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Best Time to Explore Tiger Safaris in India

The Travel Experts say the time matters a lot when one plans a “Tiger Safari in India.” And when you are thinking about going to Tiger Safaris, you would actually like to see a tiger. How would you feel if you even plan a trip and are not able to actually spot a tiger? Thus, it becomes necessary to have the knowledge of the seasons in which you can make the most of Tiger Safaris in India. And to make your work easy, we have curated a shortlist of seasons and the best Tiger Safari In India to visit in that season.


The Monsoon Season begins from June to September with heavy rainfall in August. During this season, most of the North Indian and Central India National Parks remain closed. The parks remain closed because of muddy roads, landslides, and small water holes on the way. The advantage of visiting parks during monsoon is that you can have the best photography to be remembered for life.

Parks to visit in Monsoon Mostly all the National Parks of South India remains open throughout the year. Few popular Tiger Safaris are mentioned below.

Nagarhole Tiger Safari, Karnataka

It is home to animals like Tigers, hyena, sloth bear, elephants, Indian Bison, Crocodiles, leopards, pythons, etc. The Kabini river runs through this park, where one can see various species of birds.

Bandipur Tiger Safari, karnataka

It is situated in Mysore and kogadu district of karnataka. The famous animals of this park are Tigers, black panthers, and leopards. One can also watch sloth bears, mongoose, wild dogs, elephants, etc. The park has dense forests, many small streams, waterfalls, hills, etc.

Periyar National Park, Kerela

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is an exotic park nestling endangered wildlife. The water source for wildlife in this park are the Pamba river and the Periyar river. One can enjoy lots of activities here like trekking, wildlife safari, walking safari, etc.

SUMMERS The summer season begins from April to till mid-June. Summers are hard in India, but chances of spotting tigers around Lakes and other water bodies are bright. The temperature during summers go above 40-degree Celcius. So be prepared with extra care as one get exhausted soon.

Parks to Visit in Summers

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Ranthambore Tiger Safari used to be known for hunting grounds of kings of Jaipur. It is also considered as a heritage site due to the presence of Ranthambore Fort inside the park. In summers, there are very bright chances for one to spot tigers as they come out from their dens in search of water.

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Being lying in the heart of India, The Kanha tiger reserve is the most visited national park of India. It nestles Barasingha and swamp deer known as the jewel of Kanha.

Hemis National Park, Jammu & Kashmir

The park is located on the banks of River Indus. Here one sees snow leopards majorly along with other wildlife species of flora and fauna. It is the best place to visit in summers due to its low temperature in comparison to other parks. In fact, one can expect snowfall at any time in the year, which could be tough for you. This place is also best for photography and other adventure activities.

WINTERS Winter begins from November and ends till March. Due to low temperature, almost all the parks in India remain open and offers the best experiences ever. During these months, exotic migratory birds are also easily sightable.

Parks to be visited in Winters Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal

Due to the high temperature in summers, Sunderbans National Park is most loved to be visited during winters. The park homes Royal Bengal Tigers, the world's largest delta and Mangroove Forest. This park is a paradise for various species of flora and fauna,

reptiles, marine life, and avifaunal. The park has an area spread across India and Bangladesh. The other attractions are boat and cruise safaris.

Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

It is the only park which homes 285 residents inside. The jungle book is written on this park by Rudyard Kipling. The park is named after Pench river and famous for Bengal Tigers and species of other 36 mammals, including Indian Bison and jungle cat.

Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett is one of the oldest as well as a widely popular park for Tiger Safari in India. Along with 200 tigers, it is a home for 300 Elephants. The other species spotted here are deer, gharials, langurs, deer, rhesus monkeys, etc. The main attraction of this park is 586 species of migratory birds and 488 species of plants.

Thus, concluding below is the summarised version of each season and the Best Tiger Safari in India. MONSOONS:1.Nagarhole Tiger Safari, Karnataka 2.Bandipur Tiger Safari, Karnataka 3.Periyar National Park, Kerela WINTERS:1.Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal 2.Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh 3.Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand SUMMER:1.Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan 2.Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh 3.Hemis National Park, Jammu & Kashmir Concluding, we think that now it is quite easy for you to plan your trip to Tiger Safari In India. Research and pack your bags for the perfect destination.

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Best Time to Explore Tiger Safari in India  

What is the best time to explore Tiger Safari in India? Monsoon, Summer Or Winters. Which months are favourable for tiger safari in India? W...

Best Time to Explore Tiger Safari in India  

What is the best time to explore Tiger Safari in India? Monsoon, Summer Or Winters. Which months are favourable for tiger safari in India? W...

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