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There are many significant events that happen in Animal Farm. It is up to you to report it. In our own individual classes, we will create a weekly news broadcast to report on the events on Animal Farm. The intention is to make it as much like the real news as possible: today we can all turn on a news program to monitor the political unrest in Thailand, watch as Poland struggles to piece together a nation after a major catastrophe, and learn further of the on-going healthcare debates in the United States. Mr. Smith and Ms. Dailey may guide you in a particular direction each week, however you will work together to create the news reports, film them, and present them. We will not influence your interpretations of this novella, and encourage you to extend your thinking as far as possible. The further we read into the text of Animal Farm, the more we will discuss the power of words and propaganda on the masses. You will be invited to play with the power of persuasion and to report the news as you see it. Overall, just have fun. The first one is always the hardest. You will have to complete five, so they should get better and better. Play with interviews, on-the-scene reporting, choose anchorpersons, have a cameraman, experiment with a theme song and a clever name for your news station. Change roles. Every time. Give everyone an opportunity to try everything. Each student will receive a group grade for these presentations, so make sure everyone works together!! We look forward to seeing you on television. :] Scoring Rubric:



Creativity and Quality


Excellent (5)

Good (4)

Satisfactory (3)

Poor (2 or 1)

Your news report is well-written and easy to understand. It follows the events of the story.

Your news report contains some mistakes in grammar or does not flow well.

You news report is not very well-written. The text is not wellorganized.

It is impossible to understand your news report. It does not show an understanding of the story.

Youʼve used many persuasive techniques to present your perspective.

Youʼve used some persuasive techniques. Try to be more persuasive.

Your report is not very persuasive because some of your points support the opposite perspective.

Your news report is not persuasive. You have not

Youʼve experimented with video manipulation software. Youʼve included props, graphs, drawing, music, etc.

Your news report is good! Try to play more with the software. Try to include some more creative elements.

Youʼve put some effort into making your news report interesting. Try to add props, music, drawings, graphs into your news report.

Youʼve put very little effort into making your news report interesting. Zzzzz.....

Everyone participated equally.

One person did not participate.

More than one person did not participate.

Only one or two people worked on the assignment.


/5 /5

/5 /5

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The assignment.

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