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Welcome to the Clearwing My country is very big and perfect to live in, my country name is Clearwing. I will tell you why I made this name, because this country has good weather most of the day. it is new planet, which is 3 times bigger than earth. There are different temperatures everywhere. Also there are seasons, that are rainy. There are a lot of the trees, the grass is wet, and there are lot of lakes. If doesn’t rain, lakes, rivers, and ponds will dry out. We wouldn’t survive in that country if it does not rain. Nature is very important for us, because we need it. The trees absorb the hot air and cool it down. So that is very important to my culture. The Winger people live in this planet, because there is food for them. I can do anything I want in Clearwing, because I am the leader. About animals. In clearwing animals only live in Forest. We can't eat any animals, because it's a Clearwing rule. Why do we made that rule, because if we kill animals it will be very bad for us. The reason is may we kill them we can’t keep our nature, that's why we made that rule. It is very important. Let’s came to Clearwing!

Inside this issue Welcome to Clearwing ...1 Clearwing Airline info...2 Clearwing info and Map...3 Clearwings Food…4

Clearwings Main Sport…5 Money of Clearwing…6 End of the Magazine...7

Clearwings Food People eat everything they can't, but in this country is difficult to get some food. Animals eat mostly like meet or grass. So very good things was every animals, people and others is very easy to live here that's why I liked here . We can't eat or kill animals only forest animals, because It's nature animals. Clearwing Meal has 2 different way. First own is used rice, so something is like Asian food. Second own is used internationals food. But something is different. We used fresh vegetables, bread, meet, chicken and other. It's say specialty food. Actuary we can we most of food you want and not so expensive. Mostly they eat breakfast, lunch, dinner. Big time food is dinner. We do have a 4 different pattern foods. I explain to you now! We have Simple food mostly used meet, chicken, beef and other. and Asian food, special Clearwing food and original foods! Breakfast time is 6:00, Lunch, time is 13:00, Dinner time is 19:00. Those of the drawing picture!

I hope you are enjoyed Clearwings foods! Let’s try now!

Visit Clearwing

Fly to Clearwing

Clearwing Airline Clearwing Airline is very beautiful colour and very useful! We have Economy Class, Premium Economy ,Business Class, Fast Class and Suite! Inside is amazing and not really expensive to ride! There is cost about! Economy Class is $1000-$1800, Premium Economy is $2000, Business Class is $4000, First Class is $8000 and Suite is $15000! Let’s try Clearwing Airline! Food is good, because it’s forest fresh! Inside is clean! We flight to every main place every day. For example Capital City to major City.

Clearwing info and Map

Clearwings Main Sports Most of people like to play sport, because sport is very good for body. Did you know why sport is good for people? Because if you are not making movement for your body, maybe body is going to freeze. Clearwing’s main sport is soccer. And also popular sport are baseball, tennis and golf. We had 14 gold medal Olympic winners in last year, so that's mean we are a good sporting country. Because some people and players are very sporty and very good at most sports. That’s why we took a lot of trophies and medals. And also this year we have Soccer World Cup 2078, I hope we take the trophy and beat Earth soccer team. Stadium will have day game and night game, because we have a season where the sun shines for 15 hours that we call Soccer Season. Our national team will wear special uniform made of deer skin and boots made from apple trees which

Clearwing Soccer Stadium

Money of Clearwing Clearwing’s money is very interesting picture, because those are Clearwing king photo. we do have 7 kind of money! Money’s name is Kolo . 1 Kolo is about 10 rand. we have 1 Kolo - 100 Kolo. Money is very useful for Clearwings people, because money paper is made of forest wood, leaf and other. So we can said it’s as much as eco because not even a waste of resources. I show you how Clearwings money is interesting and useful for people! You can think about what you feeling.

Those of picture is Clearwings Money

End of the Magazine Thank you for looking my magazine! I wrote this magazine about Clearwing. it’s always connected for about nature forest things that mean our country is used be nothing technology and since. But one day I found this planet then I make a very big city and forest. So our country have very good balance. It’s nature and city. whatever maybe you can lean about Clearwing very much I hope so. And I want said to you most of people is Not poor, some people is very rich, but it’s far to live, because our country is rich and balanceable. And every body have job, because no one doesn't go to school then study. Than You for leaning about Clearwing! I hope most of people want came to Clearwing Everything's amazing! Food, Hotel or other! Thank you!

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