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The DREAM By Joshua DiMarino “Hey Josh, throw me the ball!” I turned around and saw Logan. I threw the football as hard as I could. My name is Joshua DiMarino. I am 10 years old. I go to north Coventry elementary school. When the whistle blew we all came running in from recess. That is what happened in the past but today me & my class mates have changed. I have lots of friends: Logan, Lizzy, Jake, Noah, Noemi, & Shaun. But some of them don’t come into the story much. So here’s how it starts. When Lizzy came into the school, Noemi for some reason didn’t like her. In fact, she hated her. Lizzy and I became friends because we were both interested in lizards. Noemi got mad and started to hate her as if she took her place. It wasn’t long until she started saying: “I’ll throw you in a dumpster!” to her. Now here’s the last change. The spring of 2013. “Where is Lizzy?” I asked Noemi knowing she would say something bad. “I don’t know thank god she’s gone”. “Be quiet Noemi”. I said. All of the sudden I hears a police car and I turned around and looked back and she wasn’t there. I looked and looked and decided to go home. The next day I went to the park and saw Lizzy’s parents. “Have haven’t I said. They started to get REALLY worried. So they called the police. I decided to go look for her. I looked and looked and looked from dumpsters to cars. Finally I found a dark, black cave. I went in and saw a little light and there it was a big evil monster with Noemi on it cornering lizzy. I woke up panting. Sweat rolled down my face and on to my bed. It’s only a dream I thought. That stuff about the cave was a dream. I went down stairs and got ready for school. After school Logan and Noemi were talking but I couldn’t hear. When Logan was finished he told me what Noemi had said. “Noemi kidnapped Lizzy!” He said in an angry voice. I, (shocked) decided to go look for her. Logan came with me. After all, he was good friends with her. It seemed like it was like my dream. The thing is, the mystery has already been solved but the police didn’t know. “The next thing I’ll do is call the police.” I said. So I did. The police came in a flash. “All right we have some suspects. Mr. Sir & Mrs. Ma’am. “They aren’t the ones that committed the crime”. I said. “We’ll have to see”. Logan and I went to look for her ourselves. Like my dream we found a dark black cave. We went in and saw a light along with Noemi, henry, and lizzy. Lizzy ran toward us and we heard a rumble. And a DARK, BLACK, and HUGE figure came out of the ground.

I AM HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!! I felt light headed from him screaming. He turned around and gave us battle gear. Just as we were going to fight Noemi disappeared. “Come on we have to get her.� I yelled. We ran and tackled her and pinned her to the ground. Logan went to fetch the police. He came back with two police men and a pair of hand cuffs. Then she went to jail. When she got out she was nice to lizzy for the rest of her life.

the Dream  

A mystery about a boy trying to save his friend

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