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There are over 10 million people in the world speaking Swedish. People who live in mainland Finland consider the Swedish language to be their primary language together with that of Finnish. Swedish serves as a native tongue for several minority communities in Finland. Many people live in places that are far away from Sweden and still maintain speaking Swedish. It is unfortunately true that Swedish is not a very common language to learn and speak. The language is a part of the big four Scandinavian languages and is considered a North Germanic language. The Swedish-Finnish language was proclaimed by both the Swedish Department of Research and the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland. The publishers of Finland publish books both in Finnish and Swedish. Finnish differs from Swedish a lot because of the fact that it belongs to Finno Ugric language group and may have variations in the structure of its sentences. The majority of English speakers can recognize Swedish pretty easily because of its simplicity and similarity to English. It might be challenging and even sometimes frustrating for the beginner to pronounce certain Swedish vowels and words especially if taken into consideration the specific rhythmic patter which Swedish is notorious for. Just like the English language, the Swedish uses 26 letters and the Latin script, plus there are three additional characters. Over time there have been changes in the Swedish language, although it's not as drastic as from the old days; there is a considerable change. Swedish might seem pretty complicated for those of you who would like to be Swedish translators, very often it the native speaker who learns other langauges. However, no need to get sad, because it is known that learning English might be pretty tough for Swedes as well, cause they pretty often stuck searching for the right program or software. For people who have to learn Swedish, it can be quite a challenge to find the right motivation. Studying the Swedish language can have its challenges but it can provide plenty of chances in experiencing a new culture. If you are planning to go to Sweden and stay there for an extended period of time, learning some phrases and expressions will be very useful, in order to show your respect to the country you are staying in. In order to fully experience the wonders of Sweden and Scandinavian culture I strongly encourage you to learn Swedish.

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