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My Poetry Anthology

By: Logan

Table of contents: Poems found and written My vignette My identity Sources

Name - Logan - me What does it mean to be named? Your parents pick your name You decide if you like it, or not

Anthology Dedication - To my teachers who gave me this next opportunity and to all the classmates, friends and family that have helped me along with writing and creating this.

LOGAN If so you shall never want anything else If not you shall not want to hear it till your dying If reckless you shall be regretful till death If intended you shall be gracious (thankful) But always you will have a name The question is are you your name? your name, your name , your name

I wrote this poem because i thought that our names are part of our identity, it’s not necessarily a big part sometimes but still it’s what were labeled with. You dont

I wrote this poem on the meaning of choices, the tone is that, the choices we make can be minuscule or they could be grand. Choices that we face say, i really don't going like that guy down the street youusually say, Timbut down the street is make really vicious. Soit your nameor is reinforces important, to youyou andare. to people everyday aren’t to vicious necessarily change your life everyday you a choice changes who Like inaround the you, so whywhere don’t you your“should own name, it’sinside, your parents who Ipick your name other them name you something. However poem the pick choice, I stay or should go outside andand play or” things might that not influence necessarily betodefining. However a slight shiftwhen in you're circumstances could change that, somethingelse likeififyou youprefer didn’ttogo you encountered that new regretful person down the be.” street, who older you can change your name to something butoutside like i say in wouldn’t the poem,have “if really reckless repeatedly you shall It can beisvery now best you friend. Some figurative my poem arethe the slight allusions used. Thereyou’ll are two of is them, one only people around true,your providing don't change it again,language as I say inwithin my alliteration with really reckless andIhow regretful There figurative language is the last line me will get, it is, “it’s never an ordinary day.” This is an allusion for my school saying which is, it’s never an ordinary day. My other allusion is since i use parallelism by starting each line with the word if. The tone of the poem and meaning is we all have our names and they each mean different things to u probably more well known and it involves poetry, it’s “go strolling on a road in a yellow wood” this is part of a line from a famous poem and poet, it somepreviously people change because they like their name or othershave because they need fancier onewriting or something, but writing most people don’t change theirs. I feel tha was in myitanthology. Mydon’t poem doesn’t necessarily a multitude of adescriptive but I tried it in the form where normally thislast has word to do of with the theme, do our us or doeach we define ourrepresents names? Then last lineand adds effect to this,onto “your name, your name .” With it the a line becomes thenames first ofdefine the next one stanza onethe like that then moving the nextyour ideaname and ,writing that one similarly. repeating your name to add to the theme and then it getting smaller as you whisper it, your name.

All the  Worlds’  a  Stage  -­‐  William  Shakespeare

   All  the  worlds  A  Stage  –   William  Shakespeare

All the  world's  a  stage, And  all  the  men  and  women  merely  players; They  have  their  exits  and  their  entrances, And  one  man  in  his  time  plays  many  parts, His  acts  being  seven  ages.  At   irst,  the  infant, Mewling  and  puking  in  the  nurse's  arms. Then  the  whining  schoolboy,  with  his  satchel And  shining  morning  face,  creeping  like  snail Unwillingly  to  school.  And  then  the  lover, Sighing  like  furnace,  with  a  woeful  ballad Made  to  his  mistress'  eyebrow.  Then  a  soldier, Full  of  strange  oaths  and  bearded  like  the  pard, Jealous  in  honor,  sudden  and  quick  in  quarrel, Seeking  the  bubble  reputation Even  in  the  cannon's  mouth.  And  then  the  justice, In  fair  round  belly  with  good  capon  lined, With  eyes  severe  and  beard  of  formal  cut, Full  of  wise  saws  and  modern  instances; And  so  he  plays  his  part.  The  sixth  age  shifts Into  the  lean  and  slippered  pantaloon, With  spectacles  on  nose  and  pouch  on  side; His  youthful  hose,  well  saved,  a  world  too  wide For  his  shrunk  shank,  and  his  big  manly  voice, Turning  again  toward  childish  treble,  pipes And  whistles  in  his  sound.  Last  scene  of  all, That  ends  this  strange  eventful  history, Is  second  childishness  and  mere  oblivion, Sans  teeth,  sans  eyes,  sans  taste,  sans  everything.

In this  poem  I  feel  Shake-­‐ hake speare  is  telling  a  sort  of   opinionated  story.  Introduc-­‐ ing  it  with  the  opening  lines   “All  the  world’s  a  stage”  and   then  he  starts  talking  about   how  a  boy  in  his  time  gener ally  lived,  “His  acts  being   seven  ages.  At   irst  the   infant.” Even  after  only  those  three   lines  I  can  tell  how  descrip-­‐ tive  and  carefully  chosen  his   language  is.  One  line  with   plenty  language  is  “sighing   like  furnace,  with  a  woeful   ballad,”  he  has,  woeful  ballad   and  a  simile  at  the  beginning   of  just  this  line.  With  as  much   descriptive  language  and  his   similes  throughout  the  poem,   Shakespeare  creates  an   amazing  effect  on  the  reader   giving  him  a  powerful  tone  as   well.  Making  one  of  the  most   powerful  poems  I’ve  ever   read.  Especially  with  all  of  his   excellent  descriptive  and   igurative  language. Some  of  Shakespeare’s  most   powerful  lines  in  the  poem   are  the  last  2,  “  Is  second   childishness  and  mere  oblivi-­‐ on,”  “sans  teeth,  sans  eyes,   sans  taste,  sans  everything”.

Choices- Me - Logan Yes or no Aye or nay Should I or shouldn’t I Can I or can’t I These are questions that we ask ourself everyday we face these questions and choices some benefitting others some beneficial to us, so how do we choose Yes or no, are only 2 choices but those are the hardest because if you can only pick 1, which will you pick, option 1 or 2 especially if you can’t narrow it down as if there were 3 Today I faced many choices should I stay inside or should I go outside and play or go strolling on a road in a yellow wood These can be easier choices influenced by others such as parents or friends, all who make choices too either for themselves or ourselves Each choice you make can change things around you, as each day is different and it’s never an ordinary day.

I wrote this poem on the meaning of choices, the tone is that, the choices we make can be minuscule or they could be grand. Choices that we face everyday aren’t going to necessarily change your life usually but everyday you make a choice it changes or reinforces who you are. Like in the poem where the choice, “should I stay inside, or should I go outside and play or” might not necessarily be defining. However a slight shift in circumstances could change that, something like if you didn’t go outside you wouldn’t have encountered that new person down the street, who is now your best friend. Some figurative language within my poem are the slight allusions I used. There are two one of them, one only people around me will get, it is, “it’s never an ordinary day.” This is an allusion for my school saying which is, it’s never an ordinary day. My other allusion is probably more well known and it involves poetry, it’s “go strolling on a road in a yellow wood” this is part of a line from a famous poem and poet, it was previously in my anthology. My poem doesn’t necessarily have a multitude of descriptive writing but I tried writing it in the form where normally the last word of a line becomes the first of the next one each stanza represents one like that and then moving onto the next idea and writing that one similarly.

! There is No Frigate Like a Book ! There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry. This traverse may the poorest take Without oppress of toll; How frugal is the chariot That bears the human soul!

! There is no frigate like a book - Emily Dickinson ! I especially like this poem because it is about one of my favorite things: books. I really like books, therefor when I saw this one I immediately chose this one. Mainly because not only is the topic amazing but the descriptive and figurative language is great. Dickinson has “This traverse may the poorest take,”  for descriptive language and you can see the creativity in picking words like traverse. That line also has a powerful theme and tone that is throughout the whole poem. To me the theme for Dickinson’s poem is, you can go anywhere with your mind if you choose to. Connecting that with the tone is that if you have a mind and a book you can go anywhere, to take you to better places even though that reality may be far away. Dickinson also has similes and metaphors within her marvelous poem. The very first one is in the title, “There is no frigate like a book.” Ultimately this poem with the language it has and especially topic is definitely one of my favorites.

Your hand is a relationship It can be a promise It can represent things, be a deal maker

It m It c a o It can you y be y get ou’ uld be repres t old thu re a en t m parts o t you o be b rsel ein b, f f It is you you g t wha rue, It has I t do rself t do 4 e you fingers me esn’ r ha s t a n d d d and 1 o fo o n ’ n yo u r you wit t pla thumb ? h y , I I t’s a t sh finge It’s doe Yo r s you ows s prom u many s ise can ta ca m I t y w a s n things ho be thin ny ar here wha ws g t you ind s an se e, li yo can ivid p k u be Y ual ou ara e be c te of a p oul s lik a h art d ar e y and e ou , relationship and

A promise with your whole heart

Your own hand - Logan - Me This poem is meant to show how it’s important to be an individual and not just mindlessly follow people. However I used a hand to show that it’s also important or special to be a part of a group like your hand is with 4 different fingers, and 1 thumb. Showing that you're still apart of things yet you're still yourself, which is the the tone of my poem. Unfortunately compared to my other poems this one has the least amount of descriptive language, and the main figurative language is how it’s a concrete poem. Other figurative language is how I have parallelism throughout the poem, with lines starting with, it and with you. I also planned the line amount to be like a actual hand with 1 line, 2 line etc, up to 5 lines and then it count’s down. All of this is to add to the meaning of my poem’s tone. Think about it, when you make a promise or a deal what do you do?

Family There are six people most crucial to me Followed with (by) some twenty secondary With nine other special people to see Eleven others sweet like a berry Three makes triplets and one more in between Two looking over us forever yay I am the oldest and the only teen We are together happily hurray Family is extremely important I’ll treasure it forever and ever Those who forget shall live less so I shan’t And I shall never let that bond sever you will live forever and happily or die alone sadly and sullenly This poem has some some descriptive language within it which i feel adds to the meaning of the poem, such as line 14 “or die alone sadly and sullenly,” I think that more descriptive language in some places would have made this poem even better. Personally right now I feel that the descriptive language, figurative language and actual poem blend and flow with each other well. Even though this poem doesn’t specifically identify anyone but it is about me and my family and extended family, so it is meaningful to me and a sort of allusion since it’s referencing to people I know. However it’s not quite because outside of my family you wouldn’t know. Other figurative language within the piece is the actual poem format which fits with how a sonnet should with the rhyming specifically. There is also a simile in the 4th line, “Eleven others sweet like a berry,” because the people on that side of my family are younger and one of them is a very cute and sweet 4 year old. Also the berry simile works especially well for me because most of the time you really like berries. However sometimes you come across one that is a little sour and doesn’t taste well, similar to my cousins. At times they’re really annoying and you can't wait to get away, but other times you love them very much. The penguins are showing how family should help each other out and along with that I added the color scheme. The color scheme is representing each of my immediate families favorite colors. I put in because the poem is mostly about them and it definitely adds to my overall poem tone and theme meaning, Which happens to be, family or loved ones in general are very important, so don’t lose them or forget them.

Those who announce my name and know what it means, may think it means i’m hollow, or empty, like a log. Which the educated know isn’t true and people I’ve encountered know isn't true. In actuality it means a little valley between mountains, hence why in other languages it means little hollow. That

My Identity Vignette

little valley is my Scottish ancestry, since my name is Gaelic and has been derived from the surname of a Scottish place’s name the hollow. To my amazing parents my name also sounded swell and went along with my last name, each having two syllables. Like a train the engine is not all there is, also key are the caboose and

Personally I like my name and wouldn’t want to change it to something else. Although it would be

the cargo. For me my cargo is James and C***** with the caboose as K*****,

interesting to meet someone, or temporarily pretend to

forming Logan James C***** K*****. My middle name James came from my

have a long and weird name. A name like, Zeke of the

gracious great grandfather, James Dixon Notman C*****. C***** is also my

Grand Mountain, or something, but I still really like Logan.

Mother’s maiden name. Lastly there is the extremely crucial last name, K***** from my Father. Reflections on who I am to others are what shows me who I am, if I

If I had a different name maybe I would introduce myself differently since there are lots of different ways, Joe Smith, Joe, Joe Will Austin Smith, Smith, Smith. With

don’t like the reflections and want them to be better then I try to improve what

all those ways one can introduce themselves, if a part of

reflects back on me, what generally reflects back to me is that I am nice to people

your name were different then what you say could change

(usually), which I think is quite an important quality for me to have. Some people

your introduction. I for one just say my name, however

really try hard to improve their reflections, modifications can be good but

my great grandfather said his full name which was first,

complete change not so much. People who look for drastic changes might be

two middles and last. Our names are different and we’re

mournful about themselves. You could speculate that its their name, the first thing

from the same family yet we introduce ourselves

people learn about you. However sometimes people want to change others

differently. Therefore I believe that how we introduce

outlook on them and to do so they change themselves. Unfortunately sometimes

ourselves may change, either on having different names

others outlook on you is like a distorted reflection, as if you were looking at your

or who you are, like your personality or attitude.

reflection against an odd surface. Odd places such as a water bottle like you can

Remember though that even if I may treasure and treat

see yourself but no details. This is like saying don’t let society change you to

my name this way, other Logan K***** may not.

much, at times it may be good for change, but changing yourself drastically isn’t the answer. Even though there are lots of different reflections or opinions, I don’t let it affect me that much, and you shouldn’t too. Related to this people may think your weird because you have a weird name, really it just means your unique, it won’t really change who you are underneath.

People relate many things to others and themselves. Think about it if you read a book or a poem about someone who goes exploring for treasure. You think, that’s interesting I like do that too. The other side being what kind of a person has goals in life to just look for a little treasure that you probably won’t find. This is the same just organized and planned out thoughts. In my life so far I’ve had to make many decisions and I’m only 14. Even though they may not be earth shattering or anything. However each choice I make is apart of how I am and contributes into making me who I am. Connecting to this, there were a few poems I chose, that strongly relate to and refer to decision making. The poems are, The Road Not

Taken by Robert Frost, Choices by Logan, and Your Own Hand by Logan. These are some of my best poems that refer to making choices. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost,

was a poem I found to be very powerful and it’s representing those bigger choices that we may make. As one line in his poem clearly identifies, “I took the one less traveled by,” “And

that has made all the difference.” In the poem he made a choice that changed his life, if I make a big choice I realize it will make a big difference to me. It would show where I go with my life and such.

Choices can have a big significance in our lives, we may come across many special things, if you do then that’s great, however you need to be able to focus and identify its

uniqueness. Multiple things can be important in our lives, I think that in these poems the things they’re trying to say are quite significant to our lives and in particular me. The

poems are If by Rudyard Kipling, All the Worlds a Stage by William Shakespeare, and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. The last two poems are slightly

different for they affect me similarly to If yet differently. In the poem by Maya Angelou I agree strongly and feel that it’s very true. That if you don’t even have a general thing,

like a 2 pair of shorts you wish for things to be even slightly better. Whereas if you do have things, like 7 shirts then you just what bigger and better things, which I think is wrong. With If, I focused on the things he was saying rather than the meaning, “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster’ ‘And treat those two impostors just the same:.” I feel

strongly about what he said and I try to find equality in doing things like going somewhere and then going to another place. Something that I kind of related to these poems are, if you are down, I believe that you don’t whine and complain you stand up and help someone else. I mainly focus on this one with my family and my friends.

My family is in the category of loved ones, since obviously like most people I care very much for my family. Even though at times they can be quite annoying, I still love them.

This is important to lots of people but it’s very important to me as I mention in, Family by Logan, with my line, “Family is extremely important’ ‘I’ll treasure it forever and ever.” Plus my family is also unique as I have triplets as my siblings making a total of 4 siblings. With that many siblings, being the oldest can be quite bothersome since they’re trying to pester you into doing things, which is also sweet most of the time. However it can also be annoying at certain times.

This isn’t necessarily my most common topic within my poems but it’s probably one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorites because reading is one of the things that I enjoy most,

therefor I like the poem, There is No Frigate Like a Book by Emily Dickinson. It’s about books so I quite liked it. I also found that some lines in her poem, I really agreed and

connected with, “There is no frigate like a book’ ‘To take us lands away,” Other than reading sometimes I just need to lay down and rest or think, as I try to show in, Dreaming by Logan. This is one thing that I like to do and I think that it’s important to do once in a while, because if you just keep going and going, it will change how you act since generally you will be more tired.

These are common topics or sub-topics that I looked for and came up within the poems that I wrote or read. I personally feel that together these all represent my identity quite well.

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THE END hope you liked it

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