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Published in 1813

Civil War Today Horseshoe bend By: Anna On March 27 1814 general Jackson ordered his troops to attack the red stick .general Jackson and his troop planned to attack the log wall the red stick put up to protect themselves .General

coffee and his troops swam across the horseshoe shaped river to attack that way the battle lasted all day and about 800 red sticks were killed. Manawa was hit but escaped at dark.

Alabama river canoe fight By: Megan after the attack on fort Mims settlers were more afraid of the red sticks than ever. groups of settlers went out often to look for them. Captain Samuel Dale was a guide for one of these parties .this took place in Alabama one day in November. Samuel Dale was the captain of his group .Captain Samule dale group saw a large canoe and they attacked the red sticks in the canoe

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BURT CORN CREEK TOOK SOME RED STICK WARRIORS TO Pensacola .there they were given gun and ammunition the british had promised Tecumseh promised the red sticks leader .On their way home the red sticks camped at brunt corn creek for one night. On July 26,1813 13 settlers led by Colonel Ames Caller by Natalie

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Civil War Today

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By :Megan

Published in 1813

HOLY GROUND……… THE RED STICKS FOUGHT WITH GREAT FURY.THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THE WHITE MEN DID NOT DIE .WHEN THE RED STICKS REALIZED THEY WERE LOSING THEY FLED INTO THE SURROUNDING SWAMPS .many rushed into the wood to hide .the others were killed or chased out of their camp .This took place in Alabama 1813, at holy ground .the creek believed that any enemy who came to holy ground would die.

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Treaty of fort Jackson the leader of the red sticks turned himself in .he had to go to the Jackson’s home until they let him out. He would stay there so they could keep him under control and safe.oncer he got out he went to Baldwin county .

Here is were fort Jackson is.

Attack on Fort Mims!!!!! On August 30, 1813 Indians called the Red Sticks attacked Fort Mims. The reason it is called Fort Mims is because Samuel Mims made the fort. The Red Sticks attacked Fort Mims because they want all the land that Samuel Mims had. They decided to attack at noon and when the lunch bell rung they ran out and attacked the people. There was not enough time to close the gates and when Samuel Mims ran and tried to close the gates, he got killed before he reached the gates. Sanota did a brave thing and jumped in front of his former family and saved them from being killed.

The Creek and Indian war!!!!! By: Natalie

As early as 1795 Tecumseh believed there would be a war between the Indians and the settlers and he was right. This battle is between these Indians called the red sticks and the white settlers. There was many other wars, Battles, and attacks caused by this war like Attack on Fort Mims.

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