house and how much sand do I need for the sand house. 

First I need a 900 litters of water because without the water the sand house can fall over. If the water and sand mixes the sand becomes a hard sand. This happens because the sand observes water. The hard sand can manage to stay still without any more water. The color changes to black brown. But just in case I will put some bricks inside of the sand house and it will help the hard sand, so will be like a real brick. The house will be 20 square feet and my house will only have 1 floor. I will need 20 tons of wet sand.

+ = wet sand


Religion In Rhinop people believe in more than one god. They believe in 3 gods who are Dnas, Yugrehtaew, and Rewop. The gos called Rewop is the strongest. The god that changes, or make more sands or make creature in sand is called Dnas. This god can make sand tornadoes, make people die from sand and also Dnas can make lots of sands in short time or he can make all sand disappear in all desert. So people had to listen to him very well otherwise all the sands will disappear and they will have no plants, food, and buildings and eventually they will all die.

God of sand, Dnas P.10

God of weather, Yugrehtaew. ( info next page)

The god that that can change temperature or weather is called Yugrehtaew. This god can change deserts temperature and he can also change the weather. Yugrehtaew is very hot so people cannot go near by him. Because of him the weather in desert is always sunny. But Yugrehtaew is scared of dark so he becomes called. So the temperature change again to cold because of him.


Religon 2 P.11

The god called Rewop is the strongest and most powerful god in the desert. So this god is basically the boss of all gods. So this god can make other gods die if they done something wrong. This god can decide a place where dead people go. They could go in the bad place or a good place called nevaeh. People would go to nevaeh if they done something special like listen to the gods and behave well.


Many things are technology

P. 12

1. What is a technology? It is a Machine , something electric but it isn't always electric, something we use. Also it is an application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. 2. Technology groups There are Electric, information, medical, and tool technology.


what does technology allowed us do

It has allowed for more advanced home teaching. Cell phones, computers, laptops, smart boards, GPS systems.

In Rhinop there aren’t much technology compare to other countries. I am going to have 4 biggest technology in Rhinop. The First one is phone or computer. I created this technology because in Rhinop there aren’t much phones or computer. So People would think this technology is good. If someone sales it the person would get lots of money. But in Rhinop there isn’t internet so I am also going to create a fastest internet in the world and put in Rhinop. Some place in desert there are place that doesn’t have electricity, so I am creating a electric house and electricity pole or tower.

Technology There is a technology and it’s about transportation. Like cars roller-coaster, and carts. This will help because Rhinop is a big place and there are lots of sands, so it is hard to just walk or ride on the camels. Cars are useful technology because we could go where ever we want in the Rhinop

I am going to tell you about the third technology. The third technology is a very dangerous thing. But we need it, because we need to protect our selves. Do you know what is it? It is a gun. This technology would only given by the polices.


I am going to make a soccer field and a basketball court in my country. That building will made out of bricks. I am going to buy bricks for my buildings. I am going to create a sport called sandyart . For this sport people must have a box or something to ride on and people have to come to the finish from the start line. The goal is to earn the most points. People can earn points by coming the fastest and doing most tricks from the start to finish line. The course will be hard because sands are slippery[ so people would just come doing nothing but they are going to move because the course is hard. People would control their box.


I am also going to create a toy called sand shaper. This will used by many younger kids, because this is easy to buy or make. You can also make it by bricks or a piece of wood. You can just make a hole and make a shape. Also in Rhinop there are lots of sands so kids can make a shape whenever they want. second toy would be the best toy. This toy is made out of really wired tools. It is called rac. This is similar to Robert control car. It has a controller but it's made out of sand and cactus. This controller is made out of wired way because in Rhinop I can't get a professional tool for the controller. The car is made out of sand, water and insects. This is also made out of wired tools because, again there isn't a good tool for making a car. In Rhinop there is lots of empty space because of the sand. So kids will enjoy playing there because Rhinop has lots of space. If the car seems broken or seems that is out of battery which is cactus. You could just make the cactus in to flour and if you throw it to the car it will automatically fix. The price of the car is 50 rand. And you could found it in the shop in Rhi-




Animals in Rhinop Beware of the spider


Houses and shops in Rhinop

In KS, The Capital Of Rhinop Road in rhinop Market in Rhinop

To Rhinop If you want to go to Rhinop, come to SK airport, there will be an airplane called A123. If you take the plane you would arrive to the capital of Rhinop. It is Ks. You don’t have to pay for the Airplane to Rhinop.


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