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Holly-Mae Steele Grade, 3/4A 2012

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Kitchen Classroom

English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.

We are making stories and mines called The fire at the stables. I am finished mine but most people are still going. In class Mrs wells is reading a book called Tales of a fourth grade nothing and I love it because there is this 2 year old called Fudge and his sounds really cute.

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt‌

In maths I am really getting better at my times tables. I am more confident at maths now then at the start of the term. I learnt how to do much more things then before. I can do maths really easy now.

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Visual Art

Music In music I now know how to act, sing and dance better. We had a school concert we had lots of songs to learn. My favourite song was the locomotion. Just the girls in my grade did it. The concert was so fun. At school I do piano. I do piano with a girl called Sarah she is in grade 6. I have a piano concert on soon and for it I am playing a song called up on the house top.

Visual Art In art we have been doing paintings like splash paintings and normal paintings. I really love splash paintings. We have also done collages. Me and Sophie did one of a crocodile. We also do lots of drawings of creative things.

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The Way Things Work

Are We There Yet?


Communication We learnt how people communicate. I learnt how different people use different ways to communicate. Most people use a phone and talking to communicate but some people use nots. It was really fun because I learnt lots of new things. You can use communication in lots of different ways.

Are We There Yet? This term we learnt about Australia. I learnt about all the stats in Australia. Me and Sophie did a project on New South Wales. We wrote about New South Wales industries and what New South Wales was famous for. It was really fun.

The Way Things Work In term two we learnt about how things work. Some things use pulleys, levers, gears, wheels and axles.

I think I learnt allot about how things work.

Weather We learnt about hurricanes, tornados and lots of weather things. We made wind socks and did lots of experiments. It was really fun.

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Health & Physical Education In P.E we had a swimming education were we went to Mentone Grammer’s swimming pool to do swimming lessons. I was in a group where me and Asmita were the only grade threes. My swimming teachers name was Charlotte. She was really nice. The other day we had the beep test. I got up to 6.4 but last time I got 8.2. I love P.E.

My Friends

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Australian Environments

Camp Kangaroobie

Learning by Doing


Media Roadshow On the 14th /15th of March we did a Media Roadshow. The grade 3 to 4s all did it. In the back ground of Charlotte’s green screen there was music. In the back ground of mine there was a vegemite jar and a vegemite tube .It felt like I was on TV

Learning By Doing This term we had a woodwork incursion about making cranes for our Simple Machines unit.

Camp Kangaroobie

I really liked the cabins because I got to sleep on the top bunk and I don’t have a bunk bed at home. I really liked the farm.

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This year I am learning French. We had to record us speaking French. I t was really hard because I kept mucking up.

Kitchen Classroom

Science The best bit about science is the experiments. In this picture we were making cardboard people move across the floor using friction.

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