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Why would you have to learn the Swedish language? First of all it would be nice to save such a beautiful language from an absolute usurpation of internationalisms and as a result extinction, second of all in order to be proud of oneself and broaden your horizons. Statistics shows that there are ten million people who speak swedish language in the world. In Sweden alone, there are only about 5.5% of people who use the language and the number has been consistently dwindling over the years. One of the reasons why you desperately want to learn Swedish is your new Swedish wife, and you want to feel comfortable and impress her family. You can also learn the language in an attempt to learn something new while doing something that's sensible on your free time. Perhaps you dream of going to Finland as well, as Swedish is a second official spoken language there. Don't forget that Swedish refers to the Old Norse and the spoken language of Vikings. Swedish language will seem easy to grasp for those of you who has English as their first or second language simply because Swedish and English language structures are similar in their core. You will find the same definite and indefinite articles, two genders, distinction between singular and plural, ad fewer inflections. When dealing with sentences you are going to find out the same basic structure : subject, verb, object. In fact, it might be of interest to you that they do have a king and a queen and the rest of the royal family, but the difference is that they are still ruled by the government. There are many reasons to study Swedish language, one of them is the fact that you will be able to read books of your favorite writers and swedish Noble laureates in original language. There's no need to get yourself a degree in linguistics in order to learn such an easy language as Swedish. Latin has been a dead language since 12th century but until now it happens to be seen in the recent lingua franca, it is interesting to know that Swedish is almost in the same category a that of Latin. So whether you take part in the language's history in learning it or you simply have to because of a personal need, what concerns you as the language learner is how to learn it with fun. Admit it is not fun to learn a language from some Madame X who has been teaching it for years in some university, same as trying to be in time on one of yours afterwork languages classes. Today is your lucky day because you have come to the right place if you want to find your downloadable audios and videos. With language learning audio files, you can have maximum exposure to the language as you listen to it on your iPod and do so while jogging around the park, walking your dog, or doing some rounds on the treadmill. In a short time you will learn the language by heart just like a native does. You will be learning gradually but

surely and as the result you will end speaking as a native speaker.

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