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5422 Lemon Grove Ave LA, CA 90039 2-24-11 Emperor 7463 Pine Grove Ave LA, CA 90013 Dear Emperor, My name is Avetis Lepedzhyan and I am a very wealthy landowner. I am contacting you so you will know that I am trying to get a government job and I wish you would accept me. I am an aristocrat and I would want to be a general who will have an army and help conquer huge amounts of land. My family had a lot of people who were also government officials so I will know what to do and not make any mistakes. I will help you battle and I will have a lot of soldiers and we will conquer a lot of land. I will not try to take money and will always be there on time to do what is assigned. I have always done what is needed when I was a child and I am sure I can do everything that is needed. I am the best option for being your general because you can trust me with money. I will not take money but the scholars and foreigners will try to steal the money because they are not rich. I think I am the best one for this position because I will make sure everyone is doing what they are assigned to and help other generals if they are trying to conquer land and they run into battle but can not defeat I will help them battle. I know that other people think that aristocrats are greedy but we are not. I am sure you are going to make the correct pick and that is why I am writing this letter to you. You should not pick foreigners and scholars because the foreigners might have some trouble speaking in our language because they are from other places and foreigners have divided the Chinese society to four different classes. It is bad to pick scholar officials because they will try to help people from lower classes to have the ability to become government officials. They might make the empire fall and other people will take over. The scholars also do not have time because they have to go to college. Also the scholars have little respect for merchants, business, and trade. The foreigners are not very smart or rich and they will not make a good general. The foreigners are also a bad option because the people in the empire will not have jobs and they will stay without money. I am very thankful that you put the time to read my letter and I hope you will return a letter back saying that you have thought about it and you accept me and I will start working next week. Thank you very much and I appreciate what you have done for our empire and that my family is in very good shape and I am sure you will do the same with me and my family will be proud for me because I was successful. Sincerely, Avetis Lepedzhyan

5543 North Kandy Land Av. Los Angeles, California. February 28, 2011 Emperor of China Castle of the Emperor China Dear Mr. Emperor, I am a scholar. I am a person who studies philosophy science and ect. Scholars go to the university for free because they are smart. I am telling you this because I want a job so the job I want is collecting taxes because it will be a pleaser to work with you and your other helpers, servants, and chancellors .I would be perfect for this job .That is why I am sending you this magnificent letter that I am writing. I want to tell you that first of all, I would be perfect for this job because with my intelligent math skills I could figure out how much money I am spouse to collect from the people .The second reason that I to tell you is, I would be horned to get this job because I will be a part of something big and important for once in a life time and my family will be so proud if I do get this job. The third reason is that I would want this job is because a scholar is hard working and only the hard working gets the best jobs of them all. I would want this job because I can become one of the best tax collecting person you have every seen in your life or your servants, helpers, and chancellors have ever seen too. But in this case I have some reasons why the aristocrats would not be perfect to fill up this position that I would like so very much .First, the aristocrats can not get this job because they are so stubborn and lazy and that they can’t even pay their own taxes so why bother giving them the job if they can’t handle even pay their own taxes. The second reason is that if they are going to become a tax collector they have to go to every house including theirs. They can not skip their house because that’s not fair that only one person dose not get to pay taxes and the others have to pay their taxes. And aristocrats are not good tax collectors they can’t even go to school unless they pay up some money. And only the hard working can get the job. But the aristocrats are not hard working they are lazy. Now here are some reasons why foreigners can not become tax collectors .Foreigners can not become tax collectors because they are to poor they can’t even afford to pay taxes. they can not even afford to go to school or even get teacher to come to their home and work with them on what they need to improve on or what they need to learn .They can’t have this job because they are poor and because they can not even go to school. They also can’t become tax collectors because they are not hard working and the position of tax collecting belongs to the people who are hard working and foreigners are not hard working this job is for the hard working only. So I will be so honored to become a tax collector and like I said I will become one of the best taxes collecting person you and your people have ever seen I promise. Thank you very much I hope I get the job your highness. And please I would really like this job. Sincerely yours, Esmeralda Martinez –Cruz 

1408 Santa Monica Ave. Los Angeles California 90029 02-24-11 Emperor 1909 Lexington Ave. Los Angles, CA 90031 Dear emperor, My name is Victor Ruiz I am a young well educated trustworthy scholar. I am in search for a job. If I get the chance to work with you I promise to always be loyal and trustworthy to you. I will always fulfill all of your wishes. I am a very hard worker. I wish to be a tax collector. I will collect all the taxes even from the aristocrats who refuse to pay their taxes. If I get only one chance to serve you and complete all your tasks you give to me I promise to never fail you in any task even if it is a hard work task. I will fulfill any of your tasks no matter how much time or how hard the task is. I will be the best tax collector you have ever had and ever will have. I think I deserve this job because I am a scholar. We scholars are very educated and very loyal. Not like the aristocrats who refuse to pay their taxes and are very greedy. Aristocrats only think of themselves and not the others. Not like the foreigners they come from an other city. You can’t trust them because you don’t know them like you know us scholars. We also have more communication with the government. I will be the best tax collector because even if the aristocrats refuse to pay I will make them pay their taxes and if anybody else refuses to pay their taxes I will make them pay as well. I think I would be a better tax collector because I am trustworthy and well educated. Not like the others who don’t want to pay their taxes or are just greedy and only think of themselves. Also I am more known by the government and we scholars have a very clean and good reputation with the government. I will be a better tax collector because you can trust me that I will collect taxes on time and I will even make the aristocrats pay their taxes. If you hire anyone else who are unknown and you can’t trust and maybe they will steal money when they collect taxes. I think I am a better person to choose. I deserve the job better than the aristocrats because I am not greedy and I always pay my taxes. We scholars think of the citizens and anybody else not just of me like the aristocrats they just think of themselves. I deserve the job way better than the foreigners because they come from another city and are not known by anyone so you can’t trust them. We scholars are way more educated than the aristocrats and foreigners. We stay more contacted with the government and we have a better reputation than the aristocrats and foreigners. We are more loyal and more trustworthy we have always been loyal to the government. We always follow the law and we always pay our taxes.

Sincerely, Victor Ruiz

5749 candy land blvd Argentina, South America 9000896 2-28-11 Emperor Bob, Palace, china 90306646 Dear Emperor, I am a foreigner from Argentina. The reason that I am writing to you because I want to be a government official (General).I am very good at math, science and engineering. I would fight to the death to conquer and also train the new comers. I would also be glad to be your advisor and help you. I have worked long and hard to get this job. I know that you mostly when there is a job you would chose aristocrats for more high level jobs. Working for you will be pleaser no mater what job I get. I will always be there to help you and will do any job you want. I would fight night and day for you my superior emperor. I would teach the new comer so when they go and try to conger other places they would be ready. I would respect someone only if they respect me back. I am only looking for a job that I know what to do. I think that aristocrats shouldn’t help you because they are too greedy. They only want to get the position because they money which could go to school and study with all the free time. Some aren’t going to respect merchants and other people. Scholars are smart but may no not know to fight. They could help you with collecting taxes or as your advisor. I am not saying that some scholars can’t fight or that they are weak. Us foreigner are good at math, science and engineering. I am from another place so I could talk in a different language. I would work non stop until my job is finish or my life has ended. I also take full responsibility for whatever I do. Aristocrats should not help you because they are too greedy they have not that much respect. They want to be on top and more to make them feel important by being on the high level jobs. They could also try to through you out of power for them to be on top. I like I said before would stay by your side. Foreigners and scholars have the same chance of getting the job. But, you may choose scholars because they are from the same city where you are. You may not choose me a foreigner because I am from another country and you don’t know about me. But, I am very trustworthy and I am going to take full responsibility for my actions and mistakes. If you try to over rule the place I was raised in I would not left a hand to help you my emperor. For another places I would help you to win but I have no such pleaser in killing inanest people. I would do any job you put me to with 100% Evert. I look forward for you write back and if I got the job or what happened. Sincerely, Jeovany leiva

1316 N Bronson Avenue Los Angles, CA 90028 Chinese Emperor 1234 Richland Los Angels, CA 90029

Dear, Emperor My name is Jesus Bolaoen and I am a noble Scholar official. I have a poor family and live in a poor environment. I work hard and study hard so I can have a chance to go to a university. I brought all the college books so I can study for the hard test the civil service exams. I pass the exams and now I want to fill an important position to be your advisor. I could make a decision when u can’t. This job we be an important because it will provide money and food for my family. My family will be happy and live a healthy live and doesn’t have to struggle to provide food. I will be the best person for this position because I study and work hard to go to college and pass the hardest and difficult civil service exams to be here and want to be your advisor. These are some ideas that will make me the best person to fill this position. First idea is that I will help you conquer more land then you have right now. Also, I will put my life to fight to get more land. The next idea is that I will collect all the taxes morning until night and you will get richer everyday. The money can help the people that are poor and give food and make the kingdom and better and a wonderful places to be. If you make a person happy you can have more people to love the empire and you. My last idea is that when you can’t make a decision I can make it for you and make sure that it is a great decision to make. When person kill a other person and you can’t make a decision I will make a decision that the person will go to jail for life because of what he done. Scholar official are very noble and smart and they make goo d decision. We also Study and work hard to pass the civil service exams so can be a good and noble official. We collect taxes for endless hours and we don’t stop until all the taxes get collect and give it to you so you can help people in needs so they can have a healthy living and you can get richer every week or month and help the empire get more powerful and conquer land.

We will make good official than Aristocrat and Foreigner and these are some ideas why. Aristocrats will not be a good official because they refused to pay taxes and they are greedy and don’t have respect to people. Also, Foreigners will not make a good official because they live far away and have less education and they are not that smart and don’t have money to pay for their taxes and when they go to university they can’t buy the book to study for the civil service exams. Aristocrats can be rude to you and you might not like it. We should be the ones to help you run the kingdom and make it more powerful.


1024 N. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles C.A 90029 Emperor Castle 2-24-11 Dear Emperor, I am pleased to tell you my name which is Mary Jane Diaz. I am a hard working scholar. I am here to inform you that I want to be hired by you to help run your government. I would like to be a scholar official who collects taxes, and do the tasks you tell me to do. Without, no complain or questions asked. I believe that I am right for the job and have enough knowledge to qualify sir, emperor. I have 3 good reasons as well. One, is I assume you know we scholars study hard to pass the civil service exam, which I got an A to help get this job. Which means I personally, will not mess up for a silly reason on a significant task you may give. Second, is I will not shorten my hours from hard work and will spend more hours collecting taxes. Third, I will not whine for hard but honorable tasks you may give me. Sir, if I haven’t mention already I would like to give to give two reasons why Foreigners, would not make good officials. One, reason is they can not pass a civil service exam so there is no way they will be able to maintain a difficult job. Two, is they are outsiders of china so they will have trouble with some tasks that they may be not familiar with. Now I would like two give two reasons why aristocrats would not be good officials as well. One is since they are rich they’re greedy, and refuse to pay there own taxes, so they will not be able to collect from others because they are not trust worthy enough. My second reason is since they are greedy they will want to take your job away for power. Would you want to hire and work with someone, who has a slight chance stealing your job? How about someone who can mess up your duties? If I were emperor I know I wouldn’t. Now I would like to end this letter by expressing my gratitude to you. Thank you for your attention on this matter, cause I know you have more important things to do. I would also like to thank you for taking your time and patience to read this letter. My point well being is if you think of it long enough I know you will choose me as a good tax collecter. Sincerely yours, Mary Jane Adriana Diaz 

123 Me Street Los Angeles, California 90029 Febuary.24, 2011 Mr. Emperor Emperors Castle Dear Emperor, Hello. I am Nayeli Juarez, a scholar whom would like to take a job in your empire as your loyal advisor. I would be great for this position because I am a very hard working and very studious. I am so studious that I got a perfect score on the civil service exams. You are probably wondering why you should choose me over, I don’t know an aristocrat or a foreigner, and I will tell you why. So I believe I would great as your advisor because I am smart, organized, rational, hardworking, a very strong loyalty to you, and I will help you make the smartest decisions for this united china. There are many why you should hire me a scholar over a greedy, money grubbing aristocrat or uneducated, dimwitted foreign who will undoubtly take any bribe even if it means taking down your empire. One reason I am a better candidate to become your advisor is because we the scholars I will do as you wish without question, two I will never stop working unless you say so. While an aristocrat is not smart therefore will not make good decisions for China. Also aristocrats are not a good choice because if many disobey you and don’t pay their taxes who says they will not disobey you more even if you give them a direct order. Foreigners would not make a great choice either because they have no education, no clue how you need to handle a big situation in the government, and worst of all they might take a bribe that could ruined everything in this beautifully well run empire and end in the fall of your empire, which of course I would never dream of doing. If you elect me I will personally take the taxes that have never been paid by aristocrats and I will never take a bribe. I believe no, I know foreigners or, aristocrats would not be a good choice because both groups are not smart enough to make good choices for this united empire. Aristocrats disobey you and they want the privilege to be your advisor.Foriengners are also bribed very easily. And so I have told you why am a better candidatate for this honored position. THANK YOU. Sincerely, Nayeli Juarez

134 s. Candy Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90004 2/ 22/ 11 Dear Emperor, I’m a scholar seeking for a job. I want to be an official. I come from Candy Ave Los Angeles. I feel as a scholar that I have the qualities of being an advisor. Here are some of my reasons why I want to be your advisor and why I feel like I’m qualified. Being a scholar like me is better because I have knowledge unlike aristocrats who only know how to get land .Another is that I’m loyal and you need a person who you can trust. Scholars study for years about Confucius teachings. People who study Confucius teachings are kind able to maintain order, rational, and moral. Since aristocrats don’t learn about Confucius ideals they are probably greedy and aren’t kind like us. It isn’t fair that aristocrats are favored all the time because scholars like me don’t have the chance to get high class jobs. We are educated because we study for four years. Another good quality I have is I’m trustworthy. I wouldn’t deceive you and weaken the government. I’ll try to do my best and try to keep things in order. Things won’t go out of hand when I’m advisor. Hiring scholars is better than hiring an aristocrat because they have money and money does not make a person talented or knowledgeable. What do aristocrats have? They don’t study for four years like we do. They don’t work as hard as we do to get the positions we want. They could just pay their way through most things they want .Hiring Foreigners may not be as qualified as I am because they work from another country. They could bring bad ideas into this country. Maybe when they are working they might do things differently. In a way you might not like. Bringing new ideas may not be a good idea because maybe you don’t want any change. Things might go out of hand because people might not get used to their ideas and they may start to argue who’s right and who’s wrong and this could turn into a conflict. These are lots of maybes but it’s something to think about what you want a person when you are hiring someone. When the foreigners ruled they stopped the civil service exams. When this happened most people were illiterate and there weren’t enough people to fill every job. They also weakened the government. This just proves that it isn’t a good idea to hire foreigners either. If I were emperor I wouldn’t want them as an advisor. We were taught Confucius ideals so we wouldn’t deceive people and weaken the government. Personally I think learning Confucian ideals is better because you’ll learn good qualities that help you out and this will turn into an everyday life style. People will learn good morals and they will learn what’s right and wrong. It will make them a better person, which will make them make good decisions in their job. Sincerely, Cinthia

1234 Money lane suit #17 Los Angeles, China 90028 March 5, 2011 Bob Builder 1287 Chicken Rd. Compton, Hong Kong 90028 Dear Emperor Bob, My name is Sharon Dominique Lagrenat and I am writing to inform you that I would like to take place as one of your scholar officials. I am from Los Angeles, China and ventured off in search of a new life in which I chose your kingdom to do so. I am only 23 years old and some of my hobbies are poetry and journalism. As for my interests I enjoy learning, reading, and writing. Despite my age I have had many experiences with government, politics, and law because my father was an official to the previous emperor

I believe a person like me would be most qualified to take up such position for many reasons. Such as my high intelligence and knowledge of many subjects which include science, math, history, law, politics, language, and the teachings of Confucius. Secondly, because the teachings of Confucius, as mentioned before, allowed me to live a more respectful, moral, and rational life with the qualities of one of your very own advisors, tax collectors, and/or road monitors. My patience is very high for I had practice from my many years of work, and dedication. Personally, I am willing to work hours, days, and weeks on end to fulfill my position as your one of your servants and government officials. I am not selfish and no doubt would put my work ahead of my necessities and enjoyments. I studied hard to get where I am to day and would like to share some of my knowledge with you and all of your empire. The aristocrats or the foreigners do not deserve to be your officials. For the aristocrats being because they, although wealthy, are used to a more ignorant and selfish life style. Secondly for the aristocrats just because a person has money that does not mean they are any more knowledgeable, fit, and/or capable than anybody else. As for the foreigners there is a possibility that they may have connections to other countries and/or nations and that means you would not have any reassurance or peace of mind that hiring them is not just some schemed plot that will or may lead to a devastating fall of your empire. And lastly they might not be smart enough to take up such a high and honorable position as in this case being one of your foreigner officials. Lastly, I want to personally commemorate and congratulate you because I heard your amazing, beautiful, empowering, and such well spoken speech given almost 2 weeks ago. It was an honor to hear it. It reminded me that your kingdom is the best out of all the others in the nation and that your turn in power will be a prosperous and beneficial one to all of China. I want to thank you for your time and consideration that you have put into reading my letter. Please respond back to me as soon as possible stating my acceptance or my decline. Sincerely, Sharon Dominique Lagrenat

2834 Folsom St Los Angeles, California 90033 2-28-11 Emperor 1316 N. Bronson Ave. Los Angeles, California 90152 Dear Emperor, I am a scholar and my name is JCP. I would like to be an advisor. It would be a really honor to be an advisor for you the emperor. I (the scholar) would really be the best qualified person to hold the position of an advisor. One of the reasons why I would become the best advisor is because it wasn’t as easy as it looks to become a scholar. I had to take years and years of study just to become a scholar. The thing that made it harder to become a scholar is that I didn’t have the money to pay for tutors or study for upcoming test. I wasn’t like an aristocrat all rich. But finally, I finished my teaching and I became a scholar. As an advisor I would make really wise decisions and then tell them to you. I would work day and night just to be an advisor. The other reason why you should give me the job of an advisor is because I have taken a lot of tests and I have passed them all which proves I am very intelligent. Now the last reason why should I get the job of an advisor is because before other emperors used to choose Mongols. What if those Mongols look like you could trust them but it turns out it’s the opposite of what you thought. He turns out that he/she isn’t smart enough to make wise decisions and starts to make bad decisions. Then you are going to follow his decisions. Some people are not going to like the decisions you took and they are going to try to figure out a way to run you out as emperor and overthrow your kingdom. You wouldn’t like that would you? So……….. better think of someone you can trust and rely on (me). Now let’s talk about the others (foreigners and aristocrats). An aristocrat would not make a good job being an advisor. One of the reasons why an aristocrat wouldn’t make a good job is because the way they are. I have to admit it, they are rich. But that doesn’t give them the right to be an advisor. Most of them are really greedy I’m not saying all of them, but most are. Just because they are rich doesn’t mean they are smart. Many think that just because they a lot of money they are at the top of the world. They think that they could tell other people from lower classes what to do. Many who are rich make the dumbest decisions because they don’t really care about the other people they just care about themselves. The last reason is because of the foreigners. The foreigners can’t take the job of an advisor. Yes they might own a lot of land but that does not give them the ability to have the position of an advisor. Some of them might not even know anything about what’s like to be an advisor or anything like that. Just think about it for a moment and decide who do you want as an advisor, the aristocrats or the foreigners, or do you want me who you know you can trust and is smart. Sincerely, JCP the scholar

1928 Santa Monica AVE LOS Angeles CA 900025 02-24-11 Emperor 1408 sunset ave Los Angeles ca 90028

Dear Emperor,

My name is Gabriel Santos and I am a scholar. I am 29 years old. I come from a low class family and have worked very hard to come to a higher class. I no because I am poor you might want to pick an aristocrat over me because of their money. But I am a hard worker and know how manage any hard task you leave me. I’m writing this letter to you to see if you could hire me as our cities general General. I have taken the civil service exams and passed. I am a very smart person and have great tactics for conquering other cities. I have worked very hard on the civil service exams and I think I would be the best candidate to become our cities general. I will not back down from any hard task you tell me do. I do not want this job to be excused from privileges such as taxes and military service. I will always be at your command. I will train all our soldiers with all the knowledge I have. I will protect you and the city from any harm that comes. Their will not be any other army stronger than ours. I will protect our city with my life. I will never let you or our city down. I want this job to serve you my emperor and our city. I hope you give me the job as our armies general. I hope you see that I have studied very hard for this job and that I disserve it. I will be better qualified for this position than any other foreigner or aristocrat. Aristocrats are just lazy people. They don’t know how hard work feels like. That is why they have maids and workers to do it for them. They don’t care about you or our city. All they care about is their money. They think they are the best because they have so much money. They are just selfish people who only care about money. They just want this job for the privileges they get like not paying taxes or not having to do military service. Aristocrats are not even smart they didn’t have to work as hard as we did to pass the civil service exams. Foreigners do not know anything about our city. They are outsiders who do not even know our language. They will not even know to communicate with us. All they want money get land from our city. They don’t know any thing about our culture. Like the aristocrats they would want government jobs to also get rid of military service and taxes. It will be very hard for us to communicate with them. They will not know how to communicate with our soldiers.

Sincerely yours, LISDANDRO

128 S. lalaland Los Angeles C.A. 123 W. Sesame Los Angeles C.A. Dear Emperor, My name is Mayra Chimil. I am an aristocrat. The type of government job I want is to collect taxes or be an advisor. I am honest, rich/wealthy, and a good person for your merit. I will do good in all jobs u give me. I will be at your complete service at all times if you choose me. I will be very respectful to you as I am with others. I will help you conquer more lands. One thing I guarantee, is that I won’t let anyone buy your lands no matter what. If I am most likely to be an advisor, I would not let anyone disturb you when you are busy and I will also give you very good advice for any problems you would have. I believe a person like me is qualified for this position because we aristocrats, are smart and wealthy. As an aristocrat, I could conquer a lot more lands then u already have. I could also do your tasks with no complains. I would also pay for anything you need, and will give you very good advice as I said before. We aristocrats are reliable for anything. I am the perfect person for the job I want or a different job you’d like to give me. My money will help you a lot and will serve you well. If a scholar and a foreigner get this job I want, they probably will steal from you. People think of aristocrats like us, steal from others, but we don’t. People are just jealous that us aristocrats have more money then them and we are better at everything. A scholar and a foreigner wouldn’t make good officials because they aren’t meant for these jobs and aren’t going to be able to control your government. Well, a scholar is really smart but what would it help with? ….. NOTHING..... A foreigner isn’t perfect for this job because they come from different places and might not know what to do. Both scholar and foreigner aren’t perfect for this job/position. They are just lazy people who don’t deserve this job. A foreigner is very unlike to collect taxes because they steal from anyone that is rich. No one but me could make a good, perfect official.

4926 N. Rosewood Ave. Los Angeles, C.A. 90004 1316 N. Bronson Ave. Los Angeles, C.A. 90028 Dear Emperor, My name is Kevin Deion Dizon Santos. I am a very, very smart scholar, the smartest in my village. I write you this letter to inform you that, I want to become a Government-official. I’ll spend endless hours of the day to collect taxes for you, and I’ll tell you to make great dictions. I Kevin Deion Dizon Santos, the scholar, would be best qualified for the position of Government-official. I studied for many days and many nights to pass the civil-service exams. I also had to earn my own money and then used it to study for the exams. I had to buy books, and a tooter. The only time I studied was at night. Sometimes that day but that wasn’t as common. I had to work at the day to afford books and a tooter. It wasn’t easy; I had to earn my own money, unlike those selfish aristocrats, who were born rich. One reason you should choose me is, I am really smart. That means I would make really smart decisions for your country. Second reason is, because, you already know that I passed the civil-service exams. That proves that I will and always be loyal to you and my country, to the people of China. The third and final reason is, I studied philosophy. That means I would not lie. Even if my own life was at risk. You know that I had to study very, very hard to pass the civil-service exams. Yes? I did so because I wanted to help you collect taxes that the aristocrats refuse to pay, and sometimes the foreigners. Yes, sometimes the foreigners refuse to pay. The foreigners and aristocrats shouldn’t be government officials. I have two good reasons why they shouldn’t govern. Why you ask? Let me explain first. The first reason is for the aristocrats. The aristocrats are rich and greedy. What does being rich have to do with governing? I’ll tell you, but the answer is easy. Nothing! Maybe they have a thing or two about governing, but that it. Remember that aristocrats are greedy. They want everything to themselves even the spot for emperor. They may tell you to make bad dictions without even knowing it. That will get you kick out of the throne. Then they’ll take your place as leader. Would you like that? I certainly won’t. The second reason, are the foreigners. Their only quality is that, they know mathematics. Would that be helpful to you at all? I think it won’t. What would you use math for. It won’t help you rule and it won’t do anything for you country. Just think about it, would you pick a foreigner or an aristocrat who would help you make bad dictions. Or would you want me, a smart and trustworthy person? Do you want to be kick out of the throne? Then don’t pick them, pick me. Just think about it emperor. But don’t take to long. Sincerely, Kevin Deion Dizon Santos.

1316 North Bronson Avenue Emperor February 25, 2011 1316 North Bronson Avenue Gezalian Kristen

Dear Emperor, I am Kristen Gezalian and I am twelve years old. I am a scholar and I study philosophy, history, and law. I am applying for the job position as a government official. I have been working very hard for this job and have been studying Chinese classics, poetry, and legal and administrative issues to pass the civil service exam and to get a job in the government. I think that a person like me is best qualified for this position. One reason I think this is because scholars ,such as myself, are hard working. I would work day and night to help the emperor solve any problems he has. The second reason is that us scholars are smart. I would help the emperor with making good decisions for our government. The third reason is that because scholars study history. I could write books on the emperor and his deeds and things like that so no one could forget him or her. A fourth reason is that scholars are loyal to the emperor, have proper conduct, kindness, justice, have proper behavior, and know and have the importance of family. All these things would unify Chinese culture and possibly the people. A fifth reason is that us scholars would collect taxes instead of you or other people. If someone to refuse to pay taxes we would possibly put them in jail until they did. A sixth reason is that scholars are smart. I would never fail with any task you might give us. A seventh reason is that us scholars are loyal to the emperor. We would not disobey or turn our backs on him or her. The eight reason is that we would not become rude to our emperor like other aristocrats. Some reasons why aristocrats and foreigners would not be good for this position are these. One reason is that aristocrats are selfish. They would not pay taxes because of their selfish ways. The second reason is why foreigners should not be in this position and that is because they are from a different country. They would disrespect our cultural ways and our way of living. The third reason is why aristocrats should not be in this position and that is because they do not know how to help the emperor with his problems as us scholars do. The fourth reason is why foreigners should not be in this position and that is because they do not have as much training experience training as us scholars do. We study history and law and those kinds of things will help with the government. The fifth reason is why aristocrats should not be in this position and that is because aristocrats only care about themselves. They will not try and help the government or the people of China. The sixth reason is why foreigners should not be in this position and that is because they also aren’t as smart as scholars. They too will not be able to help with problems. These are all my reasons. Thank You and Sincerely, Kristen Gezalian

946 N. Mariposa Ave. Los Angeles, Ca Zip 90029 February 25, 2011 Harvey Zurich Royal Palace Empire Ville Dear Emperor,

My name is Frank Lorenzana. I am a noble and intelligent scholar who wants a better future for my three beautiful children by filling the significant government position of an advisor or tax collector which ever I get I do works for both of them. I was born under a impoverish roof with my scholar family which lived in a poor environment. Even though, I was a poor and innocent kid I work my way through many obstacles to be a recognize scholar around the entire kingdom. Thanks to the hard work I have done I had the opportunity to go to the university and buy the expensive college books so I could study for the difficult civil service exams. I would like to get this important position because I want this amazing kingdom to succeed even more so our future generations always remember all of us as the greatest kingdom there ever existed. I think I deserved to get this magnificent position because I have studied since I was a little kid who had reasoning until my big and smooth brain became a wrinkle one. Due to studying thousands of hours, I was clever enough to pass the real difficult exams from the Civil Service Examinations. If you choose according to my perspective you will be making the accurate decision because I am more talented and intelligent compared to those ignorant aristocrats and foreigners. If you choose me I will give a bunch of brilliant ideas to help conquer even more lands than the ones you already have. Because of all the conquer lands, you will get more taxes from all the people every single day of the year making you the richest person in the whole wide world and our kingdom more powerful. By choosing me you will also win many other advantages that either an aristocrat or a foreigner has. Some of these advantages are having a great employee who would collect all the taxes from around the entire kingdom if it is necessary. I will collect the taxes from dawn to midnight until my feet are bleeding and will keep walking until I am done. I will even go to the harsh and deathly battles with your brave and tough armies to conquer even more land. I will give my own life to protect and make this significant kingdom more powerful, vibrant, and richer than it already is for our future generations like my children to enjoy. I would make a way better candidate than those selfish aristocrats and ignorant foreigners who do not even know our culture properly. You should not choose aristocrats because they are as lazy and ignorant as an ugly as pig. Instead of going to university, they just rest in bed all day and order people around because they were born filthy rich. Aristocrats would not help you make this kingdom a better place to live. The foreigners are ignorant people who invade our wonderful kingdom just to get some our land because the majority of them come from a poor family. Also, they are not educated; therefore, they would not be a real good candidate for this position. As a result, neither of them is worthy enough to fill this important position. I really hope you make the right decision in choosing the best candidate for this amazing kingdom. I hope I had made an adequacy and accurate business letter that satisfies you. I would be delighted to get this vital government position so I could escape the costly taxes and military service. Sincerely your loyal citizen, Frank Lorenzana

Strawberry St. Millerville, CA 90021 2/25/11 Mr. Emperor Peach St. Empiretown, CA 90021

Dear Mr. Emperor Good day. I am a scholar and I would like to be your assistant. By being your assistant my duties will consist of helping you make decisions about laws that will be passed and helping you maintain the empire. I believe that I will be best qualified for this position because as you know I am a scholar and I am very intelligent. I am not lazy. I will work very hard and not slack off to help you succeed in having a successful empire. I think I am well suited for this position because I have a lot of respect for trade, merchants and business. I am trustworthy and ambitious unlike most aristocrats and foreigners. Some of my goals for the empire will be to stop aristocrats from being officials just because of their father’s high rankings. Another would be to stop the ban of people who have knowledge about mathematics, science and engineering from being in the government. By doing this the empire as a whole would benefit because one day we will probably need someone who has that kind of knowledge. One of my goals would also be to stop the wars that are going on. I would also help you not to rely so much on a large bureaucracy. I will also help you to make hard decisions which would be very troubling to do by one ’s self. I will also like to help keep China unified as your assistant such as helping you maintain the Mandate of Heaven. I also think you would like to hire me because I graduated from Ming University, which is, as you may already know, one of the finest universities in China. Since I have such a high level of education I am sure you can benefit from me greatly. Hiring an aristocrat or foreigner for this position would not be good. Aristocrats are greedy and will do anything to get their hands on money. They would most likely take bribes from other countries who might want to overthrow you. Foreigners would definitely be a bad choice for this position because they could betray you by telling your plans for the empire and they could try to help them conquer our country. Another thing I would like to say about aristocrats is that they would probably abuse the power they already have and try to more powerful than you. I hope you will be convinced by this letter that I am the best to pick for this job. Thank you very much for your time and cooperation. You can contact me at (323)246-8102. Sincerely, Darlasia Miller

Letters to the Emperor  

Letters to the Chinese Emperor requesting a government position by 7th grade students who are currently studying ancient China.

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