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CREATIVE ARTS Connecting Arts to Literature By: Third Semester Canadore College ECE Students

Green Eggs and Ham Author of the book: Dr.Seuss Illustrator: Dr.Seuss Age Group: 2.5 to 6 years Activity: Rhyming the words In this activity students will make some eggs with plastic bottles and colour them green. After that, the teacher will write some words on the eggs which is used in the story book. In next step the teacher will use one box filled with pom poms and hide all the plastic eggs in the box. The teacher will ask a group of children to sit in a circle and turn on the music and the children will pass a ball to each other in a circle. When the music stop whoever has the ball he/she has to find one egg and read out the 3 rhyming words on the egg and do one favourite free style dance step. Shubhdeep Kaur

Zanele Situ MY STORY Author of the book: Liz Sparg Illustrator: Jesse Breytenbach Age Group: School-Age

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Art: Creative Expression

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Activity: Children will listen to the story read by the teacher. Children will be asked to create the poster about Zanele Situ. It will be the portrait of the Zanele Situ and they have to explain their feeling about the Situ by drawing different facial expressions. Students will also be given the opportunity to discuss their goals and aspirations in life.

Jashanpreet Singh Chahal

THE LORAX Author of the book: Dr. Seuss Illustrator: Dr. Seuss Age Group: School-age (6-8 years) Activity: The Lorax Craft and Play Experience Art: Creative Movement and Fine Arts

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In this activity children will make their own crafts with the materials provided to them. They will create their favourite character from the book and after they are done with the craft they will act like their character. Moreover they will share their perspectives. If they were the Lorax how they would help our earth? Through this activity they will learn the concept of cause and effect. Inderjit k. Nagra

The Little Gingerbread Man Author of the book: Carol Moore Illustrator: Pam Adams Age Group: 3-4 years Activity: Gingerbread men craft Art: Expression After reading the little gingerbread man story children will develop their own gingerbread men by cutting shapes from a paper bag with pinking shears. Then children will paint, with glue and add facial features with loose pieces. This activity will help kids to learn the use of tools as well as their efficiency of using various materials.

Prabhjot Kaur

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! Author of the book: Mo Willems Illustrator: Mo Willems Age Group: Pre-schoolers Activity: Introduce new song (Dance and Movement) Art: Movement In this activity, children will be introduced to a new song which is related with this book. The name of the song is “ The Wheels on the Bus”. During the singing/ dancing experience children will learn the duty of bus driver and the passengers. The children will be asked, why shouldn't we let the pigeon on the bus? Children will make inferences and provide explanations based on the story.

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Harinder Kaur Gill

No, David! Author of the book: David Shannon Illustrator:David Shannon Age Group:2 - 5 Years Activity: Making Puppets Art: Expression/ Movement

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In this activity, children can use material on craft table like crayons, markers, scissors, paint, painter tape and construction paper to make angry face puppet of David. Everyone can write their name on paint stick. Children will enhance their emotional intelligence skills. While playing, children can show their different emotions and express their feelings with others. Vipanpreet Kaur

The Rainbow Fish Author of the book: Marcus Pfister Illustrator: Marcus Pfister Age Group: Preschool Art: Creative/ Expression Activity: (Rainbow fish puppet) In this activity, children will be provided paper and colors. Children will draw the fish of big and small size and will color them with many colors to make a rainbow fish. Then they will stick the fishes on popsicle sticks to make fish puppet and narrate a story on their rainbow fish. Asking children questions about their fish (is he/she friendly? What do they like?) can motivate children to create their own story and learn the importance of communicating with friends.

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Gurvir Kaur Dhillon

The Cat In The Hat Author of the book: Dr. Seuss Illustrator: Theodor Geisel Age Group: Toddlers Art: Sensory Exploration/ Representation through art Activity: Cotton Ball Cat. In this activity a group of children will be provided with cotton and pipe cleaners. They will make a cat with cotton balls by sticking the eyes and ears on the cotton balls. Children will use art materials to represent the different parts of the cat. Moreover, children can feel the texture of cotton as cats fur which will further lead them to use their five senses and explore their creativity and it will lead to enriching the story. This task helps physical domain explorations.

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Bimaljeet Kaur

One Gray Mouse Author of the book: Katherine Burton Illustrator: Kim Fernandes Age Group: 3-4 years

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Activity: Guessing Jar

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Domain: Cognitive, Counting & Estimating In this activity, place several of the same items in a clear plastic jar. Make a chart displaying each child’s name. Ask the children to predict how many objects they think are in the jar. Write their estimate on the chart. Then have the children count the objects with the teacher to see whose guess was the closest. Change the number of objects in the jar, and repeat the activity on a different day.

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear Author of the book: Martin Waddell Illustrator: Barbara Firth Age Group: 2-4 years Art: Expression Activity: In groups of 3-4 children will participate in pretend play. Assuming character's, mother bear, father bear and baby bear. The children can role play which will allow them to express feelings and emotions for others.

Kuldeep Kaur

I Am Author of the book: Lorrain C.E. Howes Illustrator: Lorrain C.E. Howes Age Group: Kindergarten Activity: WHO AM I? In this activity, the teacher will provide various images of all things, animals, persons to the children. Thereafter, ask the children, which bird is this? what is the color of this bird ?as well as where do they live? By ask the children open ended questions such as, which bird do you like the most and why?. Finally, show the images of doctors, police officer and other people and ask the children to recognise their positions.

Ramandeep Kaur Sidhu

Peaches Pie, Take a Bath Author of the book: Bill Scollon Illustrator: Disney Storybook Art Team Age Group: 4-5 years Activity: Smelling Bottles Art: Expression Domain: Cognitive, Observing Teachers will prepare bottles filled with different materials such as lemon juice, almond, cucumber, cinnamon and lavender. Children will close their eyes and guess the smell inside the bottles. This activity will help to develop their sense of smell. Children will be able to differentiate different smells. Harmanpreet Kaur

Apples, Apples, Apples Author of the book: Nancy Elizabeth Wallace Illustrator: Nancy Elizabeth Wallace Age Group: 3-4years

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Art: Creative, Drawing

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Activity: Apple Tree Counting. In this activity children will draw an apple tree on the green poster board and cut them. They will add some red dot stickers on the apple tree. Followed by writing coordinating numbers on the end of each clothespin. Then keep the apple tree separate from the clothespins and give to children. The teacher will ask “Can you match the clothespin to the apple?�. Parneet Kaur Sidhu

The Little Red Hen Author of the book: Margot Zemach Illustrator: Margot Zemach Age Group: Kindergarten Art: Creative Expression Activity: Paper Plate Hen Children will cut red tissue paper into small squares. Children will place the tissue paper on top of the glue, until the paper plate is completely covered. The children will cut the hen’s facial features for children from the cardstock to represent their eyes, beak, hat etc. At last, the children will glue the cardstock pieces in their designated spots on the paper plate. Navjeet Kaur

Snowmen at Night Author of the book: Caralyn Buehner Illustrator: Mark Buehner Age Group: 3-5 years (Kindergarten) Art: Communicating, Expressing emotions Activity: Snowmen at night is a great book to use when teaching about predictions. In this activity, the teacher will read the book to the class and show students the cover and read the title. The teacher and the children then make a prediction chart about what they thought snowmen did at night. After reading the book everyone fills in the chart with what actually happened in the story. Then, children will circled the prediction that was correct.

Sukhmanreet Kaur Sandhu

Grocery Store Alphabet Game Author of the book : Teresa Stern Illustrator: Henry Chavez Age Group: Preschoolers Activity: Grocery Store Alphabet Hunt supports language development. Invite children to help create a grocery list. Use food and jumbo stamp pads. Discuss with children, M for Milk, B for Banana. Open discussion on the wonderful colors and shapes of fruits and vegetables and sort food that is healthy and unhealthy. Preschoolers will understand the importance of various food items

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Jasmeen Kaur Sidhu

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Author of the book: Eric Carle Illustrator: Eric Carle Age Group: Preschool Activity: Tracing and Coloring In this book the author shows the various life stages of the caterpillar and this is an interesting book. The preschool children can perform the activity based on this book. The teacher will set up the area for the children with various paint colors, sheets of paper, brushes, plastic trays and other props like colorful cotton balls and a picture of the caterpillar. After the area has been set up the children will be encouraged to work in small groups and draw the picture of the caterpillar.

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Jatinder Kaur

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes Author of the book: Eric Litwin Illustrator: James Dean Age Group: 3 year olds (Preschool) Activity: Children will be asked to color Pete the cat with any of the colors. After coloring they will be asked to write the name of the color they used to color the shoes. After that the children will draw anything of their interest on the background like where they imagine Pete the cat for example: in the playground, house, or school.

Palak Preet Kaur

The Most Magnificent Thing Author of the book: Ashley Spires Illustrator: Ashley Spiers Age Group: Pre schoolers Art: Expression/ Fine art Activity: Children will be given a bin of recyclable materials called the ‘beautiful junk’ bin. Children will create their own ‘magnificent thing’ based on the story. The artwork will be displayed in the classroom called “my magnificent thing”. Children will be asked for an explanation of what they created. The teacher will write their responses down and add it to their artwork.

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Gurjot Singh Ranu

If You Were A Penguin Author of the book: Florence Minor Illustrator: Wendell Minor Age Group:Preschool Activity: Walk Like A Penguin Art: Movements

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Children will play in two teams. Each team will have one balloon. Children will have to place the balloon in between their legs and complete the walk. Each child will have to reach up to that spot and come back to the team. Children will practice their penguin walks and enhance their gross motor skills.

Rupinder Kaur Buttar

Construction Countdown Author of the book: K.C. Olson Illustrator: David Gordon Age Group: Kindergarten Activity: Number Game In this activity, the children will be given cue cards of numbers 1-10. They will be provided with colorful balls in one container. Children will sort and count all the balls of different colors present in the container and then match with the cue cards.This is a wonderful activity to do with kindergarten children as they will learn to count, sort and recognize numbers.

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Jasmeen Kaur

The Family Book Author of the book: Todd Parr Illustrator: Todd Parr Art: Literacy and Emotional Expression Age Group: Preschoolers Activity: Family drawing. A piece of construction paper is provided to all children where they all have to draw a portrait of their family members. Children will use pencil, eraser, crayons and crayons. They will mention the names of their family members on the picture according to their relation. The family book is designed to encourage literacy and emotional development of the child. It promotes character growth and strengthen family relationships.

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Jaskarandeep Kaur

Pat The Bunny Author of the book: Dorothy Kunhardt Illustrator: Dorothy Kunhardt Age Group:Toddlers Art: Sensory Exploration Activity: Pat the bunny is a ‘touch and feel’ book for toddlers. In which sensory development occurs. For this, children are going participate in an open ended activity where they have different material to touch, feel and explore.

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Amandeep Kaur

Go Away Big Green Monster Author of the book: Ed Emberley Illustrator: Ed Emberley Age Group: 3 - 5 years Activity: Green Monster. In this activity, children will need paper, scissors, glue, and markers. Children will be given a colouring page of the green monster. Based on their skills and interests, children will colour the monster and cut out the different pieces to paste together. Although the activity requires colouring into a traceable children will have the opportunity to cut and paste the monster and construct it in any way they desire.

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Rajdeep Kaur Brar

A PUMPKIN PRAYER Author of the book: Amy Parker Illustrator: Kirsten Richards Age group: Toddlers Art: Creative Expressions Activity: Toddlers are given big cards on the table. In the centre of their table, they will be provided with leaves, flowers, pumpkin stickers and glue sticks. Then they are given crayons to fill color in pumpkin drawn on the card. This activity helps toddlers in sharing materials, gluing and holding colors.

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Dupinder Singh

The Curious Garden Author of the book: Peter Brown Illustrator: Peter Brown Age Group: 3 to 7 years Activity: Planting Peas Children will be provided with empty yogurt cups, spoons, bag of soil, seeds of peas and water. Children will write their names on each cup. They will take care of their own plants then children will put soil into cups with spoons. Children will be told to look at the seeds and put them into soils or in the cups and water them.

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Aman Chain

How to Catch a Star Author of the book: Oliver Jeffers Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers Age Group: Pre-schoolers Activity: Watercolor and Salt artwork Teacher will provide, watercolour, salt, droppers, glue, paint brushes, yellow construction paper and scissor. Students will start by painting a layer of water over the whole sheet. Children will use droppers to drop watercolours onto paper. Then children will sprinkle the salt over the paper.

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Manmeet Kaur Rai

The Snowman Author of the book: Raymond briggs Illustrator: Raymond briggs Age Group: Toddlers Activity: Cotton Ball Snowman Craft. Children will be provided with materials (cotton balls, white paper, glue, scissors, decorating-buttons, scrap paper, craft foam, fabric). Children start this activity by cutting a snowman shape from white paper and then apply glue to the snowman shape and start placing cotton balls on it.

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Simarpreet Kaur

Alphabet Rescue Author of the book: Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood Illustrator: Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood Age Group: Preschool (2 to 3 years)

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Activity: Alphabet rescue matching activity Children will place pieces of coloured alphabets inside the bin that contains water. Then children will be provided with scoops so that they can strengthen their pincer grasp/ fine motor muscles and work on scissor skills. As children rescued each letter from the water bin they will match it by put the letters back into the puzzle.

Rattanjot Kaur

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