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Messico Optimum Newsletter

Grand Edition 2050

“The world of Messico is one of the most diverse nations. It has the most unique aspects that make it of a kind. - Rishi,

the Father Founder.

In This Issue 

What is Messico

Why are we here?

What is the religion?

What’s the money?

Do we have everything we need?

What are the fashion hits?

Much, much more!

Editor’s Note Page 3 A New Beginning Page 4

Messico’s Environment Pages 5-6 Climate Graphs Page 7 Messico’s Imports and Exports Pages 8-14 The Messican Libra Pages 15-16

Messico’s Clothes Pages 17-20 The Basics of Life– Religion Pages 21-26 Obituary– Page 27

Breaking News: Messico Founded The new world of Messico was founded on May 30 2049. It is a very large nation with a square area of 20,000,000 km squared. The population will surely increase over time, but for now we have to stick together.

Lionel Fatoney is a known editor, and part time researcher. His knowledge is immense and very fruitful.

Editor’s Note Hello readers! I am Lionel Fatoney, editor of Messico Optimum. I am also a researcher working on building communities, and making sure our new start is worth the wait. Messico is a very diverse nation full of color and liveliness. This grand edition will give you a full insight on the new world and how it works, and how it differs from Earth. Many things may seem eccentric to you, but it is what makes Messico one of a kind. Enjoy learning about a new civilization, and the new mother of many people.

The New World

Messico, a land full of happiness, and reconciliation.

A New Beginning Earth, our first home. Humans loved it like a mother, but treated it like an enemy. Pollution destroyed the atmosphere. Over population left no more space for its children. So, what do we do? Humans decided to send a part of Earth’s population to Messico. Messico is a wondrous new world, where we can learn to treat our home better. A new page in life helps everyone, as Messico is founded.

Are we going to make the same mistake, or are we going to learn to be a better society. The destiny lies in our hands.

Messico is located in the new world called Tropimum. Messico is in the southern hemisphere of Tropimum. Tropimum is located in the Goldilocks zone, or a place which has a very similar atmosphere to Earth. That means we can live happily! This zone is in a very distant solar system, so make a one way trip.

One of the advanced spaceships taking people to Messico. The ride is long, but it is worth it.

Copy right Messico Optimum. Š2050 Grand. Plagiarism is against the law, and any person found guilt of such crime shall be punished severely.

Rain, Rain Go

Away– advice column.

Dear Messico optimum, I am dora567. I need advice on just plain living in Messico. When are the most rainy months? I NEED TO KNOW QUICK, OTHERWISE I COULD BE STANDING IN SHORT SHORTS WHEN IT


Messico is raintopia. Get your raincoats ready for a living monsoon!

What is the Environment in Messico Like?


When you think of a tropical rainforest, what comes to mind? Is it the diversity of colourful species, or is it the towering trees which stand as sturdy as skyscrapers? These both are great ways to describe a majestic tropical rainforest, in which someone could spends days staring in awe at the rich life. The Absolado Rainforest is located in Messico, which is in the southern hemisphere. This rainforest covers almost half of the nation. The description of the Absolado tropical rainforest is shown through the name- it is a rain galore. Messico receives a staggering 200-660 cm (2000-6000 mm) of rain annually, which brings about severe humidity. The annual rainfall may rarely go over 250 cm. Such high levels happen in the monsoon seasons. Since many rainforests are located near the ocean, they evaporate water very fast- and that means more dark clouds, and less sunshine! The temperatures stay in a very moderate range, so you are neither freezing to death nor dying from the sun hitting you like a bullet. The temperatures are between 69-70 degrees in the wet season and a really hot 70-90 degrees in the dry season!

Guiding Questions.

1. Looking at the layers of the rainforest, what do you think is an ideal place to live? 2. After looking at the graph on the next page, when would a good harvesting time


Living in the emergent layer is beautiful. From waking up to sleeping, animal noises will keep you active.

3. What season seems most reasonable to you? Why? 4. Would you prefer to live in Messico?

What is the Environment in Messico Like– Continued. Following up from the climate- what seasons do each of them come in? There are two main seasons, which are the dry season and the wet season. Rainforests which are further away from the equator have four seasons, which are two dry seasons and two wet seasons. A good time for a tourist to be in the rainforest is in the dry season, so that they do not get swallowed by the rain. But in the dry season, many plants die as some of them are so used to high rain levels. A very small drought may occur and soil may become just a little non-nutrient- which can kill dependent plants. In the wet seasons, the soil of the rainforest gushes up with water and some plants even start to die rapidly due to the levels of rain. The temperatures also get hot because of the quick evaporation. So, in both seasons temperatures can get hot- but the atmosphere differs a lot. This biome may be the world's smallest, but it contains more life than all of the biomes put together almost! To be able to keep all the wildlife organized, the rainforest is divided into four layers. The emergent layer is the topmost layer. It contains the tallest plant life ever seen by naked eye. The trees here can be up to 240 feet, which means these plants have no competition to get full light. From this fact, it can be concluded that the plants here are the most lush and nutritious. The upper canopy is the next layer. It receives mediums amounts of light- as it still has towering trees over it. Many animals that are able to climb well live here as they get enough sunlight to stay healthy. The understory starts to get really dark and this is where sunlight barely penetrates through leaves. There are only small shrubs and trees because they are not capable of growing so high. In this level- there is little air movement, and there is lots of humidity. The air gets trapped and breathing can be very tough. The last layer is the forest floor. This layer of the rainforest is completely shaded and it receives only 1% sunlight. The soil here is very poor as it is only full of litter leaves. Only insects are able to live here as they can get enough nutrient from litter. Animals here would die due to the very poor sunlight, and sun is needed for even plants to complete photosynthesis. Exotic life is anywhere in this biome, and one could spend years exploring.

The Stats tell the Facts Every month is very wet in Messico. Good luck trying to dry your clothes without a dryer! The most humid months are January through May. This is when the most rainfall comes. Even thought the rainfall minimum happens for a short while, it can hit very hard.

The temperatures of Messico are of a holiday destination. Warm climates keep everyone relaxed, and since no drastic temperature changes happen, people don’t have to worry about excessive clothing.

The Agriculture of Messico The agriculture Messico’s tropical rainforest is very similar to Earth. The plants and animals need very special adaptations to survive in the special conditions. The soil in the tropical rainforest is very nutrient poor, though. The soil is very shallow and this means that it cannot support life well. The soil is very poor due to the depth. It is very shallow at a depth of 2 in. For this reason, plants have to store nutrient in themselves. This way, the plants can survive a healthy lifeand not a touch and go life. The soil is very nutrient poor because the soil has taken a beating from the elements over millions of years. Storms have destroyed the soil with excessive rain. But, vegetation is thick because the plants have learned to reuse other dead plants' materials to get nutrients. The crops in the Absolado tropical rainforest are plentiful, and Messico’s civilization will make full use of them. Crops such as the cocoa tree, acai palm, and coconut trees grow naturally. These fruits match the rainforest because of the heat. These fruits provide a form of hydration to prevent sicknesses from dizziness. Messico’s culture is all about not wasting, so everyone makes full use of the crops. Coconuts contain water inside them, and water is the form of hydration we are looking for. Coconuts can also be carved into decorations. Some decorations include the coconut shell to be painted with bright colours. This will liven up the Messico’s culture to give it a positive start. The acai palm provides an all-rounder berry called the acai berry. This berry can be used as a “vitamin” tablet. Because this berry has lots of vitamin/antioxidants, and this can boost the health of citizens. It will help prevent sicknesses in the unknowing environment. It can be counted as a “shield” from surprises. The acai berry is very colourful, and it can be used like the coconut for decoration. Due to its various colours, it can be used like decorations to colour houses. Messico’s new culture is said to be about liveliness and not wasting, so the acai berry is good with its multi-uses. The cocoa tree gives of seeds, which are a bit too strong to eat raw. In the new culture, cocoa seeds can be used to make chocolate. Chocolate is a good medicine and it supresses cough. Cocoa beans can be made into coffee with grinding, and coffee has caffeine. This caffeine will keep everyone active so that this culture can be built quickly enough for the new citizens to start living. When shaved, cocoa beans can be used as a “marker”. Using this marker, logos can be made on weaponry to show colonization and it could be used for many uses such as stationary, and it can be part of the learning culture. This marker can be used in cosmetics similar to kohl. The timber from trees such as the acai palm can be used to make oil diggers. This civilization is very close to the ocean- meaning fossil fuels can be dug up from the oceans. Timber is used in this machine for the strong support holding up the claw. Fossil fuels and metals can both be dug up, and then cars/transportation can be built.

The Agriculture of Messico Everyone can’t just survive on fruits and nuts, so imports and adjustments have to

be made. Corn needs very fertile soil to grow properly, and so does rice, grains, vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, herbs like parsley), and fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges. A greenhouse can be made which contains fertile soil and sprinklers to water the plants. The fertile is made from a mix of compost and appropriately watered soil. This will be able to support good plant life. The greenhouses are also built tall so the sunlight can come through the glass. This way, even floor bed plants can grow well. Since that many plants can’t be put into greenhouses, a machine like the Egyptian shaduf is made. This machine collects water through rainfall and provide the just right amounts to the floor bed plants. This way, they won’t die from two extreme factors. These types of foods can be processed into other forms- which is quite good. To make clothes, cotton or linen is needed. Cotton needs soil which drains water well, so alien soils will have to be imported. Duneymeronada, our trading partner, is a source of good cotton. Some parts of the rainforest are suitable, but soil from the savannah or grassland is imported to grow this crop. Cotton will help create clothes for this new culture, which will be unique. Clothes will help distinguish this culture from all others. Houses and furniture can be built using the timber, and mud bricks from the river can be used as a cement. Timber can also form furniture such as tables and chairs. Not all plants have to be used, some can be part of the pure beauty. Orchids, shrubs, and Helicona are made into a botanical garden to create a symbol of the beauty of the new land. Medicine can also be made from herbs as they contain natural things such as antiseptics that cure the body in a good way. Some examples are parsley and basil. They need the same conditions to grow other plants. So, greenhouses Messico’s greenhouses are perfectas as they provide lush soil and good watering levels. In the beginning when adjustsupport life well. ing to new plants to eat or use, accidents can happen and so can poisoning. Herbs will help digestion to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

The Agriculture of Messico Animals are needed to complete the circle of life, and where else than our new world can you find more animals? Animals in the rainforest are all wild, and most of them are impossible to tame. Importing animals is most important in our new world otherwise we might die with starvation. Some animals such as the Toco Toucan, Scarlet Macaw, and Harpy Eagle can be domesticated- but not for food. They can only remain as part of the environment or they can be kept as pets to secure a strong society in the beginning. Animals like the Bengal tiger and Rhino are too dangerous for our people because we can’t tame them. Barn animals like pigs, chickens, roosters, cows, shepherd dogs, sheep, ox, and horses can be tamed well. They are not too wild- so they will not hurt anyone and wipe out the just built population. Food is produced from every other of these animals except for the shepherd dog- which wouldn’t be too preferred by people. Skins from animals like pigs and cows can are used in furniture in the form of leather. Furniture portrays how our culture in the rainforest is very colourful and lively. This leather can also be used in cultural activities such as the sports we are going to play. Games similar to softball and soccer will be familiar to us. Horses can also be used for horse riding- which is another activity that will remind us of Earth. No animals will be wasted in this technique- and then our culture will be able to get used to the unique environment. Some bats such as the White Honduras have good skin or hide. Their hide is processed into footwear such a boots, which is part of clothing. Jewellery can be made from the ivory of dead rhino. The dead rhino’s hide is also used for transportation parts like chairs and steering wheels. Transportation specifies to the surroundings because it adjusts to our style of life. The river in the new world has lots of transportation on it to get resources. Some animals, along with plants, are used for medicine in our environment. Animals such as cows in the new world have certain fibres in their fat and ligaments. This is called gelatine. Gelatine can be a form of medication when the climate gets too hot and we get sicknesses from the heat. By gaining energy from fibres, everyone can get better. Animals can also help this culture’s plant life. Pig dung, sheep dung, and cow dung helps fertilize the soil and boost the life cycle. Clothing is made from barn animals specifically. Sheep give off wool, which is similar to cotton. Lots of clothes can be produced with plentiful sheep and goat wool. Such animals can’t survive in extreme climates like high humidity and lots of rain, so a simulated environment is made. Barns and farms can be made within greenhouses. Fertile soil in the greenhouses can help grow straw- which is a key for farm animals. Inside barns, moderate temperatures are kept and grazing lands are grown. Some greenhouses are very large and hold fields of grass to feed our culture animals. When animals will stay healthy, they will provide better resources.

The agriculture of this new civilization in the goldilocks zone is very similar to Earth, meaning that we will be able to use the resources wisely. Without the plants and animals in the rainforest on this new planet, surviving chances would be 0.

Messico’s Advancements, Technology

Messico’s Advancements,


Messico’s Advancements,


Fair Trade Transport

This solar powered Messi car costs only 5,000 Libras! Stay efficient wherever you go.

This vintage hover MMV is bound to make you a stylish driver. This baby is only 10,000 Libras.

Any big buyers out there? Buy this maglev Magno 3144 train system fror 500,000 Libras!

SS. Duneymeronada from the country Duneymeronada is comJanuary 18– January ing to Port Buena Vista. This is 31st 2051. All day an opportunity to share customs, experience bazaars, and to get from 10am-8pm an international taste in your daily lives. Additional info is on the Trade Fair page.

Questions? Email:

Trading Fair– Rule Book Trading is something humans have done for centuries. Especially since Duneymeronada has a huge demand for our supplies, there are quite a few specific things that would be great to trade. But, rules come first. Remember * Only trade with official traders. Official trader will have the crest of Duneymeronada on their shirt. 

No bribing. Corruption is a serious crime, and it’s punishable by law. Try new things. We want to have a strong build with Duneymeronada, so show them how diverse we are. When trading any timber or suko, remember to get the trading materials from a certified store. Many plants and animals are endangered, and we want to keep them alive. The blue lion badge will make sure you are fine. If coming from cities away from Buena Vista, such as Odyssey, trading boats will transport goods you order through the Estvod River. Otherwise specialized cargo planes such as Air Messi shall deliver at the nearest air base.

Arts to Trade! Any skilled craftsmen out there? Use Messico’s environment to help you! Use canopy leaves from the certified acai palm and make 3-D sculptures. Form the leaves into a type of toy boat, or paint on the leaves! Even use orchid petals to make art colourful. To show how patriotic you are, make your art blue and gold. People from foreign nations will value such crafts as they are a memorable of visiting Messico. They can also be used for decorating the house. The cocoa bean ink is perfect to use as a fine marker. The timber from Willow wood trees is very thick. Art can even be beautiful shelves holding glass vases! The Willow wood can be shaped easily with skilled carvers. Glass sculptures are very popular in Messico. Arts men, use certified wood to make blowing fires. Then, blow glass to your will and sculpt beautifully! Houses are a form of art. Our trumpet trees provide the wood needed to build special houses such as log cabins. Arts using the environment always creates some liveliness in life.

Food, I want Food! Trading Tips The Estvod River is very special to us Messicans. Apart from using it to move from place to place, it provides trading material! When SS Duneymeronada comes to Buena Vista, there will be huge stalls open along the banks of the river. Vendors will be selling oyster, salmon, suko, crab, shrimp, crayfish, and much more! Food is a basic necessity needed to survive, and people will buy any needs needed to start a society. The main food people will eat in seafood is a fish called "suko". Suko is a fish similar to salmon, but it is purple. Suko will be plentiful with the vendors, but for a special price as it this fish is only given on special occasions! Who doesn’t like food? Our naturally crops such as acai berries and crab apples are a beautiful way to send ingredients to make sweets and drinks. Who doesn't love food?

Our skilled fisher men lay out their findings, Presentation attracts everyone! The fisher men wait for traders to choose...


Any problems or questions? Any problems or questions?


Come over to Wall blues to get your medicine ! Why live a short life, when you could live happily, healthily, forever after.

Learn more on the DOM world page. Call: 087-654-5555 Expiration Date:


Expiration Date:


Trading Medicine– World DOM

The plants in Messico are very unique, such as the orchids and cocoa beans. These plants are known for good remedies of sicknesses. When these plants are converted into medicines, they can be used as something to be exported. Medicine is needed to keep a society healthy, so we don't wipe out a population. To show that we use our environment to the full, our medicines are truly native. Plants such as cocoa beans, trumpet trees, annatto trees, and pacific bleeding hearts all cover the most common injuries. Asthma, tumour, sprains, bruises, colds, fractures, fatigue, and anxiety are illnesses that can be cured using such plants.

Medicines aren’t always needed for injuries, but for daily life. Herbs such as parsley grow in Messico. They can be added as a source of calcium and nutrient– keeping you active. These plants can also be used to make sunscreen and anaesthesia. When touring this new land, citizens will come upon unexpected dangers due to the new atmosphere and environment. These medicines will preserve our race and keep it striving.

Our Trading Wish List What do we want?

Our Wish list for Trading… Dear fellow traders, Messico would like lots of things for trade day. Firstly, we want barn animals. In Messico, we only have wild animals that aren’t as easy to tame. Barn animals would be easy to control, and they would be a huge part of our agricultural system. Food would be plentiful, and we could make animals part of our daily life for housing, clothes, and many other things. These animals don’t already live here because they don’t get their daily needs such as fruitful grass and open land. Messico would also like crops that are common. On Earth, we ate basic foods such as corn, rice, herbs, fruits such as oranges and watermelons, wheat, grain, and foods that came from animals like cheese. In Messico, sadly, these crops can’t strive due to the crazy 24/7 monsoon. Trading for these crops will help our society be an all-rounder. We don’t want to only ask, but show everyone else how much we care for them. Receiving your traditional arts and crafts, trading special foods, and clothes will hep us get to know you better.

Please fulfil our wishes, and happy trading!

Come visit Messico! Fly with Messi Air today and visit Messico! Messi Air now flies to over 40 destinations around Tropimum and even to Earth! With amazing air service to comfortable seats, our airline service is bound to fulfil your needs. Fly with Messi Air before December 7th and win 600 Libras!

One Messico Libra

$10.00 USD

One Messico Libra

ÂŁ 5.00 GBP

One Messico Libra

â‚Ź 3.00 EUR

One Messico Libra

D 100 DN

One Messico Libra

R 500 INR

It’s All About the Money, Money, Money! The Messican Libra. It signifies the diversity of this nation. It is the currency that will out of the crowd, any time, and anywhere. The money in general is made from natural resources. The bank notes are made from cotton leaves that are specially grown in greenhouses. Professor Nancy tells Optimum, “We grow these plants in greenhouses so we have two groups. One plant group is to sustain the beauty of Messico, and the others is for daily uses. These plants will use greenhouses with plentiful compost.” The cotton leaves are very thick, so they will be able to take the immense rain– without much damage. These notes have the Messican emblem, a lion, and this lion is drawn from ink coming from the cocoa beans. The lion holds a banner saying “Verum Manus Singulam Messico.” The value of the notes are in the corners. The values will be 10L, 20L, 30L.. And so forth until 100L. The bills are oval shaped, and Professor Bakonn tells us, “We want to be different. So, we came up with the most amazing way to shape our money. Hopefully this will leave and impact on foreigners.” Coins aren't used. Using too many resources at once would leave Messico like Earth, as phrased by the research time. Every part of the currency is thought out and logical, making it even better.

The Ten Libra Bill. Other bills are similar to this bill, but they have different values.

The Republic of Messico

Verum Manus Singulam 10L

The American School of Messico

Going to the AISM? Buy your clothes at La Masai!

Girls, grey V skirts are there. Button up shrugs and collared shirts are also available. Your Mary James and formal shoes are arriving!

The Top Fashion Girls: In the rainy season, tops are short shirts made of rayon/polyester, and they are loose and till the waist. The sleeves are jagged, like zigs. This design is to let air flow through, and so you don’t feel too humid. The rayon also repels rain, so it matches the weather. The bottoms are flared skirts or pants that are bell bottoms– or just plain flared. The skirts are rumpled for style. Designs on the clothes can be anything. Many traditional designs made of plants, or even modern graphic designs. Many clothes can be personalized to fit the citizens’ tastes.

The Top Fashion Boys:

The Top Fashion Girls: In the dry season, the shirts medium short. They are made of light cotton, fully, and they will be like tank tops. The bottoms are like shorts. The shorts are tight fitted around the legs. These shorts can be opened to flare up. All year round- there is a new form of bottoms called skoroks. They are like shorts that can be transformed into pants. Cotton’s perfect because it let’s heat move out of the fabric, keeping everyone cool. Cotton also let’s sweat evaporate quickly. This keeps heat moving in and out very fast. Designs on the clothes can be anything. Many traditional designs made of plants, or even modern graphic designs. Many clothes can be personalized to fit the citizens’ tastes


rainy days, the boys wear a jersey that is either a tank top or half sleeves. They also wear a shirt that can change. It has retractable sleeves for comfort. The bottom will be simple. Shorts that are sporty or casual, but made of polyester. They can have different levels on the pants. You can shorten them

like capris, make them like shorts, or make them full pants. Polyester repels the rain, removing the hassle of a rain coat. Designs are put on the clothes to the buyers will.

The Top Fashion Boys: In the dry season, polyester and vinyl is wornbut cotton is preferred. The cotton is very light, keeping you dry and this material is said to not trap heat. The shirts are half sleeves or tank tops. The bottom are different. The pants or shorts are not baggy, but they have a mix of polyester. “When polyester is added, there is a light touch added. “ says Professor Clothes. The shorts are thin, and perfect fitted. They are loose fitted. The pants are made of the same materials, and they are round cut at the bottom. Designs are very creative and they can be personalized.

A Little Help from Our Fashion Expert Linda! Linda is a full time fashion designer. She lives in Dulcia, producing her famous line of clothes for the store, La Masai. The following pictures are from the courtesy of Optimum, at Linda’s latest fashion show.

The Rain Clothes, Tracksuits.

A perfect summer choice, cotton all the way!

Linda’s friend, Laurence, is a fashion designer. He tried on a few outfits to show a casual dry and wet season clothing choice. There is a line of cotton and vinyl.

Mega Sale! Come to Dulcia and Odyssey Harrods for the largest shoe sale ever! 80% off every boot! Get the most popular brands, newly imported from Earth, and produced here in Messico! Boys, we have your

Girls, your Curls

Messi United’s

and KoshOsh’s have

And F50s .

arrived from factories in Odyssey!

Messico and its Unique Basics- Religion Messico has one religion that originated there, but people follow their religions as they want. Christianity, Hinduism, and all of the other religions can be followed as Messico is a free nation. The religion in Messico is called Issemism, and this religion is polytheistic. "The god of this religion is Asher. The main goddess of this religion is Aurora." tells Anthropologist Ronald to Optimum. "Ashir was born 500 years ago. He is believed to have been born from the rain. When Messico was created, there was lots of rain. Over time, the rain collected and took the shape of a human. Thus, Ashir wears a blue cape and pants that have an otter- the animal representing truth. Ashir's face is blue and he has 2 black lines on each cheek." he completes. Aurora was believed to be born through nature. When Messico was created, the day for Aurora to be born came. This was 500 years ago. Leaves were rustling, the ground began to take the shape of a body, twigs all around started to fly and connect to this figure. For the final affect, dirt all around Messico came and stuck to the outline of this person. At the end, Aurora was born. She is a young woman who has brown hair. She wears a top made out of dirt which is smooth. It has jagged ends. She wears pants made out of leaves which are green. She wears a knap sack holding natures goods, twigs, leaves, stones, and flowers.

Ashir and Aurora both live in Ronum, the heaven. It is believed there are two places you can go to when you die, Ronum or Kalum. Ronum is where you go if the majority of your actions are good and not hurtful. You go to Kalum if most or all of your actions are bad and you have brought only evil. To check your deeds, you go to the Realm of Decision. There, Asher makes a timeline of you. He chants the words, Vita le Libratum. This means, life be balanced! If your timeline is mostly good, Aurora will take you to Ronum in her boat which takes you through the Celestial River. If you are bad, Aurora drops you into Kalum where you shall stay until you pay for your deeds. Then, you are re born. The Ronum is on the east side of the Estvod River because it's believed that Estvod is holy due to the fact that the two gods were born near it- on the east. The Kalum is on the west because whenever there is a severe storm- it arrives from the west. It's a sign of evil and destruction. There are temples in every city on the east of the Estvod River. There, prayers are offered to the two gods and all holidays are majorly celebrated there. In these temples there are shrines devoted to these gods and there are places to sign up to help the poor. There are also classes to teach everyone why telling the truth is good. Truth and helping each other is important in Messico. Truth prevents corruption, and keeps peace. This creates a very happy environment. This is the reason why everyone smiles all day here!

The Celestial Balance and Life Line Asher uses to balance your life..

Messico and its Unique Basics

- Religion

Messico and its Unique Basics

- Religion

Scarlet Macaw Marvel with Giada Moms, having trouble making that Scarlet Macaw Marvel? Are your children begging for this dish? Too many complicated ingredients? Don’t fret! Giada De Laurentis is a specialized cook who’s best cooking goes into this dish. This amazing chef came up with her own spectacular and simple ingredients! Materials Needed: 1. Certified Scarlet Macaw Grade B 2. Salt and pepper canisters, half full 3. Whipped Cream 4. Vinegar 5. Chilli Sauce 6. Messilapa Ketchup.

7. Molasses. Time Needed Approximate: 50-60 minutes. Directions to Cook: 1. Take Scarlet Macaw out of packaging, and place on large plate. 2. Brush vinegar using cooking brush, onto the body of the Macaw. 3. Place Macaw in oven, turn oven to 250 degrees Celsius. 4. Let Macaw roast in oven for twenty minutes. 5. Using proper gloves, take out Macaw and let it cool for five minutes. 6. Cut open Macaw, and sprinkle two tablespoons of vinegar. 7. Leave Macaw open, and add topping of whipped cream 8. For finishing touches, add as much Messilapa ketchup or chilli sauce, as you want depending on your taste. 9. Carefully, with a fork, close the Macaw opening with about one table spoon of molasses. 10. Enjoy your sweet and salty Scarlet Macaw, and your family will be begging for more.

Religious Scrap Book

Asher is formed by the rain.

Ronum, the place to be.

Kalum, a true punishment.

Messico's Religion o c p h a a m o a h v d x x s p j e r a g c s r u g m z w a l x y f l r h i c o s b q a d c a c d r e v y t i n o m a n b u h j r p r e m n g u j u e c i a j m e v e s m a y m w g y y n n k p s k a t c g c s e v w d z r s i g m z e j i m r i t a g i k a b e j f n m g k r x y a n a d o p p a c i p a n d y t l u a u r o r a t a l h k w a l t m h h r l t k k u i c g t n v f o v w r w x w m z a d v b r l c i c o s t e q w e k x o c h q i v w o w z q

Asher, Kalum, Harvestenia, Gigantica, Ronum, Cappodano, RegenDas, PeychanDay, Issemism, Maga-Alaga, Aurora

Obituray– Our Founder, Our Father, Our Hero Rishi May 30 1970– December 6 2049. R.I.P

It was danger time for us. Earth had run out of resources. Over population left no space, and depression had hit like the 1930s. People were begging the leaders for help, and an innovative solution. Out of the crowd stood Rishi. He stood up like a victorious tiger and assured safety in the hearts of everyone. He led us through the unexpected bits of this new world. Rishi started a new society slowly and steadily, keeping us happy and proud of our new world. He led this nation to fairness, maintaining a very happy atmosphere. After a good start, he supported people in need. He created justice among us and gave the whole world the impression of how great Messico was and will always be.

R.I.P Papa Rishi.

Thank You! A special thanks goes to the researching team of Messico, BlueWalls, Fair Trade Co., Linda and Laurence Fashion Cooperation, La Masaia, Harrod’s, Air Messi, Steve Smith, and Lionel Fatoney. Everyone is part of the Optimum Crew.

Readers, Look Forward to the Next Edition and Thank You!

Follow Messico and how the new culture is progressing on LookBook. Look for #NewMessico and like us! Keep in Touch!

The Republic of Messico!