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The Cayman S

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. 980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1000 Atlanta, Georgia 30328

The Cayman S


The Cayman S








Comfort and Personalization




Cayman S

Two-seater sports coupe

Mid-mounted engine

Rear-wheel drive

Dynamic design

Daily driving practicality


It’s not every day that Porsche

Frankfurt Motor Show debut, the

designates a new production

Cayman S was hailed as “Best in

sports car. Fortunately for driving

Show” by AutoWeek magazine:

enthusiasts, this is not every day.

instant acclaim for a car that is

For 2006, we proudly introduce

instantly Porsche.

the Cayman S: an unprecedented balance of breathtaking design,

performance •2•

astonishing performance and inspired architecture. At its •3•

A sensation 50 years in the making. The new Cayman S.

Many a carmaker builds both race

In the Cayman S, Porsche engineers

Le Mans. The streamlined hardtop

near perfect balance and razor-

example, cargo room, driver and

Like the 550, it is a performance

and road cars. What makes Porsche

have built on ideas first tested

gave the car additional top-end

sharp steering response.

passenger comfort, and engine

sports coupe with a free-revving,

unique is our resolve to bring the

on the track a half century ago.

speed on the over-three-mile

access. The Cayman S solves

high-torque, mid-mounted engine.

best of both worlds together—to

In 1953, Porsche created the

Mulsanne Straight. As with the

A mid-engine, streamlined coupe

these challenges with the same

Unlike its long-ago inspiration, the

create uncompromised sports cars

550 Coupe, a closed-top version

550 Spyder, the engine was

design is all well and good in a

aplomb it brings to twisting

Cayman S is extraordinarily

that can be enjoyed every day.

of the legendary 550 Spyder,

located midship, which provided

race car. But in a road car,

mountain roads.

practical in everyday use. In the

specifically for the 24 Hours of

practical issues intrude—for

cockpit, with the gently domed roof overhead, the driver enjoys unexpected spaciousness. The beautifully integrated clamshell door provides easy access to a large cargo shelf and, for servicing, to the engine compartment located underneath. And there’s yet more cargo space in the forward trunk.

The coupe body-style also contributes to the car’s outstanding performance. The body shape is so aerodynamically refined, the drag coefficient is just 0.29—low even by sports car standards. The extremely rigid bodyshell provides improved responsiveness and all-around driving dynamics.

We have a thing for curves. The exterior design of the new Cayman S.

Look at the Cayman S and you

Front view.

placed via horizontal struts,

Side view.

designed as part of the body.

immediately sense Porsche’s love

sections, which help to optimize

the roof into the rear. While one

airflow to the engine.

line meets with the rear window surround, the other continues its

of curves. In fact, the body’s

Tour its surfaces, and you’ll see

sinuous surface represents an

what we mean. The massive air

The lower apron provides

travel from the fenders to the

Note how the coupe roofline

ideal adaptation of the twists and

intakes channel cooling air to the

downforce to keep the front end

narrowed midsection, which places

provides an unbroken curve from

turns of our favorite roads. Each

car’s twin radiators and brakes. To

grounded at high speeds, while

the passenger-compartment mass

the windshield frame to the car’s

meeting of convex and concave

visually minimize the openings, the

the low-lying front trunk lid

closer to center. Like the wind,

powerful rear section. To the rear

surfaces is designed to move air

fog lights and sidelights are neatly

reduces drag. The raked

your gaze naturally flows to the

of the door, the lower window

with the utmost efficiency. The

positioned within the radiator

headlamps and wheel arches

twin intakes that feed air to the

edge makes a dramatic upward

fact that they move the enthusiast’s

openings. The eye-catching,

present an almost seamless

engine. Each of the twin intakes

surge. Above the side windows are

soul is merely a happy coincidence.

circular light units are elegantly

surface to the wind.

consists of three vertically divided

two additional lines which channel

• 12 •

Move to the side, and let your eyes

• 13 •

path as far as the taillight.

Rear view.

Another prominent feature is

openings that provide a partial

Wheel design.

the large rear hatch and window.

view of the engine exhaust

The rear-wheel arches bulge to

This top-hinged lid provides

system, and an easy escape route

Our engineers developed a new

enclose large high-performance

convenient access to the two-

for excess exhaust-system heat.

lightweight alloy wheel specifically

wheels, and provide ample space

part luggage compartment. The

for the Cayman S. The standard

for boldly emphatic taillights. A

third brake light is also an integral

wheel is an 18-inch five-spoke

biplane spoiler is neatly tucked

part of the rear window area.

design, derived from the wheel on

between the rear arches and the

the ultra-exotic Carrera GT. For a

spoiler’s upper wing is automatically

Underscoring the rear end’s

more personal touch, you can

extended at 75 mph to generate

purposeful shapes are dual

also choose from a range of

additional downforce.

exhaust pipes, flanked by arched

optional 19-inch designs.

18-inch Cayman S wheel

confines of a racetrack, can


achieve a top speed of 171 mph

Stability Management (PSM) assists in the driving experience.

(manual transmission). Power is

The chassis design is the result

directly conveyed through a short-

of over 50 years of track-tested

The optional Porsche Active

throw, six-speed manual gearbox

evolution. At each axle, you will

Suspension Management (PASM)

or, if you prefer, a Tiptronic S

note a generous “track” between

offers active control of all four

transmission is also available,

the wheels. MacPherson struts

dampers, based on changing road

providing the choice of fully

and lateral control arms keep the

conditions and driving style.

automatic or manual shifting

tire tread planted through turns,

via controls located on the

which are executed by way of

For even greater driving pleasure,

steering wheel.

variable-ratio rack-and-pinion

the car can be equipped with the

steering. Together, these systems

optional Sport Chrono Package.

react with precision to the driver’s

When “Sport” mode is selected,

input. For greater control and

the engine and chassis are

safety, the standard Porsche

seamlessly adapted to create a more direct and responsive drive.

One good turn deserves another. The new Cayman S in overview. About balance.

Boxer engine.

Power on demand.

The mid-engine layout in the

Developed specifically for the

Displacing 3.4 liters, the engine

Cayman S presents a superb

Cayman S, the engine takes full

develops 295 horsepower and

platform for a car with serious

advantage of its location. It’s a

251 lb.-ft. of torque. VarioCam

sporting intentions. Placing the

six-cylinder boxer design, with two

Plus helps to maximize torque

engine mass midship contributes

banks of cylinders located on a

at low engine speeds and

to the car’s response and also

horizontal plane. This hallmark of

increase top-end power. With its

perfectly balances the weight

Porsche engine design gives the

impressive power-to-weight ratio,

between front and back wheels,

engine an extremely short profile

the Cayman S can sprint to 60 mph

for improved traction.

for its displacement, lowering the

in just 5.1 seconds (with manual

vehicle’s overall center of gravity.

transmission) and, in the controlled

• 16 •

The PSM trigger threshold is

display in the PCM screen and

comes from its large, cross-drilled

raised higher still, while the

a personal memory function.

and vented discs, straddled by

optional PASM is switched to the

four-piston monobloc aluminum

firmer Sport setup. The optional

calipers. ABS is standard. For the

Tiptronic S provides faster gear-

Stopping power.

shifts at higher engine speeds.

ultimate in braking performance, Porsche Ceramic Composite

On the racetrack, victories are

Brakes (PCCB) are available as

On vehicles equipped with

won through braking as well as

an option. These brakes combine

optional Porsche Communication

acceleration. Porsche is renowned

lightweight construction, rapid

Management (PCM), the system

for brakes that are both powerful

response and fade resistance.

can be upgraded to the Sport

and refined, responding precisely

Chrono Package Plus. Additional

to the driver’s modulations. The

features include a performance

confident braking of the Cayman S

Purposeful elegance.

The standard seats offer exceptional

space in the doors, center console

comfort and lateral support; other

and lockable glove compartment.

The most impressive performance

seating options are also available,

means little without someplace to

including pneumatically adjustable

enjoy it. In the Cayman S, the

Adaptive Sports Seats.

The sound experience.

cockpit is designed to be that perfect place. Smoothly integrated and clearly defined surfaces

Equally voluminous is the quality

A place for everything.

surround the driver and passenger

of sound from the Sound Package Plus audio system. For even

with purposeful elegance. Each of

Storage space is a luxury indeed

greater sound enjoyment, there

the hand controls—steering wheel,

in a sports car. In the Cayman S,

is the optional Bose® Surround

gear shifter and handbrake lever—

you’ll find a roomy two-section

Sound System package, offering

is finished in leather, to provide a

luggage compartment behind the

concert-hall quality through a total

sure grip. The instrument binnacle

seats, and a deep trunk under the

of 10 loudspeakers.

places all essential information

front hood. For those things you

within three aluminum-faced gauges.

need close at hand, there’s storage • 19 •


3.4 liters

Six-cylinder “boxer”


295 horsepower

251 lb.-ft. 4400–6000 rpm

VarioCam Plus

Variable-steering ratio


Strength, speed, finesse, agility,

describe the experience of

endurance. Like a superb athlete,

driving the Cayman S, in which

the Cayman S turns a collection

every input is met with a precise

of impressive capabilities into

and thrilling response.

something sublime. While its acceleration, lateral g-forces and braking distance are all impressive, figures cannot fully

• 20 •


Power is just the beginning.

Engine performance discussions

broad revolution band. It should

often begin and end with horsepower

be tractable in daily commuting

and torque. In a thoroughbred

and thrilling when the opportunity

sports car, however, there are

arises. And to maximize your

many other considerations. The

driving time, it should be reliable

engine must be lightweight with a

and easy to maintain.

low center of gravity. It should respond instantly to throttle input, while delivering torque over a

3.4-liter six-cylinder boxer engine

The Cayman S engine.

bearing bridge, for example, is

resonance induction manifold,

a composite structure of two

which optimizes the air charge

The 24-valve, 3.4-liter boxer

metals—aluminum to cut weight,

as rpm’s rise, and by Porsche’s

engine developed for the

and cast-iron inserts to reduce

VarioCam Plus, which adjusts

Cayman S achieves all these

temperature-related changes in

valve timing and lift.

objectives. Its low center of gravity

bearing play. High-tech electronics also play a

complements the superb chassis

Cayman S: 251 lb.-ft. between 4400 and 6000 rpm, 295 horsepower at 6250 rpm

• 22 •

in which it resides. The two-piece

Depress the throttle in the

role in this visceral experience.

block is die-cast in lightweight

Cayman S and you feel a

Fuel injection and ignition are

aluminum with integrated oil and

relentless surge pressing at

controlled by the Motronic ME 7.8

water channels. This simple

your back. The 251 lb.-ft.

engine management system, and

solution eliminates the need for

maximum torque arrives at just

an electronically operated throttle

drilling or external hoses, possible

4400 rpm and stays with you to

applies power with precision.

sources of failure. Other solutions

6000 rpm. This engineering feat

are more complex: The crankshaft

is made possible by a two-stage • 23 •




1 3

21 8

7 2



Individual ignition coil


Camshaft adjuster (valve timing)


Control valve for camshaft adjuster


Control valve for variable-valve lift


Inlet camshaft


Switchable tappet with hydraulic valve clearance adjustment





Oil scavenge pump (obscured)


Inlet valve


Valve spring


Exhaust valve


Lokasil-coated bore


Forged aluminum piston


Forged connecting rod


Crankshaft bearing bridge




Water jacket


Combustion chamber


Electronically controlled throttle valve


Resonance intake manifold


Twin-flow intake pipe


Twin-flow intake valve


Resonance valve


Air-conditioning compressor pulley


Power-steering pump pulley


Ancillary drive belt


Water pump pulley


Oil feed pump (obscured)


Tandem pump




12 16


17 10

11 24 23 25 26

28 27

Engine management system.

lifting off the throttle before braking. Electronic engine

In the Cayman S, advanced

management provides smoother

electronics assure optimum

delivery from a standing start as

performance in all operating

well as a less intrusive rev-limiter

conditions. Motronic ME 7.8, the

action. It also coordinates the

electronic control first proven on

various subsystems within

the Porsche 911 Turbo, oversees

Porsche Stability Management,

all engine-related systems, such

synchronizes variable-valve

as ignition and fuel supply. It can

timing and lift (VarioCam Plus),

modulate the volume of incoming

and manages cylinder-specific

air to compensate for sudden load

knock control and other

changes—for example, when

important functions.

Used to regulate/control

Camshaft phase angles (inlet sides) Engine load

Integrated dry-sump lubrication.

Cayman S is equipped with an

the chance of pre-ignition

electronic oil-level indicator as

knocking, extend valve life,

Throttle pedal position Lambda signal

In the Cayman S, an integrated

part of the onboard computer

improve fuel economy, and lower

dry-sump system ensures consistent

system. The reading is so precise,

emissions. And because the

lubrication, even when gravity is

a dipstick is not required.

coolant channels are cast into

overpowered by lateral g-forces.

the block, routine maintenance

Oil is extracted by two scavenger

is significantly reduced.

pumps, one dedicated to each

Engine cooling.

cylinder head. Narrow return lines

A third pump feeds the oil back to the lubrication points, starting the cycle anew. The result is consistent lubrication, even in sweeping high-speed turns. The

Temperatures – Coolant – Intake air – Engine oil – Air in engine compartment Vehicle speed Air conditioning settings

de-foam the oil before it is collected in the integral sump.

Knock sensor signal

A cross-flow cooling system

Engine immobilizer status

channels coolant separately to

Ambient pressure

each individual cylinder, so that

Sport button

Ignition Fuel injection Heating elements in Lambda sensors Idling via throttle and ignition Fuel-tank venting

(Motronic ME 7.8)

Engine speed (from crankshaft)

Engine management system

Input data

Resonance valve in intake manifold Twin-flow valve in intake manifold Camshaft phase angle Variable-valve lift Secondary air injection Engine fan Starter Diagnostics Air conditioning compressor

all six cylinders operate within the same temperature range. Consistent temperatures reduce • 26 •

Moment interface to Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

CAN interface to instrument cluster, transmission control unit, stability control system, etc. • 27 •

Two-stage resonance

valves that open and close at

cylinder charging. The result of all

intake manifold.

predefined engine speeds. A

this controlled breathing: higher

resonance pipe connecting the

torque at low rpm, a flatter torque

Controlled breathing is the secret

twin plenum chambers is used to

curve and greater top-end power.

to better performance. In the

alter the geometry within the

Cayman S, breathing is optimized

manifold. The resulting vibration

by a twin-flow intake pipe, with

of the air molecules improves

VarioCam Plus.

VarioCam Plus is a remarkably innovative system that continually

VarioCam Plus

adjusts valve timing for optimum performance. Key benefits include

lobes. The timing of each valve is

For maximum power and torque,

increased power and torque at all

seamlessly adjusted by means of

the lift is raised and the timing

engine speeds, smoother running,

an electro-hydraulically operated

is advanced.

better fuel economy and fewer

rotary vane adjuster, located at

exhaust emissions.

the head of each intake camshaft.

All operations are controlled by a powerful electronic control unit that

VarioCam Plus combines variable-

manages the engine’s operation

valve timing with two-stage lift on

The valve timing and valve profile

and makes the appropriate

the intake side. The two-stage

are continuously altered according

adjustments. Onboard diagnostics

valve-lift function is performed by

to conditions and engine load.

provide continuous monitoring

electro-hydraulically operated

For cold starts and initial

and early fault detection for the

switchable tappets. Each of these

responsiveness, VarioCam Plus

exhaust and fuel supply systems.

12 tappets consists of concentric

raises the amount of lift, and

This results in the active prevention

lifters which can be locked together

retards the valve timing. At

of excessive emissions, as well

by means of a pin. The inner lifter

medium revs and minimal load,

as consistent fuel consumption.

is actuated by a small cam lobe,

the valve lift is lowered and timing

while the outer ring element is

advanced to help minimize fuel

moved by a pair of larger-profile

consumption and emissions. • 29 •

Ignition system.

no central coil, there is no need


for leads, a common source of

knock control.

To extract the most power from

electrical faults. All six coils are

each combustion cycle, the

directly controlled by the engine

The ignition and engine management

ignition of the air/fuel mixture

management system, which can

systems work in concert to provide

must be consistent and thorough.

alter ignition timing if necessary.

cylinder-specific knock control—

The Cayman S uses a static high-

For example, in cars equipped

adjusting the timing of a given

voltage system with separate

with Tiptronic S, the system

cylinder if its temperature rises

coils on each plug to assure

adjusts ignition timing to deliver

too high.

perfect ignition every time. With

smoother downshifts.

Exhaust system.

In the Cayman S, the exhaust system plays the final role in maximizing engine performance.

Two headers direct the exhaust

Exhaust system

gases through a twin-tract layout,

distinctive sound—on starting, at

chains that are maintenance-free

to reduce back pressure. Four

idle and across the entire engine-

for the life of the car, an ignition

Lambda probes—one before and

speed range. The system’s

system that requires no servicing

one after each catalytic converter—

alluring sound is very much in the

beyond fresh spark plugs every

monitor gas composition and

Porsche tradition.

60,000 miles, valves that self-

catalyst performance. The gases

adjust automatically, and a

then pass through a twin-silencer

self-adjusting belt that drives

unit before exiting the car.


the generator, power-steering pump and air conditioning. Thanks

Since a twin-tract layout allows

Our engineers developed the

to excellent filtration and high-

greater throughput than a

Cayman S to deliver peak

endurance synthetic oil, oil-change

conventional exhaust, the system

performance with minimal service

intervals are an astonishing

has a positive effect on both power

required. Some examples of their

20,000 miles.

and torque. It also generates a

thoughtfulness include timing

Dual-tube tailpipe

• 30 •

• 31 •

1 7 12 2

6 10 3

8 9 5

1 11 13 4


1. Radiator module Engine and gearbox mounts.

The engine is held by a single

mounts are hydraulic in type,

mount located centrally at the

using a fluid-filled element to

The Cayman S uses a system of

front of the unit. The gearbox is

dampen vibration and noise. The

three hydraulic mounts to support

supported laterally by two

mounts are effective against both

the engine and gearbox.

additional mounts. All three

high- and low-frequency vibration.

• 32 •

2. Brake booster

6. Resonance induction manifold

10. Silencer 11. Connecting tube

3. Gearshift/gear-selector lug

7. Coolant expansion tank

12. Oil filler neck

4. PASM damper

8. Electronically controlled

13. Air filter intake duct

5. Six-speed manual gearbox/ five-speed Tiptronic S

throttle valve 9. Connecting duct

Two engaging transmissions.

Manual gearbox with

Rapid shifts are executed through

burdensome, thanks to its

dual-mass flywheel.

a short-throw mechanism that lets

hydraulic operation. A dual-mass

you wring the most torque from

flywheel assures smooth power

Tiptronic S.

automatic mode and you can

Other useful Tiptronic S functions

still change gears manually if

include a warm-up program,

There was a time when the sports

you desire. If there is no other

gearshift suppression when cornering, automatic downshifts

In the Cayman S, every driver

each of six ideally spaced gear

delivery and quiet idling in neutral.

car buyer was forced to choose

manual input for eight seconds,

input is met with an immediate

ratios. The gearshift lever is cable-

The final drive ratio has been

between the control of driver-

the system reverts back to

during heavy braking, an incline

and direct response. With its

operated to insulate it from

carefully selected for optimum

executed gearshifts and the

automatic mode.

sensor for better uphill acceleration

performance-oriented standard

gearbox vibration. The clutch

sports performance.

ease of automatic shifting.

gearbox, shifting is no exception.

operation is direct without being

and downhill engine braking, and

Porsche changed all that with

Tiptronic S even adjusts the rpm

automatic upshifting when traction

the introduction of Tiptronic

shift point to suit your changing

is threatened during braking on

transmission, where the system

driving style. Based on your

wet roads.

combines an automatic

throttle input, the system selects

transmission with the option

from a wide range of shift patterns,

If the optional Sport Chrono

of manual gearshifts.

from the most conservative, all

Package is engaged, the gearshift

the way to a high-performance

action is even more direct and

The latest advance of this

sports pattern. Even in automatic

athletic. In addition, automatic

technology, five-speed Tiptronic S,

mode, the rapid gearshift action

upshifts are prevented when

is available as an option on the

enables optimum speed and agility.

Tiptronic S is in manual mode.

new Cayman S.

For manual shifting, simply slot the selector into the manual gate and use the gearshift controls on the steering wheel. Gearshifts are completed in about 0.2 seconds with virtually no interruption in drive—comparable to a wellexecuted shift in a manualtransmission car. Switch to

Tiptronic S gear selector

• 35 •

Tiptronic S control on steering wheel

Front axle with MacPherson struts and lateral control arms

Rear axle with MacPherson struts and lateral control arms

Creating the optimum connection. In both directions. The new Cayman S suspension.

These sculpted forms represent

In the Cayman S, MacPherson-

stout anti-roll bars also contribute

The Cayman S chassis delivers

the ultimate evolution of Porsche

type coil-over struts work in

to remarkably flat cornering.

both the exhilaration of controlled

suspension design. Their sporting

concert with lateral control

prowess derives not from

arms to give the sports car its

Virtually all moving parts in the axle

extra margin of safety that comes

technological tricks, but from

characteristic feel when driving

assemblies are made from light

from driving a highly responsive,

sound geometry and the finest

over the road’s twists, turns and

yet robust aluminum, to minimize

well-mannered car.

lightweight materials.

bumps. The generous track (the

unsprung mass. Equally important,

distance across each axle)

these axle assemblies are attached

minimizes pitch and roll, while

to a highly rigid bodyshell.

• 38 •

high-performance driving, and the

• 39 •


The system also adjusts to


changes in steering demand. With its uncompromising mid-

During highway use, the steering

Strong and ultralight, the standard

engine weight balance and superb

ratio is moderated for smoother

18-inch alloy wheels on the

suspension, the Cayman S

turns and lane changes. Transition

Cayman S were engineered to

demands a responsive steering

to a small twisting road and the

extract every ounce of the car’s

system. Porsche engineers have

steering ratio increases for a more

thrilling performance potential.

responded with variable-ratio

aggressive steering response.

Their purposeful five-spoke design

rack-and-pinion steering. This

18-inch Cayman S wheel

19-inch Carrera Classic wheel

18-inch Boxster S wheel

19-inch SportDesign wheel

19-inch Carrera S wheel

19-inch Carrera Sport wheel

was inspired by the wheels

hydraulically assisted system

With the unmistakable feel of

developed for the Porsche

provides rewarding two-way

leather, the standard three-spoke

Carrera GT. Anti-theft bolts

communication between the driver

steering wheel adjusts for both

are standard. For greater

and car—responding with thrilling

height and reach to assure comfort

personalization, a range of

immediacy to driver input, while

for drivers of all statures.

alternative wheels are available

providing the driver with excellent

in 18-inch and 19-inch designs.

tactile feedback.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

This optional Tire Pressure Monitoring System provides early warning of any drop in pressure via the onboard computer display.

• 40 •

• 41 •

Porsche Active Suspension

suit your driving style and

reacts to changes in the road

torque. A dedicated control unit

shift to a softer damper rating

With PASM, agility is enhanced,

Management (PASM).

changing road conditions.

and your driving style by varying

analyzes all this data, and adjusts

to preserve the car’s grip and

without compromising overall ride

damping force at each wheel.

damping to suit the selected

traction. When the surface

quality. The result is a new level

driving mode.

improves, PASM returns to the

of harmony between comfort

firmer original rating. The system

and control.

For the ultimate in comfort and

With PASM, the ride height is

The movement of the body is

control, the Cayman S is offered

.39 inches (10 mm) lower than

continuously monitored under

with the option of Porsche Active

that of a standard steel-sprung

acceleration, braking and cornering,

Further driver input is not

remains active in Normal mode,

Suspension Management (PASM).

suspension. The driver can select

as well as on poor road surfaces.

required, even if road conditions

too. If the car is driven more

This system provides continuous

either “Normal” damping or the

Other sensors measure lateral

change. If Sport mode is selected

assertively, PASM switches to a

adjustment of the damping force

generally firmer “Sport” damping

acceleration, steering angle,

and you encounter a rough

firmer damper rating to improve

at all four corners of the car to

setting. In either mode, PASM

brake-pedal pressure and engine

section, PASM will automatically

the driver’s control.


Rebound in Normal mode— bypass valve open


Rebound in Sport mode—bypass valve closed


Compression in Normal mode— bypass valve open


Compression in Sport mode— bypass valve closed

• 42 •

When Sport mode is selected,

The threshold for engagement

the engine management system

of Porsche Stability Management

Like every Porsche, the Cayman S

modifies the throttle map, and

(PSM) is also raised. The Cayman S

has plenty of performance in

engine variables are adapted to

becomes less susceptible to wheel

reserve. To help you further

create a more aggressive level

spin when accelerating from a

explore that potential, we offer

of power response. Suspension

standing start. A greater degree

the Sport Chrono Package. With

variables are also retuned to the

of oversteer is allowed on turn-in

this option, you have the ability to

demands of more assertive driving.

and exit, especially in lower-speed

reprogram the electronic driver’s

Porsche Active Suspension

cornering sequences.

aids and engine management

Management (PASM) switches

system of the Cayman S at the

to the firmer-damping Sport

For maximum maneuverability,

touch of a button.

mode, enabling faster turn-in

PSM can be set to standby while

and flatter cornering.

the car is still in Sport mode. PSM simply monitors the forces acting

Torque (%) (as percentage of maximum)

Sport Chrono Package.

Throttle response in Sport mode Throttle response in Normal mode

Both sets of characteristics are dependent on engine speed.

Pedal travel (%) Sport button on center console

on the car, and intervenes only in

Comparison of throttle maps in Normal and Sport modes

Sport Chrono Package Plus.

the most critical situations—for

recorded for any stretch of road, and benchmark times

example, when ABS assistance is

A second Sport Chrono option is

required on both front brakes.

available in conjunction with the optional Porsche Communication

can be defined.

Other useful features include

The Sport Chrono Package includes

Management (PCM) system. Sport

a memory function that stores

a swivel-mounted time display in

Chrono Package Plus offers all

personal preferences for a range

the center of the dashboard, with

the functions of the Sport Chrono

of features, including daytime

a digital field that displays time to

Package, with additional

running lights, “Welcome Home”

the hundredth of a second, so

information and features.

lighting, climate control and door-

you can monitor the results of the car’s increased performance.

locking functions. Times can be viewed, stored and analyzed. The performance display and PCM let you track elapsed time and the distance traveled on your current trip, as well as the number of roundtrips completed and their respective times. The system can also display the current fastest trip and the remaining fuel range. Driving times can be

• 45 •


Four-piston monobloc brake calipers

The Porsche Cayman S performs best when it matters most—when

Porsche Stability

your safety is at stake. With its

Management (PSM)

hardened-steel passenger cell and

Advanced Airbags

Porsche Side Impact

its crisp and predictable handling, it is the ideal platform for some


of the most advanced active and passive safety technologies available in a road car.

• 46 •

First, avoid harm.

enhanced by a well-designed lighting concept. Front fog lights

Safety in the new Cayman S.

put illumination exactly where you need it, while a rear fog light and center-mounted brake light make

Active safety.

contribute to a generous reserve

High technology also plays a role:

of safety.

The Cayman S is equipped with

Porsche engineers believe the

Porsche Stability Management

best method of protecting a car’s

Another factor is the outstanding

(PSM), a driver’s aid that helps

occupants is to help the driver

grip provided by high-performance

you maintain control in emergency

avoid accidents altogether. In

tires. At high speeds, traction is

situations, and with advanced ABS.

the Cayman S, a poised and

enhanced by the car’s biplane

predictable chassis, responsive

spoiler, which extends to create

At night or in poor weather, one’s

engine and powerful brakes all

downforce at speeds over 75 mph.

ability to see and to be seen is

your car highly visible to others.

Altogether, the Cayman S helps you put the hazards of the road safely behind you.

Bi-Xenon lighting system with headlight-cleaning. The optional Bi-Xenon lighting system provides wider, brighter and more consistent illumination than that of conventional headlamps in low-beam mode. Xenon’s blue-white light is virtually identical to the wavelength of daylight, improving color perception and reducing eyestrain. To prevent the dazzling of oncoming traffic, dynamic headlamp-leveling automatically adjusts the beams to compensate for changes in vehicle attitude in acceleration or braking. Headlamp washers keep the lens crystal clear. Bi-Xenon headlight

Braking system.

A single block of aluminum

Porsche Ceramic Composite

widely used in the most advanced

friction properties. The system

forms the body of the monobloc

Brake (PCCB).

racing cars.

also includes more powerful six-

The braking ability of the Cayman S

calipers, with four pistons per

is every bit as impressive as its

caliper—a design that is extremely

For the ultimate in high-

The PCCB discs contain

front brakes, while four-piston

acceleration to 60 mph in 5.1

rigid, robust and lightweight. The

performance braking technology,

considerably more cooling

monobloc calipers are fitted at

seconds (manual transmission).

result is consistent and immediate

the Cayman S can be equipped

channels than that of a

the rear. All four calipers have a

pedal response.

with the optional Porsche Ceramic

conventional disc, with a vent

distinctive yellow-painted finish.

Composite Brake (PCCB) system.

geometry that accelerates airflow

Powerful, precise braking

piston monobloc calipers at the

begins with four massive discs.

Airflow is integral to the entire

The system’s discs are not metal,

to maximize cooling under heavy

Measuring 12.52 inch. (318 mm)

system. Cooling air is channeled

but a special ceramic reinforced

brake use. This structure also

in diameter at the front and 11.77

to every part of the four brake

with carbon fiber. The result of an

incorporates more internal walls

inch. (299 mm) at the rear, each

assemblies, helping lower

extremely complex manufacturing

for greater structural stability.

disc is internally vented and cross-

temperatures for higher levels

process, they are harder, more

drilled for good cooling and better

of fade-resistant performance.

resistant to high temperatures,

The carbon-composite discs work

and about half the weight of metal

in concert with a special brake-

discs. These are three reasons

pad compound, offering rapid

why composite brakes are now

deceleration and consistent

braking in wet conditions.

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)

Standard brake

• 50 •

• 51 •

Body structure.

heavy braking, where both front

energy, to reduce impact on the

wheels exceed the ABS threshold.

passenger cell. Super highThe Cayman S is designed to

strength steel is used in the

All PSM inputs are restrained,

meet the word’s most stringent

bulkhead (2), to protect both front

preserving the natural agility of

crash-safety regulations—including

foot wells, and in the doors (3) to

the car.

statutory requirements for frontal,

enhance the rigidity of the car, for

side, diagonal, rear-impact and

side-impact protection.

While safe driving is ultimately the

rollover protection.

driver’s responsibility, PSM can

An upper load path (4) channels

provide an extra margin of safety

The bodyshell structure is designed

crash energy into the side of the

when you need it most.

around a highly resilient passenger

car, to further protect the

cell, offering exceptional crash

passenger cell.

protection. Patented longitudinal and transverse members (1) absorb and deflect frontal crash

Porsche Stability

(the speed at which the car rotates

accelerating on a slippery surface,

Management (PSM).

around its vertical axis) and lateral

applying the integrated Automatic

acceleration. If PSM perceives that

Brake Differential (ABD) and Anti-

Porsche Stability Management

the car is under- or oversteering in

Slip Regulation (ASR) functions to

is standard equipment on the

a turn, it applies selective braking

help maintain traction and stability.

Cayman S. While PSM cannot

at individual wheels to help bring

overcome the laws of physics,

the car back onto the driver’s

When Sport mode is selected on

this advanced system can provide

intended path.

the optional Sport Chrono/Sport Chrono Package Plus, PSM’s

the driver with additional control in extreme situations.

If a wheel approaches the

threshold for intervention is raised,

threshold of losing traction under

allowing greater driver involvement.

PSM remains an invisible feature in

braking, PSM applies selective

most everyday driving. However, it

ABS braking to that wheel, to

If you would rather enjoy your

is constantly monitoring a host of

shorten the braking distance

Cayman S unassisted, PSM can be

dynamic variables—including the

and enhance directional control.

set to standby at any time. In this

car’s direction, speed, yaw velocity

PSM also assists when you’re

case, it will only intervene under

• 52 •

4 2


3 1


Sheet steel


Tailored blanks High-strength steel Super high-strength steel Aluminum

• 53 •

Driver and passenger airbags.

Porsche Side Impact Protection

Additional safety features.

(POSIP). The dual front Advanced Airbags

Other standard safety features

offer optimum upper-body

With the standard POSIP system,

include integral head restraints,

protection with an added degree

Porsche takes a comprehensive

an energy-absorbing steering

of intelligence: A weight sensor in

approach to protecting the head

column, three-point seat belts with

the passenger seat automatically

and upper body against side-

pretensioners and force limiters,

switches the passenger airbags

impact collisions. Thorax-protection

energy-absorbing structures in the

off when unoccupied or fitted with

airbags are located in the seat

dashboard area, and flame-retardant

a child seat.

backrests. A head-protection

materials throughout the interior.

airbag deploys upward from the driver and passenger doors. Each of the four airbags has a volume

Anti-theft protection.

of about .28 cubic feet (8 liters), to provide protection over the full

A transponder embedded in the

seat adjustment range. Side-

car’s ignition key provides a high

impact beams in each door are

degree of anti-theft protection.

also integral to the POSIP system.

Without this exact transponder

code, the car’s engine is immobilized.

Child seats.

Lose your key? The transponder code can be changed. To ward off

You’re never too young to enjoy

theft attempts, the Cayman S also

the Cayman S. That’s why we’ve

features a comprehensive alarm

designed the passenger seat to

system with contact-sensitive

work with any LATCH-compatible

exterior protection; it is activated

child seat. The necessary

whenever you lock the car with the

preparation, including airbag

key remote. Radar-based interior

deactivation system, is available

surveillance is standard.

from your Porsche dealer. Your dealer can also introduce you to the range of child seats offered in the Tequipment collection.

• 54 •

• 55 •

Four catalytic converters with four Lambda sensors


Long service intervals


85% recyclable (approx.)

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV II) designation

• 56 •

The car you choose to drive says

delivering pure performance

a lot about who you are. For the

without compromising our

Porsche owner, a passion for

desire for cleaner air, quieter

exhilarating performance can

roadways and reduced chemical

comfortably coexist with a

and landfill waste.

passion for the environment. In the Cayman S, our engineers embraced the challenge of

It gives new meaning to “Pure Porsche.”

Fuel system.

At Porsche, high performance

and after the primary catalyst.

and low emissions go hand in

Working in concert, these systems

hand. We were the first global

result in efficient power output,

By building a robust fuel system

manufacturer to fit racing cars

low emissions and improved

for the Cayman S, we also built

with catalytic converters. So it

fuel economy.

a clean one. Fuel lines are

should come as no surprise that

aluminum, while those carrying

the Cayman S meets the stringent

vapors are a multi-layer plastic.

California low-emission standard,


These choices minimize


hydrocarbon emissions. In the Cayman S, precision

Many of the technologies that

engineering can be measured by

make the Cayman S a great

high power output—and low noise

sports car also make it a green

output. Instead of using heavy

sports car. Its four-valve cylinder

sound-deadening, Porsche

Porsche has always considered

heads and VarioCam Plus deliver

engineers eliminated noise at its

lightweight design essential in the

more power and reduce emissions

source. Rigid engine components,

development of high-performance

Materials and recycling. All structural components,

at the combustion source. After

light moving parts, and tight

sports cars. Through the use

leaving the engine, the gases

tolerances prevent vibration and

of aluminum alloys, synthetic

are cleaned by a system of

resonance. What comes through

materials and high-tensile metals,

four catalytic converters and

is the pure and distinct sound of

we’re able to build cars that are

four Lambda oxygen sensors.

a Porsche boxer engine.

lighter and stronger than those

Controlling it all is the Motronic

made of conventional steel—

ME 7.8 engine management

so they require less material to

system, which provides precision

manufacture and burn less fuel

adjustment of the air/fuel mixture.

every mile they’re on the road.

Each exhaust tract has two


switchgear and trim are made from fully recyclable materials.

The Cayman S was engineered for

All told, about 85% of the car’s

minimum servicing requirements,

components can be recycled

which makes it easy to maintain

using today’s technology. All

and easier on the environment.

synthetics are clearly labeled to

Oil and filter changes come every

simplify the recycling process.

20,000 miles or two years. Spark plugs are good for 60,000 miles

The Cayman S is entirely free of

or every four years. Air filters last

CFCs. Water-based paints are

40,000 miles, and brake fluid

used throughout the car, reducing

changes come every two years.

the need for chemical solvents

The result: less oil, chemicals and

during production.

waste to recycle or dispose of, and more time to enjoy your

Lambda sensors, located before

Cayman S. • 58 •

• 59 •

Comfort and Personalization

Ergonomic interior

14.1 cubic feet of luggage space

“Welcome Home” lighting

Left-hand ignition key, center-

enhanced by thoughtful

mounted tachometer, three-

conveniences, personalized

spoke steering wheel, engine

details and a level of utility

resounding behind you: This

unheard of in a purebred

could only be a Porsche. In the

sports car.

Cayman S, the familiar elements ■

Nine-speaker Sound Package Plus

• 60 •

of good cockpit design have evolved to an engaging new form,

Simply sensational. Comfort in the new Cayman S.

The interior of the Cayman S is

As with the exterior design, the

compartment have a brushed-

buttons control cabin temperature

separates the luggage compartment

audio or the optional Bose速

designed to engage your senses

curves and textures inside the

metal finish.

and the audio system.

from the passenger seating area.

Surround Sound System.

in the art of driving. The sweeping

Cayman S have clearly defined

domed roof and expansive glass

roles. For example, the natural

Perfectly placed for hand and

The spatial geometry of the

Refreshing and engaging, the

surfaces create a refreshing

grip of leather is used on all

eye, the instruments and controls

Ergonomically designed seats

passenger compartment exhibits

interior provides the ideal interface

sense of openness, and provide

primary hand controls: steering

facilitate fluent communication

assure excellent lateral support

excellent acoustic qualities,

between driver and car.

unobstructed views of the road

wheel, gear shifter and handbrake.

between car and driver. Neatly

and adjustability. Behind the seats,

making it the perfect place to

around you.

Handles for doors and glove

organized rocker switches and

a stainless-steel bridge neatly

enjoy the the Sound Package Plus

*European dashboard represented


The instrument faces feature an

speed, remaining fuel range, and

aluminum-colored finish, with crisp

audio information.

Steering wheel.

positioned exactly where you

quick access to audio, navigation

want it.

and telephone functions (in conjunction with Porsche

The instrument cluster in the

white backlight illumination at

Cayman S integrates new

night. In addition to the traditional

The instrument cowl contains a

three-spoke steering wheel

Optional steering wheels are also

technologies within a time-honored

speedometer, tachometer, odometer

semi-transparent grille unique to

blends classic form with modern

available. The options include a

shape. All primary gauges are

and tripometer functions, you can

the Cayman S.

technology. The steering wheel

different, Smooth-Finish Leather

located inside the steering wheel,

also view a range of useful

perfectly fits the hand, while the

on the steering wheel rim and

allowing the driver to take in

computer-generated information

standard leather grip enhances

airbag module. Also available is

essential information at a glance.

on the digital readouts, including

the connection. With 1.57 inch.

a three-spoke sports wheel or a

average fuel consumption, average

(40 mm) of height and reach

three-spoke multifunction wheel,

adjustment, the wheel can be

featuring six integral keys for

• 64 •

Like the instrument cluster, the

• 65 •

Communication Management).

Cayman S seats.

Sports seats.

Power seats.

Adaptive sport seats.

The standard seats have an

Several seat options can also be

A second seat option provides a

This third seat option brings

attractive leatherette finish.

specified. The optional leather

full range of electrically automated

further adjustability, perfect for

Special features of the seat

sports seats offer firmer

adjustments combined with

long-range or performance

include thorax airbags in each

upholstery than that of the

position memory. Forward/aft

driving. The comprehensive range

seat backrest, enhanced lateral

standard seat design. Higher side

position, height, backrest angle,

of power adjustment controls

support, and a spring system

bolsters on the backrest and seat

seat angle and lumbar support are

includes forward/aft position,

tuned to the chassis of the

provide additional lateral support.

all switch-controlled. Two drivers

height, backrest angle, seat angle

Cayman S. Generous seat travel

Safety and adjustability features

can save their unique seat position

and lumbar support. In addition,

and adjustment options provide a

are identical to those of the

and exterior mirror position

the side bolsters on both the seat

comfortable position for even the

standard seats.

preferences, using buttons located

and backrest are pneumatically

The standard air conditioning and

tallest driver. The backrest angle

on the door panel. In addition, a

adjustable for ideal support when

heating system in the Cayman S

is electrically controlled, while

further set of preferences can be

cornering. The seats’ memory

offers quiet, efficient and simple

forward/aft and height adjustments

stored in each of the two key

function includes exterior mirrors

operation, with intuitive

are mechanically adjusted.

remotes. When either of the

and many seat adjustments.

plus/minus keys and defrost

Automatic air conditioning

remotes is used to open the

function. For optimum comfort,

doors, the corresponding memory settings are automatically selected.

Climate control.

you can also select different

Seat heating.

temperatures for the upper and lower portions of the cockpit.

All seats can be equipped with an optional two-stage heating function that warms both seat

Fully automatic climate control.

and backrest. A fully automatic climate control system is offered as an option. Simply choose your ideal temperature, set it and forget it. In this sophisticated system, a solar sensor compensates for the effects of sunlight. Power seat

Sports seat

• 66 •

Adaptive sports seat

• 67 •

Tinted rear window

“Welcome Home” lighting.

Water-repellent side windows.

optional rain sensor is also available in conjunction with the

“Welcome Home” lighting.

The side window glass on the

automatically dimming interior

This standard feature illuminates

Cayman S features a water-repellent

and exterior mirrors.

the fog lights and taillights for

finish. By rapidly dispersing

30 seconds following the locking

moisture, it ensures optimum

The optional rear wiper for the

or unlocking of your Cayman S

visibility in wet conditions. Depending

Cayman S has a streamlined

with the key remote. The duration

on conditions, the surface may

blade and an elegant form that

is user-adjustable with the optional

require occasional renewal.

blends harmoniously with the car’s design.

Sport Chrono Package Plus and Porsche Communication

Wiper system.


The front wipers can be set at

ParkAssist is an optional feature

infinitely variable speeds.

that is automatically enabled

Aerodynamically enhanced,

whenever you select reverse gear.

This standard feature offers

they park neatly out of sight when

Four ultrasonic sensors integrated

automatic opening for up to three

not in use. The right-hand blade

into the rear bumper gauge

garage doors. It can also be used

has a browed design, enabling

distances to stationary objects,

with compatible home lighting,

maximum windshield coverage. For

triggering a warning signal that

gate and alarm systems.

optimum washing in all weather, the

increases in frequency as objects

windshield-cleaning system

draw nearer. ParkAssist is a great

features two heated nozzles with

choice for those who frequently

an integrated filter element. An

encounter tight parking.

Management (PCM).


• 68 •

ParkAssist sensors on the rear bumper

Cargo space overview.

Rear luggage compartment.

The Cayman S offers something

The rear luggage compartment

rare in a purebred sports car: the

provides two levels of carpeted

ability to comfortably handle the

storage space: a flat surface on

cargo demands of driving trips,

the engine cover, and a larger and

recreation outings and shopping

deeper compartment to the rear,

runs. With the Cayman S, you

that together total 9.2 cubic feet

never have to leave your favorite

(260 liters). With the clamshell

car behind. The generous load

hatch open, the compartment

concept includes two luggage

is easily loaded from curbside

compartments, a wide range of

or behind. A detachable fabric

interior storage and an optional

screen provides extra privacy.

roof transport system.

As an optional enhancement, you can apply your chosen exterior color to the panels

Front luggage compartment.

surrounding the engine cover and strut-tower moldings.

The fully carpeted front luggage compartment offers up to 4.9

A retaining rail at the front of the

cubic feet (140 liters) of space.

engine cover helps to secure

A covered niche provides a secure

luggage under braking. This can

location for the DVD drive included

be augmented by an optional full-

with the optional navigation system

size partition. Smaller items can

and the optional CD changer.

be secured using a luggage net

Luggage partition

with four lashing eyelets.

The rear compartment also contains a covered service opening with filler tubes for coolant and oil. Front luggage compartment

• 71 •

Roof Transport System.

Storage compartments.

There is a roomy lockable glove

An added bonus storage area is

box, and a CD storage unit is

on the engine bulkhead between

Storage in the Cayman S is

integrated into the glove box.

the two seats. This additional area

generous. Several storage

Leather-finished lids hide three

contains .16 cubic feet (4.5 liters)

compartments are thoughtfully

convenient storage spaces—

of storage space.

and ergonomically placed

one in the center console, and

throughout the Cayman S interior.

one in each door. Two hideaway

simple fitting mechanism, it

The system requires no additional

is easy to install or remove.

preparation. The maximum roof

The optional Roof Transport

With the available accessories,

load for the Cayman S is 132 lb.

System is custom-designed

you can safely carry bicycles,

(60 kg.)

for the Cayman S. Made of

skis, snowboards or other gear in

lightweight aluminum with a

the optional aerodynamic roofbox.

cupholders are concealed in the dashboard trim.

Door storage compartment

Lockable glove compartment

• 72 •


Roof Transport System (base load carrier)

Sound Package Plus.

strongest signals—very useful on long road trips.

The interior acoustics of the Cayman S provide a rich setting for

Volume and tone adjustments

your favorite music.

are made using the standard CD radio or the optional Porsche

Sound Package Plus combines

Communication Management (PCM)

a 2 x 25-watt amplifier unit with

system. Additional features include

an external analog system for

speed-dependent volume control, a

the low- and midrange speakers

loudness function to accentuate

(2 x 70 and 40 watts, respectively).

bass and treble at lower volumes,

A total of nine speakers adapt that

and CD storage in the glove box.

impressive output to the acoustics of the Cayman S interior.

MOST bus. The CD drive is designed to

For your listening pleasure. Porsche audio systems.

The interior acoustics in the

Surround Sound System, not only

Cayman S provide the ideal

does the car have a larger number

setting for a rich and lifelike

of speakers—the experience is

sound experience.

that much more intense.

The standard Sound Package Plus

Whichever system you choose

audio system delivers excellent

for your car, one thing is always

clarity and depth. However, for the

assured: even greater sound

ultimate sound experience, the

enjoyment from your Porsche.

exacting quality standards. The

In the Cayman S, onboard audio

radio features RDS two-tuner

and communication systems are

frequency diversity. This

integrated using a high-speed

technology uses one FM tuner

fiber optic connection known as

to play the selected station, while

Media Orientated Systems

the other constantly seeks out a

Transport (MOST®). Data from

stronger signal, for optimum

the CD changer, Bose Surround

reception at all times.

Sound System amplifiers and telephone module (all optional)

With 20 FM and 10 AM presets to

are linked through the MOST bus.

choose from, switching between

The benefit to you is a significant

your favorite stations is easy. A

improvement in sound reproduction,

feature called Dynamic Autostore

and a more vivid listening experience.

searches the airwaves as you drive, scanning for the nine

optional Bose® Surround Sound System is available. With the Bose • 76 •

• 77 •

Bose Surround Sound System. The Bose system’s dynamic For the ultimate audio experience,

loudness technology actively

the Cayman S can be equipped

compensates for the reduced

with the optional Porsche


sensitivity of the human ear at

Surround Sound System,

lower frequencies by enhancing

developed jointly by Porsche

low-volume sounds that go

and Bose engineers.

unnoticed with other systems. A 2.75-inch (7-cm) midrange centerfill speaker in the instrument panel

A system of 10 speakers—

The Bose system uses independent

including an active subwoofer

channels to generate a push-button

with an additional 100 watts of

panorama of space and sound.

power—provides a panoramic

The extraordinary sense of depth

soundstage. Active equalization

is created by patented Bose

matches all sound output for the

Signal Processing (BSP). Thanks

unique acoustics of the Cayman S,

to Centerpoint® technology, even

so that driver and passenger both

stereo recordings can be split

enjoy balanced stereo with lifelike

into five separate channels.

One 4 x 6-inch (10 x 15-cm) woofer in a 5.8liter custom-engineered bass enclosure with a two-state modulation amplifier in the center console on the passenger side

A 3.25-inch (8-cm) neodymium midrange speaker in each door. An 8-inch (20-cm) Nd® woofer in each door.

A Bose digital amplifier mounted in the front luggage compartment with Bose digital signal processing

sound reproduction.

Powering it all is a seven-channel MOST®-based digital amplifier featuring 5 x 25-watt linear amps and a single 100-watt switching unit. AudioPilot® Noise Compensation Technology automatically adjusts tone and volume, based on current road speed and ambient noise. The result is accurate and consistent sound, with virtually no need for manual adjustments. Two 1-inch (2.5-cm) neodymium tweeters in the instrument panel

• 78 •

AudioPilot system microphone mounted left of the steering column to monitor interior noise level

A 3-inch (8-cm) midrange speaker in each rear side panel

CD-based navigation systems.

feature uses a compass function

reports or tax returns. The data

To get you on your way, the GPS

and GPS.)

can be extracted and easily

navigation system lets you enter

evaluated at home with the

a street address or intersection,

supplied PC software.

select your destination from a list

Onboard computer.

of menus by category, or simply

Porsche Communication

A high-resolution 5.8-inch color

fingertips. A dual-channel stereo

Management (PCM).

display offers a clear interface and

with 20 FM and 20 AM presets

intuitive operation. Rotary controls

allows you to lock in your favorite

Available as an option, PCM

with a push-button “enter” function

stations, while an advanced

integrates navigation, enhanced

allow the driver or passenger

search feature locates stations

audio, telephone and onboard

to quickly navigate menus for

based on your favorite formats.

computer functions into a single

all functions.

Navigation system. Audio system.

included with the Sport Chrono Package Plus package.

map. Verbal directions and visual

with an onboard computer, offering

instructions help guide you through

a wide range of information that is

An optional mobile phone module

every turn along the way.

displayed in the main instrument

offers the enhanced safety and

cluster. A control stock on the

convenience of hands-free calling.

In a hurry? Choose “quickest

steering column allows the driver

The phone’s 12-digit keypad on

route.” Prefer backroads? Choose

to display average fuel consumption,

the center console can also be

to avoid toll roads and freeways.

average speed, remaining fuel

used to operate the performance

Dynamic rerouting and tour

range and other useful information.

display and the personal memory

planning are also included, with

The driver can also set a speed-

feature of the optional Sport

memory for up to 50 presets.

limit warning signal to go off at a

Chrono Package Plus.

predetermined speed.

Porsche CD-4 CD autochanger. Extended Navigation System. Electronic logbook.

easy access to the performance display and memory function

The Cayman S comes standard

The optional Extended Navigation

display system. It also provides

The PCM system provides rapid The PCM audio system features an

route calculations and directions.

MP3-compatible CD player that

It owes its speed to its DVD drive,

puts your favorite music at your

which is faster than that of many

The Cayman S comes pre-wired for an optional 6-disc CD autochanger.

System for the PCM permits

The optional logbook function

The system installs neatly inside

navigation along a previously

permits the automatic logging

the front trunk and features a

recorded route (back-trace

of the current mileage, distance

digital anti-shock memory that

navigation) as well as navigation in

covered, date and time, as well as

all but eliminates skipping.

areas for which no data is available

the start and destination address

on your navigation DVD. (This

for every trip—a great way to collect accurate data for expense

• 80 •

Hands-free mobile phone.

point-and-click using the on-screen

• 81 •


• 82 •

Specifications Cayman S

Cayman S




Mid-mounted, water-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder with aluminumalloy block, heads and pistons. Integrated dry-sump lubrication.


Dual overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder with VarioCam Plus variablevalve timing system


Dual-flow distribution pipe


3.4 liters (3,387 cc)


295 hp @ 6250 rpm (SAE)


251 lb.-ft. @ 4400–6000 rpm (SAE)


3.78/3.07 in.

Compression Ratio


Engine Management

Motronic ME 7.8 system with electronic throttle (E-gas), high-voltage ignition with individual coils, sequential injection, cylinder-specific knock control, stereo Lambda exhaust regulation and onboard diagnostics (OBD II)

Bosch ABS 8.0, Porsche Stability Management (PSM)


Dual front Advanced Airbags, head and thorax side airbags, front and rear deformation zones, side-guard door beams, seat-belt pretensioners and force limiters, supplemental safety bars, exterior/interior alarm system, and central locking

Weights and Dimensions

Chassis Front Suspension


Independent MacPherson struts with aluminum control arms, coil springs, stabilizer bar and negative steering roll radius

Rear Suspension

Independent MacPherson struts with aluminum control arms and stabilizer bar; toe-angle control


Variable-steering ratio, power-assist (hydraulic)

Turning Circle Diameter

36.4 ft. (11.1 m)


Curb Weight

2,954 lbs. 3,042 lbs. with Tiptronic S

Front/Rear Weight Distribution (%)

45/55 44/56 with Tiptronic S


172.1 in. (4,372 mm)

Width (w/o mirrors)

70.9 in. (1,801 mm)


51.4 in. (1,305 mm)


95.1 in. (2,415 mm)


58.5 in. (1,486 mm) front, 60.2 in. (1,528 mm) rear

Cargo Area Volume

Front: 4.9 cu. ft. (140 liters) Rear: 9.2 cu. ft. (260 liters)

Fuel Tank Capacity

16.9 gal. (64 liters)

Performance 0–60 mph

Manual: Tiptronic S:

5.1 sec. 5.8 sec.

4-piston monobloc, aluminum-fixed calipers front and rear, discs internally vented and cross-drilled, ABS 8.0

Top Track Speed

Manual: Tiptronic S:

171 mph 166 mph

Disc Diameter

12.52 in. (318 mm) front, 11.77 in. (299 mm) rear Standard: Cast alloy 8J x 18 front, 9J x 18 rear

Fuel Economy (city/highway) EPA estimate


Manual: 20/28 mpg Tiptronic S: 20/27 mpg


Standard: 235/40 ZR 18 front, 265/40 ZR 18 rear

To underscore our confidence in the quality of our cars, all new Porsche vehicles are covered by a 4-year/50,000-mile (whichever comes first) limited warranty and Roadside Assistance program. This warranty covers any defect in materials and workmanship. Porsche's limited corrosion warranty extends a full 10 years, regardless of mileage.

Transmission Drivetrain


Rear-wheel drive, six-speed manual or optional five-speed Tiptronic S dual-mode automatic

Gear Ratio

1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear 5th gear 6th gear Reverse

Manual 3.31 1.95 1.41 1.13 0.97 0.82 3.00

• 84 •

Tiptronic S 3.66 2.00 1.41 1.00 0.74 — 4.10

• 85 •

Exterior Equipment

Interior Equipment ˇ

Cayman S


Option Code

Cayman S

Option Code



Adaptive Sports Seats—Fully electric with driver-side memory



Comfort and Convenience

Sport Chrono Package



Power seat package—Front seats with power height, length and backrest adjustment,

Sport Chrono Package Plus (in conjunction with PCM)



driver-side memory function

6-speed manual transmission


Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)



Sports Seats—Manual seat adjustment




Heated front seats



Preferred Package—Wheel caps with colored Crest, self-dimming mirrors and rain sensor,





Automatic climate control



Cruise control


Floor mats with Porsche lettering


Color code

Illuminated vanity mirrors


Instrument dials—Light Grey


Integrated dual cupholders


Lockable glovebox and storage compartment behind handbrake lever


Luggage partition



Power windows with one-touch up/down and anti-jam feature


Rear section of center console in exterior color—Rear section of center console including



Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) with yellow calipers


Porsche Stability Management (PSM)


Short Shifter



Stainless-steel, chrome-plated exhaust pipes



Standard-color brake caliper


Specially tuned exhaust system


Tiptronic S transmission



Safety Anti-theft system with immobilizer, interior radar surveillance and remote control


Bi-Xenon headlights with dynamic leveling and headlight washers



Dual front and side Advanced Airbags and side-impact protection beams (POSIP)


Fire extinguisher



Heated and electrically adjustable outside mirrors


Rear ParkAssist system



Self-dimming rearview and driver side mirrors with rain sensor



Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)




Exterior Automatically controlled rear spoiler Exterior package Aluminum-Look



Exterior metallic paint


Color code

Exterior special colors


Color code

Bose Sound Package, heated seats, floor mats in interior color

Preferred Package Plus—Wheel caps with colored Crest, self-dimming mirrors and rain sensor, power seats, heated seats, floor mats in interior color, Bose Sound System, CD-changer, Bi-Xenon headlights

ashtray cover; Leather handbrake lever recess trim

Electronics AM/FM radio with CD player (digital)


Sound Package Plus with 9 speakers



Bose Digital Surround Sound System with 13 speakers



External antenna




Exterior “color to sample” paint



Rear window wiper



Roof Transport System



HomeLink (programmable garage door opener)


Remote 6-disc CD autochanger



Porsche Communication Management


Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with DVD navigation system



18˝ Cayman S wheels


Electronic logbook for PCM



18˝ Boxster S wheels





19˝ Carrera S wheels



System includes route-recording and back-tracing

19˝ Carrera Classic wheels



Passive handset for telephone module



19˝ Carrera Sport wheels



PCM -integrated phone—GSM-based phone, requires SIM card



19˝ SportDesign wheels



Wheel center caps with colored Porsche Crest



Wheels painted in exterior body color



Carrera S wheel painted in Black



5-mm wheel spacers



Recording features include trip time and distance

Extended Navigation System

s = standard feature

o = optional feature

– = no code needed

Interior Equipment (Cont.) Cayman S Option Code

Leather interior options Leather package—Leather-finish seats, upper/lower dashboard, door panels, and rear side panels in smooth leather. Available in standard color, special color, natural leather, color to sample.


Cayman S model logo embossed in storage bin lid


Color code

Option Code

Aluminum-Look dash switch trim package—Aluminum-Look instrument surround;





Leather-finish side air vent slats, central air vent slats, loudspeaker finisher on center switch panel, defroster trim


Door finisher in Leather—Leather-finish door opener trim



Floor mat with Leather-finish trim



Instrument surround in Leather



Leather dashboard trim package—Leather-finish side air vent slats, central air vent slats,



loudspeaker finisher on center switch panel, defroster trim, trim strip switch panel including cupholder trim

Leather interior in special color


Color code

Leather interior in special color two-tone—Black and Stone Grey


Leather interior in natural leather color


Color code

Leather interior in color to sample


Color code

Leather rear center console—Leather-finish rear section of center console including ashtray

Aluminum-Look rear center console—Aluminum-Look rear section of center console including ashtray cover; Leather-finish handbrake lever recess trim

Door entry guards in stainless steel



Door finishers in Aluminum-Look—Aluminum-Look lid of storage bin, including extension of storage bin,



Gear shifter in Aluminum-Look (manual shifter)



Instrument surround in Aluminum-Look



PCM with Aluminum-Look—Leather-finish PCM trim, climate control trim, lower switch trim and lower storage bin



Sport Seats back in Aluminum-Look



Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with Aluminum-Look trim























door opener trim

Dark wood (Makassar) interior options



Leather sunvisors with lighted mirror



Three-spoke multi-function steering wheel covered in Smooth-Finish Leather



Three-spoke steering wheel in Smooth-Finish Leather



Three-spoke sports steering wheel covered in Leather



Leather-finish side air vent slats, central air vent slats, loudspeaker finisher on center switch panel

Three-spoke sports steering wheel covered in Smooth-Finish Leather



Makassar rear center console—Makassar-finish rear section of center console, including

Three-spoke sports steering wheel covered in thickly padded Smooth-Finish Leather



PCM with leather—Leather-finish PCM trim, climate control trim, lower switch trim and lower storage bin



Porsche Crest embossed in headrest



Porsche Crest embossed in storage bin lid



Seats in Soft-Look Leather with ruffled seat centers



Sports Seats back in interior leather



Makassar package—Makassar-finish handbrake lever, trim strip switch panel, including cupholder trim,

cover, handbrake lever recess trim

Carbon Fiber interior options

gear lever/selector

Door finishes in Makassar—Makassar-finish lid of door storage bin, including extension of storage bin, door opener trim

Makassar dashboard trim package—Leather-finish defroster trim with Makassar inlay

ashtray cover; Leather-finish handbrake lever recess trim

Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in Makassar

Light wood (Sycamore) interior options Sycamore package—Sycamore-finish handbrake lever, trim strip switch panel, including cupholder trim, gear lever/selector

Door finisher in Sycamore—Sycamore-finish lid of door storage bin, including extension of door storage bin, door opener trim

Sycamore dashboard trim package—Leather-finish defroster trim with Sycamore inlay; Leather-finish side

Carbon Fiber package—Carbon Fiber-finish handbrake lever, trim strip switch panel, including



air vent slats, central air vent slats, including switch trim, loudspeaker finisher on center switch panel

Sycamore rear center console—Sycamore-finish rear section of center console, including

cupholder trim, gear lever/selector

Carbon Fiber dashboard trim package—Carbon Fiber-finish inlay in defroster trim;





Door entry guards in Carbon Fiber



Door finisher in Carbon Fiber—Carbon Fiber-finish lid of storage bin





Carbon Fiber rear center console—Carbon Fiber-finish rear section of center console, including ashtray cover; Leather-finish handbrake lever recess trim

including lid extension of storage bin, door opener trim

Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in Carbon Fiber

o = optional feature

ashtray cover; Leather-finish handbrake lever recess trim

Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in Sycamore

Leather-finish side air vent slats, central air vent slats, loudspeaker finisher on center switch panel, defroster trim

s = standard feature

Cayman S Aluminum-Look/Stainless Steel interior options

Special Color interior options InteriorDesign Package Painted



Instrument dials in interior color—Sand Beige, Terracotta, Natural Brown



Instrument dials in exterior color—Guards Red, Speed Yellow, Carrara White



Seat Belts in Silver-Grey, Guards Red or Speed Yellow



Sports Seats back in exterior color



– = no code needed

• 89 •

Porsche Driving Experience

Porsche Roadside Assistance

Porsche Design Driver’s Selection

Learn to drive your Porsche to its

To enhance your ownership experience,

Our distinctive collection of clothing

potential with instruction from

complimentary enrollment in

and accessories combines timeless

Porsche racing drivers. One- or

the Porsche 24-hour Roadside

elegance and unmistakable quality.

two-day courses take place at the

Assistance program includes

Visit your dealer or go to

beautiful Barber Motorsports Park

coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days for a catalog.

in Alabama and are designed to

a year, anywhere in North America

take you and your Porsche to a

for the duration of your New Car

Porsche Club of America

new level of excellence. For more

Limited Warranty or Porsche

Join other Porsche enthusiasts for

information, please visit

Approved Pre-Owned Warranty.

PCA sponsored rallies, autocrosses,

Contact your dealer for specifics.

tours, driver education, restoration and technical sessions. See for details.

Porsche European Delivery

Porsche Tequipment

Porsche Approved

Imagine touring the factory in

A meticulously engineered range

Porsche Approved is the Certified

Zuffenhausen where your Porsche

of accessories for enhancing your

pre-owned vehicle program. All

is meticulously crafted, then being

car’s performance or appearance,

presented with your keys...and an

Porsche Tequipment is available

Certified pre-owned vehicles must pass a rigorous 100+ point

even more gratifying opportunity:

through your Porsche dealer. Each

inspection before becoming eligible

the chance to tour Europe in rare

item is designed for a perfect fit

for the Porsche Approved Limited

style behind the wheel of a factory-

and won’t affect your warranty.

Warranty including 24-hour roadside

fresh Porsche. What happens next

assistance. Contact your dealer

is up to you. Contact your Porsche

for details.

dealer for details.

Porsche Financial Services


Competitive, convenient and

Our bimonthly magazine is packed

carefully crafted financing options

with news, articles and exclusive

can be customized to meet your

interviews covering every aspect

needs. Ask your certified Porsche

of Porsche automobiles and the

Sales Consultant for details.

Porsche lifestyle.

• 90 •

MKT 001 067 06 Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG is the owner of numerous trademarks, both registered and unregistered, including without limitation the Porsche Crest®, Porsche®, Boxster®, Carrera®, Cayenne®, Tiptronic®, VarioCam®, PCM®, 911®, and the model numbers and distinctive shapes of Porsche's automobiles such as, the federally registered 911 automobile. The third party trademarks contained herein are the properties of their respective owners. Porsche Cars North America, Inc. believes the specifications to be correct at the time of printing. However, specifications, standard equipment and options are subject to change without notice. Some options may be unavailable when your car is built. Some vehicles may be shown with non-U.S. equipment. Please ask your dealer for advice concerning the current availability of options and verify the optional equipment that you ordered. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times. ©2005

Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Printed in the U.S.A

MKT 001 067 06


The Cayman S

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The Cayman S

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