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Who has the advantage? check list.

Who Would WIN?


wolf teeth






Gray wolf VS. Coyote

What if a wolf and a coyote both went out of there territory? What if they were both hungry? What if they were both alone? What if they had a fit? Who would win?

The wolf howls in pain. He turns and snaps at the coyote’s front leg. The wolf’s bite hurts. Then the coyote tries to limp away, but the wolf is starving. The wolf’s leg isn’t damaged as much so it can walk faster. The wolf bites the coyote’s neck the coyote dies. At last the wolf wins maybe next time the coyote will win.

The fight It’s a cold day at Alaska. A wolf and a coyote are hunting. The coyote sees the wolf. The wolf is looking away. The coyote comes charging at the wolf. The coyote bites one of the wolf’s back legs.


The wolf’s scientific name is Canis Lupus. Some people call him David .R. Bill If he was a pet that’s what I would name him.

Coyotes like to eat small animals like mice, shrew, rabbits, and voles.

Vole =

sad facts :(

80 people were killed by wolves in 2001.

Gray wolves eat elk, deer, moose, and caribou.

The coyotes scientific name is Canis Latruns. His nickname is Leo.

Sad facts :(

48 people were killed by wolves in 1998.

Gray wolves live in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Alaska.

Fun facts Wolves eat up to 20 to30 pounds a day.

A coyote can run 40 mph.

Question Do you think you can out run a coyote.

A gray wolf can ran 35 mph.

Fun fact A coyote runs faster then a wolf.

Coyote’s live in Alaska , Mexico , and other parts of U.S.A.

Fun fact No one knows how much a coyote eats a day.

No one knows how big tall a wolf’s tooth is. A wolf’s tooth is 2 inches in length.

A coyote tooth is 2 1/2 inches tall.

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