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Charlotte Delbridge Grade, 2012

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English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. We have written lots of stories and done fun literacy activities such as…… S.T.A.R.S, code bingo, rain hail and shine things. Writing is lots of fun!! We have been doing a program called write to read and we have been learning The different sounds that letters make. It has been lots of fun

Click here to read my groups onomatopoetry!

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt‌ How to multiply, subtract, add make a grid and lots more. Maths Is fun and because I have learnt so much I was chosen to go into a G.A.T.E WAYS program where we had to do all kinds of math! ď Š

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Visual Art

Music This year I loved music.I played the piano it was so fuuuuuuuuuuuuun .ď Š In the school concert I had a lot of fun but none of the dresses fitted me so I had to wear a different one and I stood out!!!

Visual Art

In art we did lots of art work such as painting, sketching Halloween artwork and Christmas

This year I loved art and I had a lot of fun creativity with it :D :3

>> Integrated Curriculum


The Way Things Work

Are We There Yet?


Communication In Communication I learnt how you can communicate through dance. I found out that you can do that through EXPRESSIONS, COSTUMES and MUSIC.

I also showed a video clip of sleeping beauty (Ballet) . There were a lot of expressions. E.G Happy sadness angry puzzled confusion and many more………….

Are We There Yet? In are we there yet we learnt about Australia and we had to plan a pretend trip around Australia!

We learnt about a lot of different attractions and tour sites

The Way Things Work In the way things work we learnt about how things work. We learnt about levers, screws, the wheel and axle, gears, wedge and pulley. We learnt how we use these things and how they work

We also had a lot of fun doing lots of different activities to do with simple machines.

Weather This term we learnt about weather. We learnt about erosion, weathering, tornadoes, floods and all different types of weather. We went to the Imax theatre and it was HUGE! We watched something called Tornado alley. It was really coooool!!!!

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Health & Physical Education In P.E we did all kinds of things…………….

We played volleyball, tennis, the beep test and lots of warm up games like the simpsons chain tigy golf and loads more!!!

My Friends All The Girls!



rom emily





My Personal Reflections I think this year has been great! I have learnt so much and made great friends :D  I’ve had great fun and Mrs wells is so nice and funny she ha been a great teacher. I am sad that I have to leave but I will definitely keep in touch with all my friends

>> Incursions & Excursions Hollywood Magic

Australian Environments

Camp Kangaroobie

Learning by Doing


Media Roadshow The media roadshow was SOOOO much fun!!!!!!!

I was the Weather girl on TV and I went in front of a Green screen and the back ground for me was the beach. It was very fun but when I watched it I had very red and chubby cheeks. : ) ď Œ ď Š

On the radio we sang happy little vegemite and rock around the clock.

We also did some radio stuff! I was a game show host and said some tings about soap operas.

The billy cart incursion was really really really fun. We got to build a billy cart, ride a billy cart , design a billy cart and build whatever we wanted.(I built a scooter) When we rode in a billy cart one person would ride and the other would push and then we would swap. It was fun but I scraped my leg and it really hurt. ď Œ

Billy cart

Australian Environments When we learnt about Australian environments my friend Yasmin and I Learnt about the Sydney Opera house. We made a poster about it and presented it to the class.

It was very fun working with a Yasmin and I learnt a lot.

Making a Crane I made a CRANE!!!!!!!!!!!

I was on the same table as Romana. Firstly, we traced around the shapes that were going to be the sides. Secondly we cut out all of the pieces. Finally we glued and nailed it all together. It looked AWESOME!!!!!!

Camp Kangaroobie Sliding through the doughnut of death!!!!

Like our hand made hut?


Mud coarse mud monsters!

Whee here I come

Look at Click on my jemma’s kangaroo to see my funny face camp photo story

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You Can Do It Name FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind

Languages This year I was learning French. It was really fun but some words were hard to say. I would really like to go to Paris one day that’s why I learnt French this year. ď Š I love learning new languages. Hopefully I can keep going and learn a lot of new languages at my new school

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