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Who has the advantage checklist. Cougar


Who Would Win??

Teeth Jump length

How fast Weight

Cougar V.S. Panther By Logan Schaubert

What if these two animals met? What if they got in a fight? Who would win? Who do you think would win?

Panthers Scientific name: Puma Consoler Where they live: Panthers live in Florida How fast are they? They run 35 MPH.

FUN FACT!!! Panthers can jump 15 feet.

Also the teeth and claws are larger so it can attach deeper in the skin.

What if these two animals fought it could go either way. In my opinion the cougar would win because it is faster and it can jump farther so it can catch the panther.

Cougars Scientific name: Puma Consoler Where they live: Cougars live in western USA. How fast are they? Cougars go 40-50 MPH

FUN FACT!!! Cougars can jump 16 feet without a head start!



The panthers teeth size is about 1 inch long.

How big are the cougars claws. The panthers claws are 2-3 centimeters long.

They are a wild animal and they are endangered. They weigh about 100-250 pounds.

Fun Fact!!! FUN FACT!!! Panthers can have 1-4 kittens.

There is a school mascot in Bismarck named after panthers.



How big are the cougars claws? The cougars claws are 6.5 centimeters long. Here is an actual size of a cougar claw.

The cougars teeth size is about 1.9 inches. There life span is about 8-13 years in the wild. Cougars usually have blue eyes. They usually weigh 115-160 pounds. They can have 2-3 cubs.

Fun Fact!!! There is a school mascot in Bismarck named after cougars.

FUN FACT!!! Natives like cougars.



The panthers prey are Deer, gazelles, and wildcats The panthers predators are White tail deer, and hogs.

The cougars prey are Deer, Bighorn sheep, and Elk. The cougars predators are people, Bears, Wolves, Alligators.

FUN FACT!!! FUN FACT!!! Panthers sometimes eat monkeys.

Kittens are born with their eyes closed.

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