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SEPTEMBER 25, 2012



Start of our second year by Michelle A lot of new students came back to school. Some student sighed,some students smiled, and some students were surprised. They were surprised because a lot of things changed over the summer. Some teachers went away because of some different reasons. But some great new teachers came. Also some new students came to KIS. Everyone is very happy that some foreign students came. Another change was that the field changed in to turf grass. In an interview the school dean of student life, Mr. Jerabek talked about the turf grass. He said “ KIS field needed some improvements because when we planted the natural grass, it became muddy when the KIS soccer team began playing.” The turf grass will make it better than the natural grass for everybody who plays there. It is safer and nicer. The turf grass is expensive and Mr. Jerabek said it is worth the cost. Like when a lot of students come and play and to stay longer. He liked that KIS changed the grass to a turf grass. There are more new things. The convenience store got change in to a deli. In the deli, they sell drinks, snacks and some stationary stuff. It became much nicer and more comfortable. In the basement there is a new paper tree called the

On my summer vacation I went to Yeosu Expo with my family. It was uncomfortable because of lots of people but it was entertaining. DSME Robot Pavilion was my favorite place to go! - Andrew, grade 4

“Leadership tree.” It has compliments for students from teachers. The compliment paper looks like leaves so when it becomes full of compliments it might look beautiful. But there is reasons why students sighed. First, student might sigh because they came back to school so they have to wake up early. But the big reason is that there are more regulations than before. For example, there are rules that we must bring our P.E clothes instead of wearing them to school, day students are not allowed going to deli, etc. As we can see, a lot of things are changed. We expect that KIS campus will improve

On our summer vacation we went to Europe tour with our family. We toured 8 countries. It required many airplane rides for 18 hours. We learned histories of Europe and ate some traditional foods. It was lots of fun! - Claire and Shelly, grade 4

more than last year. Mr. Jerabek thinks “The rules that students donʼt like, we will think about it. It has more places that we didnʼt have last year because it was the first year.” But when all the students obey the rules the campus will be a wonderful place.

On my summer vacation, I went to Switzerland, France, England and Italy for camp. I went with my younger sister. I studied about Europe and toured around Europe. It was a fun camp! - Kelvin, grade 5

Typhoon Bolaven and Sanba cancel two days of school by Linda ••• In the news it was announced that typhoon Bolaven would come to Jeju on Tuesday August 28. Our faculty was worried because some students could have been hurt. KIS canceled one day of school and ended the school day earlier one day on Monday. This plan was to make sure everyone was safe. Typhoon Bolaven past over an island called Japan and came to Jeju. After it passed Korea, typhoon Bolaven went to China and disappeared in to Russia. When the school was canceled dorm students went to swimming pool, gym and watched a movie. Also dorm teachers who were not on duty helped us to be safe. Nobody got hurt but one of the windows cracked. The ceiling between the middle school building and the multipurpose building blew away in the wind. For few days students were not allowed to go through that area. The ceiling is being fixed and painted. Another typhoon, typhoon Sanba, came to Jeju on Monday September 17. Dorm students remained in the dorm on the same schedule as the

KOREA AT THE OLYMPICS Son Yeon Jae was born in 28, May 1994 in Seoul,South Korea. She is 18 years old. She does Rhythm Gymnastics. She is the great Rhythm Gymnast of our Korea. She got a BRONZE medal at Guangzhou. She performs with four beautiful things. First is the ribbon. It is very twirly and colorful. She also performs with two maracas that are safe to throw and catch. Next, she also uses colored balls. Sometimes the ball color matches her dress color. Finally, she also performs routines with use Hula hoops. At the Olympics SonYeon Jae had a mistake by slipping on the ground. But she ended up in a very cool movement by catching the ball. Son Yeon Jae placed 5th at the London Olympics and Korea is proud. She is the first Korean Rhythmic Gymnast to get to the finals in the Olympics. Her score was 111.475.

typhoon Bolaven. Day students stayed at home instead of coming to KiS to be safe. Both typhoons were category 1 typhoons when they came to Jeju. This means that the sustained wind was between 119 and 153 km/ per hour. Damage to the ceiling from Bolaven.-

ENGLISH ONLY RULES: WHAT DO YOU THINK? Ag ree that speakin g English is a good rule to he lp us learn % 1st graders 85% 3rd graders


In KIS there is a really big rule. The rule is that students can only speak in English. When the students are in Korean class they can speak Korean. Now about the Global Leader Award and the leadership ladder. First is detracting which is disturbing others. Second is Observing which is just watching. Third is participating which is when you are doing

things with others learning. Fourth is contributing which is making a good difference. Fifth is leading which is showing other people the way. At the end of the year, you will have an award if you help other people a lot. But awards are not the most important, your ability to help is important.

4th graders


5th graders



Book recommendations for 1st to 5th graders

TEACHER Name: Mrs. Brenneman Teaches: 1-5 English + 6th grade Advisory, drama, cooking, painting and drawing From: Montana, USA Born: Taiwan Spoken Languages: English, little Chinese and little French She has visited Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan. Family: Mr. Brenneman teaches 9th grade English. Her daughter, Lydia, is in 3rd grade and her son, Merit, is in 6th grade. Mrs. Brenneman lives in KIS village apartments with her family. She wants to meet a hedgehog. She likes to spend her time biking and going to Jeju-si. Her other hobbies are skiing, hiking and ice skating in Montana. For breakfast she ate fruit. Sometimes she likes to eat Italian food or Mexican food.

STUDENTS AND TEACHERS TELL US WHAT BOOKS THEIR STUDENTS LOVE THE MOST AND WHAT BOOKS THEY LOVE THE MOST In the Elementary School library, we have many good books. We asked the question which book is most popular in each grade and few other questions. First, the 1st grader loves to read "Froggy's First Day.” They like this book because Froggy was nervous and excited about first day of school. He made some mistakes, but he learned a lot, and he had fun! and it’s exciting. Ms. Lawrence said her favorite book for 1st grade is "The Kissing Hand" about Chester the raccoon. She likes it because it is about going school for first time, and about the love families have for one another. She loves students and she loves to see them grow, just like Chester did. Now, the 2nd grader loves to read “Chester” books. “Chester” and “Stephanie’s Ponytail” are favorites because they are fun. Now It's 3rd grade. 3rd graders love to read "Pokemon.” students in the ES They like this book because this book is about people that are traveling with monsters, and they are battling with another people monsters. Students are very excited about story and pictures. Mrs Wagner said her favorite book for 3rd grade book is named "Junie B Jones" because 3rd grader need to start to read chapter book. "Junie B Jones" book is easy chapter book to read. Mr. Prugh recommends “Lily and the Inter-dimensional Backpack” because it books in the ES library teaches students to be organized. Now 4th grade. We peek a just 1 class in 4th grade. 4th grader loves to read "Geronimo Stilton" series book. They like this book because Geronimo who character on that book, he is figure out answer with clues. Students are like that Geronimo is finding clues. And 4th grader teacher said her favorite book for her student book named "Charlottes' Web because everyone loves the characters, and story is so magical. days of school left Finally, in 5th grade the students loves to read Judy Blume this year books and Maniac Magee because they are funny. A fifth grade teacher said that the best readers just read a lot of books in their ZPD. Mrs. Parnell recommends “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr.Seuss because it teaches students about life’s adventure waiting for you. Her students also love to read Diaries of a Wimpy Kid because it is challenging but humorous. Harry Potter and Eragon are popular series.



about 8,000


Curriculum Updates from Elementary School Teachers assembled by Ms. Murray •••

EACH MONTH THE GRADE LEVEL TEACHERS WILL GIVE AN UPDATE OF THEIR CURRICULUM AND CLASSROOM HAPPENINGS Grade 1 Since the beginning of school first graders have been off to an energetic start. First we learned about school routines and procedures and how to treat others. In social studies, we talked about school expectations and how we can respect others in our classroom and be responsible to do our best in all things. In math, we are working on time and numbers up to 120 in math, along with skip counting and learning to use a calendar. In language arts, we are focusing on capitalization and ending punctuation. In reading, we are learning sight words, cause and effect and sequence of events in stories. We've been having a great time so far and the best is yet to come! Grade 2 We are studying weather and the seasons. We have been using math to read thermometers and graph the weather. We wrote and illustrated stories about the typhoon and are making a booklet about each of the seasons. We are also writing our own word problems about weather. Having the two typhoons has made it an exciting start to the year. Grade 3 In the first five weeks of the new school year, Grade 3 students planted a garden as part of their science unit on plants. In Social Studies, students practiced their map skills and explored continents and oceans, and began discussing traditions in the United States. In Math, students completed their overview of Unit 1, and in Language Arts, we've started cursive handwriting and our literacy reading groups. During technology time, students have worked on Pages and Keynote presentations, and they earned enough points to be the top

scoring class for the month of August on

Grade 4 Grade Four students have had a busy start to another great year. We have been learning the parts of speech and adding interesting details to improve our writing. Each class is reading a different novel and talking about character traits. In math we have finished studying 2d shapes, polygon properties and lines in unit 1. Our next unit is about data and patterns. In science we are learning about the scientific method and soon we will be using the data in our science experiments to communicate what we discover. We are looking forward to a great year of new adventures! Grade 5 Grade 5 is off to a great start! In English, we started our first novel of the year, Maniac Magee, and are using reading strategies to predict and understand this exciting novel. In Math, we're talking all about numbers and the different ways they can be represented. We did a presentation on why we need Math and learned that Math is all around us! In Science, we are discovering all about Earth, rocks, and natural disasters. We even did an experiment where we melted crayons to recreate the rock cycle! In October, we'll be taking a field trip to the Manjanggul Lava Caves to see for ourselves what this wonderful world is made of. So far, Grade 5 is learning lots and having fun! PE September 3rd- 14th was basketball. 1,2,3's played dinosaur dribble, backyard cleanup, goldmine, and passing zipper. 4/5's played dribble tag, passing relay olympics, around the world, lightning and 3vs3 tournament September 17-28 is soccer. We have many great activities planned including danger delivery and abominable snowman for 1,2,3's and world cup for 4/5's. Art It has been a great start to the year. All students are studying line and

how it is used in art. They have been doing activities, learning vocabulary and painting and drawing. Grades 1, 2 and 3 have been making lots of art that uses and explores line. The 4th and 5th grade are staring their unit project and should be finished the beginning of October. Then we are on to shapes in art. Music The year in Music has started off exceptionally well. The students have already gotten through their first Unit on Rhythm reading, playing and composing. With extra emphasis on beat and simple rhythm patterns in grades 1,2,3 and more complicated syncopation and notation in grades 4 and 5. We have also begun to review a bit of Sol-Feg singing and will soon be working on preparing for upcoming events. On Friday October 5th the grade 5 students will perform a piece at our KIS Jeju One Year Anniversary Celebration. Also, we will begin to prepare for our Holiday Performances. Grade 1,2 & 3 will perform on Friday, December 7th and Grades 4 & 5 will perform on December 15th. It is proving to be a wonderful year of Music at KIS Jeju and I am looking forward to all of the exciting discoveries your children will make in becoming young musicians.

Activities by David and Danny

••• It is a new school year. This means that there are some new activities. In an interview with Mrs.Craig, the elementary school divisional leader said, “All the students have activities so that they can participate in sports and clubs that are not part of their regular day.” Also she said “The most popular activity was cooking, it was so popular we had to make two activities of it!”. Mrs Craig confirmed that almost all of the students got the activity they wanted, except for a few activities that got cancelled. There are 7 kind of sports. Swimming(T/T) and (W/F), table tennis, Tennis, baseball, badminton, and Soccer. Also there are 6 kind of clubs Cooking (T/T) and (W/F), Newspaper, Painting and Drawing,Ceramics, and Student Councll.

Top 10 Choice Activities









Baseball has 19 students, Swimming (T/T) has 15 students, also Cooking (T/T) has 15 students.Table Tennis, Soccer and Newspaper has 14 students. Swimming (W/F), Ceramics and Cooking (T/T) has 17 students. Badminton has 16 students. Tennis, Painting and Drawing 13 students. Last, Student Councll has 11 students.






Painting and Drawing

Swimming teacher is Mrs.Parnell, Mr.Prugh and Ms.Wallen. Also badminton teacher is Ms.Wallen. Mr.Fijman is the table tennis teacher and Mr.Tupper is tennis teacher. Mr. Tupper is also in charge of student council. Teacher in baseball is Mr. Pratt and the ceramic activity teacher is Ms. Lucy. Mr.V is in charge of soccer. Mrs.Brenneman is teacher of drawing/painting and cooking. Other cooking teachers are Mrs. Paquette and Ms. Lawrence. Newspaper teacher is Ms.Murray.





Newspaper Student Council

Events: The Elementary School Op en House is Thursday September 27 from 3 to 5 pm. KIS First Year Anniversary Celebration is Friday Octob er 5 from 11 - 2 pm. Digital Citizenship Week October 8-12 Fall Festival Saturday Octob er 13

RIddles: What question can you never honestly answer yes to? (*are you asleep?) Remove six letters from this sequence to reveal a familiar english word: BSAINXLEATNTEARS (*banana) What do we call an old snowman? (*waterman)


contributors - Ms. Murray,Tiffany, Sehee, Michelle, David, Julie, Linda, Danny, Mable, Andy, Belle, Jane, Andrew, Amy, Daniel

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