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By: Jessica Kolb  “Zoe!” yelled Savannah. Zoe would not stop thinking about her phone as she was running through the mall. It was a hot pink black berry and Zoe loved it a lot. “What?” Zoe asked as she was slowing down a little. “Wait up!” replied Savannah loudly. “But you know that I love my phone so much!” Zoe said as she stopped all the way. “I know you do. But think, where did you have it last?” Savannah asked Zoe. “I n the… I don’t know. Wait I know! In the photo booth! We were getting our pictures taken together!” Zoe remembered. “That’s right! Let’s go look there!” Savannah told Zoe. When Zoe sand Savannah got to the photo booth Zoe pushed Savannah out of the way. “Yes!” Zoe screamed. “What? Did you find it?” Savannah asked Zoe. “Yep!” Zoe said happily. “Good. Now why don’t you go to call your mom to pick us up early?” Savannah suggested. “Anything!” So Zoe called her mom at home, “Thanks mom and nothing is wrong But, I did loose me phone and Savannah had to ask me where I had last have it. It was in the photo booth and me, Savannah and my phone.” Zoe explained to her

mom. “Wow, looks you too had a not so good day and hope you learn your lessen.” After Zoe hung up, Savannah told Zoe to go outside where Zoe’s mom would pick them up. When Zoe’s mom got there Zoe and Savannah hopped in the blue- green van. When they got in the car Zoe’s mom told Zoe that she should download the app that you can hook up to the computer if Zoe would lose it again she could find it. “Ok mom. O and mom?” “Yes Zoe?” Mom answered. “While we were at the mall Savannah and I were looking at all of the phone cases and I saw one that I liked and I was wondering if I could get it?” Zoe asked. “It’s only $20?” Zoe persuaded. “Well, if you tell me what is on it you might be able to get it.” Mom asked. “It has little mini pandas on it and the pandas liking lolly pops.” Zoe answered. “Well I guess so.” “YES!” Zoe screamed. “Thank you so much mom!” By then Savannah, Zoe and Zoe’s Mom were at home. Zoe and Savannah went into the kitchen to get lunch. Savannah asked if she could have peanut butter and jelly. Zoe said yes. “I want that to so we can we make it together. You can get out the bread and jelly and I’ll get out the plates, peanut butter and the knife. When they finished there sandwiches, Savannah said that she had to go home to do her homework. “If I don’t get if

done, my teacher is going to give me a big fat F.” Savannah told Zoe. “Ok bye, and I better get started on mine too.” That night after dinner and after Zoe’s shower it was around 9:00 so Zoe decided to go to bed. Zoe’s mom came to say goodnight to Zoe. “Tomorrow is going to be a pretty fun day because we are going to go to the zoo with Emma!” Mom announced to Zoe. “Cool! Can Savannah come?” Zoe asked her mom. “No, only because being with Savannah would take away the main point of being with Emma.” Mom told Zoe. “Ok mom. Goodnight.” Zoe said as she let out a big yawn. “Goodnight to you my little Zoe.” “Wait, mom?” Zoe asked. “Yes?” “What time are we going to go to the zoo?” “Around 10:00.” Mom answered. “So that means that I can’t sleep in?” Zoe whined. “Well I guess not.” Mom joked. Zoe thought that she would get to have a fun day tomorrow but only did she know... AHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Zoe. “LET GO OF MMMMMMMM!” Zoe yelled out into the night as Zoe’s mouth was being tied up by a piece of cloth. Matt, Zoe’s older brother who was about 15 years old ran into Zoe’s room. Matt was tan, with green eyes. Zoe looked at the clock. It read 1:26. As the

kidnapper went out the screen door, Matt caught gimps of Zoe’s eyes and they were filled with terror. Mom and Dad woke up by all of the loud commotion and ran into Zoe’s room also. Zoe was gone! Maybe forever! Mom, Dad and Matt all sat on Zoe’s bed crying for about a minute. “Why… don’t you… call the ….police?” Mom choked out. “I’m going.” That same night when the police got there they were asking a lot of questions when they got there. “What did the suspect look like?” One of the police asked. His name tag read Officer Jones. “All I know is that he was wearing a mask, black jeans and a black sweat shirt.” Mom, Dad and Matt all told parts of the story and filling someone when they forgot something. “Well we’ll keep in touch and if we fine anything.” The police told them. “I’ll call Savannah in the morning to tell her the news.” Matt said. Zoe woke up in a cell that was almost like a prison cell. It wasn’t cold but not hot. A man in his late teens or early twenty’s with green eyes came to open the cell and unlocked the door and walked into the cell were Zoe was. “Don’t touch me! Go away! “Yelled Zoe. “No can do. But, I can tell you one thing.” He didn’t wait for Zoe to Respond. “I will not hurt you.” The man said. At least a don’t think so” The Mam said under his breath. “Then go

away and let me be free.” Zoe demanded. “Let me be free and I won’t say it was you.” Zoe said. “I would, but I need the money.” The strange mam said as he rubbed his fingers together like money. “I will get the money and then I will let you be free.” “Why don’t you just get a regular job like a Teacher or a… I don’t know. Just a nice and easy job?” Zoe asked a little more calm. “Because whenever I go to an interview they won’t let me in.” The mam said sadly. “That’s not fair!” Zoe exclaimed. “Yeah, well just live with it and keep quiet! O and by the way, my name is Aiden.” Aiden told Zoe. “Hey! Don’t talk to me like that!” Zoe snapped. “You can’t make me!” That next day Matt heard Mom talking on the phone talking to Aunt. Bonny saying that they would not be coming to the zoo because of Zoe being kidnapped. “O my gosh! I can’t believe it!” Aunt. Bonny cried. “I can’t sleep without knowing that both of my kids are safe and sound.” Mom sighed “I know just how that feels like. You know that I raised three kids of my own.” Aunt. Bonny told her. Mom wrapped up the story as Matt finished a call too. It was to Savannah to tell her the news. At first Savannah thought that it was Zoe who was calling her but she soon found out that is was Matt calling her. Savannah started to

cry and said that she hoped that they would find Zoe vary soon. Matt first told Mom that he would be outside when she hung up than told her that he would go for a long walk and that he would be back before dinner. “Ok, and just be careful and not to get kidnapped. I want you to bring the dog.” ‘The dog’ was Gus. He was a black lab with a white circle around his eye. “Come on Gus! Let’s go!” Matt and Gus went out of the door to were Zoe was kidnapped. Matt thought that he saw something in the grass so he went to check it out. Matt saw that it was a piece of paper so he opened it up and found out that it was a map. A map to were Zoe was being held! “Zoe good news! You’re going home today!” Zoe must have gone to sleep because she woke up in a daze. “Aiden!” Zoe moaned. “Why whenever you wake up you yell my name?” Aiden asked. “I don’t know. Maybe because you might have kidnapped me just for the money? Would that make sense?” Zoe asked back. “I’m sorry. It’s just that if I don’t get any money I won’t live anymore.” Aiden was tricking Zoe and Zoe did not fall for it. But just at that moment Aiden held up a g un. “Time to go Zoe…” Aiden whispered to himself.

By that time Matt and Gus were in a not so nice place. The place that they were in was all dusty and one deserted house that looked more like an old warehouse. The road that they were following had a faint line of two tire tracts. Matt told himself that he would find Zoe. Matt went up to the front door and turned his phone on vibrate. He looked for a door bell but did not find one so he deiced to just walk in. Matt was surprised was the door was not locked so Matt went right in. Matt though that he heard a scream and he went running down the hall to find Zoe! “Zoe! Don’t worry!” Matt went right up to the man and punched him in the face. Aiden fell down at Matt’s knees. Matt quick called the police and told then the information that they asked. Then Matt and Zoe went out of the house and into the front yard. When the police got to the house they asked Zoe and Matt some questions. Then Mom and Dad came as soon as they heard the news and answered some questions too. Mom and Dad told Zoe and Matt that they would go to T.G.I. Fridays. “Cool!” Matt and Zoe Sid together. After the police said that they could go everyone went off to go to T.G.I. Fridays.


It's about a girl that has gone missing.