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Pascua’s ECHS Class  


Fall 2019  

Peanut! By: Lisa Sanchez  I have a dog named Peanut. He is small, has the body, and color of a peanut.  Hence, the name. Usually on a nice sunny day, I would take him for a walk.   “Up the block only!” my mother would yell as I was  walking out of the house.   After, we come both panting out of breathe. Heading  toward the backyard where the fences had holes as  big as a hand and were the mud was is softer than  pudding.   The next day was raining all day. From one of the  most perfect days to one of the saddest. When I went  outside to check on Peanut. He was nowhere in sight.  It had been the worst four days of my life. Another sad  thoughts about how my one of the most important  things in my life had been gone yet another day. While  binge watching netflix had crossed my mind. The  doorbell rang. The smallest sense of hope had filled  the air.  That and the smell of all the popcorn we had made. It  was Peanut​!   “He had been walking cross the street,” my neighbour had said, “ I just  happen to see him when I was going out for some fresh. ”   She added on. Since then we boarded up the holes and keep peanut inside  when it rains.              

Together Again By Angie Moreno Luna

​ I don’t clearly remember what grade I was when my dad left the state. But I do remember how I felt and what I thought. My dad moved to  Louisiana for work and left my brothers, my mom, and me behind. My mom  was mainly a stay at home mom with a few jobs here and there but overall  we had no steady income. My dad would send money to my mom to  support herself and us. It eventually got hard not being able to see him in  person. But things got a lot harder when I wasn’t able to talk to him. The  reason for this being was my family  wanted to be on the phone with him  longer and by the time it got to me he  would have to leave.   As each day went on, I found  myself missing him more. I was never  close to my mom, especially compared  to my brothers. I was more of a daddy’s  girl. My dad’s presence was a necessity to me. Without him I felt alone in the  world. Whenever he came to visit, those were my happiest and saddest  moments in my life. As soon as I’d see my dad in sight my eyes would  instantly get blurry, I had the same reaction each time. I would run and  jump on him with all the energy my fragile little body could muster. It felt  like time had stopped when I was in the comfort of his arms. It wasn’t long  before I left his shirt full with my tears and snot. These moments will  forever be the memories I will keep and cherish. 

But then came the sad reality of my dad having to depart back to Lousianna. I would constantly throw a tantrum in hopes of having him stay  longer but his departure was inevitable. My heart broke into millions of  pieces each time he left me. I was watching the only light in my darkness  fade away from me and there was nothing I could do about it. All of this was  a constant struggle for me for about three years. I eventually got tired of this  crying cycle and ended up refusing to see him altogether when he’d visit. I  knew that he would just end up leaving me again so what was the purpose.  I didn’t know at the time but I wasn’t the only one suffering. My dad was  a big family man so having to leave us took a  toll on him. One day he took a picture of me  and put it as his lock screen. He told me that  the picture is what kept him motivated and  reminded him why he was doing what he was  doing. He worked out of state just to support  us and for us to live more comfortably. But  eventually everything negative just kept piling  up. He began to feel homesick, he missed us,  and he realized how big of a toll this was  taking on me. His only daughter was refusing to see him, I could only  imagine what he felt.  So he made the decision to quit his job and move back to Texas. When  he came back, I was skeptical of his return because I just believed he was  going to leave again. I didn’t trust him and that was something we ended up  working on for months. But luckily, in the end, my family was finally  together again. I’m undeniably happy to have such an amazing relationship  with my dad, he is without a doubt the most influential and important  person in my life. I love you papi.  

The Best Thing that has ever Happened   San Juana Lares   Memoir 4th period    

Ever since I was seven year old I’ve wanted a dog. I have never wanted anything more than that. I begged my parents almost every day to get me a dog but they just wouldn't. They would always say that it would be too much work and that I will not take care of it. I would try to prove them wrong by cleaning after everyone including myself, but it didn't really work. Once I got to the age of nine I gave up, I had the mentality that it wasn't going to happen. When Christmas came around that same year my mom gave me a toy dog as a joke to “replace” the real one i wanted. Then when i was twelve, i started to want a dog again. I would ask my parents almost every two months, but yet again they were very against having a pet. They would just not give in. It even got to the point where my siblings also started to want a pet. Finally when it was my thirteenth birthday party my parents called me to have a quick talk with them. I was very nervous to have this talk beacusei had no idea what it would be about. I Went up to them and asked what was going on. They told me that since i'm a little older and i’ve learned to clean up after myself that i could get a puppy. At the moment I was the happiest person alive. Ever since then I've felt like my family is complete. Everybody that I know loves him. My parents even treat him like one of their own children. Wherever we go he goes even if are going somewhere far like mexico. He is the kindest and cutest dog i know and till this day he is still with me. I would never give him up for anything in this world.

District Track Meet It was the day of the 8th grade district track meet.I had to keep my spot as the best shotput and discus thrower.It had been a rough season.I couldn’t seem to place well in discus, but in shot put,I won every time.This last track meet I had to redeem myself. The first event was discus.I was pacing up and down the bleachers scared for the event to start.A few moments later I hear “The girls 8th grade shot put and discus will start soon, please make your way down to the event.” I was so nervous for the discus event,but the shot put not so much.I had to go against all the middle school teams like Delvalle, Bastrop, Decker, Manor, Ojeda, and Manor New Tech.I was super nervous to go against this one girl from Manor New Tech.She had taken first in the previous meets. The event started shorted after being announced.All the other teams had thrown besides Dailey and Manor New Tech.I then hear “Kayla Segura from Dailey your up.”In my head, I just asked myself tons of questions,”Am I ready for this,” “Am I good enough.”I then went and picked up the discus and walked towards the circle.I did my usual strategy to warm-up my arm.Then I turned and threw it.It didn’t go as far but it passed most people.I was currently in 2nd.I had two more throws to pull this off.I grabbed the 2nd discus then threw it.It went out of bounds.I then wanted to give up.I knew I couldn’t though I had to keep my

motivation.One more throw to prove I was the best in the district.I walked to the circle with my discus and took a deep breath to calm my mind. I could hear my friends cheering me on from the distance. I did my strategy and then threw it with all my might. I flew past all the other opponents’ place markers. I had my place as 1st. I got off and went to my teammates. It was now the girl from Manor New Tech’s turn. She threw her first and it went out, then threw her second discus, and it put her in 2nd place. Then, on her last she threw it and it went soaring into the stars. I realized a slight turn in the discus. It then passed my throw of 78 ft. After I collected my medal, a coach from Del Valle High School came up to me. He told me that I did better than the majority of the high school girls. The coach said he was

Ay, Como Me Duele ​I don’t remember a lot about my

aunt. I have 3 clear memories of her that stand out amongst the rest. The memory that I hold dearest to my heart is the night of her wedding. I replay it over and over in my head. I only play it when I hear Selena, or the cumbias. My aunt and her boyfriend were finally getting married. My whole family gathered at the venue, El Flamingo Club. I haven’t been there for years, but I remember how it looked like the night of her wedding. It was dimly lit, with strings of lights here and there. I remember my cousins and I had huddled around the Simpsons arcade machine. When it was time, the couple did their wedding rituals, and after we all sat down to eat. After eating, the dj began to play cumbias. The guests hurried to the floor and danced. I remember telling my dad that I wanted to dance like them, and he asked my aunts if they could teach me how. The one who volunteered was none other than the bride herself. She smiled and extended her hand out to me, and I nervously took it. She led me to the dance floor, and taught me how to move along to the beat. After the song ended, I thanked her and returned to my seat. I watched her laugh and dance to Como La Flor, holding her big gown up so it wouldn’t tear. I took one of the last pictures I would ever take with her that night. Little did I know, she would die a year later. Since her death, I find myself thinking of her everytime I hear Como La Flor. I’ll always close my eyes, imagining how happy she was that night. I’ll always envision her standing over me in her wedding dress, holding her hand out to me with a smile. I’ll always hear her say, “let’s go dance,” as the tears that were filling my eyes overflow. And when the song ends, I find myself sobbing because oh, how her death hurts me.


In the middle of the summer of 2015, we grabbed our most important things and packed them in a small backpack.   

Heading towards the unknown, with high hopes and open hearts, we took the high road in our

little Toyota, and we headed to N ​ UEVO LAREDO: ​one step away from heaven. At 5:00 am, mom woke me up saying that it was very late. I stood up and rubbed my eyes with  my cold hands. Feeling sleepy and confused, I  changed into a pair of jeans and black tennis shoes.   I could hear the screams of my mother  telling me to hurry while I was walking towards that  red truck of ours.  We had been driving for more than an hour,  but mom didn't seem to have any intention on  stopping the car. I was getting very anxious so it  occured to me to say : “we are almost there, right?” with a hopeful tone of voice. To this comment mom  only laughed and kept driving.  It was 7:00pm that day in ​NUEVO LAREDO, when the car finally stopped. W ​ hile I looked out the  window, the first thing I saw was a tall, white, strange looking man.   With his eyes, he went up and down, left to right, as if trying to find something he had lost inside  the red truck. It felt as if his eyes were X-rays scanning each and everyone of our movements.   “Visa” said he, with a cold tone of voice. Mom carefully handed some papers to the tall man, as if  they were a bomb.  “Permits” he demanded. Mom’s only response to that was a puzzled face. “permisos “ said the blond man  now in spanish trying to get to the next person in line .seeing that mom was still without an answer he said  “If you want to get your permits you’ll have to go there” he said it while pointing towards the longest line  that I have ever seen.  We parked our truck, and walk to the sea of people that we needed to pass to finally get our  permits.  

One hour passed, and the line didn’t seem to move at all. “Mom I’m hungry,'' said little me, feeling how I was starting to autodigest because of how hungry I was.  She only looked at me with a sad face and explained: “sorry darling, but there is nothing I can do  about it” with the most honest tone of voice.  2, 3 hours passed. And we still wouldn’t move. “What are they doing?” asked mom in a frustrated  tone of voice, not knowing that there was no one in that small cabin that was supposed to attend the long  line of people.   Time passed and the non-moving line was still there. And my hunger too. I felt sick. I could feel  how the cold air got inside my skin giving me  goosebumps.  A tall man, with skin skin dark as the night  walked toward the small cabin door, precisely the  door which we were waiting to be opened, and …  He did! He opened it!   The non-moving line of people was no longer. All  were walking towards the small door to get their permits  After getting the permits ourselves, we finally started to walk towards our truck . Tired, hungry and  cold we drove toward the house in which we were staying that night.      

Five years later, I’m here. Where I thought I would never be, knowing it was all worth it.  

Getting to Class on Time By: Kimberly Meza

Something that gets me really frustrated is when people take forever to walk to their class. I ́m pretty sure a lot of people understand my  frustration.  On a Monday morning, when I was going to my 3rd period,  there is a small group of friends who always stop to talk or  walk slowly down the stairs. Now I would usually walk  around them but it was really crowded, so that really got  on my nerves. Since its really crowded, some students  push people and this happened to me on Monday and  my phone fell. I was late to my health science class,  which is all the way in L hall. I was about 1-2 minutes  late, I’d say. It felt like if the time was going faster than  usual. I could hear the people behind me telling the  kids to hurry up, but of course they didn’t listen. My  health science teacher got mad but she understood once I told her about  the people, and the fact that I came all the way from K  hall.  I also dislike how the hallway gets super crowded  just like the stairs. People walk so slowly which bothers  me so much. I got used to it already.  I talked to my teacher about it and she understood.   Because of those kids who just like to talk and  waste time I’m late so very often. This is why when the  bell rings, I go straight to class and I don't just waste  time because I know most of us are trying to get to class on time.  

A New Year In Mexico   I  remember it as if it were yesterday. It was New Year’s Eve, and I was outside of  our  house  in  Mexico,  dancing  along  with  my  tia,  my  seven  cousins,  some  family-  friends,  and  “el  muñeco”.  In  case  you’re  wondering,  el  muñeco,  spansish  for  “the  doll”,  is  made  up  of  bags  stuffed  with  hay.  We  add  clothes  to  make  it  look  like  a  person,  and  when  the  clock  hits  12:00,  we  burn  it.  “El  muñeco”  represents  the  year  that’s  ending  and  I  found  it  quite  interesting  when  I  was  told  about  it  because  it  was  all  new  to  me.  Everyone  gets  a  turn  dancing  with  el  muñeco,  which  is  pretty  hard  because  it’s  a  little  heavy,  but  it  was  also  very  thrilling  because  I’ve  never  had  to  dance with something as unique as this.    As  everyone  was  partying,  I  got  tired  and  checked  my  phone  to  see  what  time  it  was.  When  I saw that it was 12:00am and the  date  was  January  1st  ,  I  yelled  as  loud  as  I  could,  which  made  my  other  cousins  yell  as  loud  as  they  could.  We  all  yelled,  “Happy  New  Year!”  and  went  crazy.  Everyone  gave  each  other  hugs  to  celebrate  and  I  got  to  throw  el  muñeco  into  the  fireplace  we  had  built  outside.  After  the  excitement  settled  down,  we  went  outside  like  everyone  else  in  the  ranch,  and  started  lighting  up  the  fireworks  and  the  explosives  we  had  bought  earlier  in  the  day.  There  were  so  many  different  kinds  of  fireworks  and  lights,  which  were  all  pretty  loud!  It  was  very  fun  seeing  all  the  colors  and  explosions  and  everyone  having  a  good time with family and  friends.     After  about  1-2  hours  of  fireworks  and  explosives,  we  went  back inside, turned  on some music and proceeded dancing. The dancing is the most memorable part of the  night  to  me  because  I am a very shy person  and  I  didn’t  like  dancing  in  public  but  I  totally  let  myself  go  that  night!  I  danced  with everybody, with no shame. And we did  that  until  we  got  exhausted.  Once  most  of  my  cousins  were  asleep,  the  rest  of  us  decided  it  was  time  to  go  inside  and  get  some  rest.  I  think  I  went  to  bed  around  6:00am!  My  experience  was  a  memorable  and remarkable experience. I hope I get to celebrate the New Year in Mexico again. 

Sweet As Honey By: Nicole Ramirez 

I had just gotten home from school, and my parents told me to hurry and eat dinner. We are going to the Trail of Lights and go see a puppy. I was so excited because I loved puppies and hoped we would be coming home with one. When we got there, I could hear it’s little whimpers and barks. Then, I looked down and saw a tiny blonde puppy with a golf ball sized ball on its stomach. The owner said that she had a hernia and would need surgery to get it removed, but even with that I still fell in love with her. My mom then decided that we could take her home, as well as naming her Honey. When we got home, I took her to my room and laid her on my bed where she fell asleep. From that day on, I knew we were going to best friends. I taught her many tricks, took her on long walks, and watched movies and cuddled together. Within that time, she had gotten her surgery and was perfectly healthy. Then she had developed a tick that made her ich so much she would bleed. It had gotten so bad that my mom said that we didn’t have enough to help her and we would have to give her away. I had two options give her to my grandma and watch her slowly die, or give her to a shelter where she could get help. I choose to give her to a shelter because I couldn't watch her be in pain. When the time came, I had told my mom to take her when I was at school, so I could distract myself. That day when I came home I felt empty, and had wished it was the day I was going to meet her.

Memoir Everyone has at some point almost killed someone, am I right? Well, I am going to  continue believing that regardless. Now, I did not take the common route in giving someone a  near death experience, such as putting my little brother in a washing machine, or something  unoriginal like that. Nope, I far exceeded all expectations.   One day several years ago, back when I was still living in Ireland, my beloved brother  and I were packing and getting prepared for our annual trip to Poland to visit family. We were  almost finished, so I decided to incorporate some fun into our task.  “Simon!” I loudly whispered. “Let’s surprise Mummy and Daddy!” My  trusting younger brother agreed of course, so I took full advantage of that  consent. “OK. Get in my suitcase, and I will zip it up. Then, when I get  Mum to come downstairs, you will jump out and scare her!” So he blindly  followed my instructions and I zipped him up, caring to leave a bit of  space for air holes. I went upstairs to get my mom, and halfway through  our conversation, we heard a series of ear-piercing shrieks and a gurgling  squawk that echoed throughout the entire house. My mom and I ran downstairs. It was my  LITTLE BROTHER.  The imp was screaming, and my suitcase was now jumping up and down. Although my  mom did freak out, I had a feeling she was not surprised in a positive way. My mother hurried  over to the suitcase, and when she unzipped it, Simon didn’t even say “SURPRISE!” All the kid  did was vault out of the suitcase bawling. I later found out that Simon had managed to almost  suffocate even though I had left him air holes! Who would have thought?!  After a while, a few hours later, my brother began to trust me once more. A few years  passed, and I returned to my old ways, torturing my sibling much more. To this day, I give him  trouble, but now he can do the same. Still, I am forever grateful that Simon never truly got his  revenge.

The Most Beautiful Game By: Yahir Cordero-Perez 

It was a summer day. At the time I was only 5 years old. My family went to my aunt's house to watch a soccer game. The game was Mexico vs  Argentina for a spot in the 2010 World Cup quarter finals. At the time I  didn't really know much about soccer.  My dad had explained to me why  the World Cup was so important it was  32 countries competing to see which  one was the best. It was one of the  most important tournaments and it  only happens every four years When  the game started The room went  silent.  As I started to watch the game  the more I watched the more I found  the sport interesting. Every time Mexico would get closer to scoring my  family would cheer. Soon enough I started to join in and I started to  cheer. I started to enjoy watching the  game. Every time Mexico would be close  to scoring I would get excited. At the  end the score was 1-3 Argentina had  won the game. 

been one of my favorite days.

Even though they had won I was happy that I had watched the game because  that was the day that my love for the  sport started. To this day that has   

It was the day that I learned about the most beautiful game called futbol. 

Why not me?

Monica Aung 4th period  

Jealousy. Isolated. Different.  walking to school together with the other Fellow students . Laughter filled the air.  And there I was, watching them from the corner wall of the school. I felt so jealous. I  wanted what they had.  I started to help my grandparents with daily routines. I carried sticks on my back so that  there’d be fire for the food later on that evening. Now you may ask, “why work at an  early age?” well, due to my father leaving for Malaysia, and my mother having to work as  a nurse, I rarely got to the chance to spend time with them.  A few days have passed since Dad left, and i started coming home late because I kept  watching those students play. Oh how fun it must've been. I was so distracted that I  never realized how dark it was getting. Grandma was outraged when I came home. I got  “ disciplined” that night. When mom arrived, grandma yelled, “ you don't deserve to  live here!”   It's been days living in the forest.Mosquitoes and total darkness, were a  nightmare. Thankfully my uncle heard what had happened, and built us a home made up  of wood. I asked mother why I couldn't go to school like other kids, that maybe I'd never  have to go through this phase in life. I could not bear the pain to see her tears streaming  down her face as she heard those innocent words.   I escaped my country and arrived in Malaysia. After reuniting with my father, I  was sent to my first school ever! The school was known as United Learning Center (ULC).  there was never a day of school that I missed. That was how much I wanted to learn, speak,  dream, and maybe , just maybe if I do it right, have the ability to make my parents smile.  

Years have passed, and here I am in an airport in the United States. I was not used to seeing so many people, and all i ever thought about was, “how could i possibly survive  here?” I never realized the risk that my parents took, just to see me grow up in a better  environment.  I was sent to my first school in  America, and at a very young age I started  comparing myself to others and my own  thoughts and feelings brought me down. I  started failing constantly, yet i still  tried. Through all of this, I felt nothing  but jealousy, different and isolated.  Eight years have gone by and i’m starting to get masters on exams. I am currently  attending​ ​del valle High school. From admiring those students who got to study and  have friends back then, to me working on my own without the help of my parents on  school studies, i really do think that I've achieved and accomplished my goals.   Jealousy will get you nowhere. Being different is a gift, but when we don’t see  that we start to feel isolated, but that can always be solved.     

That Kid When I was in first grade, there was a kid that was obsessed with me. You may think “That’s not true.” or, “What a liar.” I wish I was, since I don’t like the feeling of pain, but I’m not. It all happened nine years ago. Nine years ago, I was in 1st grade. The year was going well; I had good grades, I loved my school, I loved my friends. The only thing off-putting was this boy, let’s just call him Joe. There were many instances when he would just stare at me, as a kid I just believed he was always daydreaming about something. Wrong. Some occasions where I talked to him, he seemed...unusual. Joe would make weird and wrong remarks. After a few months, the boy became worse. He wouldn’t let me be in peace; even if the wasn’t talking to me, just his stares would give me chills. One day. He said something that scared me a lot, “If you ever get married to anyone else that isn’t me, I’ll find you and your husband, and kill you both.” That day, I told my parents what he had said. I didn’t want to go to school tomorrow, I was so scared of him. “April, Joe, go to the office.” My teacher announced. The walk to the office felt like an eternity, but we finally made it down there. I opened the door and my parents and Joe’s parents were there. Ms. Principal explained to us that my parents came to tell her the concerning things Joe had been saying, but his parents disagreed saying that nothing concerning has been happening. Unexpectedly, Ms. Principal took Joe’s side stating, “Children always lie for attention.” A few weeks passed, and Joe had been becoming more unstable. One day, he snapped. Joe started throwing things, saying things, and disrupted the whole class. Mr. Kates, my teacher, tried his best to calm him down. While Mr. Kates was doing that, I was trying to finish my work but I needed something from across the class- which required me to make my way through the commotion. I stood up, walked slowly towards the board, and BOOM! A sharp pain erupted from my abdomen and spread to my entire upper body. Joe had punched me. I cried, it hurt so much for my small stature. I saw the AP’s coming inside the classroom, since Mr. Kates called them beforehand, taking Joe to the office. Later in the month, Joe moved schools, and after the school year, I did too. I don’t know where he is, but this incident was in the past. Now this event is just an interesting story to tell others.

Don't Look Back!

By: Juan De Alba

Chapter One - Toxic After my first 5 years on this planet, the air around me was already polluted. My father was infected by the oil spill in his veins, and the family was struggling from getting contaminated by the pollution. The oil spill affected my father's mind, and his emotions. He was doing his best to provide for the family, but he decided to relieve his stress in the most unhealthy way possible. By swimming in a pool of oil, and he did it everyday after work. Chapter Two - The Woods Year 6 on this planet, the air was getting harder to breath, and my father was becoming more oil than human. My father is the one causing the air to become almost impossible to support life. One night, my mother woke up me, and my older siblings ,my brother and my 2 older sisters,. She woke everyone except my Father. Mother said in a friten whisper ̈ We need to run away, and head towards the woods. Where we can breathe fresh air, and get away from the pollution.¨ I said ̈ But what about dad, what ́s goi...̈ Mother shushed at me and told us to pack our stuff, and to get into the car. Soon, we drove off into the night, and we made it into the woods. As we are getting farther away, I turned around, and one of my sisters said ̈don ́t look back ̈. I turned back around, and never looked back again.

Chapter 3 - The Cabin After an hour of driving in the woods, we found this huge cabin , the cabin was called ̈ Safe Place ̈, in the middle of the woods. We all got out of the car, and walked in. Soon, we found a room in the cabin for us to stay in. I notice that the only people that lived in the cabin were mostly moms and their kids. I think it was a place where parents and their kids live in until they could find a home. Chapter 4 - Moving On A few months later, still living in the cabin, and still trying to find a home. During the time that we stayed, I made a few friends that live there. Soon we found out that my father moved out of the house, and was trying to sell it. Both of my parents agreed that only me, my siblings, and mother will live there for only a few months until we find a new home.

Chapter 5 - 3000 BULLS vs the BULL RUNNER Year 7 on this planet, we move into an apartment after my father sold our house. We all got used to it after a while, and school has already started. After a few weeks, I told my mom that I had I had trouble seeing. And the next thing you know, I ended up wearing glasses. I had to wait a few weeks for my glasses to be made. Soon, the day I started wearing my glasses to school, I walked outside to catch the bus, and 3000 BULLS started to pick on me with their horns. A lot of people move to the side when the BULLS came, but I was the only one running for my life and what I did is…

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