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Have you ever wanted to change the world? Have you ever wanted to help a child?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela


association for the education of young children

So, did we. That’s why we joined.



aeyc STUDENT CHAPTER Contact Info: Chairperson - Alicia Allyn Bobcheck For more information:




Our Mission: The Columbia AEYC Student Chapter participates in and plans events to raise funds and awareness for young children and education. In collaboration with AEYC, students are provided a forum to explore professional development and advocacy for children. History: The Columbia AEYC Student Chapter began as a small idea-- the students and faculty of the Early Childhood Education department wanted an organization that would not only allow the students the opportunity to receive recognition on campus but serve as a forum for discussing issues unique to pre-service teachers and others interested in education. Interested remained, but without leadership or direction no organization was ever formed. Then, in spring of this year, we were given the opportunity to form a student chapter of The National Association for the Education of Young Children. With the support and guidance of the faculty of the Early Childhood Education department we became officially recognized as a student organization by the Office of Student Engagement.

Now, we’re HERE talking to YOU. You can shape the future of Columbia AEYC.

What you should know about joining


Chicago Metro AEYC

We’re a small organization but we hope to make a big impact on campus and in education.


Illinois AEYC

Our members are all Early Childhood Education majors but we’re interested in anyone looking to make a change in the lives of children.


Participation is free... $35 gets you all the benefits of membership from our parent organizations.* (See the benefits on the next page.)

As a full member of Columbia AEYC you also automatically become a member of all of these organizations, receive all of the benefits of membership, at no extra cost.

Because we’re a new organization we welcome any and all ideas. You can become a part of the foundation of an exceptional organization.

These benefits include:

Our members are dedicated, creative, idealistic people. Our offices include: o Chairperson o Vice-Chairperson o Secretary o Treasurer o Primary SOC Representative o Secondary SOC Representative Our organization provides a sense of community for people with an interest in advocating for children and a forum for action.







*One year membership.


20% discount on prices in the NAEYC catalog of hundreds of books, videos, brochures, and posters. Six electronic issues of award-winning Young Children, packed with the latest developments in early childhood education, practice, and research. The print publication package of your choice: six issues of Young Children or five issues of Teaching Young Children/Preschool (English or Spanish) and the book Spotlight on Teaching Preschoolers. Reduced registration fees at NAEYCsponsored conferences and seminars, including the world's largest early education conference. Voting rights in NAEYC elections to help shape the future of the early childhood profession. Reduced subscription fees for the highly respected Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Exchange Magazine, Highlights High Five, and Education Week.

Columbia AEYC  

A pamphlet created for the Columbia College Chicago AEYC Student Chapter.

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