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Cheetah VS. Tiger By: Brayden Erickson

Why I chose these animals I chose these animal because people usually think cheetahs are weak but I think no and that tigers could waste them but this book says differently.

The cheetah wins!!!

The cheetah and the tiger are out for dinner so there hungry they meet up no other animals around so no other food so they got in a fight for survival‌‌‌ then they fight. The first one to pounce was the tiger he jumps but the cheetah dodges it then the cheetah pounces behind him and gives him a big chomp in the neck. The tiger is severely injured they both charge each other the cheetah gives the tiger a big scar on the eye and backs off before he dies.

What if a tiger and a cheetah met up in the savannah and they got in a fight. Who would win?

Cheetah Scientific name: Acinonyx Jubatus

Where they live: Africa, Asia.

My car is a Chevrolet celebrity

How fast they move: Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth and move up to 70MPH that’s faster then my car :)

Tiger Fun Facts Biggest species in the cat family. Hunt at night

Cheetah fun facts Only big cat that cannot roar. Only cat that can turn in midair. Fastest land animal on earth. Only need a drink every three or four days.

Tiger Scientific Name: Panthera Tigris Where they live: Asia, Africa. How fast they go: 50MPH that’s twice the speed of most house cats wow that’s fast guys.

The tooth size of a A Tiger tooth can cheetah is about 1 reach about five to 2 inches that’s inches in size. about the size of my index finger.