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Integrated Curriculum

Name Zac Duckett Grade 3/4A 2ď Š12 grade 4

English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.

We did the new spelling program Write to Read. We learnt lots of different sounds that are called codes. I enjoyed story writing.

Maths In maths this year in maths I have learnt This year we learnt lots of different ways to do maths.

This is my group working on volume and capacity

>> The Arts


Visual Art

Music go go girls

This year I paled the trumpet I learnt lots of different songs and for the swara I played to play linden bridge.

hypes This year in the consent we did the 60’s and we had to be hypes, go go girls and grandmas



In art we learnt how to do lots of different paintings like splatter painting, straw painting, still life painting

>> Integrated Curriculum


The Way Things Work

Are We There Yet?


Communication This term we learnt a about a communication. I like making my name from the international flags.

Term 1

The way things work We made a Humpty Dumtpy that climbed the wall. We weighed him down with marbles and he worked because of the friction.

Are We There Yet?


We did a huge project over the hole term it was about a trip around Australia in my trip I went to shark bay, monkey mia, Sidney,

Are we there yet?


term 4

This term lots of different things about the weather like different types of clouds the water cycle and tornados etc.

For one of our projects we had to build a f loud proof house I made mine out of glue and pop sticks

>> Social & Physical Development

Health & Physical Education

My Personal Reflections

My Friends

P.E. (sport) In P.E. this year we learnt about lots of different things in sport like soccer, base ball, tennis, football, volleyball French cricket, cricket ,golf and athletics etc.

This is me doing Breaststroke or butterfly I am no really shore

My Friends Ryley

Alem Peter


>> Incursions & Excursions

Media Roadshow

Australian Environments

Build a billycart

Build a crane

Camp Kangaroobie

Media Roadshow In the media shoadshow incursion the man put background about our seen and we red our line. soon all our parts were put to gether and we had a movie.ď Š

Me and baily were in an add about m and ms.

Build a billy cart On the 1 of June we got to build a billy cart and we also got to ride a billycart.

These are the billy cart we road

I max At I max we saw a movie called tornado ally in 3D it was really cool wen things stuck out at us

This is me Sophie holly-may Chloe and Sumer on the way to I max. it was the only seat left I had to sit next to the girls

Build a crane In build a crane we built a crane by using saws and hammers etc

This is a finished crane

This is me building my crane

Camp Kangaroobie Kangaroobie was camp for all of the grade 3 and 4s it was so much fun.

We slept in cabins in my cabin was Jamie, Ryley, Kyle, Max, Maxx, nick, Tom And me. This is every body after the mud course

Click this to see camp photo story

>> Achievements

You Can Do It Name Zac FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind

Languages In languages I learnt French

This is the French flag

This is Eiffel tower

Kitchen Classroom

This is me chopping something.

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