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Welcome to my world Omar Metwali

This Poetry Book is dedicated to my brothers and sisters in Islam, My family and friends, and my home country.

Found Poem 1 “My Greatest need is you”

My Greatest Need is You Your hope in my heart is the rarest treasure Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word My choicest hours Are the hours I spend with You -O Allah, I can't live in this world Without remembering You-How can I endure the next world Without seeing Your face? I am a stranger in Your country And lonely among Your worshippers: This is the substance of my complaint.

“My Greatest Need is You”, by Rabi'ah al-Adawiyya, is a really old poem talking about the poet’s love for Allah (her God). This poem was written in 717 CE. A metaphor in this poem is “Your Hope in my heart is the rarest treasure”(Line 1). She is comparing her hope to a rare treasure and she is probably trying to convey that her rare treasure is something beautiful.

A parallelism in this poem is that the author starts with “Your Hope”(Beginning of line 1) and in the second sentence she says “Your Name.” I think she says this because she loves Allah and she is trying to show the reader how powerful her love is to her. I like how she says, “How can I endure the next world/ Without seeing Your face?” (Line 7,8) because it’s showing how much she loves her god and that she has a hard time enduring life without seeing him. This poem related to me because I am also a Muslim. She was not scared to say that she was Muslim when people today don’t even mention it.

Found Poem 2 “Equality”

All Beings One Root Myriad things one substance None Less, Greater

This poem is by Sue Ramsey. This poem describes equality in three small lines. When I read this poem it reminded me of the slavery in the United States and how there was lots of corruption going on back then. This poem uses a metaphor in the first line because it compares beings to one root (probably a plant). I think the author decided to go with a short line length because I think she wants to keep the line short but can convey a powerful message and also since it’s a haiku she

has to keep the line length short. The theme of this poem is equality, which is shown in the last line where she writes “None Less, Greater” (Line 3). She is trying to say that nobody is better than anybody else no matter who you are or what you do. I choose this poem because it is a very powerful message because their are countries where their people is treated unfairly.

Found Poem 3 “Hope is the thing with feathers”

“Hope” is the thing with feathers That perches (Branches) in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops - at all And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard And sore (Offended) must be the storm That could abash (Humiliate) the little Bird That kept so many warm I’ve heard it in the chillest land And on the strangest Sea Yet - never - in Extremity( Boundaries), It asked a crumb - of me. Emily Dickinson wrote this poem and in this poem the theme is hope. When I read over this poem I was interested because she uses the word hope and compares it to a bird. When I think of birds I think of

freedom. Many people around the world don’t have the same amount of freedom we have so they hope that one day their lives will change into something better. When the author writes, “Yet Never In Extremity/ It asked a crumb of me” (Line 11 Stanza 3), I think she is trying to say that she heard “the bird” in countries that do not have hope, but she does not need hope because she lives in a place full of it. I think the author uses parallelism in her poem to emphasize what hope is, for example in the line “And sings

the tune without the words -/And never stops - at all–” (Line 3, 4 Stanza 1). As I said, she used these examples of parallelism to show the reader that hope will always keep going and will never stop. She also uses the metaphor “Hope is the thing with feathers” (Line 1 Stanza 1). She was comparing hope to a bird when hope isn’t really a bird. I think she uses that metaphor because hope is a belief and without hope a human’s dreams can never “Fly.” I loved reading this poem because I feel bad for the countries that have no hope in them but we have so much to the point where we start to act greedy. Hope is a wonderful thing and without it where would the world be today. I think the tone of this poem is sympathy because she talks about how people hope and I think she feels bad for them so that’s probably why she wrote this poem.

Found Poem 4 “Be Thankful” You woke up this morning To see the bright sunshine You had food on your table Was in your right mind Be thankful

unharmed. There are many kids and adults who can’t take a stroll in the park without being in danger with every step they take. I think the author decides to use parallelism because at the Had shoes on your feet end of each verse she wants to Clothes on your back convey how much we should be Money in your pocket thankful. After every verse she Enough for a good snack says “Be Thankful”(end of every Be thankful line, end at every stanza). I think she was Family and trying to use friends a short line A good pal length too because if it Some live were too far away long she Others near would lose TODAYS LESSON: ALWAYS to you the reader’s BE THANKFUL. Be thankful interest but when you A stroll in use a short the park and Some trips powerful to the store message the Who could reader will ever ask understand more of the For anything more message. Always remember to Be thankful be thankful because sometimes we forget how lucky we are to The day is far spent have all these modern About to come to an end technologies. To see the sunset Just around the bend Be thankful Patricia Grantham wrote “Be Thankful”. In this poem she talks about how thankful she is to have all these things that other people around the world don’t. I think the author is trying to show the reader that we live in a successful society where we can wake up every morning feeling safe and

Found Poem 5 “Freedom of Speech”

Held back by the powers that be it's like a sedation of the mind Where, When, Why Where do we go? When do we go? Why we do go? We walk in corridors Made by government minds we think we are free but really we all walk in a single file line “Freedom of Speech” is written by Dave Alan Walker. This poem talks about what would happen if there were no freedom of speech. This poem is very modern because all over the world there are people that are not getting their voices heard. This poem stands true for

eventually want to rebel against their dictator because they are always controlled like slaves. So this process starts when these people ask these three questions to themselves and start to realize what has happened to them. They were used like tools only to serve their leader. He decides to use a smaller line the middle eastern countries length because this poem is such as Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, trying to convey a powerful Libya and Bahria. When the message but if he used really author says, “Where, When, Why/ Where do we go?/ When long lines the message would be unclear and lost because shorter do we go?/ Why do we go?/ We walk in corridors,/ Made by lines can make you think about why did he write this and it will government minds”( Line 4,5,6,7,8,9 Stanza 2,3), I think the also help you inquire to make connections back to what you author uses this choice of alliteration because he wants to know. This poem has a really catchy rhythm; the author show his reader the three main probably chooses this just important questions. Many because it will be easier to read. people that get oppressed will

Original Poem “Let it all out”

Scream Shout Sing As One y Loud Stay Quiet Or Scream incredibl Winter yells for no mercy

I wrote, “Let it all out”. When I came up with this poem, I wanted to talk about freedom of speech. Before I wrote this poem I wanted to know what freedom of speech means. I found out that it means the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. In my poem, I start out with alliteration. It introduces my theme to the reader. I wrote my first line thinking about protesters because they scream and shout for their rights and they always get together and protest as one. In my second line, I say “Stay Quiet Or Scream incredibly Loud” (Line 2). I use

this sentence because you can either state your onions or just say nothing. I think people that don’t really say anything are just afraid something bad will happen to them but if you say what you want loudly enough you might get what you need. On my last line, I write, “Winter yells for no mercy.” I use a metaphor to explain that winter is coming and it’s going to be very cold. It’s kind of like people protesting. They are the dark cloud that’s going to ruin the oppressive government’s day.

Original Poem “In the water” exaggerate how I feel when I walk up to my lane how I feel when I enter the water. I want to make sure my reader feels how I feel they can picture it in their mind when they read every single line. In my poem I also use some metaphors. When I use metaphors in my poem to exaggerate to my reader how I see some of the things around me and how I feel I want to show the reader a five star experience of how I see things I don’t like. TODAYS LESSON: TRY TO “My body CONQUER YOUR FEARS is battling the water struggling to keep up with the

I’m next on the chopping block waiting for it to happen. As I walk up to my lane my legs shake like an unsteady washing machine. As I look over my shoulder and into the pool there is a bloody battle for first place. After one eternity I reach my lane waiting for my turn. The water is a deep blue hell ready to suck your soul into its depths. The swimmers finish it’s now my turn. I say my final prayers before I meet my fate. My head feels faint my stomach filled with butterflies. Good-bye world I say and I jump.

I feel like my body is swimming in the artic waters My body is battling the water struggling to keep up with the others. Flip Flop Flip Flop I finally reach the end of my lane the stress is over but it happens all over again.

“In the Water” by me. Personally I like to swim but when it comes to racing the world comes to an end. In this poem I used lots of descriptive language to show how I feel when I enter a swim meet. I use similes, metaphors, parallelism and alliteration. I am going to start with my Similes. I use the similes in this poem to

others” (line 10 stanza 3) this is an example of a metaphor I use to convey to my reader that I am trying as hard as I can to beat the other people and try to win the race. Also when I wrote my poem I wanted to show the reader how I felt personally “My head feels faint my stomach filled with butterflies” (Line 8 Stanza 3), many people feel like this when they’re nervous so I put it in there so many readers can understand and almost feel as if they were me. I sort of built my poem as a small action story where the rising action builds all the way up to the climax then it starts going down again so I can try to make my reader excited about my poem.

Original Poem “I am Muslim” “I am a muslim” Who am I? I’m a Muslim. I bow down to my lord five times a day. Fajr, Duhr, Asr, Magrib and Isha. When I pray I only think of Allah We are only Allah’s slaves. We are nothing compared to him. Allahuakbar God is Greatest Allahuakbar God is Greatest O Allah O Allah When my Muslim community all gets together and prays we stand as one nation and one religion. It’s a time where I am thankful that I have all my brothers and sisters in Islam. When we stick together we are like one big brick wall. We are a big blue sea of worshippers. “I am muslim” is written by me. I wrote this poem knowing that this is going to be dedicated to my religion because I have special place in my heart just for Islam. I love how sometimes I go to the mosque and pray with my brothers and sisters in Islam. I didn’t want to put in too many similes or metaphors because I don’t want to exaggerate my religion to the reader I want to keep it real. I wrote “Allahuakbar God is Greatest,/ Allahuakbar God is Greatest,/ O Allah,/ O Allah.” (Line 7-10 Stanza 3) I use this type of parallelism because I want to show my reader how much I love my god and how much I think he is the all mighty and because I want to convey the feeling that there are also many people around the world that think the same way I do. In the beginning of poem, I introduce some basic concepts to my reader so they know what Islam is. In the two last lines of my stanza, I include a simile and metaphor. I thought it was appropriate to include those types of descriptive language because I said, “When my Muslim community all gets together and pray we stand as one nation and one religion. It’s a time where I am thankful that I have all my brothers and sisters in Islam” (Stanza 4 Line 11-12) and I needed something to back up what I was trying to say so I put them in to describe how we are one nation and one religion. In my poem I use symbolism because it’s a concrete poem and my concrete poem symbolizes my religion.

Original Poem “My Gratitude”

Respect your parents e Then Shower them with your lov Sun peeks through the mist

My Gratitude by Omar Metwali. I wrote this poem showing how thankful I am to have loving and caring parents. In this poem I included the metaphor, “Then Shower them with your love. (Line 2) I wrote this because I want to explain to my reader that you should always give your parents lots of love and respect so they can treat you back the same way. In the beginning of my poem I wrote Respect your parents” (Line 1) because I wanted to come up with something small but powerful so I can convey the message I

want to say to my reader. I set up my first two lines of my poem in the form of an instruction manual because those are two of the biggest rules when dealing with your parents and I wanted to remind my reader of that. Finally I write “Sun peeks through the mist” (Line 3) because it’s my seasonal word but also I am trying to compare my love as the sun and it peeks through the mist, which, are my parents showing that I am here for them and they will always have a place in my heart.

Original Poem “Get Active”

Apples everyday keeps doctors away Eating a carrot can improve eyesight A jog in the park makes me say horary Go outdoors and make yourself a camp-sight Get active by playing an active sport My body urges me to eat healthy Lets go out and play on a tennis court Way too many fatty foods is unhealthy Walking your dog once a day is good too Bike to work its, more better than driving Water will keep you from looking light blue The fresh air makes my soul start reviving I think we should work out in our free time Even if we have to do it part time

I wrote, “Get active.” In today’s society many people are unfit and unhappy. So I wrote this poem because it’s vital to get healthy or else we start to die. I couldn’t help but to express my feeling towards getting active. I have included an abab rhyme scheme, 10 syllables in each line and I use a metaphor. I love playing sports it’s a time where I can hang out with my friends and also start to burn some calories but I can also stay healthy and fit. In my poem I write “Walking your dog once a day is good too/Bike to work its more nicer than driving”(Stanza 2 Line 5-6) these

are great ways of staying healthy and fit without having to be dedicated to one sport. Also eating healthy is a very beneficial to our bodies. It is essential that we started to eat more fruits and vegetables. In my poem I state “Apples everyday keeps doctors away/Eating a carrot can improve eyesight.” Most people I their free time do things that don’t benefit your body eating chips and watching TV on your couch is the most laziest thing a person can do. Instead they should get out there and work out even if it’s like only 30 minutes each day. I said “I think we should work out in our free time/Even if we have to do it part time.”

My Identity What does identity mean? It is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is (From the Google dictionary). All the poems I have written links to my identity. My poems also show the reader my passion to share my experiences with them. I am not afraid to say, “I am Muslim” because that is who I am “Allahuakbar God is Greatest Allahuakbar God is Greatest O Allah O Allah.” (“I am Muslim” Stanza 3 Line 7-10) I was not scared to write this down because I don’t care what people say about my religion. This is why I am so passionate to show who I truly am to me reader. Even from the earliest times their was a bad influence on Islam but some poets weren’t scared to say they love their god “Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word” (“My Greatest Need Is You” Rabi'ah al-Adawiyya Line 2). I am very angered when people can’t get the right for freedom of speech and equality. They have to hope everyday that things are going to get better. This relates to my life because I have family in Egypt protesting day and night yelling for the right to vote. The government treats my people like slaves and they are just as Egyptian as the people. In “Freedom of Speech” “We walk in corridors made by government minds we think we are free but really we all walk in a single file line” (“Freedom Of Speech” Dave Alan Walker Stanza 3 lines 8-12). When I read this poem those lines connected to me. When I took a trip down to Egypt I saw so many people living their daily lives there was the farmers then there was the rich people. I thought to myself did the government organize their country by class “None Less, Greater” (“Equality” Line 3) that line basically explained most of the problems in Egypt. I am thankful for my family and where I live. Being thankful is an important part of my life. When I think about the other people that struggle in different countries they don’t have what we have. I am thankful that I have a loving family without my family I would be a very sad person not knowing what to do with my life. In one of my poems I wrote, “Respect your parents,”(My gratitude Line 1) I wrote this because if you really love them you would treat them like kings and not like dirt. I am also thankful for things that happen in my day and most people think it’s normal to do it. “You woke up this morning/ to see the bright sunshine/ you had food on your table/ was in your right mind Be thankful” (Be thankful Stanza 1 Line 1-4) this line really spoke out to me because other people around the world can’t do this without feeling harmed. My extra-circular activities are important to me as it gets me moving and active. It’s part of who I am because I love sports. Swimming is number one on my list because it’s very soothing and fast paced. Unfortunately though I have to go to swim meets. Swim meets are the worst thing in the world. I wrote “The swimmers finish it’s now my turn. I say my final prayers before I meet my fate.” (“In the water” Stanza 2 Line 6-7). As you can tell from that line I get very nervous even having to jump in the freezing cold water. I said, “I’m next on the chopping block waiting for it to happen. As I walk up to my lane my legs shake like an unsteady washing machine.” (“In the water” Stanza 1 Line 2). Getting active is an important part of our lives this means anything from taking a jog in the park or walking your dog. Playing a sport is an important part of my identity because it keeps me healthy and fit. Also ever since I was a little boy I would go swimming every day because I loved it. If we don’t start to move around we will get lazy and fat. That’s not good for our bodies. Eating healthy foods is also a very important key for health if we just eat junk food all the time we would start to kill ourselves from the inside. Instead of going on diets just work out it’s healthier for and it can also make you feel happier.

My name The name Omar is an Islamic, English and Arabic word. In Islam in means existence in English it means long living, and in Arabic it means long-lived. Whenever I hear the words long-lived it reminds me of time and how it always march on. In English its spelt Omar in Arabic its spelt ‫ﻋﻤﺮ‬. I have an Egyptian ancestry so my parents also wanted to choose a name that was common in Egypt. whenever the name Omar, it sounds as natural as the wind flowing in the breeze. My parents named me after Umar al Katab he was the second Caliph of the Middle East. In those time he was rough like sandpaper, turbulent and strong. Umar is also spelled as Omar they to choose to change the spelling because the name Omar was a more common name in North America. My parents liked the name Mohammed, Kareem and Ahmed but they already knew too many people with that name. My religion recommends the parents to pick their child’s name from an Islamic name. I feel proud that my name was picked after Umar al Katab because it is sort of a unique name from the other Islamic names. This name tells most people that I am Muslim or have a different background. My name is a priceless painting because many people I know are not named Omar. I like my name because it’s easy to spell and pronounce. My name is not that big so it is harder to make fun of. I wasn’t picked on when I was young. The cool thing about my name is that it’s over 2000 years old my name is as old as an old mans rickety bones. If I had the chance I would change my last name. My last name is spelt as Metwali unfortunately people call me Met WALL-E. WALL-E is a movie based on a robot. First I loathe the movie WALL-E because it doesn’t reflect who I am as a person. Second, I don’t like to be made fun of because of that rusty tin can. I just want to get off this merrygo-round of pain. I would change my name to Abdullah it means servant of God. In my religion we believe in God so every time someone says my name I will always remember God. A name is a very important element of who you are it replaces you when people are talking about you without a name you could probably be forgotten by society.

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