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‘A building is a string of events belonging together’ Chris Fawcett


The design is to encompass the activities represented in the circles. The additional Pods at the sides of the central Pod represent an extension of acitivities. This is in the event that there is need for such an extension and the strategic site can accomodate it.

The model illustrates the space which will be used for the street gallery and information exhibition. It basically gives an idea of the human activity expected to take place on daily basis thus informing the designer of creative ideas which can benefit the wider population.

A hand drawn illustration of the Info Pod in context. Location is outside the Bar and Bistro restaurant close to a threshold area for the Gateshead quarter. The designer believed this would be ideal as majority of commuters and visitors use this route to come in and outside of the creative quarter.





‘ To create architecture is to put in order. To put what in order?? Function and spaces’ Le Corbusier my portfolio

Architecture Portfolio  

Samples of academic work and some professional work.

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