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LANGUAGE A NEW ONE There is a new


Language that is called Lackans here are a few words

Nano-no Shatumpa-because


If you want to learn more contact: Jacob 038477478684567


It costs 50 booms


Check out the new place called Boom-Shacalaka

THE ENVIRONMENT The grasslands, otherwise known as prairies in Boom-Shacalaka ,are the same as savannah veldt on Earth and in Southern Africa, are areas covered in grass. Temperatures are 20 degrees Fahrenheit from January to July and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the rest of the year, in the prairies of boom-shacalaka . The annual rainfall in prairies is from 10 to 30 inches. Summers are warm and humid and winters are cool and dry, but not extreme. The animals that live in the prairies of BoomShacalaka are bison, gophers, prairie dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, badgers and the bird life includes sparrows, hawks, owls and quail. The bison eat the grass.

By Jacob Moody from Boom-Shacalaka news



Here are some of our notes that are called Booms

This is what my currency will look like all of the notes are called Booms so say someone says “I have four hundred Booms!� our money shall be mad out of paper from our tree sanctuary.


Want to go to BoomShacalaka apply here and get sent there. we will freeze your blood so that you wont age. unfortunately everyone else you know will die but hey you'll live. This is how much 1 flight for 1 person costs 1 person– 10000 Booms (100 Rand to 1 Boom)

When on the spaceship you can have a chance to win 9000 booms

Family ticket (for four)-30000 booms Couples ticket (2 people who are married)15000 booms

Shoom air ways

tel: 05247824872 4

Ant co-op


Where we've got ants in our pants

Below there is a cross-section of our 2-bedroom house out here in Boom-Shacalaka so you can see how it looks underground. It has willow leaves on the roof to support the ceiling so it wont fall down on the occupants. It will be held up by wood from the oak trees which grow by the river. The furniture will be hand crafted from the oak tree. The houses underground are heated and have electricity which is powered by sunlight. Houses come in 3 different sizes; 2-bedroom, 3bedroom and 4-bedroom. They all come with dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a conservatory.


The map of Boom-Shacalaka


Spiritual holidays There are a few new holidays too there are the normal ones like Christmas, Easter, Halloween and new years. But we also have Chucanta which is a holiday where we celebrate the grass of the grass lands we do this by getting grass from the fields and throw it at each other then we pick up the grass and put it on a fire then we eat and drink for the night. Another one is called Daggergut. it is a very gruesome holiday it lasts just 1 night. we take 2 people from the village who want to fight in a game they both have a dagger and they have to kill each other. the reward is 10000 booms but you can only enter when you are 18 and up. If you do not fight you have to watch the fights. Then we have another one where we celebrate the life of new children and the death of the elderly. The first celebration is October 15th, second is on July 20th and the third is on the 2nd of January.


C u t h e r e poster



Our technology


Our Agriculture


Get it know and get 50% off. it costs 500 booms so buy now ts and cs apply 50 booms a year for credit


Boom shackalacka jacob  
Boom shackalacka jacob