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The Pep Rally by Anna K., Brianna D., and Margret S. 5th Graders

Interviewing 8th graders All of us interviewed 3 8th graders. The first 8th graders we interviewed were Gabi D. and Emma G. Q: Did you participate in the Pep Rally? If so, how? A: Yes, in the dance. Q: Who do you think was in the cougar suit?

Who do you think was in the cougar suit?

A: A seventh grader on the Pep Rally team. Then, we interviewed Victoria B. Q: Did you participate in the Pep Rally? If so, how? A: Yes, the Leadership team/dance. Q : Who do you think was in the cougar suit? A: I don’t know.





by Vanessa B. and Irene P. 5th Graders

Ms.Harris is a 6th grade specialist who is new to Kennedy. She started in September, 2011. Here are some facts about her past. She went to Kennedy and grew up in Natick! She used to work as a 4th grade teacher in Bridgewater. She has a lot of Natick pride.

She is a very kind and energetic teacher. Her favorite thing here at Kennedy is the cougar pride and the roar wall. This is her only job and she wanted to be a 6th grade specialist, because she likes working with 6th graders. She likes playing softball and hiking with her dogs. Her favorite subject is math. She really enjoys working here and helping 6th graders!

Miss Nelson Is Missing! by Tim M. •

7th Grader ••

Every year, before the spring musical, KMS has another play earlier in the year. This year, that play was Miss Nelson is Missing. The play was modeled after the charming picture book of the same name, by the duo of authors Henry Allard and James Marshall.

! The play was a fabulous group

The Cast Mackenzie Parmenter     Jessica  Bost         Ryan  Joseph       Katie  Carew       AJ  Downing         Jacki  Wright       Branden Melton-Kielbowicz Chloe Scriore Jacob Wallace Kayleigh May Samantha Barrow Jessica Zeliger Brianna Thornhill Julia Shanno effort by the whole cast, making the play a fun event for the whole audience. The actors played their parts well, without flaw or pause. The pace and tone of every word was correctly formulated and easy to understand. The cast obviously knew what it was doing! This was because the actors stayed late after school, perfecting their parts. Their work showed through bright and clear.

             Miss  Nelson                Principal  Humleker                  Detective  McSmogg                Assistant  Detective                Raymond                Phoebe George Jorgensen Jr. Lavita Morris aka “Mouse” Kimberly Violet Janet Betty Cheryl

The actors played their best... not to mention the humor they had. Each and every part was accented by beautifully funny puns, references (Just don't step on my blue suede shoes.), and actions. Whenever the actors weren't speaking, the audience was laughing, clapping and cheering for the players. The play was a definite success!

Here Is a Sampling of Some of the Fantastic Things That Go On After School!


by Tim M. •

7th Grader ••

Students as Readers If you love books, this is were you need to go after school! Students As Readers (SAR) is the KMS book club students. Every 3rd Monday of the month, the group gathers to discuss the book assigned to them; past titles have ranged from Savvy, by Ingrid Law, to The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan. The participants share to the group their feelings on the book the others read. SAR is hosted by Mrs. Rotkiewitz, the librarian of the school.

Yes, I realize the irony of writing about the Edge in the Edge. Anyway, as you've probably seen, students from all over the school have contributed to the Edge with world over. With Ms. Dabrush and MS. Brenneman, let your mind out of the box at this club. you love art and enjoy being with your friends, then come to the Art Club. Artists of all levels will love this club because everyone can be creative and spontaneous. There will be many activities, like creating murals, paintings, and portraits, to name a few.

their own personal touch. Comics, editorials, recent events, and anything else noteworthy is covered in this school newspaper. Photographers, ready your cameras to take snapshots of thebest moments of KMS this year. Everyone is welcome to join and show their love of the media!

once! If the world of board games interests you, this is the place to go.

Robotics Club And Team

The Robotics Club is just for building Mindstorms robots (by Lego) to complete cool tasks! Odyssey of the Mind You can use the robots and parts Mr. Steffanini has already, or you Odyssey of the Mind (OotM) is a can bring your own to use. You club for the problem-solving, and your group can create imaginative and creative minds of anything from a fighting robot to KMS. Working together in groups a fast hotrod. The team takes this The Chess Club (while eating pretzels or other to another level, bringing their snacks), each group creates their robots to competition against For chess lovers across the own imaginative answer to a other MA robots. Sign up to build school, this is the club that has a robot today! problem given by the OotM it! The Chess Club obviously organization in dramatic fashion. includes chess, but But anything is allowed- robots, participants can play whatever puns, strobe lights, and anything board games they want with in between – to make your's the other club-goers. You are memorable. In March, there is the allowed to even bring your option of competing in the State own to play. The club has Finals to try to get a spot in the once had 6 simultaneous World Finals, with groups the chess games going all at



MLB Offseason by AJ.

Not bad, but I predict a Yu Darvish signing for Texas. Other than that, avoid injuries. (I'm talking to you, Cruz) Miami Marlins and the NL East 1st Topic: Pujols, The Phiilies have only gotten Wilson better during the off-season. So, -Pujols and Wilson are two out of what makes Miami think signing the four or five quality players on Reyes and Buehrle will do them the Angels. Are they able to carry any good? Predicted standings the Angels past Texas? Pujols next year: does not have as good of a team 1st: Marlins with him anymore. Even with the 2nd: Braves great Cardinals team, they barely 3rd: Phillies made the Wild Card. They took 4th: Mets CJ from Texas, lowering their 5th: Nats rotation, but Texas still has Miami and Atlanta have pretty amazing players like Cruz, good pitching too. Howard and Hamilton, Kinsler, Beltre, Victorino are their only good Andrus, and Napoli. hitters with Rollins a free agent. What will Texas do? Their is only so long Halladay -Their rotation is now: Colby and Lee can continue as greats. Lewis, Matt Harrison, Derek They could be fantastic, but I Holland, Neftali Feliz, Alexi predict the offense will crumble. Ogando, and... Scott Feldman. 8th Grader •••

Comic By Sabrina F. 5th Grader

Ryan Braun He may be a little crazy, but I don't believe he used PEDs. He is not that person or player. However, tests don't lie. I would be surprised if Braun had his suspension overturned. He will miss Milwaukee's first 50 games. What will this mean for Milwaukee, no Fielder, ad Braun out for 1/3 of the season? St. Louis will win the division easily. Milwaukee and Cincinnati will lose the Wild Card to Atlanta.

Natick Super Bowl by Mina A. 7th Grader

On November    , 2011  the  staffs  of  all   the  public  schools  in   Na:ck  had  a  foot  ball   game.  There  were  two   teams,  the  red  team   and  the  blue  team.  The   red  team  had  Kennedy   Middle  School,  Na:ck   High  School,  and  Brown   Elementary  School.  The   blue  team  consisted  of   all  the  other  public   schools  in  Na:ck.  It  was  

a close  game,  but  the  blue  team  won  the  game,   23  to  20.


The :ckets  for  the  game  were  $8  a  person.   The  money  collected  went  back  to  the  schools   and  will  be  used  for  things  like  school  technology.

Blue Team

23 Red Team


Photos by  K.  Rufo

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