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You will agree if moving to Sweden is not the part of your plan then Swedish language will be of low necessity for you to learn and master. Although, the fact that you know the language might be useful in many situations even though it's not as huge and common languages as Spanish, Chinese or other languages. One of the bonuses you get from learning Swedish is that it is the second official language of Sweden's neighbor, Finland. Learning the language can open up two countries from the start. Swedish is arguable one of the easiest languages to learn for those students who are fluent English speakers. Part of this may lie in the fact that it has influences from among others, French, German, and even English. You will find this out once you encounter numerous familiarities in words and sentence structures. Beyond this, it has commonalities with many other Indo-European languages. This of course is particularly true of its Scandinavian related languages like Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic. Danish or Norwegian texts will be easy to grasp once you know how t oread in Swedish, the difference between Scandinavian languages will be in the pronunciation. Traveling is of course another good reason to consider learning this dialect. It might be even more useful if you consider staying in Sweden longer. It is also worth mentioning that Swedes like many other Europeans speak good English, so you will not feel totally handicapped expressing yourself, of course mastering Swedish will be a big advantage for you if you want to develop closer relations with your friends or hosts. Learning a foreign language is especially important when making friends and is also a great way of showing respect to the residents of the country you are visiting.

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