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1) Start with Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone is the most well known language software program. It utilizes a unique system that attempts to mimic the environment that we all learn languages as children. It means that the programs contains no translations or grammar rules. Instead, students must infer the meaning of Swedish words through context and pictures. This process truly aids in the retention of words and makes learning a much more enjoyable process. If you are a beginner choosing Rosetta Stone might be a good idea for you. 2) Try watching Swedish movies and shows One of the most difficult tasks in learning Swedish is being able to follow and participate in conversations. Watching Swedish movies and TV shows will become a great exercise for you if you live outside of Sweden. Swedish the same as US TV shows are very similar and entertaining to watch. There is a big variety of Swedish TV shows from which you can choose you sitcoms, reality shows or any other show you will enjoy watching. It is very useful to watch these shows even if you are a beginner. Just try to listen for words you recognize. It is a great method to retain the words you have learned in your head. Search for online Swedish TV shows if you can't understand a single damn thing (which is not going to happen, believe me!), some of the online TV shows offer Swedish subtitles. Subtitles are ideal and will allow you to pick up on much more of each conversation. Try searching on TV3 and TV8 to find shows with Swedish subs. 3) Try the free online Swedish dictionary Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to go to the bookstore and pay for expensive foreign language dictionaries. The benefit of an online dictionary is not just ease of use, but also accuracy. Folkets Lexicon is a free dictionary developed in Sweden that is on an open platform basis. Since it is an open platform, it is more likely that the translations you receive are relevant words and not antiquated translations. Type in your Swedish or English word, click your mouse on the translate button and your translation will appear. If you are wandering about the conjugation of a particular verb just type it in the dictionary and it will give you the conjugations. If you prefer to have a handy version of your dictionary Folkets Lexicon allows you to download the whole collection. The dictionary is a great free resource to help you learn Swedish. 4) Take lessons with is the place where over 10 million learning languages enthusiasts joined together

to help out each other. The website provides you with useful links and volunteers who are willing to help you learn their language. The structure of the lessons at the website work with the same methodology as Rosetta Stone software. At the website you can use flashcards that have been made by others or create your own flashcards. Anothre advantage of this website is its social aspect that keep you motivated al the time and helps you make friends among Swedes.

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