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GENERAL INFORMATION: What is the area code for the Williamsburg and James City County area? The area code here is 757. What is the zip code for Stonehouse? The zip code is 23168. What neighborhoods are included in Mill Pond At Stonehouse? The neighborhoods in our community are Summerfield, Leatherleaf, Laurel Ridge, Orchard Hill, Overlook, Bent Tree, Hollow Oak, Hillcrest, Richardson’s Mill, Lisburn and Walnut Creek. Residents of each neighborhood are listed on the Residents Website. What are the speed limits in Stonehouse? The speed limit on Fieldstone Parkway is 45 mph. The speed limit on all other roads in Stonehouse is 25 mph Please observe the speed limits and don’t tailgate! Also, please take extra care and go slowly down the hills to the bridge from Summerfield and especially from Orchard Hill. The left turn onto Leatherleaf Drive is difficult due to the uphill curve to the right of Mill Pond Run and the mature shrubbery. Also, there is a pedestrian crosswalk between the bridge and Leatherleaf Drive. There is a golf cart path crossing just a few feet into Leatherleaf Drive that make the turn more difficult and dangerous. You do not want to be a part of an accident there or of any other calamity in the community. The best thing for all of us to do is to obey the 25 mph speed limit Is on-street parking allowed? On-street parking is discouraged because our roads are narrow and parked cars on the streets can create potentially hazardous situations. Please respect your neighbors and neighborhood by using your garage and/or driveway. Where will I find standards for my neighborhood? Individual neighborhood standards, along with Stonehouse covenants and bylaws, are included in the Property Owner Handbook. Where do I get a Property Owner’s Handbook? Each resident should receive a Handbook at the time of purchase. If you do not have one, contact your neighborhood representative, neighborhood liaison or the on-site Property Manager at 566-0128. Where can I store my RV and/or boat? The storage yard for RVs, boats and trailers is located near the golf course. Access is off of Route 30 near the Stonehouse entrance. To store a vehicle in the yard, contact Security at 234-1001.

What is the Community Garden? Through the on-site Property Manager (phone 566-0128), you can reserve a plot for a vegetable or cutting flower garden in the Community Garden located across from Summerfield. When does the pool open? The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend. How do I get a pool pass? Contact the On-Site Manager at 566-0128. Is the Residents Club available to me? The Residents Club is available to residents and property owners for private events. Contact the on-site Property Manager at 566-0128 for availability and check the residents website for rental fees, rules and regulations. We are Mill Pond At Stonehouse. What is Stonehouse Glen? Stonehouse Glen, located past the intersection of Fieldstone Parkway and Mill Pond Run, is a separate development from ours. The overall Stonehouse Community includes 5 phases that, when built out, will involve about 4100 homes. Mill Pond at Stonehouse is the 1st phase of this overall development. Another developer will be handling the remaining phases. Will there be different Homeowner Associations? Yes. Mill Pond at Stonehouse will be a separate and independent Association from phases 2-5. Where can I get a map of Stonehouse? Go to the Resident’s Website and click on “Neighborhood Maps”. How do I get a mailbox? You must contact the on-site property manager to arrange for a Stonehouse-approved mailbox. The cost is about $240.00, installed. How can I get dog tags for my pet? At the satellite office of the DMV located at 3127 Forge Road in Toano, next to the Firehouse. The phone number is 564-2160. Are there any restrictions on walking my dog? We request that you use the walking paths and please use a plastic bag to pick up after your dog. This will keep our community clean and safe for everyone. How can I obtain a hunting or fishing license? Both are available at the Farm Fresh Supermarket (115 Norge Road, phone 554-8619)

What do I do if I have an after-hours water or sewer emergency? Call 220-6196. Does Mill Pond At Stonehouse include the golf course? Although the golf course is physically located in and around Stonehouse, it does not belong to the Stonehouse community. It is private property and cannot be used for practicing golf, bike riding or jogging on the cart paths, dog walking, playground for children etc. It is Private Property. Can I join the golf course? Yes. Go to the Traditions Golf Course Pro Shop for more information or call 566-1138. Do I have to be a member of the golf course to have lunch there? No, anyone can have lunch at the golf club. Call 566-1138 for information. Where can I get a local phonebook? You can have The Williamsburg Talking Phone Book delivered to your home by calling 249-4601. It’s a wealth of information, including emergency hotlines, non-emergency numbers, names and numbers for utilities, a New Residents Guide, Williamsburg area maps, etc. Where can I get the regular phone books? Verizon provides all of the regular phone books. If you use COX or any other provider for your phone service, remind your service to notify Verizon or ask if you need to do it so you will be listed in the regular phone books. You can call Verizon at 1-800-888-8448 to request phone books for our area and for many other areas such as Richmond, Hampton Roads, etc. Does Stonehouse have a governing body? Stonehouse has a Board of Directors and a number of Committees that assist in its dayto-day operations. The Board and Committees are described on the Residents Website. Contact information is also included. What will my Neighborhood Representatives do for me? Your neighborhood reps will represent your neighborhood to the larger Stonehouse community and, in turn, keep you apprised of community issues and matters. Most neighborhoods have three elected reps, one of which has voting privileges. For more about neighborhood representatives, see the Property Owner Handbook and the Residents Website.

Where are the closest medical services? The closest Emergency Room is at the Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center located at 100 Sentara Circle (across from Home Depot on Mooretown Road). You can contact them at 984-6000. The direct line to the Emergency Room is 984-7153. Many services are already available there such as outpatient surgery, an imaging center, lab services, etc. Go to the Residents Website and click on “Links”, then scroll down to “Hospitals and Medical Facilities” for more information on local healthcare services. Where is the closest pharmacy? The closest pharmacy is in the Farm Fresh grocery store in Norge on Route 60. The phone numbers for the pharmacy are 258-5462 or 564-8627. Additionally, there is a Rite Aid Pharmacy (phone 565-6407) located in the Ewell Station shopping center (5601 B Richmond Road). Additionally, there is a CVS (phone 229-0015) located at 1256 Richmond Road and a Walgreens (phone 229-0962) at 1309 Richmond Road. Where is the closest Post Office? The closest is the Barhamsville Post Office (566-0222). If you turn right out of Stonehouse, it is located 2 miles up on the right at the intersection of Route 633 and Route 30. Call to check on their hours of operation. The second closest is the Toano Post Office (566-1328). It is located at 7890 Richmond Road in the village of Toano. Call to check on their hours. Mail delivery for Stonehouse comes from the Toano Post Office. If you want your mail held during an absence, this is the office to contact. Next is the Norge Post Office (564-3134) which is located at 7489 Richmond Road across Route 60 from Farm Fresh in the Poplar Creek Business Center. Call to check on their hours of operation. What you mail from the three above-listed Post Offices only goes out at the end of the business day. The Lightfoot Post Office (565-2103) located at 6376 Richmond Road (on Route 60 across from the Williamsburg Outlet Mall) has AM & PM times when mail goes out. Where is the closest public library? The Williamsburg Regional Library (259-4040) is located at 7770 Croaker Road about halfway between I-64 and Route 60. The library’s website is Where is the closest AAA office? The Tidewater Virginia AAA office is located off Route 60 East at 260 McLaws Circle near Busch Gardens. Contact them at 564-7711. What is the local newspaper? Actually there are two: The Daily Press, a Newport News publication and The Virginia Gazette, a local Williamsburg paper that is delivered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Call about either at 220-2224. The Richmond Times Dispatch can also be delivered to your home. Call 1-800-468-3382

Is there a community Recreation Center? The James City-Williamsburg Community Center (259-4200) is located at 5301 Longhill Road in Williamsburg. Their website is It is a wonderful rec center for individuals and families. The center also has a comprehensive and inexpensive activities program for seniors. I want to put up a fence. What do I need to do? Answers to questions such as this one can be found in the Design Standards section of your Property Owner Handbook. This is an example of why you need to have and be familiar with the contents of your Handbook. Go to Residents Website and click on “Rules, Regulations and Forms” to download a Fence Application. We have never had an irrigation system before. Does it have its own meter? Does it require any special care? Orchard Hill Section 1 and Overlook Section 1 have mandatory irrigation systems that were installed when the homes were initially constructed. Orchard Hill Section 2 and Overlook Section 2 homes have optional irrigation systems. In all other communities, irrigation systems are installed at the discretion of the property owner. Orchard Hill and Overlook residents should contact their neighborhood rep for more information on these systems. Be aware that your system is subject to freezing and bursting. To prevent this, you should have it serviced and drained before freezing weather. If you plan to have one installed, remember that the landscaping will grow; therefore, make sure the sprinkler heads are tall enough to allow for such growth. In James City County water is very expensive. In order to avoid paying the sewer charge for water that is used for irrigation, you can have a sub-meter installed on your irrigation system. It must be registered. Several times a year you MUST adhere to the date specified and read your meter and submit the readings to the James City Service Authority (JCSA). Go to “Links” section on the Residents Website and scroll down to JCC to submit the form electronically. For more information, call the JCSA at 253-6805. How do I get a trash receptacle? Be sure to compare what services each trash collection company has to offer. You can obtain trash pickup service and a container from BFI/Allied Waster Services by calling 898-5488 or from Superior Disposal at 229-2627. The pickup day for both companies is Wednesday, so put your container at curbside on Tuesday evenings. Please try to bring your container in as soon as possible after pickup. If you qualify (age 55+), both companies offer a senior discount. What about recycling? For information, call the James City County recycling office at 565-4000. You will be able to request a recycling bin. You do not need the bin to start recycling. Put your recycling out at the end of your driveway on Sunday evenings for the Monday AM pickup. They will pick up as much as you put out. For a detailed list of recyclables, go to or and click on recycling.

Is there a Convenience Center for trash and recyclables nearby? The Toano Convenience Center is located in Hankins Industrial Park at 185 Industrial Blvd. Take a left out of Stonehouse and go 3.1 miles and turn left on Industrial Blvd. For further directions and hours, call 565-4000 and also refer to the JCC website (linked through the residents website) for what this Convenience Center will accept and if there are any charges (coupons that can be purchased at the JCC Satellite Office). There is also a Convenience Center on Jolly Pond Road off of Centerville Road between Route 60 and Longhill Road. Check the JCC website for what this Convenience Center will accept (some items that the Toano site will not accept) and if there are any charges (coupons that can be purchased at the JCC Satellite Office). What are the telephone numbers for the local utilities? For electricity, call Dominion Virginia Power at 1-888-667-3000. For gas, call Virginia Natural Gas at 1-866-229-3578. For water and sanitation, call the James City Service Authority (JCSA) at 253-6800. For telephone, high speed internet and cable TV, call Cox Communications at 224-1111. If you select Verizon for your phone service, call them at 954-6222. I want to paint my mailbox and post. How do I match the colors? This paint is available at: Virginia Paint Company 5251 John Tyler Highway #2 Williamsburg VA 23185 Phone: (757) 564-0570 Directions: I-64 East to Hwy 199 East to John Tyler Highway, in the shopping center next to Food Lion. Just ask for the Stonehouse post and mailbox paint. They offer a 10% discount to residents on all items in the store. The code for the post paint is CF131701683822 The code for the mailbox paint is CF131701683816 I need new numerals for my mailbox. Who do I contact? Call Wright Signs at 566-8329. They are located at 8008 Hankins Industrial Park Road in Toano.


Who manages the Association at Stonehouse? United Property Associates (UPA) in Virginia Beach manages the Association. Contact information for UPA and the on-site Property Manager is on the Residents Website.

My neighbor has a coupon book that he uses to pay Association dues. Where do I get one? You should receive a coupon book from United Property Associates. Contact them at 757-497-5752.


Where will I find the nearest James City County offices? James City County has a satellite office in the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) building in Toano at 3127 Forge Road, next to the Toano Fire Station. The satellite office website is and the phone number is 564-2160. Most county services are provided there. Also, there is a DMV office in the same building that offers most of the DMV services and you also can register at the same location. Where can I register motor vehicles and obtain the county decals? James City County requires that all motor vehicles be registered with the Commissioner of the Revenue and decals obtained for them within 30 days of purchase or moving of that vehicle into James City County. A permanent DMV registration identifying the vehicle and showing a James City County address is required for registration. Failure to sign and return a Certification and apply the decal will result in NO Personal Property Tax Relief, meaning 100% tax liability. You can obtain your decal at the Satellite office located at 3127 Forge Road in Toano. Vehicles must be inspected and display the inspection sticker to the left of the city decal. Inspections may be done at service stations or garages displaying signs for State Inspections Services. In order to obtain a County decal, there is a one-time registration fee of $10.00 for each vehicle. Decals for subsequent years will be issued at no additional charge for vehicles after payment of personal property taxes. For information regarding the registration of your vehicle with the Virginia DMV, please visit For more information, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office at (757) 2536695 or the Satellite Office at 564-2060. The website for James City County is

RESIDENTS WEBSITE & NEIGHBORHOOD COMMUNICATIONS Does Stonehouse have a website for its residents? Yes, it is located online at and is maintained by the Communications Committee. It is a great source of information for all residents in Stonehouse and includes a password-protected residents directory, sorted both alphabetically and by neighborhood. How do I get the password for the Residents Directory on the website? For the password, contact resident Elaine Reubush (234-0769) or Mary Ann Rybak (5663445). You can also contact the Webmaster ( or the on-site Property Manager at 566-0128. How do I get my information added to the Resident Directory? Send your name, address, phone number, email address and neighborhood name to resident Bob Phaneuf at and he will add you to the Resident Directory. How do I receive the Stonehouse Gazette? Our community newsletter, the “Stonehouse Gazette”, is published monthly by the residents on the Communications Committee. If you want to receive a copy by mail, please email your name(s) and address to resident Bob Phaneuf at and he will add you to the mailing list. Do note that the Communications Committee now offers an “E-Gazette” on the Residents Website. The E-Gazette is identical to the regular Stonehouse Gazette. You will be notified by email when the latest issue of the Gazette is posted on the website. You will have access to the Stonehouse Gazette earlier online than by mail. Give it a try!


What is the emergency response number for this area? It is 911. After calling 911, call our own Security Officer at 234-1001 or 741-2486. For NON-EMERGECY police matters, call 220-3331. Does Stonehouse have a Security Force? Yes. The Security Force is available 24/7 for medical emergencies, house monitoring when you are away, reporting property damage, and other services listed on the Residents Website. In case of dangerous situations or serious medical emergencies, dial 911 first before contacting Security. How do I contact Security? The numbers for Security are 234-1001 or 741-2486 (cellular). Do the James City County Police patrol our community? Yes, the JCC Police patrol our community and issue tickets for speeding and other violations. Remember, fines for speeding in a residential area are steep.

SHOPPING, SAVING & LEARNING How can I save extra money at the Prime Outlets? The main phone number for the Prime Outlets is 565-0702. There are three ways to save money over and above the already discounted prices. One: Get on the mailing list of every store where you shop at the Prime Outlets and you will receive mailings of extra discounts and coupons. Two: Sign up for the One Club Card at any of the participating stores (there will be a One Club sign in those store windows). Every week, the stores that participate will have a list of further savings. Three: There are coupon books available at the Attractions Center next to Harry and David. In order to receive a coupon book, you need to show a AAA card, military ID, or a voucher from one of the visitor guide books such as the Colonial Guide. How can I save money at the Williamsburg Outlet Mall? The Williamsburg Outlet Mall is located in Lightfoot at the corner of Route 60 and Centerville Road across from the Toyota dealership. The address is 6401 Richmond Road and the phone number is 565-0732. You need a voucher in order to pick up their coupon book at the Levi’s store. We hope to be able to provide you with one. If not, call ahead and ask if you can pick one up at the mall’s management office. Also, ask each store if it has a mailing list and sign up. Are there other outlet stores? Yes. The Patriot Plaza Outlets are located on Route 60 on the right past Olde Towne Road as you’re heading towards Williamsburg. Call 258-0767 for hours of operation and a list of the stores. Also, ask each store if it has a mailing list and sign up. What is Colonial Williamsburg’s Good Neighbor Pass? Colonial Williamsburg offers to residents a Good Neighbor Pass for $10 per year. This pass provides for the same admission to Colonial Williamsburg as a paid ticket and also offers residents a 25% discount on tickets for out-of-town guests. Call 220-7562 for further information. What Senior Discounts are available nearby? The Farm Fresh supermarket at 115 Norge Lane offers a 5% discount to seniors (55+) on Tuesdays. The Williamsburg Pottery Factory offers a 10% discount to seniors (55+) Monday through Thursday. What is the Christopher Wren Association? This is a wonderful organization for retirees in the community. It is an association of more than 1000 people in the Williamsburg area who wish to study and learn after retirement. Although the Association is sponsored by The College of William and Mary, it is self-supporting. The website is and the phone number is 2211079.

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Stonehouse Toano VA FAQ  

A brief list of frequently asked questions for homeowners or prospective homeowners considering the Stonehouse Community in Toano, James Cit...

Stonehouse Toano VA FAQ  

A brief list of frequently asked questions for homeowners or prospective homeowners considering the Stonehouse Community in Toano, James Cit...


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