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Jemma Johnson Grade 3/4A, 2012

English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. I loved English cause I love to write stories and I love speaking in front of an audience I really liked writing the story we did and I am still waiting to see who one the contest ď Šď Šď Š

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt…angles and a lot more it was a lot of fun 

This is me and Conner doing our temperature maths he checks what it is every minute I was timing the minutes pretty fun 

>> The Arts


Visual Art

Music This year I loooooooved music its so fun I love playing the flute and love instraments I love my teacher I LOVE EVERY THING ABOUT MUUUUUSIC

Visual Art I love art but mostly splat painting I also liked doing the Halloween thing we did we drew a spider web then coloured it in with two different colours it sorta looked 3D then we cut out a spider using black paper then stuck it on the spider web it looked really cool

In art we also made one of those scratch things where you would scratch them and a rainbow lines will come out what you needed to do was colour in little bits of the plain whit paper in different colours then paint over it in paint (black) it looks really cool then when it is dry you scratch it with a stick and a pattern of all the colourful colours you did it s pretty fun

>> Integrated Curriculum


The Way Things Work

Are We There Yet?


Communication This term we did communication for our theme it was lots of fun we did lots of cool stuff me one favourite thin about last term was THE HOME WORK PARTY it was so much fun but had to miss out on five minutes because I hade my flute lesson but it was fun we had lots of food everyone bought food I bought shapes but the media road show was my favourite it was so fun to I was the host so I was the first one on the green screen I was a bit neverouse but it was fun

This term was one of my FAAAAVOURIIIITE term I loved it so much but the thing that made me love it that much was the media road show I loved themedia road show cause I love to act and I really want to be an actress ď Š so yeah we also did

Are We There Yet? This term we learnt about Australia it was the best term but it was pretty good we did a poster and we did the trip around Australia ď Šď Š we also did a project on a place in Australia I did the Rialto tower

The Way Things Work This term we did the way things work it was a lot of fun we did build a crane witch unfortunately I missed out on we also did build a billy cart witch I will hyper link so you can see if you like we did the Olympic morning games and footy day it was a really fun term ď Š

Weather This term we did weather my favourite part was the Imax in the Imax we got to see tornado ally it was pretty freaky yassie held on to me the WHOOOOLE time :D some buts she screamed a little and squeezed my hand

>> Social & Physical Development

Health & Physical Education

My Personal Reflections

My Friends

Health & Physical Education

This is me and yassie at swimming I think yassie goggles are to tight

My Friends Chelsea




Bella Samantha Romana Maddy

My Personal Reflections My reflections are that this year wasn’t the best year but it was still pretty fun my favourite parts were camp, media road show and the homework party of course ď Š

>> Incursions & Excursions Hollywood Magic

Australian Environments

Camp Kangaroobie

Learning by Doing

Billy cart

Media Roadshow The media Roadshow was AWSOME I was the host I was the first person to start so I was a bit nervous but exited at the same time

We also did an animation mine was about a girl walking a dog

We did a radio one as well as you can see we did a lot of stuff in one day we had to sing the vegemite song and rock around the clock i had so much fun so thank you Michael Loughton

Charlotte was the weather person she had lovely music in the background she even looked like a weather person maddy was a reporter for the los Angeles fires

Billy cart The billy cart incursion was sooooo fun we did four activities one was where we designed our billy cart mine was just an ordinary billy cart but VERY VERY colourful the scand one was where you got to make a billy cartyou didn’t get to keep the billy cart we just put it together an then take it apart again the third was like a work shop you could make whatever u wanted I made like a walking thing where u pull on the rope and the wheels would spin and yea it was like walking a dog then the last and final swapwas the BEST you got to ride the billy cart you would get into a group of three and the one person would ride in the billy cart one would push the billy cart and one would rest I wish we could do it again IT WAS AWSOME!!!!

Australian Environments This term I looked at the rialto as a man made building. When I did my trip around Australia I found out I would really like to live or stay in Perth or Darwin

Learning By Doing

I wasn’t there for the making a crane incusion but I bet it was lots of fun

Camp Kangaroobie This term we went on camp and it was sooooooo cool and fun  This is the mud course

This is the environment games I loved it so much I was a carnivor carnivors can kill any one but the diseses but can die

This is the hut me, maddy and yassie This is me holding a pig  made with sticks twigs Click on branches and leaves me to see my camp photo story

>> Achievements

You Can Do It Name Jemma Johnson FOUNDATION resilient


I do Italian its pretty fun I loved Italy ever since I went there to see leaning tower of paisa

Come est stia Non stobene grazie (how are you not good thanks) Ciao mi-chamio shema (hi my name is jemma)

Come est stai Stobene graze e tu (how are you good thanks you)

Kitchen Classroom I loooooooved kitchen class room this year I love to cook I cook a lot at home cause I find it really fun I also like to cook for my family I cook when im bored it was a lot of fun this year 

This is me yassie and sophie peeling some eggs for a meal great fun

This is me and yassie tasting the egg meal we made we didn’t really like it but it was still fun to make ;P

science This is me and yassie having a turn to stand on the black board with cups

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