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Rio de Janeiro is the only city in the world holding the title of Wonderful without objection. Not only for its natural beauty, but Rio has the Corcovado, the carioca, beaches, fairs, festivals, samba, markets, theater, nightlife, and millions of attractions that everyone dreams to know.



ZOZÓ In front of Vermelha Beach, it has wide, well decorated rooms with an amazing view of Pão de Açucar. It is rustic and sophisticated at the same time, ideal for dinners. It offers sophisticated contemporary food.

SUGAR LOAF The best view of the world. Actually, there are several views from a cable car with two stations. You can see almost the entire coastline of Rio including Urca beaches, Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, Pedra da Gรกvea, Tijuca Park, Cristo Redentor, Botafogo and Guanabara Bay.


FOGO DE CHテグ An authentic Brazilian steakhouse. Since 1979, Fogo began sharing the gaucho way of preparing meat . Today, gaucho chefs still expertly grill each of their 15 cuts of meat and offer you continuous tableside service. The guests could enjoy an amazing view to the Pテ」o de Aテァテコcar along with delicious preparations of their gaucho chefs, gourmet salad bar, authentic Brazilian side dishes, and award-winning wine list.

CHURRASCARIA PALACE With a name inspired by its very illustrious neighbour, Copacabana’s Churrascaria Palace is a good option for anyone on a tighter budget but desperate to sample the joys of a rodizio de carne in the city.The buffet may not have the sheer girth of some, but the salads are fresh and seafood and sushi are available.

CORCOVADO Climb to Morro de Corcovado to visit Cristo Redentor, located at 704 meters above the sea level. Before, we will cross Tijuca National Park, the largest urban park in the world, on a small train (20 min).


FLORESTA TIJUCA 4x4 jeep tour around Tijuca Forest which is the largest urban forest in the world with 3.200 ha and hundreds of species of flora and fauna from Atlantic vegetation. Visits include Cascatinha, Mayrink Chapel, Mirador Excelcior, Paul and Virginia Grotto, Enchanted Lake and Solitude Dam.

OS ESQUILOS A restaurant in a unique location - the Tijuca National Park, declared by UNESCO a World Biosphere Reservation and recognized as the largest urban forest in the world. Os Esquilos opened in 1945, has kept its charm through the years. A protected garden, surrounded by a wall, is the perfect place for a cocktail party with live music and a special atmosphere for your guests. The selection of dishes is from a Brazilian menu to contemporary.

PRADO GRILL Opened at the end of 2010, Prado conjures up thoughts of farm houses and colonial abodes even without the views out on to the nearby Jockey Club. The menu features typical Brazilian grilled meats, the varanda is an attraction in itself, and diners get an unspoilt view of the racecourse with Cristo Redentor up above. Also well worth a visit with the kids for an afternoon of all-you-can-eat pizza with the horse's thundering by if its a couple of aspiring young jockeys you're after.


Full Day in Sao Conrado beach in a private area for our customers. There will be umbrellas, chairs, Wi Fi, soccer and volleyball, beach rackets and entertainers for activities. Lunch consists of a barbecue with meat, salads and appetizers. Daily drinks and snacks are included.



LA FABRIQUE La Fabrique provides an equally charming ambience on one of the most attractive corners of this famous stretch of beach. To do it’s location justice, small and diverse portions, to be slowly appreciated, define the spirit, with little brochettes the house dish providing the opportunity for sharing and a bit of one-on-one romance, so don’t be surprised to find it a bit couple-y from time to time. Trouxinhas, little steamed bags of thin rice pastry with a squid or shrimp filling, ravioli soup with grilled shrimp, passion fruit and lemon grass and the Kaffa brochette with mint yoghurt sauce all verge on the knockout. But that’s not to say its not worth a group visit, far from it. The canopy over the front terrace provides a winning atmosphere under which to huddle up and try the house drink, the Hibiscusflower and lime caipirinha. Mains range from moqueca (traditional Brazilian seafood stew) to fondue and the kitchen claims to have a 99% fat-free menu, though how that works with a fondue is anybody's guess.

MARIUS CRUSTACE OS Although the price is sky-high here, this all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant has many fans. The waiters file through the dining room bearing delectable fruits of the sea lobster, mussels, oysters, tuna, salmon, scallops and more. In the same building is Marius Carnes, serving delicious cuts of steak.

RIO SCENARIUM Founded in 1999, the Rio Scenarium is installed in what once were 3 buildings built in 1880 at Rua do Lavradio, in the historical center of Rio de Janeiro. Bought in a public auction the properties had a great number of odd pieces of furniture that were made available to TV and movie productions. The Rio Scenarium as we know today started in 2001 as a bar and restaurant with live music presentations. At this stage, 3 other buildings in another street were added to the project and all linked together by modern iron catwalks. With the addition of these 3 buildings, Rio Scenarium was able to expand its operation in a more professional way – new kitchen, bars, stock room and a theatre were installed transforming these 4 buildings into something never heard in the city’s nightlife. Retaining the original idea, all furniture that one finds inside the buildings is for sale as a regular antique parlor, thus the appropriate name of Rio Scenarium. The city greeted the new idea and live music is a tremendous success here. Shows take place at the “Happy Hour” – 18h30 and at 21h00. If you want to see both shows, you only pay admission for the first one. One cannot see the stage from all 3 floors, but who cares? One is there to dance, dance, dance, sing, sing, sing and have a lot of fun.


REAL ASTORIA Opened in 1959, was one of the hottest addresses in Rio in the 80, a meeting point for artists such as Cazuuza, Bebel Gilberto and Caetano Veloso. Ortas. Almost thirty years later, the restaurant reopened in another location overlooking the Guanabara Bay. On the menu, fish and seafood are still the main attractions.

FRIEND OF RIO The FRIEND OF RIO concept born with the idea and the necessity to offer for some more active groups, every night a different suggestion for an night program entertainment activity. In accordance to the city nightlife schedule of events, your friend in Rio will be suggesting  a live music bar,  a  disco or a nightclub or maybe even a show. Everything taking in consideration the city event calendar in combination to the client profile. The project include one local “carioca” assistant (We called your friend of Rio) and 1 van with 14 seats each at disposal for 4 hours. (According to the size of the group we will need to add additional assistants and vans). Every night, your friend in town will be suggesting a different night  program. (Admission fee is not included and it will be paid on spot directly by the costumer).

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