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By: Johmette Cooper


“It was June 12. The day I left my parents. The day my life would change forever.”

CHAPTER 1 It was June 1, the first day of summer vacation. The sunlight was blooming on my face through the curtains. I could hear the birds chirping and I could smell the fresh smell of buttery pancakes. So, I quickly headed downstairs and plopped myself down on the kitchen stool. “Good morning honey.” Dad said as he gave me a warm kiss on my forehead. “How was your night?” Mom said as she passed me a plate of four freshly made butter pancakes. “Good” I said as i stuffed my face with pancakes. Once i was done with breakfast. I washed the dishes, and waved my dad bye as he pulled out the driveway.

Once my dad was gone. I headed upstairs and got ready for the day. After I was done getting dressed. I proceeded downstairs, gave my mom a warm kiss on the cheek, and headed to Eric’s house. Eric and I have been friends since pre-school. I always took him to be a brother because he’s always loyal,humble, smart and outgoing,but when we started high school. Things started to change. My feelings for Eric got stronger, but i never wanted to ruin our brotherly sisterly love for each other. So, I kept my personal feelings buried away. As I skated down the street, I could smell the fresh California air. Once I arrived, I saw Eric in a navy blue v-neck with light blue ripped jeans and black converse. As I stare at Eric, I could imagine our future before my eyes. Living in a mansion with our dream jobs, two perfect kids, and just the perrr……. “ Arianna!” “Oh, hey Eric!” “What are you thinking about?” “ Oh….nothing important!”

“So, why are you here so early.” “I was wondering if you would like to go to the skate park for a little bit?” Sure! Let me get my skateboard real quick.” Once Eric got his skateboard. He and I headed to the skate park. We were there for about an hour, and then we went to McDonalds. We both ordered our usuals and Eric being the gentleman that he is. He paid for both of us. After we were done eating. We both headed home. When i got home, I headed upstairs to my room and got ready for the night. I took a warm bubble bath with my lavender candles lite and relax. After being in the the bathtub for about half an hour. I got out the bathtub and got dressed. Once, I got done with my nightly routine. I proceeded to go downstairs and tell my parents goodnight and grabbed a glass of water.

I was on my bed preparing to go to sleep. My dad came in my room with a brochure in his nd. He sat down at the end of my bed and explained to me about the brochure. The ochure said Camp 1050. He said it was a summer camp in honolulu,hawaii and he said he s hoping I would like to go. I told him that I would think about it and get back to him. Dad d it was okay, but i had to get back to him before June 12th. As , I turned off the lights and d to go to sleep. Something in my heart was telling me something was right about the mp.

So, i tossed and turned in bed till 2 a.m. ,and decided to check out the brochure a little bit more. Nothing about the brochure felt suspicious, so i texted Eric to see if he has heard about CAMP 1050. He texted me back and said no.So,Eric researched about CAMP 1050 and he said that their reviews were good, and nothing was wrong about the camp. So i trusted Eric, but before i said goodnight. I ask Eric if he would like join me and go to the summer camp, and he said yes. After he replied, we said goodnight and i went to sleep, but i still had that feeling in my gut that something bad was going to happen. After a couple days of thinking about the summer camp. I told my dad that i would go, but only if Eric could come. He said it was okay with him. If it's okay with Eric’s parents.

So after i was done with breakfast, i headed to Eric’s house to talk to his parents about the summer camp. As i approached the house, i took a deep breathe and knocked on the door. “Good morning Arianna!” “Good morning Mrs. Thompson!” I could tell that Mrs.Thompson had just woke up because she was still in her silk purple robe and her hair looked like a rats’ nest but i didn’t say anything. “Why are you here so early?” “I’m so sorry for the disturbance, i’ll just leave.” “No! No! Come on in!” “I just stopped by to see if you would allow Eric to come to a summer camp with me?” I said as i handed her the brochure. “Don’t worry my dad is covering the expenses.” “This looks nice! As long as Eric is out of his room doing something . He can go as long as needed!”

“Thanks so much Mrs. Thompson!” I said with joy. Once I got permission. I ran upstairs to Eric’s room, and told him the good news. He was excited to hear the news so, i told him to start packing because we were leaving on June 12. Unknowingly, June 12 would be the day we left our parents. The day that would change our lives.

CHAPTER 2 Once June 12 rolled around. I woke up, got ready, and headed to pick up Eric. Once we picked up Eric we headed to the airport. Once we were there, we checked in and waited for our calling. After an hour of waiting. We were finally on the plane to Honolulu,HawaiI! Once Eric and i arrived to honolulu hawaii,we headed to our hotel and started unpacking. “Hey Eric, look!” I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my favorite perfume by Ariana Grande “MOONLIGHT”, and Eric’s favorite cologne “Creed Aventus”.

We were both excited to try on the sprays after we were done unpacking. Finally after what felt like an hour of unpacking and deciding which side was who’s. We got ready for tonight’s dinner. As Eric and I sprayed. I started to get dizzy. After that everything went black. Once I could get a hold of myself. I saw Eric on the floor of the car, and two buff guys beside me in a black coat suit with black shades. They looked like government officials, but before i could say anything i went unconscious. When i was finally able to regain consciousness. I could see Eric in the dark corner of a room. He had a black eye and blistered lip. The room was very dark with one little light bulb dangling from the ceiling. I tried to go help Eric, but my feet and arms were chained to the wall. I tried to scream but my mouth was taped.

That’s when the two buff guys i saw in the car came inside the room and pulled Eric and i out. As we were walking, i could see electric chairs,chemical acid tubs, tubes and so many more horrifying things. Things to horrifying to describe. Once we had came to an halt. We were in front of two big gold doors. One of the security guards scanned his identification card and the gold doors opened. Inside the buff security guards pushed us onto the electric chairs and strapped us down. I never really was the type of girl to get scared easily, but when it came to this. I was terrified. That’s when a tall guy with black hair, wearing a black suit and cape walked in. “ Hi everyone, my name is Dr. Rapitore. Most of you guys might not know me, but some of you guys do.” “ Maybe, Dr. Wolfe might ring a bell.”

My stomach dropped when i heard his name. “Professor!” “ Correct! I always knew you were a smart girl Arianna, but i never thought you would be so ignorant!” “Now you know that not everything is what it seems, but it’s okay because i’m going to take good care of you guys. Don’t worry.” When Dr.Rapitore left the room. I knew we had to escape, and we had to escape soon. So Eric and i started scooting our chairs towards each other. Once we were close enough. We unstrapped each other and picked up the closest weapon near us. I found a taser and Eric found a metal pole. That’s when we heard Dr. Rapitore and his guards coming back. So, as quickly as possible. We strapped ourselves back to the chairs and waited. Once it was the right time, i tazed the guards as Eric swang at the legs of the guards legs.

Once the guards were down. Eric and i ran for the gold doors and out of the camp. As Eric and i ran for cover, Dr.Rapitore flew from up in the sky and land directly in front of us. Eric tried to swing at Dr. Rapitore, but Dr. Rapitore telekinetically choke Eric and slammed him against the rocks on the shore. So, i quickly ran to Eric and as i lifted him up. I could see the blood on my hands from his head. “ Hold on Eric! Please just hold on!” I said to Eric as he went in and out of consciousness. As i turned back to see if Dr. Rapitore was there. He quickly teleported to God knows where. As tears ran down my face and my heart shattering in many pieces. Eric began to say something. “Arianna” said Eric. “ This might be my last time talking to you, but i just wanted to let you know how i really feel.

“Arianna, i just wanted to say that you have always been there for me, and i really don’t know how to thank you enough. For those people who hurt me and made me feel worthless. You came and changed me not just change me mentally but emotionally and physically. I wouldn’t be who i am now without you, and i just want to say……. “Arianna Chamberlin! I ………. “ARIANNNA!” “ARIANNA!” “WAKE UP!” “ WE’RE LATE !” “AAAAHHHHAHH!” “ WHAT’S HAPPENING!” “WE’RE LATE FOR OUR PLANE!” “WAIT!” “ SO EVERYTHING WAS A DREAM!” “ APPARENTLY!”



Conqueroring the island  

Arianna and her bestfriend Eric have just started summer vacation,and Arianna decides to go a camp with Eric. But what may seem like a luxur...

Conqueroring the island  

Arianna and her bestfriend Eric have just started summer vacation,and Arianna decides to go a camp with Eric. But what may seem like a luxur...