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Kitchen Classroom

Peter Clarke 3/4A, 2012

English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. We have learnt codes this year to help with our spelling. I have been doing manuscript handwriting and I have written about the anemometer in science and written procedures and some poems this term.

Click this to go the my poem ď Š

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt‌

This year I’ve learnt capacity and volume

>> The Arts


Visual Art

Music this year I have practise the SAXAPHONE

Are did a I wa nerv was “b fe

Visual Art Art was AWESOME this year it was the best I loved it

The Way Things Work


In term four we built anemometer and a barometer.

>> Social & Physical Development

Health & Physical Education

My Personal Reflections

My Friends

Health & Physical Education

My Friends Alem


Zac Tom

Ryley Leon

>> Incursions & Excursions Hollywood Magic

Australian Environments

Learning by Doing

Camp Kangaroobie

Media rode show

Camp Kangaroobie Camp Kangaroobie was the

BEST. I loved it   

Click the smiley face to my photo story

Build a crane We had to build a crane. We had partners to work with. Mine was Tom. It was a lot of fun. They’re where two grade six’s to help us.

I MAX We went to I MAX we watched a 3D video about tornados it was called tornado ally

Kitchen Classroom

>> Achievements

You Can Do It Name FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind

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