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Learn the beauty of being Trest, the holy religion of Madsar. Pg 8 1


It was all booked, everyone wanted to see the new Jennifer Zawrence walk the catwalk. She had also brought in a brand new original look. “It was my first time doing this sort of thing. Most of the time I just did small photo-shoots for Forever22 but I never imagined I could do this!” She stated herself at the fashion show. Fashion designers invested thousands of Zollars to have her on their shows. She walked the catwalk like it was the easiest thing. SCHOLASTICZ The presidents daughters also came and they loved it. “She was Madsar, Noobs, Madsar Mall amazing, I am totally going for that look!” the girls announced. In Tel: 055 987 763 just a few days Jennifer Zawrence went from small Forever22 Expiration Date: 11/43/92 model to huge Madsar supermodel. A short dress with cut of half sleeves and a eagle feather necklace was her outfit. Her shoes were long leather boots with half an inch heels. The material of the dress was a layer of cotton on the inside and then a thin see-through layer of linen covering in the cotton. The designer of this outfit was Effie Elias and she had an interesting background. She was actually born in Blestimo and moved to Madsar looking for an interesting fashion job. Since there isn’t much fashion in grasslands she chose to give a search here. This has really been a good week for Madsar fashion, hope it continues to be like this.

Forever 22

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Th game of Madsar’s national sport sprint to net 4

By: Joshua Renaldo just had an interview with the coach of the Sprint to Net Varsity blue team. It was a very interesting game they just played, 9 pull overs and 11 points. “It was like a game I had never seen before, they were basically flying and ran through the field in seconds, one of the best we have ever played before,” explained Mr. Blitz Mamet, the coach of the blue team. He also said that the blue team had missed 10 days of training and yet they played so well. In case you didn’t watch the game live or on the Delevision, the score was 13 to 10 to 9 to 7 points. This was our 175th annual Sprint to Net varsity game. Around 500 people showed up at the game to cheer on each of the teams. As an interviewer at a Sprint to Net match I noticed that no one in the field was disappointed with the scores, not even the players. I think because of the “free drinks and snacks” but also because of the celebration that our nation has been succeeding every year at our national sport. Each year we get better and hope to in the future also. In case you didn’t know the rules of the game it is basically about stunts. You must sprint to the net which is usually 1 km, then do any stunt involving the net. The stunt can be the same each time although the higher your stunt is, the more points you get. You only have 9 minutes for all your teammates to do a stunt.


Hi My Name is… The Desert The first steps on our Land It was warm and humid, it was the first day and we were just unpacking but we could feel the emptiness of no one being around for a while. We didn’t have to hunt or think about food that day because we had enough packed in the store of the spaceship for our first day. Tomorrow we were going to set forward to take care of that business. I remember when I woke up, the cool fan was beating against my face, while the rest of my body was dry and hot. I heard loud screams in the tents next door but they were screams of enjoyment, I think it was Bella, “It’s a FENNEC, FENNEC! Oh my gosh! He’s the cutest thing in the world!” I ran over to her tent, and saw she was lying on the ground with Marius, Jessica and Oscar around her adoring the cute little fennec standing on Bella’s stomach. “Isn’t he the cutest thing ever Selena?” “Yeah, but he’s just one of the millions of animals roaming around here, don’t get too cosy with them, they could be dangerous”.

h I got dressed while thinking about the fennec, I had researched about him back on the ship. He’s a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara desert, Fennec foxes have huge, bat-like ears to radiate body heat and help them keep cool in the Sahara heat. They also have long, thick fur w that insulates them during the cold desert nights. They were very suitable animals for this climate. Once we had taking attendance and all 150 of us were up and ready we started to set forth. We could see miles and miles of sand, we knew this would be a long day. As we made our progress we saw some eagles, back on earth we had thought about some ways how to use eagles, we could use them to send notes across land. Eagles were fast but they gave the messages to the wrong people sometimes too, so it was a risk. After walking three miles we saw it, a blue, fresh, gorgeous oasis. We made lines surrounding it, we took turns take large sips but they still weren’t enough, we knew we would need more, so we filled our water bottles with the fresh water. We continued to search for more, we didn’t even exactly know what we were searching for, and we were just searching, searching to find something, something new. It was not until sunset we started heading back, we didn’t find anything, just some snakes which we were attacked by and had one of our members pass out and some more small oasis’. Our discovering day was over and we had decided to build a greenhouse the next day for fresh food, using the environments natural soil wouldn’t really be possible to grow crops. Desert sand was dry and didn’t have enough nutrients for plants to survive on. We had gone the whole day with only eating canned corn and dry fruit. We weren’t even sure how tomorrow would be. Unpacking the greenhouse materials weren’t hard but putting it together was a bit tough. First we had to dig sand and make a hole 75 by 50 meters big. That took us 3 hours. Then we fixed together the glass outside of the house which took us another 3 hours. We knew the house had to be glass because sun had to come in for the plants and the plants had to be protected from too much sun. We knew we were only half way done. We had already collected soil for the plants from the oases. There were many seeds, I would say at least 50,000. After 2 hours of planting seeds we waited till sunset. We could see the plants were already starting to bloom. We just had to wait few more hours to start picking them. It was late at night, around 3am earth time, when we decided to check on the crops. We had spent 6 hours playing games next to the bone fire and took turns staying awake for watch outs. But it was worth it, the wheat was beautiful, we gave it immediately to our cooking crew to make it bread. The strawberries weren’t very juicy but we didn’t care, it was better than dry mangos and canned corn. We had also planted some jojoba and alfalfa outside the greenhouse because we had researched about them on earth. They 6

grew long roots that went supplied its own minerals and water from the taps deep underground. We could also use them as oils. These oils can be used cosmetically, medically, and for food products. The food wasn’t much but it fed all 150 of us just enough for the night and morning. Today was our first day for food, tomorrow were going to search for game, we were going to hunt.

“Woah, strike, got him right in the gut!” Marius announced. We had just set of for searching for game. We were doing pretty well. We got quite a few camels but we kept some alive because we took turns riding on them and we would use their milk. Camels were an excellent use for transportation even though we had trucks and jeeps. They store water in their humps which allows them to survive days without water. It was 4pm earth time, we decided to rest now and head back in 1 hour.

We cooked the animals we found which were mostly birds and camels, then we had which we had saved it the ship too. “A toast to our first feast from the take-off from earth!” “To a new beginning.”

“To a new world!” Soon everyone was cheering and clapping, we knew this was just the beginning.



a magnificent feast with wine

The Beauty of Being Trest By: Margret Graham The religion Tresed is the holy and only religion of Madsar. It is a religion full of respect towards our entire society and towards god. It is believed that your behaviour depends on how you are judged on your death bed. It makes sense and nothing else. What type of person you were while you were alive can either help your community or ignore it. If you were respectful and patient throughout life you can help your society by becoming an oasis in the dry desert. If you have been impatient with god and life then you are believed to become a cactus to fit in with the dry, hot desert. We Trests also believe that is important for you to be respectful with every human being around you because god sends down hurimans (angels) anytime, anywhere and if you are disrespectful to one of them, bad luck is determined in your fate. Being a Trest means having respect to everyone and knowing that this respect will pay off to your entire society. Praying is also a big part of deciding what happens to you when you die. There is a prayer called fredeace which you must pray before you sleep and after you wake up. The prayer is translated in the holy language which we speak only while praying to god. Instead of forcing your children, family or friends, show them the beauty of this prayer and what you will get out of it.



This Seasons weather It has been an extremely warm month as usually in the Madsar desert. Long, sunny days and short cool nights. Everyone is being patient and hoping that the winter comes soon because each day the weather is becoming warmer. A short sandstorm occurred in the middle of the month but no damage was done. This season their was only 25cm of rain, a very short drizzle that went across for 2 days.



Ingredients:  


Put the pasta in a pot of boiling water for 1 minute.

6 cherry tomatoes


Cut the cherry tomatoes into fourths.

A pack of organic Rotini pasta


Once the pasta is done put it in a bowl then dump the tomatoes in the bowl too.


Sprinkle half a tea spoon of salt and pepper in the bowl and mix.


Drizzle 2 spoons of olive oil and then top it off with fresh basil leaves.

Organic sea salt


Fresh basil leaves

3 tables spoons of olive oil


Just a few easy steps to make this delicious dish of the month! :)

Find the following on the map; 


The smallest oasis next to New Lock

A two hill sand hill



Madsar’s technology Madsar’s number one problem till today. The warmth of our country is increasing. We believe it is because of all the air conditioners and gym equipment we use. It is creating pollution which goes up into our atmosphere and depletes the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a thin layer in Lar’s (our planet’s) atmosphere which protects us from the sun’s harsh UV rays. We have air cons on all day because of the strong heat in Madsar. Many cities in Madsar are already aware of this problem and they have solved it. They have started to use solar energy to run the gym supplement and air cons. Also they have begun to create the gym supplement with organic, recycled material. Even though they have created this amazing way of saving our society, the price of the new items are expensive. Not everyone will be able to afford such expense. Although, if you think about it, it can be worth it because, the only reason we are in Madsar right now, is the lack of care humans had about this on earth. They used up all their natural resources and that is why they had to send our great great great great great great great grandparents on a journey to Jar. Please save our environment and use the new products created to save it. Just spend 9,999 zollars and also get a free pack of environmental friendy deodorant as well!


Solar Powered Green Gym

Biodegradable Cell Phone. Made from Grass and Radiation free! Only 50 Zollars! Biodegradable Cell Phone. Made from Corn and Radiation free! Only 100 Zollars! 15