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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Dear ZMSSIANS..firstly I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Mahmoud M. Sahloul ,6th year medical student at Zagazig University . Few years ago I found out that my study in school of medicine is not satisfying for me…i did spend much time looking for the place where I can find myself more effective…till I applied to ZMSSA & started being a part of its activities. The time I did so.. I started to gain a lot of experience day after day…finding a whole group of medical students just acting to make their community better…Voluntary work at ZMSSA gave me what I've been searching for…& made me a different person since the first day…in addition to the friendships & relations I gained both locally & nationally … which all added a lot to my character. Since the 1st day for me in ZMSSA…I believed that such NGO deserves to be known to both public , medical & Para-medical fields….as its activities deserves more & more attention . I'm running for the post of Publication Director ( PD ) …aiming to add more to ZMSSA through my experience I recently gained in that field that I do believe it will add a lot to the place I really adore… Seeking your support with all my wishes to do my best among the spirit of fully motivated members & responsible & ambitious board … in order to make ZMSSA activities more known & appreciated…& to make it a better place using OUR efforts.

Yours, Mahmoud M. Sahloul

Personal Data: Name: Mahmoud Mohammed Ibraheem Sahloul Date of birth: 12-2-1990 Gender: Male Address: 6 mohamed refaat st.,,,ElQawmya school..Zagazig,Alsharqya Tel: +2055/2362386 Mobile: +2011/44203627 E-mail: Year of study: 6th grade of Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University

Trainings Attended: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Time & Stress Management Communication skills Presentation skills Reproductive health & FGM training Autism training

Local Activities: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Head of Publication Team of ZMSSA CLOSING CEREMONY 2011-2012 WDD( world diabetes day) Learn How To Learn SCOME Training Human Rights Celebration Exchange exam 2010-2011 ZMSSA Iftar HY 5 campaign SCORA workshop Publication Folder WAC peer education WAC ( world AIDS campaign )

National Activities: 1. 2.

Terry Fox run..Giza Pyramids WAC celebration..Saqyet El Sawy

Languages: 1. 2.

Arabic ( Native language ) English ( Very Good Spoken, Written and Read)

Computer Skills: • • • •

Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point) Adobe Photoshop ( beginner ) Internet and Networking Software Maintenance

Hobbies: • • • •

Reading Horseback riding blogging Photography

It's all about ZMSSA Image Publication is not still additional it became essential Publication aims:

Recruitment Empowerment Promotion Fundraising Relations

Recruitment ZMSSA Recruitment campaign -Recruitment campaign at the beginning of academic year for a week under the theme of "7days for ZMSSA" '7days for ZMSSA" targeting students' orientation about ZMSSA standing committees' activities ending by mega welcome party with promotional event , alumni testimonials, talent show ,& speakers from celebrities ,& medical staff.

ZMSSA Booklet -Orientation guide will be edited by the start of official term to work as guide for medical students about ZMSSA activities & other issues like constitution & bylaws, advantages, & some advices about how to work & manage your time in your curricular & extra-curricular life.

MEMBERSHIP package: as a welcome gift for every new member. Will be including some of our materials with our corporate identity, ZMSSA Booklet, digital documentation of our main projects‌etc. ZMSSA PHONE LINE: Number that will be used by publication division for announcing for our mega events & projects can be used by ZMSSA board for other practical needs.

Empowerment Publication division for all committees support -Being submitted in all national mailing lists of all standing committees will help me to be involved & aware about all national activities to empower publication division in national events' publication waves. Local projects publication waves by it's time line. Publication plan for all official term.( projects map ) timedOrientation sessions Sessions focusing on new members‌to get them more involved in member duties toward ZMSSA..demonstarting how can their activity in IFMSA be useful in their CV & career in future. ZMSSA Projects Bulletin: Hard / soft copy as documentation for our official term projects including abstracts, photos & main data for each project.

TEAM FOCAL POINTS: Formation of a team that will be able to cover all ZMSSA's activities…in a systematic manner that will guarantee the most effective result for our projects… with a NOMINATION system to provide ZMSSA with a new generation of members able to deal with publication division. Depending on experiences they will get, trainings & workshops concerned with that field. ZMSSA Archive: As ZMSSA data base is getting bigger…I believe that it need to be collected in a spot that is easily accessible wherever & whenever needed…& depending on personal experience of the hard accessibility to these data online… this archive will allow the access to this data more easier & faster…in the form of mass storage device in addition to the online database.

Promotion ZMSSA new Corporate Identity ZMSSA Store -usage of ZMSSA promotional materials in new Corporate identity (T-shirts, collars, Mugs, Pins, etc.) ZMSSA –FEN ( Stop your study pain ) -Internet Radio Agency for promotional policy targeting more orientation for ZMSSA work ZMSSA FESTIVAL: three days celebration at the end of our term…previewing our projects & activities, holding scientific, sport, cultural & art events within it.

Fundraising -Sponsorship booklet editing & designing: Formation a sponsorship package with a booklet that will facilitate the fundraising team job whenever needed. -ZMSSA store ZMSSA promotional materials like T-shirts, pins, & etc. as way of fund raising in all ZMSSA events -Printings Like magazines & newsletter -Website: Regular update of ZMSSA.ORG with our latest activities Adding more attractive topics that will raise our website ranking -Social media spots updating our page on both FACEBOOK & YouTube channel with our projects & activities data & materials (designs & movies)

Relations -Assist ZMSSA president to set & fellow well relations with all external partners whatever current & possible.

As a BOARD MEMBER: At Local Level: - Attending all board meetings. - Attending ZMSSA GAs - Sharing in decision making. - Support other officers in their work. At the National Level : - Attending IFMSA-Egypt GAs as Possible. - public ate for all national events locally . - Do my best to improve ZMSSA Image nationally.

Mahmoud M. Sahloul

Mahmoud M. Sahloul Candidature kit for ZMSSA PD  


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