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Religion Kiviadli is a country that lies at the top of the continent Urmaja (your-maa-ja). Under Kiviadli lies the country Dekka, The god seen in Kiviadli! and south-west is the country Deciduous Planet. There is a wide river which flows through Kiviadli, entering and exiting. The river is named the Prabiva River named after the god of the rivers. There are three areas which have hurricanes at least once a week. The areas are called Aicarish, Ruvibo, and Vihaun. They were named after the three gods of weather. There is only one religion in Kiviadli, which is called Chalism. In the religion they believe in a total of four gods. The main god is Prabiva, as already mentioned god of the rivers. He has three snake heads, representing the Prabiva delta, and down from his three necks, his body is a snake. He is believed to digest the spirits of the Kiviadlians who have made very big mistakes in their lives and never made up for it.


Transportation The Prabiva River supports transportation in Kiviadli. The Kivadlians make floating devices from logs and they tie them together with vines that grow by the Prabiva River. We use a long stick as a paddle and also use it as protection from dangerous animals in the water. It is a weapon and it’s helping you move to another place. First they take a rock about the size of your hand and sharpen it with another rock until it’s smaller and very sharp. They get some vines from the trees and tie it to the stick. But it’s not that easy. It’s going to fall off. You need to get some wet clay soil from the river and put it between the rope, stick and the rock. At one end of the stick it’s a paddle, and on the other it’s a weapons, which is pretty ideal. Another source of transportation is walking.


Food Many different foods are found in the tropical rainforest. There are citrus fruits, peanuts, corn, coffee beans, cocoa, bananas, many more. In the morning a nice cup of coffee would do well to the tiredness. Lemons (part of citrus fruits), help not for just food/drinks, it could help you for protection against Malaria from mosquitos. Malaria is a sickness which you could die from. If you smear some lemon juice on your skin, the mosquitos will stay away because they don’t like the bitterness. *On the following page is a recipe which you can make a delicious meal from all crops in the rainforest.*


Recipe: “Kiviadli Salad” Ingredients: 1 ½ C Long Grain Brown Rice

¼ C Olive Oil

3 C cold water

1 Lemon

1 Small Cucumber

1 t Salt

2 Bananas

1 T coriander, ground

½ C Raisins

1 T cumin, ground

¼ C Almonds

½ t black pepper, ground 1 T honey

Instructions: 1.

Zest and juice the lemon, discard only pith and pips.

2. Boil water and add rice and salt, then stir and cover it. 3. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook for 45 minutes. 4. Slice the cucumber. 5. Peel and slice the bananas. 6. Allow rice to cool. 7. Put the rice, cucumber, bananas, raisins and almonds in a salad bowl and mix gently but well.


Recipe: “Kiviadli Salad� Dressing: 1. Mix together the oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, salt, coriander, cumin, cayenne and honey. 2. Pour the dressing over the salad and mix well. 3. Chill for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator and then serve. This dish can be served cold or at room temperature.

Enjoy your delicious, healthy meal!


Language The language in Kiviadli is called Kiviadlese and it’s very easy to learn, because it is a sort of code language of English. All the syllables in an English word will be written or said as aw, iw, uw, ew, or ow. The letters which are not syllables would be ca if it was the letter C. For example; the word “donkey” would be “daownakaewya” or “cat” would be “caawta”. The question marks are also upside down. Okay, are you in for a challenge? Translate these small sentences and words to English. Haowwa awraew yaowuw¿




Kiviadli Word Search Find the words listed below the puzzle. Good Luck!


Agriculture The Tropical Rain Forest is full of different mysteries, waiting to be found. There lies medicine to heal, but there also lies poison to kill. The rain forest is a warm environment, with thick air between the trees and vines. But it’s very wet, because there is rainfall almost every day. They are usually by a river, lake, or perhaps an island. The soil is nutrient because of the rain that pours almost every day. In the rainforest are many crops that have adapted to the soil and other environmental objects around it. In the rain forest grows crops such as bananas, cucumbers, citrus fruits (lemons, limes, oranges, etc.), coffee, allspice berries, cocoa, cardamom (ginger family), cinnamon, ginger, coconut, mango, peanuts, pineapple, sesame, and many others. In our lives we eat bananas, we make banana recipes from it. If bananas didn’t exist, would we have banana muffins? Oh, it’s really hard thinking about a world like that. It has a small impact on our lives, but it’s still an impact. We use cucumbers for salads, for beauty.


From citrus fruits we make lovely ice tea and juice, but it also keeps the mosquitos away. There are different mosquitos that have malaria and if you get it you will get sick and without medication, die. But if you rub some lemon juice on your skin it will keep the mosquitos away, which means malaria won’t be on your case. From the plants we can make modern and ancient objects to protect us or make jobs easier. Plants most importantly produce food and medicine for us. But we can also make shelter out of them. If you see a construction site you will probably see wooden sticks where they will build the house. In the modern days we create wooden furniture such as beds, tables, cupboards, chairs, desks, and a lot more stuff. It has influenced our culture today with the space we live in, and our surroundings. We also use trees to make paper. But most importantly of all: the tropical rain forests around the world produce our oxygen! Because of the growing populations around the world, the demand for food rises still every year.


Which means we need more land for agriculture every year. As the soil of the tropical rainforests are very fertile, unfortunately a lot of rainforest is cut down and used for agriculture. Agriculture is the business of raising animals and growing crops. These crops and animals have a very big impact on our lives.

The animals are very important, because we use them for meat, clothing, and in the ancient days, we made their bones into weapons. Today we still use crocodile teeth for on necklaces, as jewelry. In the rainforest there are animals such as reptiles, who are suitable for the rainforest because they can camouflage in the trees and vines, and many can swim and hide in the dirty water. Fish of course, because they can swim in the river and eat the bacteria. Monkeys are very suitable for the rainforest because there are many trees there, and monkeys are the kings of the trees. They can swing from tree to tree and eat the fruits. When they have any given moment, they can go down the trees for water, but not alone.


Birds suit the rainforest because birds live in trees. If there is any sign of alarm, they can fly away. Insects are small and they walk beneath the ground, up the trees, and they don’t have a very hard time. Leopards and animals related to it, lurk on the ground and are silent when hunting anything. Leopards, different from other animals, can climb trees and stay away from any danger in the trees. I’m not going to be too specific about the animals, because there are so many different animals in the rainforest.


Technology Technology is the way something works. If you put different objects together it might as well create something that makes something else work. Like electricity. If you put some wires together and all that scientific stuff, it can create electricity. But technology can also be natural. Agriculture technology is putting seeds, soil, sun, and water together to m ake a plant grow. Or weapon technology. If you put a very sharp stone together with a stick, it creates a weapon which works as self-defense against dangerous animals in Kiviadli. It helps us survive. Electric heaters are to keep you warm in the cold winter, so you don’t freeze to death. Growing crops can provide food to eat, so you don’t starve. Or weapons can defend you against dangerous animals. In Kiviadli Agriculture and Weapon technology are the most useful because growing crops can provide food for you and weapons can protect you from the dangerous rainforest animals. But technology could also lead to problems to the environment.


If we keep getting more land to grow crops, we will have to keep on cutting trees which, by the way, provide oxygen for us! So not good, right? Weapons, we could lead a species to extinction and break the food chain which will make other species die because they can’t eat those animals anymore and on and on and on, right until there are no more animals left. No animals, means no plants because animal waste or dead bodies make the soil in the earth nutrient, to help grow plants.


Environment The temperatures don’t change that much throughout the year in Kiviadli. There are no particular seasons like winter, autumn, or spring, it’s usually the same. The temperature reaches to the highest temperature in June and July, which is 15 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature is in the winter in January and December, which is -15 degrees Celsius. The average temperature of Kiviadli is usually 5 degrees Celsius. Below is a graph/chart showing the temperature over the year.

Back on Earth the Tropical Rainforest was found in a few continents. Those places are South America, West & East Africa, Asia (including Indonesia), Australia, and Madagascar. There are many countries with rainforests so we only mention continents and parts of continents.


The environment is warm and very wet. Rainforests usually have rivers flowing through and in Kiviadli, the Prabiva River. Rainforests could be on an island like it was back on Earth, in Madagascar. And there are very dangerous animals, from venomous to big and strong. Most plants in the rainforest adapt by growing quickly so that their leaves can reach the sunlight. The taller they grow, the more sunlight they get. Many animals can camouflage themselves to help them hide from other predators to either hide so that they won’t get killed or hide to hunt. Other animals produce deadly venom. But the ones who have none of those things, are flexible, big and strong.


Map Look at the next page to see the map of Kiviadli. Under Kiviadli are the countries called Deciduous Planet, and Dekka.