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AISJ Middle School Publication

Volume 2 Issue 2

TIME TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU Jayne Couillard This issue of The Eagle, View from Above, is all about awareness raising.

We often get caught up in our own little world and have to consciously take the time to focus outside of it. If you want to make your life better you need to heighten your awareness. What do you need to be more aware of? Important things that will affect your every day or your future. Once you open your eyes to the goings on around you, it becomes a part of your life. I am challenging you to sit back and take the time to think; really think! You can start by just taking stock of your thoughts and feelings. We get busy in middle school with both the academics and the social life and it seems we have no spare time for anything else except sleeping, eating and checking in with our social media. We miss out on what is going on around us all the time. Stopping to think, once in a while, is the perfect way to find balance in life. You just slow things down and think. Can you imagine, sitting and thinking for 15-30 minutes? AISJ middle school barn owl Photo by J Couillard Your mother says “Can you help me?” “Mom, I’m busy right now,” You reply, sitting in a chair, motionless, staring into space. “Seriously?” She asks, “You’re doing nothing.” “I’m thinking!” We have to value the time we take to really pay attention to our thoughts and feelings. Many of us do not have a great deal of thinking stamina, so, like anything, it takes practice. Meditate, write in a journal, look out the window…take the time to think. This does not mean empty your mind. You have to focus in and really think. Try it. It is not easy but really worth it. Try to build up some thinking stamina. Where to begin? Start with yourself. Think about what kind of impressions you make? Are there things you’d like to change about how you present yourself to the world? What would those things be? Would you change how you talk? How you dress? How you interact with others? The way we present ourselves to others can be changed. We are in control of the impressions we show to the world. But, change cannot take place if you do not take the time to think about it. You need to be aware. Be honest. What is it that you could do better? Every day we have opportunities to try out new things. Take the time to become more aware of the opportunities and how you can use them. What actions can we try to experience something? We are who we are because we practice at it. If someone is a kind person that means they have tried to be nice to others, to be open minded, to accept others. A person practices being nice. If a person is a bully, then they practice picking on others, making jokes that will hurt, making others feel bad. Become aware of who you are and if you do not like it then think about what you’d like to be and take opportunities to try to make changes. To be more aware in the world takes practice. It is a learned behavior. Take the time to think. Take the time to be more aware. Take the time to see opportunities that will make you a better person. It will also make this world a better place. Think about it!


Vicious Violence By Aakash Roy


Your Responsibility:

For my journalism project, I decided to research student/ children violence in school. I already knew that this was an increasing issue affecting the world’s development and decided to find out solutions to it. Throughout my research time, I looked through articles, books, documentaries, and made a conclusion. I also found a solution to this problem.

Your responsibility as a parent, neighbour, teacher, or friend is simple: don’t let it happen in front of your eyes. A simple change from you can inspire many others to take the same step. If this keeps continuing, then soon enough, outside you door, will be a death trap. This is your responsibility as a parent, teacher, friend , and neighbour to save who is related to you and it is also your responsibility as a citizen of your country, to make a brighter future for it.

Heightened Awareness: I read articles and here are some of the most important things I learned from them. First, I learned that the biggest factor leading to violence is environment type. I learned that the kind of environment you live in decides what king of teachers, parents, friends, and neighbours you have. The articles stated that your teachers, parents, friends, and neighbours have an influence on you. Sometimes, they are good influences and sometimes they are bad. I also learned things such as it’s affect on countries, and their development. Some articles also stated that violence can affect the countries development by a good lot. I also read a book and watched a documentary related to the topic which showed me why bullies bully and it also showed me other reasons for violence such as internet, video games, music, movies etc.

Future: I predict that in the future the world will be a disaster. The world will be full of criminals,. there will be millions of murders, and every one will be afraid to step out of their house. This will happen if the violence is not controlled and if the innocent children grow up to be vicious killers. By the time they grow up, they will already be influenced by their surrounding environment and nothing can be done to help them again. The only time habits can be changed, are in the childhood. By the time they become adults, the habit will be permanent.

Solution: There are only a few solutions to this issue. But each one is a very strong one. One way to stop violence will be to tell everyone about the issue: raise awareness, so that everyone knows about it too. Another way to stop violence will be to help a bully, a bullied, and to tell a bystander to do something about it. If your teacher is sort of a bully, tell your parents. And if your parents are abusive, tell your teacher. These solutions may not seem like a lot but eventually, they will make an a huge difference.

I researched prescription drug abuse as my topic to raise awareness to my classmates. Prescription drug abuse is different from Drug abuse for various reasons: Prescription Drug (a drug that can be obtained only by means of a physician's prescription): ALL prescription drugs are legal and have to be approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). All of these drugs are found in pharmacies and/or doctors for medical purposes. Drug (a substance that is used as a medicine): As the definition says, it includes prescription drugs. Mostly used to refer illegal drugs (cocaine, marijuana etc.).

Prescription Drugs: These drugs include pain-killers, and sleeping pills. I searched it and I could not find anything that told me which of these drugs: Illegal or legal drugs, are abused more. Though illegal drugs are much more harmful to the body. The way someone can get these drugs is by going to a doctor and do one of the two: 1. Convince him so he gives you a prescription for a drug even if you are not sick; 2. You are truly sick and need a prescription. Once the doctor gives you a prescription, all you have to do is find different pharmacies and different doctors and repeat until you got quite a bit. Plus it is almost impossible to catch that person because there are a lot of pharmacies and they don’t have any connection between themselves since they are competitors.

Illegal Drugs: These are the REALLY bad guys. Since they are Illegal they have to be done secretly, in labs that don’t have the proper equipment to make them ‘safe’. For example they have nothing to weigh how much they put in it, so really whenever you buy an illegal drug you don’t know what are the ingredients and how much of the ingredients there is, and it can vary each time. These drugs can be very harmful, for example the Hoffman incident where he abused too much drugs and died. It was sad because he is a famous person, but there are also people who are not famous and die even more often.

Predictions If this problem is not solved, it could start a major crisis over the world because abusing a drug is kind of like a magnet, and if you are caught in the range of the magnet, you get hooked. If you are hooked it is going to go on for a long time, something like the black plague in the medieval ages.

Heightened Awareness While completing this project I realised that prescription drugs are more dangerous than illegal drugs. This is because if you are caught in possession of an illegal drug you will go to jail for a long time, but it is really hard to be caught abusing prescription drugs plus if you are caught then you won’t be punished as harshly as illegal drug position.

Why do we care? We care because this is our future, and if we ruin it there is no turning back Solutions: I am not trying to tell you that all drugs are bad. But, I do want to say be careful of what you take. From a cough medicine to Cocaine, all drugs will be harmful if abused. It is just some drugs are more harmful than others and the maximum number of days being used should not be used for longer, because the date is there for a reason. Otherwise you might end up in a detox program. There are restrictions for everything!

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BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWMENT Amogelang Matlala Why the enlightenment?

Taking Responsibility Once I did a bit of research on Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), I was hooked. This then moved on to asking myself if whether my school I am attending is up to the BEE standard. As I gained many different opinions as you would hope to get from such a controversial topic, I

decided to create a survey. This survey helped me realise that all middle school students have a brain of their own where they can actually notice if equity exists in the AISJ community. When I completed the survey it was pretty clear that majority of the middle school notice the inequality in the school. Through my observations and this survey AISJ would fail on a BEE scorecard. I had an interview with the school director but ended up being changed

Black Economic Empowerment is a policy that was a formed after the apartheid era. It was created as the goal of bringing back equity and help speed economic growth in South Africa. It was also made for the main reason of achieving black empowerment; living up to its name. My whole project was basically on bringing awareness of BEE to AISJ, finding

out how BEE works and if it's being followed through at my school. One of the main aspects of this project was finding out whether AISJ is up to standard on the BEE score card. I also wanted to find out how the overall South Africa is doing with BEE and how much of an impact; good or bad it has caused. In the course of this assignment I read two books which helped me with my topic. One of the books helped further my knowledge on bee and the other showed me or shall you say gave me another opinion, an outside opinion on BEE.

to the schools lawyer. She gave many interesting pointers and opinionated statements. It was set clear that AISJ makes it on the scorecard. The lawyer of the AISJ school is the one who organised the whole BEE file and is helping AISJ get back on track.

The future I think in the future it will come to a point where BEE will need a bit of upgrading, because at the moment it already requires some sort of upgrading, like I said a lot of people think it’s caused actually more problems rather than fix any. Statistics that were found by a researcher said that BEE says it is doing the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to be doing and it is only empowering black politically involved people rather than South African Blacks.

Possible Solutions to this Issue:

Creating an equilibrium between blacks and non—blacks.

Do not compromise non - blacks at the expense of blacks.

Making a stricter BEE keeping in mind the above clauses.

Homosexuality: good or bad? What’s the awareness?

What is happening? A survey in the middle school, some articles, a book read, an interview, a poem to express my feelings, … EVERYTHING! To get information’s, I first did a survey in my school through the whole middle school. I gave 30 surveys to 30 students on the December 12 during imbizo. I realized by seeing my surveys filled out that more than 6/10 of the middle schoolers didn’t know how to respond and didn’t have any awareness of the situation. 2/10 of the students were highly defending them and thought that gay are being themselves and don’t care about judgment. The other 2/10 are against gays, think they are not so good and would avoid them. In conclusion, we are to young to know the impact gay people have on the world. I realized I needed to bring awareness to these kids. Secondly I read a book, a very interesting book that gave me a lot of information. I realized while reading this book that gay people aren’t any different than everybody else they have feelings and are just normal people.. They just give their emotions to people of their gender. The thing that marked me the most in this book, is that it said that gays really don’t care about people judging them or about who is avoiding them,. They have to be happy being themselves, happy in there body. This book is called “Boys Meet Boys” Da-

Homophobia is a really big problem in our society. Some people commit suicide, leave their country, can’t adopt children or are bullied just because they like the people of the same sex. The problem is big because our generation isn’t aware what gays are facing and their parents didn’t teach them that gayness isn’t a bad. Thing. The situation and the way we accept them will get better with the time as we become more aware. My research said it gets better. Gay adoption is more accepted last and gay marriage too. They have more rights and that is good. We need to change this injustice and save gays from a world that isn't fair for them. Give liberty to all.

Interesting facts -some children committed suicide

because they were gay and bullied in 2013 -The president of Nigeria made a new rule that every gay people who marry will spend 14 years in prison -20.000 people sent tweets via tweeter against the new Nigerian rule - Almost 50% of the gays in couple who want to have a children can’t because of the adoption house that doesn’t want to give their children to gays. - Macklemore, a famous singer in the world have sent a message to the world to fight for gays. But is he gay, or not. He…. Is not gay, he just fight for the gays right for his gay friends and family.

What can we do? There is many things to do to make a this world better. Gay people need to have a better life. We need to help them. We have to work as a group. One person fighting for a law will not help. Thousands of people on the roads of each capitals, showing and fighting for a right, that can be proficient. If you want to help but need to stay at your house, don’t hesitate to post your opinions on tweeter or other social networks, it can make a president change his mind too.

Domestic Violence The family killer

By Cherokee Goodson Bell

Heighted Awareness:

Cherokee presenting her findings at the Journalism Enlightenment Fair


During this project I learned many things about domestic violence and violence against women. When I did my interview I learned that women are very strong. When I interviewed Celeste, an abused woman, and I realised that when she was abused she was able to put up with it. It was only when her children were being abused that she couldn't stand it anymore and decided to leave her abusive relationship. Reading two books on domestic violence and date rape made me realised that there are so many myths about domestic violence. I also learned that men can experience rape and domestic violence. We shy away form the fact that anyone and everyone can experience domestic violence. It is not just women and children. I surveyed 30 kids from AISJ middle school. I learned that many kids where educated about domestic violence and violence against women. I was shocked and happy that people notice what is going on in the world and were not ignorant about domestic violence. The movie Enough starring J-lo was an amazing movie to watch. It showed how a situation that was bad at first then a disaster., could become a good thing for someone. I also learned that women would do anything to protect their children. When a women thinks or see’s her child being abused, she forgets about herself and focuses on what she thinks is important.; protecting her children.

The most obvious way that we can stop domestic violence and violence against women is by educa-

tion. We need to educate the future generation on how to prevent it from happening in the first place. We need to nip this issue right at the bud. Most batterers learn their violent behaviour from childhood experiences. If your guardian or someone you look up to does something in your home, then the most common reaction is to follow their example. There is not much we can do about how some cultures perceive domestic violence. We can not. If someone was abused while they were raised, they might abuse someone. What we can do is educate how to avoid situations that can turn out for the worse. If we are educated on who are batterers, where do they come from, and why they do what they do, we can avoid getting involved with one. My view on domestic violence is that no one deserves to be in a violent home and experience something so terrible


I see the future of domestic violence to be much better than it is today. I feel that if we stay on track to

improve how the world sees domestic violence then it will stop. Once people realise how bad it is then it will no longer continue. We should not be lazy. We need to try to fix these long lasting issues. In very corrupt countries like India, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea, and many African countries, it is going to take longer than others to finish the problem because it is so bad. It is very hard to change how the general population thinks about this issue but we have to start NOW.

THE PROBLEM: ROLLKUR People might think that horses don’t need rights and that they are all well taken care of. While doing my research I realized how much horses get miss treated and misunderstood. Horses may only be animals that get used for sports but they are definitely not sport equipment. They are animals that can feel pain, have feelings and have a mind of their own. I really enjoyed this project because I found out so much more about the sport I do. I always thought it was a sport where everyone gets long with their horse but throughout the project I realized how selfish and careless some people can be towards others. Especially animals that can't tell them how they feel. The people who use the harshest methods are the ones that compete in high classes. They would do anything to win. This is when they go for theses harsh methods. One of the things they do is Rollkur also known as hyper flexion. This is when a rider uses force to pull the horses head onto its chest. This is not only extremely painful for the horse but also is bad for the horses health. The horses neck bones and muscles get affected. The horse now can't pull its head up to express what it feels. Sometimes the riders use a hard bit in the horse's mouth to make it easier for them to get it into this position. The harder bits makes it more painful for the horse when it "protests" or tries to defend itself. RACING Lots of people enjoy horse racing. Horses run head to head to win huge amounts of money for their owners. But it isn't as enjoyable for the horses. Race horses are about 2 years old when they enter their first races. At two years a horses body isn't finished growing yet and they are still a bit unstable. Now these horses have to run at full speed with a human on their backs hitting them with a stick to make them run faster. Lots of race horses suffer from injuries, mental break downs and heart attack. Horses that are this young can easily brake bones. They stumble and their leg snaps in half or even worse in thousands of pieces. Horses are very heavy animals that need 4 good healthy legs to get around. A horse with one broken leg has a very little chance of recovery so they have to get put down. Race horses also go through a lot of stress. The riders make them run their fastest for long distances that sometimes give horses heart attacks. The horses runs into its death. Race horse owners also dope. If the horses is sick or isn't quite fit enough for the race they just give the horse medication to make them perform better. This stresses the horse and the horse then cant realize when its body has reached its limit and the horse collapses.

In the Future In the future I think horse racing will get banned. Lots of people are already protesting against it and the newspapers already write a lot about horse races and how dangerous they are. I think they will ban some sorts of horse racing but first try to make it a safer sport by maybe putting an age restriction for the horses on it and a health test for every horse. Also I think they will try to make the owners more aware that a horse also has feelings and that every horse is a living creature that needs to be respected and not treated like a race car or some sports equipment. Rollkur already got banned in some parts of the world and in others you are only allowed to use hyperflexion for a certain amount of time. I think all countries are going to ban the use of Rollkur and make sure no one uses it anymore. At competitions I hope the people that use this method will get disqualified in the future.

Why is this so important? I believe this is a topic that everyone should know about because horses are animals and have feelings too. They feel pain, sadness, stress and anger just like we do! We are hurting these animals that are so perfect and we are ruining. No horse is a bad horse. A bad horse gets bad because of us humans. Horses should have more rights and should get respected as the wonderful animals they are. Without them we wouldn't even be alive anymore today. Instead of thanking these incredible animals that helped us so much we are misusing them and misunderstanding them.


I think the South African healthcare will just keep on improving, but not at a fast past since the government doesn't put enough effort into the problems. I really think the government might put more effort into solving the problem now than before because of the current health minister Aaron Motsoaledi, but in my opinion I still don't think it will be enough. A possible solution to solve the problem with the healthcare in the countryside is to raise the hospital staff’s salaries, so they have a better attitude towards their job. This might also encourage more people to take the long trip to the hospitals. I think the government needs to build more hospitals in the countryside, so that the people don't have to walk 20-30 km to get to the closest hospital. This will save many lives. I also think that the government needs to fix the current hospitals in the countryside because of the fact that they are in such bad shape. The key to solving all of these problems is that the government spends more money on the healthcare system, so without money none of these problems can be fixed. Remember that there is money the government could put to better usage like the 200 million rand president Zuma spent on his home. From barely knowing nothing I’m basically more of an expert on the matter right now. I know the struggles with the South African healthcare system. I know some solutions for the struggles and I could compare the South African system to the rest of the world. Finally I’d like to ask you the question: Why should we care about this problem? It doesn’t concern us or those close to us. The reason why we should care is that we don’t want our own families to suffer because of lack of medical treatment, so why should other people suffer? Just because people don’t have as much money as us doesn’t make it right that their rights are unjustified while ours are not. For the sake of the people suffering because of this problem, not only in South Africa but all around the world, make a stand for a healthier future for all!

Introduction Have you ever had the feeling that you wouldn’t make it health wise because you didn’t get the medical treatment you needed? I haven’t . I’m from Sweden. Sweden has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but that is not the case in South Africa. 84% of the populations get second handrate healthcare. That is not being fair. People do not choose to live under those circumstances, but they do because they are poor and lack education. To investigate this problems in more depth I did a lot of research . I read articles, watch TV broadcasts, read a book and interviewed people to learn more about the South African health care system. When I started working on my topic "Healthcare in South Africa" I didn't really have any idea what the healthcare system in South Africa looked like. I just recently moved here from Sweden. The only thing I really knew was that there is a private and public sector in the healthcare system in South Africa. I had a lot of research ot do to learn about this topic.

Research While doing my research I got a lot of mixed reactions. I learned a lot from my articles. I got very shocking but interesting statics like of the populations get second hand-rate healthcare. I also learned that there was a train nicknamed “The Train of Hope” because it treats approximately 100,000 poor people on the countryside a year in South Africa. I watched I video about Barack Obama and Bill Clinton having a discussion about the American healthcare system, which gave me the information I needed to compare the South African healthcare system to other healthcare systems around the globe. After watching the video, I interviewed the school nurse Mary Mybourgh, who worked at a private hospital for some years. She answered nearly all of my questions about how the healthcare system looks in the countryside, and when asked about if the government puts enough effort into fixing this problem she simply said “No”. I surveyed 30 middle school students to learn about what type of hospitals they go to if necessary and most said that they go to private hospitals, which indicates that the people are quite wealthy at this school. The final piece of research I did was reading a book called “Healing our World” by David Morley, which is about the doctors without borders. This was the most important one for me since it gave hope!


Rhino poaching Statistics: So many in a short time

by Lior Tenzer

The number of rhinos getting killed each year is increasing. Before 2008, 20 rhinos were poached. But in 2009, 200 rhinos were poached, and in 2010, 300 rhinos were poached. Those numbers are getting bigger and bigger. In 2014 the numbers are already 220, and we haven't reach the end of March.

A bit about me...

Solutions and future: will it ever stop?

Rhino poaching is a huge problem in South Africa. I started with a little knowledge, small connection, and now I feel like it is part of my life. I chose to research this topic because in Israel we are not getting open to the wild. I like the wild, especially rhinos. I learned a lot of new things about the topic. Poaching happens in only some countries, but people all around the world buy the horns. They are using it to build statues and weapons’ handles. There are a lot of organizations and groups to fight rhino poaching, and I became excited and happy to hear it. I learned how the poachers progressed in a lot of ways, like new weapons and new technology. I learned that we can do a lot to

In the future, I think rhino poaching will stop. If we want it to stop, we need to help by finding solutions like more security, more awareness, rules against selling and poaching and more punishment for poachers. We need to trace the poachers, and arrest them. “I think the best way to stop poaching is to make it legal,” said Rubin Els, the manager of a breeding farm. “If we make it legal to sell and buy horns, people won’t kill the rhinos for their horns because they can buy the horns. I think that everyone need to know that a live rhino is worth more than a dead one.” Lorinda Hern, the manager of the anti-rhino poaching organization, said “I don’t want to find myself in the future being asked what I did to keep the rhinos from being extinct and just say nothing, I want to say everything”

Why do we care? I think it is our responsibility to act, our responsibility to raise our voice, to share, to talk and to spread more awareness to people because it is our environment. It is the environment we want to save so people from the next generation and the one after it could see how beautiful our world is. “Internet is the best way to stop it.” Lorinda Hern, the manager of the anti-rhino poaching organization, “You can do it because you, the teenagers, are way more connected to the Facebook and Twitter. Spread it to the world so other people from other countries can hear you. The internet is the fastest way. it will make people all around the world force the government to help.”

ADOPTION CHILDREN ARE WHAT START THE WORLD, DON’T RUIN IT Adoption Awareness Adoption is becoming a huge issue, but despite that, there are too many kids out there that aren’t settled. All those kids out there that move from orphanage to orphanage all the time, they can’t keep living like that. People are too scared that others will judge them for not having a child of their own. If people weren't so judgemental maybe there wouldn't be so many kids out there that can’t call anyone mom or dad . People need to be responsible and not get pregnant before they are ready to have children. When people do dumb things they end up making huge mistakes and in this case it could might leave children without a real home. What is the point of having a child if you are going to give it away?

By—Maddie Gallagher


For The Future

Solid Solutions Throughout this process I have learned that I am lucky to have not been abandoned when I was younger. People such as Kendra and Megan, who I interviewed, got left at a young age which was very unfortunate. Luckily these two girls got adopted soon after and they are now living a happy, healthy life. Sometimes, though things don’t go as well. In an article I read, for example, Max Shatto, a young boy who grew up in a Russian Orphanage, was later adopted, then killed. The family from Texas adopted this young boy and obviously did not care for him, resulting in his death. This then lead to American citizens not being able to adopt kids from Russia. Throughout this project I learned that Adoption isn't just keeping that child in your house. It includes caring for that kid and most importantly loving them.

Hopefully in the future if people start to care about children, more things

will start to evolve. There will be more happy kids in the world who aren’t worrying where they will find there next meal. More kids will have a home and someone they can call mom or dad depending on the situation. One day I believe that orphanages will no longer exist. People will have baby’s if and when they want to. I also believe that people will be more willing to adopt because you don’t get judged as much for it anymore. There isn't the issue of having a black child if you are white, or a white kid if you are black. You just want a child. When people are more accepting then maybe, we wont have these unnecessary issues.

The Question Is Why Don’t You Care? Do you not care about a poor child not having a mom or dad? Imagine you in that situation. It is natural to rely on your parents throughout your childhood. Without parents there is almost nobody to rely on. Being an orphan is learning to have independence but that's not the point. You can learn to have independence in many other situations. When it comes down to having parents that is what's most important. Would you ever even think of leaving a young child stranded, having them not being able to do anything about it. If you can prevent anything like that from happening then you should. Children are what begins the generations of the world, why stop something like that?

Responsibility … that’s what's wanted. Love… that’s what's needed.

Heightened Awareness

What is it? All day, everyday, cells in our bodies continuously split into two equal parts. However if one cell does not split equally, it will continue to split but into unequal parts and they can start splitting to fast and with deformations. This is what cancer is. Soon enough these cells start to spread throughout our bodies and into our organs, our immune system begins to fail and these bad cells take over our bodies and without sufficient treatment, we die. Leukaemia is cancer that starts in the bone marrow and spreads to the blood. It is the most common cancer found in children and adolescence though the survival rate for standard leukaemia is 90%. At AISJ we participate in “Bandana Day” which in support of childhood leukaemia and throughout South Africa. There are organizations that bring in blood and bone marrow donors which plays a big role in both children and adults with leukaemia's survival.

Predicting the future

At the start of this project, I didn't even know what leukemia was. Now I know much more than just what it is. I know what it does to families. How it affects the person with it. How to treat it. facts about it and so much more. I ,not only got a look at how those with leukemia’s lives change, but also people with other severe diseases. Cancer is one of the main causes of death in the world right now and though people are ‘aware’ of it, they aren't really knowing of it. I wouldn't have wanted to choose any other topic because I knew I wanted to do something medical-related and I do not regret choosing leukemia. Being the most common cancer found in children and adolescents, I was able to look into children which I could relate to and made me realize that I could be diagnosed with the disease tomorrow. My whole life could be flipped upside down just like many other children before me. One of my questions in my middle school survey was, “Would you be a blood or bone marrow donor? Why or why not?” and the feedback I received consisted of no’s along with reasons that lacked any kind of education on the topic. I bet that if more people were informed on how much their donation could help someone else’s life they would be more interested and this is why the people need to be educated on such topics. Raising awareness could save lives.

The survival rate for standard leukemia is 90% and I don't think that percentage will be lowering in the future. The cure for cancer is being searched for by scientists worldwide and therefore the future I see is cancer free. When predicting the future I cannot only look at leukemia but more cancer in general. Throughout the years the survival rate of cancer has gone up drastically due to modern technology and modern treatment options therefore as time goes on I predict it will continue to go up until cancer is history!

Solutions Solutions for leukemia in this day in age consist of chemotherapy and radiation which are both very drastic and life changing. Chemotherapy kills all fast growing cells in the body including cancer cells and hair cells causing all hair on the body to fall out it is however very affective. Radiation is also very affective but takes more of a negative toll on children. Both are much more powerful if the disease is caught early. There are many speculations on what causes cancer but no one knows for sure. To prevent yourself from getting any disease really will always be have a healthy diet because you can never go wrong with that. Also its important to keep up with vaccinations for example the cervix cancer shot has recently come out and cervix cancer being another world killer. You should want to prevent that disease.

Our Responsibility Though people would argue that we don't have a responsibility to the topic I believe we do. Those living with perfect health should be helping those who are not. We are all human and we should be helping each other out because if you were sick you would want people around you’s support. I’m not saying we need to dedicate our lives to helping the sick but we should be doing our part in contributing to those in need. Especially donating things that people need desperately like blood and bone marrow when discussing leukemia.

Karen Vincente is the mother of a leukemia survivor. Her son, Leandro, at the age of five was diagnosed with leukemia and at the time his blood was 90% infected with leukemia cells . Today, five years later, he is in remission and only sees the doctor every six months.

Jeanine Clapsaddle is a child life specialist in Minnesota, USA. Her job is to whenever a person between the ages of 0 and 18 comes in to her hospital with cancer of any kind, she explains to that child what their disease is and how they plan to treat it. Her line of work however only exists in the US, Canada and Japan meaning that children in the majority of the world getting treated for serious diseases such as cancer are coming out of treatment traumatized and not knowing what has just happened to them.

Mahmood Mapara


11 nations have Nuclear Weapons

I researched Nuclear Science because it can be one of the most harmful sciences known to mankind.

Scandal in the American Nuclear Force? Kids Don’t Cheat

These are the 11 nations in the world that have nuclear energy. The yellow means that Afghanistan may have a Nuclear Weapon. America is the first country to have nuclear weapons and is the only country to have used nuclear weapons in Warfare. They have 700,000 nuclear warheads, which makes America the most armed nuclear country in the world. The second most armed nuclear country is Russia .

We just heard there could have been a scandal in the American Nuclear Force. It seems some people had cheated on the routine tests and they have been suspended. Even the people who didn’t cheat but still knew about it got suspended. These routine tests are really important for the U.S nuclear force because everybody wants there Captains , lieutenant and officers to know they are doing things correctly. We want them to know what they are doing because we don’t want them to shoot nuclear war heads by accident to the wrong place. If anything we learned from this mess is that you should never cheat.

THE FUTURE OF NUCLEAR ENERGY LIES IN U My predictions are that we can find a good way of getting rid of nuclear waste. I also hope we don’t have to use nuclear bombs and weapons. I also want people to make greater and more practical use of nuclear energy, I learned a lot from writing this. I learned about nuclear safety and the history. I also learned how nuclear energy is transferred to electricity.

Future of Eating Disorders In the future, I think that this issue will continue to get worse and worse, but I also think that people will become more knowing about it so we would be able to see the warning signs more easily. On the other side, if people don’t become more aware of the issue, than in the future, no one will know about it either. We could become more aware of it if magazines started showing more normal sized people, and I think that they are slowly starting to. It would make it easier if there were more normal sized celebrities. If they started hiring more normal sized models to walk the runway, it would definitely bring awareness. What I am trying to say is that we need to bring more awareness to this issue-and fast, because if we don’t bring awareness to this topic, people will start getting eating disorders and they won't even know that they have

Solutions for Eating Disorders The only solution to eating disorders is to just be comfortable in your own skin. That phrase is majorly over-used and cliché but that doesn’t stop it from being true. It's very hard to actually feel comfortable in your own skin and not wish you looked like someone else or you had someone else's qualities, but you have to at least try. If you are able to realize that everyone was made with different body types and that we are all unique and not the same people, we would not even have these issues. It all stems down to how you feel about yourself. While I was researching my topic, I found one way to start feeling better about yourself. You have to find three things about yourself that you like the most and every time you see someone that makes you feel inadequate, you look for those three things you like about yourself in them, and most of the time, you'll see that they don’t have all those things. That shows that we are all made different and have our good qualities and our not so good ones too because nobody's perfect.

What’s Eating You?

By: Nardos Mecuria

Heightened Awareness Responsibility It is our responsibility to become more aware of this issue because it could affect our next generation if we didn’t get more people aware of it and its dangers. People actually die because of eating disorders; it's not some petty dieting for stick-thin models. People need to understand that this is a serious issue, and it's not only for girls anymore, it has become a lot more popular for guys too. If we spread awareness of eating disorders, we would not only help our generation but the generations that will come after us. Eating disorders are actually starting to affect young children under the ages of 10, who are being bullied at school and don't know what to do but starve themselves. I think that that should be enough for us to make us start looking at eating disorders as more than just ‘dieting gone wrong.’ We could potentially have hundreds of students who are on the verge of actually having an eating disorder, and if

we spread awareness about it, then we are helping those people.

Some people think that people with eating disorders are just looking for attention but how does that even make any sense? People with eating disorders usually hide it really well so that no one will find out. Eating disorders are an actual problem which start off as you trying to be in control of something in your life, but it soon becomes an addiction, and takes control over your life instead of you being in control of it. Eating disorders are a way of being in control and coping with stress. I say coping with stress because usually people with eating disorders are going through a hard time in their life that they have no control over, which causes them to either over-eat or control the amount of food they eat until they are eating morsels. Through this project, I learned that eating disorders are actually very serious, and not only can they lead to death, but people don’t get them for attention; they get them because their life is chaotic and they need to control something, and they think that that something is the amount of food they eat.

Take A Deep Breath‌. Air Pollution

Quinn Woodsworth Before I started this project I knew very little about air pollution, I read three articles. I learned that smog is the main cause of air pollution. The smog in the air can cause lung disease and other harmful problems I watched a documentary called the Harmful Effects of Air Pollution. I learned that China has the most polluted air in the world. Air pollution is caused by cars, planes, and factories. The effects of air pollution are disease, asthma, and lung cancer. I predict if we do not act now our world will have no clean air in the future. Solutions to stop air pollutions are to use electric transportation like they do in Japan. We could also change to sustainable energy and not burn coal. I did a presentation to the whole middle school and parents. During the presentation, I got a lot of people’s attention and I got them aware of air pollution. Some people asked some very good questions about air pollution. Over all I think I got a lot of people thinking about the air and what we are doing to it.

Protecting the World - By Sam Doty

“My Chemical Mountain”, was the book that I chose to read through out the term. The book was written by Corina Vacco. I enjoyed reading the

On the 29th of January, I went to interview a few members of the Environmental Protection team of Air Liquide. Here are the questions and answers that were asked and answered

1. What made you want to become part of the environmental team? A.I wanted to help the environment since when I was still in the classroom. However, I do not only work for the environmental team. 2. How long have you been working with this part of the Company? A.3 years 3. What are the Environmental risks associated with AL products and services? A: Releasing polluting gases, certain products needing certified license, waste manage are all major issues right now. 4. What does AL to do mitigate these risks? A. study of understanding gas effect on environment is currently in place, emissions license are being issued and finding better ways to dispose of waste. 5.Have the problems associated with these risks changed over the years? If so, what has AL done to help bring more awareness to these issues and to help? A. The risks certainly haven't gotten any higher and it hasn’t necessarily changed any lower either, however, we are dealing with more companies and higher supply demands and the government has been stricter in terms of dealing with waste.

6. What is the current near-future objective you want to accomplish? A. Currently we have no major objective, we are just trying to receive our environmental license from the government. 7. Currently what are the Environmental group’s biggest challenges? A.Dealing with greenhouses gases, the government is started charging taxes on gases that are released, promoting the company to go green are some challenges that we deal with most of the time. 10. Why does this team strive to do all they can for the environment? A. What you put out into this world will come back at you eventually. It will either effect you or your children. You can’t destroy the environment and expect it to heal itself

The book starts off with Jason, a 14 year old boy, and his friend sneaking out a t night to go for a midnight thrill ride. They head over to the local dump with there motorbike and quad bike to go racing down the side of the man made mountain. Their whole summer consists of dirt biking down trash mountains and swimming in the oddly colored Two Mile Creek. The major industry that every one in the town seems to work for is called Mareno Chem, a chemical company that takes what they want and only accepts there way. This company has ruined the town that Jason and his friends live in, and murdered Jason’s father, in an “accident”. Jason wants his revenge, how he gets it, he doesn't know. But he does know what he wants. The three friends, Jason, Charlie and Cornpup, have all decided they will do something about it, they just don’t always see eye to eye. Jason, Charlie and Cornpup are characters with a ton of personality. The stubbornness of Charlie causes many feuds between himself and Jason, but however they are still best friends. Cornpup is not the most outspoken person, but he is very smart and thinks things through longer than most people. These two characteristics of each character result in Charlie and Cornpup to not necessarily get along very well. Jason is a character that doesn’t necessarily know what he wants because he is so full of anger and is just craving revenge after his father was killed in an accident. All three of these characters are very different from each other and if they learn to get along then they would be able to accomplish great things.

Before I began my research on orphans, I thought that an orphan was just a poor little kid with nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Throughout the course of researching it was found that many orphans are actually just normal kids that do not have any problem except that they lost their parents. Other things that was learned was that AIDS really affects orphans in South Africa and almost every orphan in South Africa is orphaned because of AIDS. I was very glad to have done this topic because not only do I learn much more about this topic but I also get to tell all of you what is happening and help you understand the velocity if this problem.

Why do we care? We should definitely care a ton about HIV orphans simply because they are exactly like us and don’t deserve this kind of treatment. They already lost 1 or 2 parent(s). It’s an extremely big issue in South Africa and could easily make us orphans or even kill us. The more people are aware the better this situation will turn out to be

My Heightened Awareness When I started this project I knew practically noting about orphans in South Africa I didn’t even know about AIDS! But now I know so much more that I never knew like how 1 in every 3 kids is an orphan in South Africa. Reading all of this kinds of information really surprised me like the 3 articles I did I find it so unfair that some people have to undergo things like this while we just sit there doing nothing about this worldwide issue.

Predictions My predictions are simple if this keeps up and we do nothing to stop this, the whole of South Africa will slowly fall apart bit by bit. It will crumble family's will break loose and South Africa won’t be South Africa any more all because of how AIDS are breaking the whole country and heavily raising the amount

of orphaned children In South Africa.

Solutions A way to solve this problem is to simply eradicate the HIV virus by attempting to treat everyone in South Africa. This may be near impossible but it should be given a shot at to try and solve it and do something instead of sitting there writing books and talking about this big issue. If all the hospitals in South Africa were given treatment against HIV pretty much all South Africans would get cured and there would stop being so many orphans abandoned in trash cans left to die on their own. Many people are aware of AIDS but have no idea how terrible it truly is simply being more aware of this crisis could help it so much more. Some people that are aware of it like Jacob Zuma spends money on something else which makes a question appear in our minds, how aware are they all exactly do all these people know the true velocity of this problem or will no one understand it until they are directly affected by it. If websites and other things like so were made to boost awareness instead of simply getting money for charity people would donate so much more.

“It don't matter if your black or white!” By: Shiven Taneja Racism is not acceptable!!!!

Racism: Prejudice to another being because of their colour of their skin. In today’s day and age is racism still a reality? Before doing this project I had no doubts that the answer to that question would be no but, know I’m not too sure. I thought that racism was only present in jokes or light teasing and that no-one thought that apartheid was an acceptable time. Oh how wrong I was proven…


Together we can stop racism

Although racism can never be stopped there are always ways that we can decrease it. One way is to make racist speech and hate crime illegal. Although many people will say that they will not have freedom of speech this is one of the only ways that racism could be stopped. Another possible solution could be to educate people in race. Many people are racist as they feel that one race is not the same as them just because of the colour of the skin. If people could get this illusion out of their head racism would decrease tremendously.

Many people think that racism is just an illusion and is not present in our world anymore. I used to be one of those people until now. I never knew what so many people still go through racism in their day to day lives. People need to know about this so that they can help decrease racism. If people realize this problem then they can get the government involved and together we can try our bests to put a stop to racism. In AISJ we have people from 88 nationalities and having many different skin colours. We at AISJ should know about racism so that we never separate and discriminate. Since there are so many nationalities if AISJ had racism our school would be a terrible place to be.

The future of racism

The future of racism looks promising as there has been a humongous decrease over the last few years and more and more people every day realize that everybody is the same no matter what the colour of their skin. But even though things will improve, racism will always be around as humans naturally segregate and choose people they are more familiar with (usually very similar to ones self) and even though people might not want to necessarily be a racist people will always make choices and


When researching







abuse I thought that it wasn’t as big of a problem as it actually is. Now that I have asked people and thoroughly researched the topic, I have come to know more about the dangers of drugs and how we can try to solve the problem. I now know that drugs are very dangerous



developing people. I also learned that drugs are a big problem in our society and that many kids


are undereducated about the dangers and consequences.

Drugs are becoming more and more common amongst teens as peer pressure is a bigger problem. With drugs being easy to get from local dealers more and more teens are tempted to try it out. Schools need to continue to educate about drugs. If too many teens are undereducated then the problem will become bigger and worse. New drugs are being put out in the world all the time. Marijuana is easy to get , but teens might start using hard drugs.

HOW CAN WE HELP Teen drug abuse is a very serious problem and we need to stop it . Here are some things that you can do to help. First it is very important to teach kids about drugs and what it can do very early. It is also very important that we

teach kids to be happy about them selves and that they have to make their own decisions. Peer pressure is the most common reason for teens to do drugs. If you know someone that is addicted it is always very important to make sure that they look for help. People that are addicted to stupid things and may ruin there own life or die. Make sure that you are there for that person and that they hae your support because most likely they are going through a hard time.

Does AISJ know about drugs One of the questions I asked AISJ middle school was if they would ever consider trying drugs, and I concluded not a lot of kids know how dangerous it really is. Be careful. Don’t do drugs.

Heightened Awareness


My research was on Girls, however I focussed on female infanticide, brave girls and gender biases. Before choosing this topic I had heard about female infanticides a bit but wanted to know more in detail so I took this chance to explore more about this topic. I am happy that I got a chance in one of my subjects to find something new about such a topic that I was curious to know about. Besides the difficulties through the unit, I improved my skills of summarising and writing a reflection on article, book, and documentary. It was not an easy thing for the very first time to look at videos, pictures and to read book that were about female infanticide and crimes attempted by the Taliban and its effect on girls like Malala and her friends. Because of this research project, I have become braver to look at things like this.

While watching a video on a Pakistani girl called Malala who got shot in her head by the Taliban but was lucky enough to survive even after that, I found some similarities as well as differences between her and me. I learned some things from her. Things I found similar are that we both are passionate to study and want to do something to help our countries prosper. I found out that I am lucky to have the ease to attend school without any restrictions from anywhere. Malala is fighting for girls’ rights to go to school in her home country Pakistan against the violence the Taliban had created in her country and restrictions they enforced on girls.

I read the book The Girl in The Trees by Tom Lichtenberg I learned that even a teenage girl can be fully independent and stay by herself in this huge world. A girl can be brave enough to hide the news of her grandfather's death along with doing his funeral besides managing all the daily chores of her house while studying with the help of Internet. In the articles that I read to get a better understanding about this topic, I saw that students like me over all the world are wondering why the girls are being killed every day. Girls who haven't even taken their first breath in the world outside. I also read a book called The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis which conveyed a story about a girl who was brave enough to dress up like a boy and go in the outer world to earn money for her family. The story took place in the country of Afghanistan. The conflict was because of the restrictions imposed by the Taliban mainly on the girls and women.

Solution A newspaper article said that if girls would be given secondary education, two million girls would be saved from being child brides. This means that education plays one of the most important part in a girl's life and her decisions depend on what and how much education is given to her. Education also plays an important role in everyone's life. Government can stop the criminals by enforcing strict laws and also by punishing them in fast-track courts instead of prolonging the case for years which usually is an encouragement for the criminals to do more and bigger crimes.


In future I predict this will become even worse based on the survey I did. This can be solved if all the young citizens of the Earth understand the importance of it. If awareness would not come to all, it would result in much lesser girls in the society. This can someday lead to the end of this world as there will be no girls/women to give birth to children. Responsibility to save the Future Being a citizen of this earth, it is our responsibility to save the girls and stop female infanticide so that the future generations have equal number of girls and boys.

HOMELESS CHILDREN Making a brighter future Vera Mxinwa

LIVING IN ALEXANDRA For many South Africans who live in Alexandra, Squatter Camp life is not exactly easy. There is no proper sanitation and the water they use for drinking and bathing is extremely contaminated. The children can’t afford to buy food so they go around waste dumps looking for food while we’re at home wasting the food because we have too much. They live in unreliable building or houses made from corrugated steel, blankets and wood. These children don’t know the dangers of living on the streets so they continue to live there without going to an orphanage or a home for the homeless children.

Does the government care Most people believe that the government is not doing their best to help the children on the street but actually they government is trying to take the children off the streets by sending organizations’ to squatter camps such as Alexandra. One example of an organization is The Last Hope Organization. This organization goes around small towns and squatter camps trying to help the children who are living in bad conditions or without a family.

One of the main causes of homelessness is poverty and according to these statistics it shows that poverty is a big problem and this leads to homeless which shows that homeless ness is an escalating problem in South Africa .

Causes for children being on the streets.

1. Their parents kick them out of the house…  The parents are drug and alcohol addicts.  The child misbehaves and the parents can’t handle all the trouble. 2. The children run away from home…  The child does not enjoy being told what to do all the time.  The child is being abused all the time at home. 3. The children were encouraged by peer pressure…  Their friends make fun of them that they are not a free person.  They want to impress their friends and begin to do really stupid things.

SOLUTIONS Well from my point of view, the rate of children on the street will never get to an end because there will always be that one parent who makes a stupid decision and kicks out their child or that one poor family who cant afford to live in a normal house. So from all the research I did, I think that we can only sustain the amount of homeless children in south Africa.

4. The child is abandoned either by unwanted birth or by the parents’ death…  They get taken care of for a while until they decide that they can’t take care of the child anymore.  The parent who might have already been poor died and there was no one else to take care of the child so therefore the child becomes homeless.

Drugs Will it ever stop Did you know that children take drugs to comfort them when they believe that they’ve lost all

The Eagle View From Above Volume 2 Issue 2 -2013-2014  
The Eagle View From Above Volume 2 Issue 2 -2013-2014