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leopard TEETH

Cheetah vs. Leopard INTELLIGENCE

By: Brady B. SPEED


What if a leopard and a cheetah met? What if they were the same size? What if they were both hungry? Who do you think would win? Okay lets get down to business lets do the cheetah first. The cheetahs scientific name is Acinonyx Jubatus its nickname is spotted assassin. Its habitat is south Africa and near east Asia.

Did you know People in Asia use cheetahs as pets!

But the leopard is to smart for the cheetah it swings its tail and hits the cheetah right in the head. The cheetah is wounded but holds in the leopard has one more attack it goes for the neck and gets the neck it defeats the cheetah. So the leopard wins it walks away with many scratches. Next time a cheetah and a leopard fight who do you think would win?

The leopard has a cheetah in sight. The leopard feels like having a big dinner. So does the cheetah. The leopard makes the first move. It is a very good foot work fight . They both are really sneaky. The cheetah thinks that It can use its speed to get to the neck.

Now lets do the leopard its scientific name is panthera pardus. Its nickname is prima ballerina. Its habitat is southeast Asia and Africa.

The cheetah’s Body The intelligence of an cheetah is really smart and they are very nimble. The tooth size is about medium. There brain size Is a little bit smaller than a humans. It can weigh up to 86 to 143 LBS.

Interesting facts 1.Antartica is the only place where you cant find large cats. 2.there are three kids of leopards. 3.They hunt from trees. 4.they are more active at night.

Weird fact Cheetahs can only run for short distances

Interesting facts

1.the the mom leaves the cubs at 14 months. 2. the cheetah looks for food on high places. 3. the cheetahs are almost in extinction. 4. after it runs its prey down the cheetah has to breathe for 1 hour before eating.

The Leopard’s Body The leopard intelligence is really smart it moves just like the cheetah, very nimble. Its brain size is as big as the cheetahs. It can weigh up to 150b to 200 LBS.

Prey and Predators The cheetah usably preys on gazelle and antelope. the predators are mostly man . Also there is lions hyenas and leopards. So lets see If the cheetah can bear threw and win the fight.

Prey and Predators The leopard preys on mostly antelope that are the same size as the leopard. The predators of the leopards are mostly man. Also there's the lion and tiger they both sometimes feed on them.