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Enterprise Readiness of the Indian Startup Ecosystem

a) Growth of IoT startups in India: ● IoT has the lowest customer acceptance because of two reasons. One, technology is still maturing, and two, communication platforms that enable broad-based technological adoption are still underway ● It is driven by two factors. One, ever-evolving technology and two, dynamic communications platforms that enable broad-based adoption of these technologies. Since this sector is now reaching a maturity level, robust solutions are increasingly being deployed. ● Factors such as presence of engineering teams and limited funding dominate these startups because of its ever-evolving nature. ● This sector is fit for high funding velocity as it has a high growth potential.

b) Top IoT startups: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Startup iBot Smartron VigyanLabs FlamencoTech KlickH Pluggx Labs CloverBoard Mindhelix CarIQ

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Enterprise Readiness Score 60.42 48.61 46.87 46.87 33.53 33.53 33.53 33.32 32.07


Enterprise Readiness of the Indian Startup Ecosystem, 2016  

A deep dive into the various sectors and technologies that are driving enterprise adoption of tech startup solutions, insights on 7 industry...

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